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Double Brew Coffee for Double the Strength and Double the Flavor

Dave Carter

Published: January 4, 2021

Last updated: June 27, 2023

If your morning coffee no longer gives you the kick you need to start your day, or if it started tasting a bit weak or watered-down, you might need to look at some other options around. Some people are happy to take on several cups or espresso shots as the day moves forward. But if you’re the kind who can’t start until the caffeine kicks in, then you should probably try a double brew coffee.

So, what is it all about? It might sound a little dangerous for regulars, but those who wish to enjoy coffee that is stronger than the usual, double-brewed drinks such as cappuccino double espresso and iced coffee are the thing. It provides a much-needed caffeine boost and a fuller flavor. Some people also prefer a stronger and fuller brew. No matter your reasons, we are sure you’re dying to know about double brewed coffee and why they’re gaining much popularity these days.

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What is Double Brew Coffee?​

Guide on What is Double Brew Coffee

Double brewed coffee literally is a coffee with two times strength and caffeine content than regular brew. Make it, one needs to brew coffee with coffee instead of using water. Some people also do this by brewing twice the amount of the best coffee beans for espresso with the usual amount of water.

These two methods will yield a stronger and richer coffee with twice the caffeine content. This is the main goal of people who prefer to take a double brew coffee than the usual ones.  But can they use a drip machine for this purpose?

Preparing double brewed coffee whether for iced coffee or cold brew is not just about brewing the same coffee twice. This method is unacceptable and it does not work. You will not get the goal strength and caffeine content when you just brew your coffee again.

The two methods mentioned above have distinct advantages and will provide a specific kind of double brewed coffee depending on your goals. If you are interested in getting more caffeine or getting more flavor, the method you use will affect the outcome. More so, different folks prefer different coffees, thus double brewing has several methods.

How to Double Brew Coffee?​

There are two major ways of preparing double brewed coffee. The first method is by brewing coffee with coffee and the other is brewing twice the coffee grounds. Here’s how you can do it.

Brewing Coffee With Coffee​

For the first method, you need about 1 to 2 tablespoon of ground coffee. Boil a cup of 6oz water for up to 200 degrees F). As with other modes of brewing, you get the best results when you use freshly ground beans and filtered water. You should not use the best coffee espresso machine to prepare this batch. Use a drip coffee maker or French Press for this. After extracting the coffee, discarded the coffee grounds. And scoop up a fresh portion of coffee beans into the machine. And instead of using plain water, use the freshly brewed coffee to start preparing the new batch.  Ideally, your portions should be 1-2 tablespoon of ground to 6oz of coffee instead of the usual filtered water. Properly brewing this new batch of coffee grounds using the coffee you first prepared will give you a stronger double brewed coffee.

This method is best for people who use French Press, Aeropress, or pour-over. Most coffee machines are designed for water and if you use coffee to brew, there is the risk of damaging it.

Brewing with Double the Amount of Coffee Grounds​

For those who are in a hurry, you can go for a shorter brewing time and get the same stronger coffee by using two times the amount of ground.  This method cuts the preparation time by half as you increase the number of beans. Make sure that you have enough space for double the quantity in the container.

To prepare, you’d need about two to four tablespoons of freshly ground coffee and 6oz of hot water (ideally 200 degrees F). Brew your coffee in the coffee maker for about four minutes. Once the process is complete, you now have a double brewed coffee ready.

This method is ideal for those that use drip coffee machines. These machines are made specifically for the use of water. If you use brewed coffee instead of water to come up with a double brewed coffee, there is a risk of damaging a drip machine.

These two methods of preparation of double brewed coffee are sure to give you a fuller and more flavorful cup of joe. When experimenting for the first time, try mixing light and medium roast grounds. But if you really like bold and dark brew, then go for the darkest roasts!

Is it Safe to Double Brewed Coffee?​

There are people who really enjoy this kind of brewed coffee. If you’re a devout coffee lover, you’ll know how coffee works and the need for additional caffeine by some. It is one of the main reasons why people like taking a double brewed coffee instead of the usual cup of joe. It is a great option for iced coffee drinks too. But is this a safe method?

Honestly, most people drink coffee because they need something to perk them up in the morning. The flavor is an added bonus that we get to enjoy. They brew the best coffee to brew at home, but still, some find their cup lacking buzz. Over time, the effect of caffeine from a regular cup of coffee no longer has an effect on them. Thus, some people search for a double brewed coffee or twice the caffeine content to get the same eye-popping effect. This can be helpful for some, but for others, it may lead to undesirable effects like palpitations, disrupted sleep, and lightheadedness.

On the other hand, there are people who make coffee with ice and double brewing is an ideal means of keeping the strong flavor even if it is mixed with milk and sweeteners. Iced coffee drinks are also a hit at many cafes, thus most baristas use double brewed coffee to ensure that the flavor is good despite putting lots of ice in the iced coffee drink.

Does Brewing Coffee Longer Make it Stronger?​

If you feel that your usual morning cup of hot coffee no longer gives you the strong kick that perks you up any time of the day, you may need to consider a different brewing method to make coffee. There are other brewing methods that can give you more caffeine content. But when you talk about stronger coffee, it may point out to either having more caffeine or a stronger flavor.

If you prefer more caffeine content, you can opt for a lighter roast or brew your coffee for a longer time. Lighter roast contains more caffeine though it has a weaker flavor. You also extract more of this energy-giving juice when you let the grounds brew for a longer time.  It does not matter what are the best coffee beans for a stronger coffee, all you need is to get a lighter roast and a longer brewing time.

Can You Use Coffee Grounds Twice?​

Can You Use Coffee Grounds Twice Facts

Now that we’ve been discussing double brewed coffee, you might also wonder if it’s possible to use coffee grounds twice. After getting your much-needed brew from the best coffee beans for superautomatic espresso machines, do you discard the grounds or do you keep it for another batch?

If you’re intent on getting the most flavor profile from your coffee drink, you may never consider using the same grounds twice. The next batch you will produce will not have the same flavor and taste like the first one. And for an extra cup of perking up, it will have little effect on you.

On the other hand, some people will not really notice especially if you add generous amounts of cream and sugar. But if you can, do it quickly on the next batch. Keep in mind that reusing grounds may be okay for two consecutive uses only. Waiting the whole day before running another batch using the same grounds is no longer a good idea. Soggy and saturated coffee grounds are an excellent spot for microbes such as fungus and bacteria and it can happen very quickly.

Also, although it may go unnoticed to double brew the same grounds twice, it should be the maximum. After the second brew, the next batch will taste horrible and it will be a waste of good coffee, water, and resources.

How to Brew Strong Coffee?​

There are several ways on how to make stronger coffee without looking for the 10 best coffee makers. You can achieve this goal by following the simple suggestions.

Use more coffee grounds - if you want a stronger coffee flavor for your iced coffee or for it to have more caffeine, double the amount of coffee grounds for your regular sized coffee for a double brew. The ideal ratio is two to four cups for every 6oz of hot water.

Pick a Darker Roast - if you are after a stronger flavor in your coffee, opt for a darker roast for that richer flavor profile.

Try other brewing methods - if your coffee no longer makes you giddy, try experimenting with other brewing methods until you find the best one for you, one of which is to double brew.

The Strong Brewed Coffee Flavor​

The Best Strong Brewed Coffee Flavor

People have different preferences when it comes to coffee. Some love it dark and bold, while others are after the strong perking up it gives due to its caffeine content. Iced coffee also works best with stronger tasting coffee. Sometimes, how it is brewed affects the flavor profile and makes it stronger and bolder than usual. There several methods that you can try to discover the strength and unique flavors of your coffee beans. Some of the most popular brewing processes that yield bold, rich, and strong flavor include the French Press, Aeropress, Moka Pot, and the percolator. All these allow water to get in touch with the beans. And the longer the grounds steep in the water, the bolder flavor of the coffee you will get.

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Double brewed coffee sounds like a crazy idea for those who don’t understand how it goes. But for those who like stronger and more flavorful brews, it is one drink to try. It has two easy methods of brewing depending on your desired outcome. Some people like double brews because they are after the higher caffeine content, but others like it because it gives a fuller coffee flavor. Whatever reasons you might have, trying out the double brew coffee should be in your must-tries.

Dave Carter

As a coffee enthusiastic Dave share with you his latest and greatest coffee news and insights. He es always interested in trying out new things about the best bean of the world!

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