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Lungo Coffee: a Unique Way to Revive your Morning

Dave Carter

Published: January 11, 2021

Last updated: January 3, 2024

The smell of freshly ground coffee beans brews up a medley of waking thoughts in our minds, the first being, "We need some caffeine!" The second might be, "Where will we go to get our morning dose of coffee?" As coffee enthusiasts, we can attest that coffee is the drink that runs through our veins, the fuel which powers our bodies, the muse upon which we work, and the palate-cleanser between meals! There is no world or universe in which we could live without coffee!

Did you know that a cup of coffee with the right ingredients added in can have medicinal properties and even lower your risk of heart disease, cancer, and other degenerative diseases? Coffee's benefits go much beyond just giving you that much-needed morning boost. Some people drink it in the morning, some enjoy it after a meal, and some prefer to sip on it while they work. The best part? You can now buy coffee almost anywhere you turn, from vending machines to grocery stores to gas stations. But do you know the difference between your average cup of joe and a specialty coffee named Lungo? There is a big one you probably didn't even realize. In this article, we shall cover all the facets relating to Lungo coffee to give you a better understanding of this specialty coffee. Read on!

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What Makes Lungo Coffee Unique?

Things to know about What is a Lungo Coffee

Lungo coffee is a special style of coffee in terms of preparation and brewing. It is a style that originated in Italy. This preparation method applies to a wide range of types of espresso-based drinks. These include Caffè Lungo, Ristretto, Doppio, Americano, Cappuccino and Flat White. Lungo is Italian for "long," as in "long drink," so named because the final product is longer than a standard preparation.

This method aims to produce something with a greater volume of liquid while still maintaining the characteristics of an espresso shot. The main difference between standard espresso and espresso Lungo is the amount of water used. For standard espresso, the water flows through the ground coffee for about 20 seconds, while for espresso Lungo, it flows for about 30 seconds. This means that more of the flavor from the ground coffee is extracted and transferred to the cup. Lungo can be used as an alternative to filtering coffee and is an excellent base for both iced and hot drinks. You can also use Lungo for cooking: you can add it to your sauces or marinades to enhance their flavor. In addition, you can use it in desserts such as tiramisu or panna cotta.

What Factors Affect the Final Taste of an Espresso Lungo?

You are holding your coffee cup in one hand and can smell the aroma of intense coffee beans. You take a sip of your coffee and feel the indulgence of a delicious coffee flavor in your mouth. This experience makes you wonder how the Espresso Lungo coffee was made. When brewing this drink, it is all about having a longer extraction time and finding the right balance between intensity and smoothness. For example, if you use too much water to brew your Espresso Lungo, you will get more volume but less intensity compared to using less water. In our case, we often choose to brew our drinks with the perfect balance of intensity and smoothness to create an Espresso Lungo that is strong in character and smooth to drink any time of day.

The process of making Espresso Lungo coffee is simple, but there are a few things to keep in mind that will affect the final taste.

  • Grind size
    The most important thing to keep in mind when brewing Espresso Lungo coffee is to use the proper grind size. You want to use a fairly coarse grind, similar to what you would use for French press coffee. If your grind size is too fine, you will get a bitter taste when you brew it for longer periods of time.
  • Water temperature
    Water temperature is critical to the quality of your Espresso Lungo. The ideal range for brewing is between 95 and 98 degrees Celsius (203 and 208 degrees Fahrenheit). If you are using boiled water, let it cool down for a few minutes.
  • Coffee bean Variety
    There are various types of coffee beans that one can use to make an Espresso Lungo. Most people tend to use Arabica beans or Robusta beans. Arabica is a more delicate and sweeter bean with complex flavors that come from a higher altitude growing location. Robusta has a stronger, more bitter flavor and is usually grown at lower altitudes. If you are looking for a stronger taste, then you may want to go with the Robusta bean. 
  • Amount of water and coffee
    Espresso Lungo coffee takes a bit more time than the usual espresso brew, but it is worth it! If you want to make this drink, use 7-8g of coffee with 18–19g of water. Double the usual amount of water! The Espresso Lungo is made using approximately double the amount of water but keeps the same amount of ground coffee used for espresso.
  • Machine used and extraction method
    If you have an espresso maker at home, you can also make Lungo coffee using it, but it does take some practice. A common mistake people make with this method is adding too much water. You want to add around double the amount of water as you would for normal espresso shots. For example, if you usually make two shots, add four shots' worth of water instead. If you do not have an espresso machine at home, you can also use other methods such as the AeroPress or Moka Pot to make this specialty coffee.

Lungo Vs Espresso: Which has the Best Flavor Profile?

Frothy, full-bodied, and robust, espresso is a complex beverage that requires knowledge and skill to achieve the perfect brew. Coffee beans offer a variety of flavors that can make or break the espresso brewing process. Espresso is a method of coffee brewing that results in a strong shot of coffee. In contrast to drip coffee, which is brewed by hot water passing through ground coffee beans, espresso is brewed under pressure by hot water pushing through finely-ground coffee beans. Espresso machines also create crema, a creamy layer on top of the espresso by forcing water at high pressure through the pressurized portafilter. The result is a high-quality black coffee with a rich consistency and an intense flavor profile with notes of chocolate and caramel. Since it's served in small servings, espresso allows you to taste its unique flavor more fully compared to other types of coffee. But how does Lungo vs Espresso differ in terms of flavor profiles?

A Lungo is a type of coffee made by forcing hot water through very finely ground beans, resulting in a strong, concentrated drink with a layer of foam on top. In contrast, an espresso shot uses 25-30 milliliters of water and takes 25 seconds to brew. The Lungo, on the other hand, uses 110 milliliters of water and takes 90 seconds to brew. The difference between Lungo and espresso isn't just the amount of time it takes; they also have different flavors and strengths. A Lungo will be less strong but have more caffeine thanks to its size and longer brewing time. Both are excellent, but Lungo has slightly more bitterness and acidity than espresso because more bitter compounds are extracted from the coffee grounds. So which of the two should you opt for? Well, it all boils down to your taste and preferences!

What is Gran Lungo?

Procedure on How to Make the Gran lungo

People often ask, “What is Gran Lungo?” Gran Lungo is a rich and intense coffee, but with a smoother and less acidic flavor than traditional Lungo coffees. It is a coffee made with the Nespresso machine and is the largest cup of coffee you can make with this machine, which means it’s larger than a normal espresso cup by about 50%. Gran Lungo is also the result of a special extraction process that allows you to intensify the aromas of your favorite blends while maintaining their taste balance. This feature makes it perfect for those who like their coffee strong but still with a lot of crema. This coffee is also great for making iced coffee as it provides a good base for sugar, milk, and ice. The Nespresso Gran Lungo capsules are designed to ensure the exclusive extraction of the most precious coffees, using more water and extracting more aromas from the coffee beans than a regular lungo. The result of this italian drink is an intense cup, perfect for enjoying your espresso at any time of day without losing its unique flavor.

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Lungo is crafted to produce coffee you will love and is a good choice for after dinner or on a relaxing summer day. It boasts a deep flavor that acts as a guide and calms the soul enough to clear the mind and put problems into perspective. To enhance your coffee experience, please try it out today!

Dave Carter

As a coffee enthusiastic Dave share with you his latest and greatest coffee news and insights. He es always interested in trying out new things about the best bean of the world!

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