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Lavender Latte: The Best Recipe for Coffee Lovers

Dave Carter

Published: November 19, 2021

Last updated: January 3, 2024

One of the most popular drinks on the menu is a lavender latte. For those who enjoy tasting their coffee, this beverage will not disappoint you with its rich floral flavor and light sweetness. Most people know that Lavender is a type of herb, which is used for medical purposes. For example, it can be used to relieve headaches, help with problems falling asleep or stomach aches. 

From this herb, the lavender latte drinks were born! It is enjoyed by those who want to relax after work or on the weekends. This drink has become quite popular in Japan and other Asian countries. As of today, many cafes offer it as one of their primary drinks. If you wish to make your drink at home. You might want to research how tasty this latte can be made as there are various ways to make it. 

Additionally, some people use lavender flowers to create home décor items such as vases and pillows. However, there are some limitations that you should consider before deciding if drinking a Lavender Lattes will provide any benefits to your body! In this article, we shall look at how you can prepare that mug of hot Lavender!

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Lavender Latte Recipe

The Best Lavender Latte Recipe

There are many recipes for making homemade lavender lattes according to various ingredients and one's preference. Lavender Latte’s flavors vary depending on the method of preparation, and so if you are looking for the best method, then you are at the right place! In our case, we will look at the simplest way of making a Lavender latte at home.


  • ½ cup warm milk
  • ⅔ cup Strong brewed coffee
  • 2 tbsps. lavender flowers (chopped or whole or Syrup)
  • 1 tsp. dried lavender buds, chopped fine


  1. Brew the coffee using course ground beans either in a microwave or on a saucepan over heat and let it simmer for a few minutes. Once done, pour it into a clean jar.
  2. Add the lavender syrup into the jar and stir.
  3. Add warm milk into a blender, blend for about 30 seconds to froth the milk.
  4. Pour milk over top of coffee and syrup mixture and sprinkle with dried lavender buds.
  5. Serve and Enjoy!

Lavender coffee: Tips for Making this Drink

Best Tips for Lavender Coffee

What makes lavender latte special first is its rich aroma, which gives an enjoyable experience to the person drinking it. Secondly, lavender can be found as an essential oil and dried flowers and leaves, known for their soothing properties and scent.

There are many different ingredients for making a lavender latte, and some people prefer to use food items that have a strong taste, such as chocolate or coffee beans. Some exotic recipes, such as the chai latte recipe, use this beverage as an ingredient.

Some lattes use products from local farmers' markets for added flavor in the beverage. If you are longing for refreshing and sweet things on hotter days, there are not many better ways to stay calm and relax than indulging in some fresh-brewed lavender coffee. Here are some tips for making your perfect coffee drink!

  • Buy the right Lavender syrup

If you go to the grocery store, read the ingredients carefully and be wary of artificial colors and flavors. A good one will have natural ingredients and essential oils like peppermint oil and alcohol content to preserve freshness.

There are many brands out there; make sure you read the ingredients before buying anything. You should also use good quality water-based lavender syrup, not oil-based. You can choose between an infusion or a syrup for the lavender flavoring. If you go with the syrup, make sure it is water-based and made of 100% lavender petals. The oil-based syrups are delicious, but they tend to be a bit more expensive and not recommended for making a coffee latte.

  • Use high-fat milk for your Lavender latte.

Your lavender latte will lose the lavender syrup flavors when using skimmed milk, so stick to 1%, 2%, or whole milk, preferably organic or homemade. The higher the fat content, the better.

  • Do not substitute lavender syrup with vanilla flavouring.

There are two common ways people make a lavender latte. The first one is to add a few drops of pure lavender essential oil, although this way, the breweries do not recommend it because the flavor is too strong, and it will taste like soap in your cup.

The other way most people do it is by subbing the lavender syrup with vanilla. Well, that is a big NO! You can't do it. The natural flowery and herbal scent of the dried lavender flowers is very delicate and will get washed out in your lavender latte’s mix, while the vanilla flavoring will give it a weird perfume taste.

  • Make whip cream

There are many benefits to making your own whipped cream; you control what goes into it, how much sugar you consume, and the freshness of your food. You do not need to add a lot of syrup, so even a small bottle can last you for quite some time.

Lavender Syrup for Coffee: Why Should You Use it?

Benefits of Using Lavender Syrup for Coffee

Lavender lattes are typically served with milk and espresso shots made from ground course coffee beans from the Pacific Northwest coffee company. You might also add some honey for extra sweetness and flavor to make it more like an iced latte.

This generally makes them sweeter than regular lattes. Lavender Lattes are not just your average cup of joe! These drinks have made their way into popularity in recent years thanks to their sweet taste and a burst of flavors that are perfect when enjoyed on hot summer days or even as a dessert after dinner. Here are some reasons why you should have lavender syrup for coffee every day:-

  • Lavender syrup is a great way to make your coffee taste better.
  • It also has medicinal properties to be used as a natural remedy for headaches or insomnia.
  • The lavender oil in the syrup has been shown to have relaxing and calming effects.
  • Lavender syrup is an easy way to add flavor without adding calories or sugar.
  • You can also use lavender syrup instead of cream in your coffee - mix it with hot water first, then pour it over the coffee grounds before brewing.
  • Use lavender syrup as a topping on vanilla ice cream for a delicious dessert!
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This natural beverage can serve as an excellent substitute for those with sensitivities. It offers a calming and relaxing effect, which helps promote sleep in some people who are sensitive to the effects of coffee or espresso. So whether you need help winding down after your workday or want something new this summertime, consider adding lavender latte into your daily routine!

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