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Whipped Coffee (Dalgona Coffee) Recipe and Tips

Dave Carter

Published: September 1, 2021

Last updated: October 30, 2022

If you're looking for new brewing recipes to spice up your morning coffee, to switch things up a little, let us introduce you to whipped coffee or famously known as Dalgona coffee. If you have any social media profiles, you've likely seen the mouth-watering photos or a video or two of this fluffy, rich, and creamy brew that's been taking over the internet. The beverage, also called South Korean coffee, has been around for a while but recently became famous thanks to the massive media platform, Tiktok. However, there are plenty of different recipes and versions of the brew in other countries. In Greece, they call it frappe coffee, sharing the same ingredients as Dalgona but made differently, and in India, they call it beaten coffee or Indian cappuccino. The brew is available hot or cold, but the most famous one is the iced version.

If you've been trying to understand what this specialty coffee is and how you can make it at home, you're in luck! This article will guide you through its history, instructions on how you can whip it up at the convenience of your house, alternative recipes — and how you can enjoy it to the last drop.

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What is Whipped Coffee

Understanding-What is Whipped Coffee

If you're an avid follower of the ups and downs of coffee trends on the web or love to ponder questions about coffee, why does coffee make you poop? You have a reason to believe that Tik Tok made a sweet, high-caffeine coffee named Dalgona slowly but gradually took everyone's kitchens. More than thousands of influencers, celebrities, YouTube, and anyone with spare time on their hands have made excellent use of their forearms, whipping up this delicious coffee trend. In fact, in the United States, Google search trends show that using the phrase "TikTok coffee" is the most common way people search for its recipe. To help you understand more about the famous drink, here's a brief explanation of what is whipped coffee, where it came from, and why is it called Dalgona coffee?

In essence, the brew is a specialty coffee concoction made following a simple recipe with four ingredients — instant coffee, sugar, milk, and hot water. Although there are plenty of recipes out there, the traditional way of making it is by adding the coffee, sugar, and water into a mixing bowl and whisking it until it reaches a creamy, velvety, and stiff texture. You then place a dollop of it on top of cold milk or warm milk.

A cup of the drink contains approximately 19 g carbs, 2 g fat, and 3 g protein. Unless you use an electric mixer, the process of making it is 100% manual and takes around 5 minutes to 15 minutes, so if you're looking for a convenient brew, it's still better to rely on a Cusinart small coffee maker rather than experimenting with this drink. Although many people perceive the beverage as a 'new thing,' thanks to its popularity stemming from a South Korean television show, you can trace back its origins in India, Greece, Macau, and Pakistan.

The name that everyone knows today 'whipped' or 'Dalgona' coffee originates from a TV show clip featuring Korean actor Jung Il-woo ordering a coffee in Macau. The actor and the panel of comments in the TV show that displays real-time remarks on the video claim that it looks like a traditional Korean sweet sugar candy or honeycomb toffee. Koreans call the drink 'Dalgona' because of the foamy coffee resembling honey coffee toffee.

Meanwhile, in India, they call it beaten coffee or Indian cappuccino. Finally, in Greece, it can either mean coffee frappe or Greek iced coffee. However, whatever recipes you choose to try and explore, you get the same taste and texture as the original one.

How to Make Whipped Coffee

Learn How to Make Whipped Coffee

The newest trend in the coffee world, the whipped coffee, Dalgona, or South Korean coffee, is a light, fluffy, and refreshing milk-based beverage to try. Thanks to its rising popularity, you can now make it at home in addition to your regular brews from a ninja coffee bar. Although there are plenty of recipes going around Facebook or whatever site you're browsing on, the traditional recipe is super simple to create, allowing you to make a perfect icy milk brew to enjoy on warm summer mornings or lazy afternoons. In essence, you make it by mixing instant coffee, sugar, and hot water in a bowl, then using a mixer or hand whisk, mix the ingredients until they reach a thicker consistency.

However, if you want a more detailed step-by-step guide of the recipe, here's how to make whipped coffee. This recipe should only take 5 minutes.

  1. Gather all the things you need for the recipe. These include 2 tablespoons instant coffee, 2 tablespoons sugar, 2 tablespoons hot water, ice cubes, and 250 ml of milk. You'll also need a bowl, mug or glass, a whisk, or an electric mixer.
  2. First, add the ingredients, 2 tablespoons instant coffee, sugar, 2 tablespoons granulated sugar, hot water in a bowl. Ensure the water is boiling as it helps the coffee and sugar dissolve more thoroughly.
  3. Next, using a manual hand mixer, a stand mixer, or whatever type of mixer you want to use, mix the ingredients until they dissolve. Never add more coffee or granulated sugar than necessary, or you'll end up with a cup that's too strong or sweet.
  4. Once you see the ingredients are completely dissolved, start slowly mixing the coffee mixture following a zig-zag motion into a paste or until it turns to light brown, depending on what type of instant coffee you're using.
  5. After making the paste, add ice cubes to your glass or mug and pour milk into it, but don't fill it up. You can use whatever milk you want for this recipe, whether it's almond milk or soy milk. After pouring the milk, add the mixture you made earlier on top of the milk.
  6. Mix the paste and milk and enjoy it. You can add whipped cream on top if you like it sweet.

Easy Whipped Coffee Recipe

Simple Easy Whipped Coffee Recipe

Making whipped coffee uses the basic ingredients of different specialty coffee recipes like the cafe au lait recipe or cappuccino recipe — coffee, sugar, milk, and water. However, it follows different quantities and requires you to make a mixture following a technique like making icing with egg whites. The drink is relatively easy and quick (5 minutes) to make with a distinctly thick and creamy appearance, giving the three pantry staple ingredients, instant coffee, sugar, and milk, a whole new look. You'll need the same ratio of milk, coffee, and sugar to make the brew. It also requires you to use a mixer to achieve its creamy consistency, plus it makes the job easier because using a hand whisk or using a mason jar can be tiring.

However, if you want to go beyond the traditional whipped coffee recipe, the following are unique ways of making whipped coffee.

  • Mocha: You can recreate your favorite childhood drink in your Dalgona coffee by adding one tablespoon of cocoa powder in the mix, depending on how much 'chocolatey' you want it to taste. It's best to do this for a hot version of the brew.
  • Matcha: Replace instant coffee with matcha or green tea powder.
  • Maple: Substitute your traditional granulated sugar with the same amount of maple syrup.
  • Chocolate: For every four tablespoons of milk or water, add 1 part cocoa powder and sugar. If you're watching out for your health, this recipe is a great caffeine-free alternative. Top it off with whipped cream or peanut butter.
  • Extracts: Add one teaspoon of vanilla extract to every two tablespoons of instant coffee.

How to Enjoy a Whipped Coffee Drink

Enjoy a Whipped Coffee Drink at Home

The Dalgona coffee is a buffed up version of your regular iced coffee recipe. It's creamy in texture, robust, and mildly sweet. Many individuals that tried the brew described it to taste like coffee ice cream or everyone's favorite frappe from a coffee shop. You can adjust the brew's sweetness and caffeine levels by changing the whipped coffee recipe's ratios or use flavored milk instead of a plain one.

However, since it's different from your typical americano coffee or cappuccino thanks to its thick foamy top layer, drinking whipped coffee can vary, depending on your preferences. But most people like to enjoy their whipped coffee drink at home by mixing the foam into the milk and sip using a straw to get a better taste of the unique blend.

If you want to taste each part of the brew individually, you can dive straight in without mixing the drink but prepare to get a foam mustache. Additionally, the best way you can enjoy the brew is by choosing carefully if you want it hot or cold and whip it using a stand mixer for the fastest and freshest drinks. If you manage to make more of the beverage than you can consume in a single sitting, it's best to store it in an airtight container and place it in your fridge for 3 to 5 days.

Instant Coffee Whipped as Alternative

Use Instant Coffee Whipped

When using a coffee percolator or following other brewing methods, most encourage you to grind coffee beans with a coffee grinder for fresh ground coffee and delicious brews. However, you need to use instant coffee whipped for the best results. That's because of the lack of oils in spray-dried grounds is the reason it turns into foam better than freeze-dried or regular brewed coffee. When it comes to coffee grounds, the presence of emulsifiers, like soy lecithin, isn't present in them, making them unsuitable for Dalgona coffee. So if you want to make whipped coffee, it's better to stick with cheaper instant coffee.

Additionally, if you're wondering if you can use coffee pods or k-cups for the process, they also lack the emulsifying agent that instant coffee has, preventing you from reaching the desired consistency. However, if you're looking for a more robust brew, you can replace your instant coffee with instant espresso as it contains the same emulsifying agents. Moreover, if you're considering your sugar options, you can use granular sugar alternatives instead of washed sugar to make whipped coffee. You can use brown sugar and coconut sugar as substitutes for Dalgona coffee, whipped coffee, or South Korean coffee.

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Unlike the brews you typically get from your local coffee shops or have had before, Dalgona coffee originates from South Korea. Its unique name comes from a famous Korean toffee candy, sharing the same name, recipe, ingredients, and look. The United States and other countries have seen the drink spiked in popularity for several reasons, from being tasty to its unique and fun brewing process.

When it comes to the TikTok whipped coffee recipe or Dalgona whipped coffee phenomenon, there's a bit more that makes it stand out from your regular coffee beverage. In the drink's simplest form, it follows the same recipe with a combination of all the ingredients you'd usually use in a standard cup of coffee. These include your preferred instant coffee, sugar, milk, and hot water. The only difference between the recipes is that this specialty brew requires equal parts of each ingredient and requires you to use a hand mixer or electric mixer to make a thick paste. You can try and make whipped coffees following different recipes or your very own version to make the most out of the drink.

We hope this guide helped you understand the art behind coffee Dalgona, whipped, and instant coffee TikTok — helping you make one at home, giving you a uniquely delicious brew.

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