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5 Best Ninja Coffee Bar of 2021: A Rundown

Dave Carter

January 6, 2021

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Ninja is a relatively new name in the coffee maker industry but has easily carved its niche with its versatile and budget-friendly coffee makers, providing the best brewers for modern coffee drinkers. Previously, if you wanted an authentic coffee experience at home, you needed to invest in numerous kitchen appliances to make the perfect cup of joe.

However, because of Ninja's newest product line of brewers, you get an array of brewing capabilities in one compact and affordable machine. Rather than offering one style of brew like what you get with conventional single-serve brewers, a coffee bar by Ninja provides you up to five different brewing methods, from classic to specialties.

If you are interested in this extremely versatile coffee maker, we have listed the five Best Ninja Coffee Bar in the market to guide you in making the best decision for your coffee needs.

Best Ninja Coffee Bar Products:​

These five Ninja coffee maker products are part of the company's specialty niche of brewers, providing consumers with all-in-one coffee machines at affordable prices. These are their offerings for 2021, and a list of features and highlights that can answer your coffee needs.

Ninja Coffee Bar Auto-IQ Programmable Coffee Machine with 6 Brew Sizes​

The modern Auto IQ programmable Ninja coffee maker is a Single Serve and thermal carafe coffee system that takes your home coffee experience to the next level. Achieve the creamiest brews with this machine's built-in milk frother that can transform any hot or cold milk into a velvety smooth froth in seconds. Create and enjoy coffee at home while helping the environment with its Pod free Single Serve and carafe brewing process.


  • Create your favorite hot and cold drinks at six different sizes, including a single personal cup, a travel mug, or even a full carafe.
  • Brew your favorite beverages while saving the environment with the Auto IQ programmable Ninja coffee maker's Single Serve Pod free brewing system.
  • It features a 10-cup double-walled stainless steel thermal carafe that can keep your drink hot up to 2 hours.
  • Make coffee in five different ways: classic, rich, over ice, cold brew, and specialty.
  • It is versatile and allows you to use your favorite grounds from any brand, letting you personalize flavor by customizing each drink to your preference.


Auto IQ One Touch Intelligence System

It can draw an adequate amount of water needed from its removable water reservoir, based on the brew size and type you choose. The machine lets you control the precision of water delivery, temperature, saturation, and richness with the automated controls and a single touch of a button.

Five Brews in One Machine

The Auto IQ programmable Ninja coffee machine gives you the option of creating five distinct brews: Over ice, lets you create fresh hot coffee over ice cubes, giving you your favorite iced coffee. Classic, letting you create a perfectly balanced cup of coffee. Rich, providing an intense taste that is perfect to start busy mornings. Cafe flavors, create lively and complex blends that let you create the best version of your favorite drinks. Specialty coffee that enables you to create unique beverages.

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Ninja Coffee Bar 10 Cup Carafe Coffee Maker (CF091 Model) Stainless Steel and Black​

The 10-Cup coffee bar Ninja (CF091 model) uses Pod free Single Serve and carafe coffee technology to brew your favorite drinks from a classic cup, a rich brew, a cold brew to a specialty with ease. Its built-in milk frother allows you to transform hot and cold milk into a silky smooth froth in seconds, expanding the possibilities of delicious recipes at home. The CF091 model lets you make large batches of coffee at one session, providing delectable drinks to your guests in just a few minutes.


  • The machine uses a pod-free Single Serve and carafe coffee system that allows you to create hot and cold carafes.
  • Whip up a batch of your favorite beverages with a touch of a button with the CF091's Auto IQ one-touch intelligence system.
  • It features a removable water tank that makes cleaning the machine easier.


Create Your Favorite Drinks in Six Distinct Sizes

The CF091 coffee maker lets you brew your favorite beverages in six different sizes, satisfying your coffee needs and preferences. These sizes include a single cup, an extra-large cup, the classic travel mug, multi-serve when you have friends over, half carafe for the family, or a full carafe for small parties.

Environmentally Friendly Coffee Machine

All coffee makers from Ninja use a Pod-Free Single Serve system that lets you use your favorite ground coffee with ease. You do not need to use capsules or pods when using the machine, helping you make your favorite drinks while helping the environment.

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Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System, Auto IQ Coffee and Tea Maker with 6 Brew Sizes​

The Ninja coffee and tea maker uses a hot and cold brewing system that lets you create hot, flavorful cups of coffee, tea, or iced drinks powered by its modern thermal flavor extraction technology. With the hot and brewed system, you can choose to enjoy iced coffee and tea, or your classic cold brew. This coffee maker is easy to use and maintain with its removable water reservoir, filter holders, and carafe. Enjoy an authentic coffee experience at home with this modern, versatile brewer.


  • It features separate coffee and tea brewing settings that enable you to create a wide range of coffee and tea beverages.
  • The tea and coffee maker lets you brew over ice at low temperatures, giving you smooth and naturally sweet flavors of the drinks in less than 15 minutes.
  • It comes with individual tea and coffee baskets, allowing you to brew coffee grounds or loose tea at separate containers.
  • The device features a unique smart basket recognition that automatically recognizes and displays your coffee or tea beverage options.
  • It has a tea recognition system that lets you select the tea type you want, adjusting the temperature to make the perfect cup of tea each time.


Fold Away Frother

If you want to achieve the creamiest beverages at home, you can use the Ninja Auto-IQ coffee and tea maker to transform hot and cold milk into velvety froth seconds. Its built-in frother gives you the perfect micro-foam for cappuccinos, iced lattes, matcha tea drinks, etc.

Advanced Flavor Extraction Technology 

This modern Ninja coffee maker uses state-of-the-art technology to create cafe-quality drinks in a few minutes. Its smart basket recognition and Auto IQ One Touch intelligence system can make your favorite brews with minimal effort and time.

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Ninja CM407 Coffee Maker, with 50-ounce Thermal Carafe​

Bring the quality coffee shop experience at home with the CM407 coffee Ninja bar machine that creates delectable cafe-quality drinks at home. These environmentally friendly Ninja coffee makers accept grounds from all brands, eliminating the need for capsules and pods that are bad for our surroundings. Brew big batches of drinks with its 50-ounce thermal or glass carafe, making it the perfect brewer for party hosts that love their caffeine.


  • All coffee makers from Ninja let you create your favorite specialty brews, from the trendy cafe latte, flexible macchiatos, classic cappuccinos, and other coffeehouse-style beverages.
  • It accepts ground coffee from all manufacturers, capsules, and pods are not required.
  • This Ninja product is an SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) certified brewer, giving you the highest quality drinks at home.


Four Brew Styles

The CM407 model enables you to create four distinctive brews, from the classic and rich coffee brew, iced coffee for hotter days, and your specialty brew. It allows you to create any coffee variant to suit your needs and preferences at any time.


The Specialty Coffee Association is a world-renowned organization that overlooks all coffee equipment and only certifies the top-quality products. Ninja's CM407 home brewer is proudly SCA-certified, only providing quality drinks for everyone.

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Ninja Coffee Brewer with Glass Carafe (CF081 Model)​

All coffee makers from Ninja, like the Ninja CF081 coffee bar with a glass carafe, provide an authentic coffee experience in the comfort of your home. It uses the latest and advanced technologies to cater to all coffee drinkers' tastes and needs, delivering better-tasting java each time. Whether you want to brew a cup or fill a carafe, this coffee brewer offers choices galore, from the brew type to making a hot and cold drink. It lets you explore your creative side and create specialty coffees at home.


  • It features a multi-serve dial that lets you create your favorite drinks at different sizes, from a single cup to a whole carafe.
  • The product boasts an intelligent one-touch system that recognizes what beverage you want and draws the perfect amount of water from its reservoir, creating optimal drinks.
  • Its thermal flavor extraction technology lets you adjust the flavor richness level of your beverages.
  • The Ninja CF081 has a precise temperature warming plate that keeps your drink at the ideal temperature for up to 2 hours.
  • Its 43-ounce glass carafe allows you to create large and small batches, depending on your needs.


Unlocks the Full Potential of Your Brews

The Ninja CF081 model uses a unique flavor extraction technology that brings out the best of your favorite coffee grounds. It gives you piping hot and great-tasting brews with adjustable levels of richness.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

All parts of the Ninja CF081 model are dishwasher safe, including the removable water tank and permanent filter. It gives you the option of safe and secure cleaning, giving you hassle-free maintenance.

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What is the Ninja Coffee Machine​

A Ninja coffee maker is a 12 Cup programmable brewer that lets you personalize your favorite drinks with its custom brew technology. It ensures the ideal temperature and flavor of your favorite beverages. The product enables you to create delicious batches of coffee from a small quantity to whole carafes. No matter what type of drink you want to create, you can always expect the same delicious taste.

What filters does Ninja coffee bar use?​

All Ninja coffee makers use a permanent and reusable filter that eliminates the need to use pods, capsules, of filter paper. It preserves the natural oils from your favorite ground, allowing the smallest coffee particles to stand out and provide you with robust flavors. The experience of using the permanent filter on Ninja brewers is similar when using the classic French press.

The Ninja brewers that feature unique tea settings also use a separate permanent filter. The team at Ninja designed this reusable filter to extract the perfect amount of flavor from your favorite tea, giving you the optimal cup.

Features of Organic Coffee Brand​

  • Fair Trade: Organic is not the same as fair trade. Coffee that has been labeled as fair trade means the farmers have been paid a good wage. There is no unfair and child labor done. Also, they aren't using chemicals like pesticides at all. Sustainable farming processes are promoted too.
  • Environmentally-friendly Packages: Organic brew comes in different packaging, including reusable bags, plastic containers, single-serve cups, and tins. Some of these packages are biodegradable, which you can use as compost later on and reduce landfill waste.
  • Certified Rainforest Alliance: Many coffee farms need to clear-cut forests which destroy the ecosystem and develop their farms. Organic java is grown in the shade, so it needs the trees for shed purposes. There's no need for growers to cut down trees because they are a big help in improving the growth of organic coffee beans. And most importantly, it is tagged as certified organic by the Rainforest Alliance group.

What's the difference between the Ninja coffee bars?​

The classic Ninja brewers provide you with the traditional 5 Ninja brew options. However, the newer coffee bars feature the latest brew type, Cafe Forte. It gives a full-bodied and robust cup of coffee, making it the perfect option for individuals that prefer more potent drinks. While these bars can also differ in the type of carafe they use, some use thermal carafes while others use classic glass carafes.

Thermal carafes come with warming plates that keep your drinks at the ideal temperature for up to 2 hours. Finally, some coffee bars from Ninja have unique tea settings that brew your favorite teas in a few minutes.

Is the Ninja coffee bar worth it?​

Yes, because it provides you with numerous features and functions that no traditional coffee machine can give without blowing your entire paycheck on it. It creates versatile drinks, catering to all types of coffee drinkers, from shots of espresso to creamy iced lattes.

If you are looking for a versatile brewer that can handle all your coffee needs and preference in one compact packaging, investing in a Ninja coffee maker is ideal. It is more than just a brewer. It is an entire coffee experience packed inside a single machine.

Choosing a Ninja coffee pot​

When choosing a Ninja product, consider the following factors to see which one suits your coffee needs and preferences.

  • Your Coffee Intake

Choosing the ideal coffee pot from Ninja depends on how much you consume the beverage daily. You should choose one that can keep up with the amounts of the caffeinated drink you and your family need daily. The more complex your needs or preferences are, the more flexible the coffee maker needs to be.

  • Your Available Counter Space

Most products come with several coffee brewing options that serve every need of different coffee drinkers in a compact machine. That is why it is ideal for individuals that have limited space inside their homes or kitchens. Products from this company can help you cut down the area that most bulky traditional coffee machines occupy.

The all-in-one Ninja coffee brewer​

One of the company's unique selling points is that you are not limited to creating one particular beverage. It provides you with five different ways to make your morning joe according to your preferences, a unique characteristic for single-serve machines. Below are the various brewing options that their products have to provide.

  • Classic - It provides a balanced and smooth coffee for all-day drinking.
  • Rich - The product can also create bolder drinks for those who prefer more robust brews.
  • Over Ice - Ninja products give you the option to create your hot coffee and pour it over ice for a sweet cold drink for warmer days.
  • Cold Brew - Achieving the perfect cold brew can take up to 24 hours. However, with the Ninja brewer, you can create this classic drink in 10 minutes flat.
  • Specialties - All items allow you to create intense concentrates that you can use to make popular espresso-based drinks like the cafe latte, cappuccino, and macchiato with less hassle.

Ninja coffee machines are not called all-in-one brewers for no reason. These products can come in handy, especially for homeowners with a large household that houses different individuals with varying tastes in coffee. It is the perfect versatile brewer for even the most unique coffee needs and preferences.

Ninja coffee maker reviews​

Various manufacturers offer brewers out there, so what makes a Ninja coffee maker the best all-in-one machine for your home? And why are there so many reviews that praise the products from this particular company?

The following are some of the reasons you should opt for a Ninja brewer and what makes it one of the best brewers out there:

  • It Comes With Everything You Need

Depending on the model you get, you can get everything you need to satisfy your coffee preferences. It provides every necessity you will need when creating your favorite caffeinated beverages, including a permanent and reusable filter, a frother, and a thermal or glass carafe.

  • It is Affordable

They offer some of the most inexpensive brewers in the market despite being an all-in-one product that provides distinct beverages. You can find a reliable brewer for under $80, making it suitable for buyers with all kinds of budgets.

  • All Products Have Warranty

Do not fret if you worry about your brewer malfunctioning as all products from the company come with a 1-year limited warranty. It allows you to use the item for a whole year without having to worry about additional costs for repairs.

  • All Brewers Have Great Durability

The company produces some of the most durable brewers in the market, with users having the product for over three years. However, the life span of your brewer will depend on how well you maintain it.

  • Ease of Use

All coffee makers from the company are easy to use and store because of their modern programmable systems and compact design. It makes it easier to create your favorite drinks, offering a variety of brews, and supporting different sizes with ease.

Which is the best Ninja coffee maker?​

The best Ninja brewer will depend on your coffee needs and preferences, or the type of drinks you want to consume daily. Another factor to consider to see which is the best for you is to see how much space you have to accommodate the brewer, so you need to find one that is perfect for your kitchen countertop. Although the budget is a factor, all machines from Ninja are of great value, so that needn't be your prime motivator.


With such a nice design, you can make your french press coffee directly in front of your friends. With high quality parts, this press will serve you an fantastic brew!

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Conclusion: Best Ninja coffee maker​

Our final verdict for the best Ninja coffee bar is the revolutionary Ninja Coffee Bar Auto-iQ Programmable Coffee Maker. It is affordable and lets you brew your coffee in advance. It enables you to set up a schedule 24 hours beforehand, making you wake up to fresh piping hot coffee or cold brews.

Although the ultimate choice of choosing what the best coffee machine is will depend on your needs. We hope our guide on the best Ninja coffee makers has helped you in making the difficult decision of what Ninja product is the best for your home.

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