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Breve Coffee: What You Need to Know about this Popular Roasty Brew

Dave Carter

January 11, 2021

Love a bit of cream on your morning cup of joe, or different espresso drinks? Then you should try sipping an aromatic breve coffee! This type of brew will surely delight latte and cappuccino lovers around the world. It is a drink that you should add to your list of must-try if you like creams and milk with your brew.

But what exactly is a breve? And how is it different from what is a macchiato coffee? Let's find out more about this popular morning drink that coffee fans are starting to love.

What is a Breve Coffee Made of?​

Find out more about What is a Breve Coffee Made of

Breve coffee is the American version of the latte. When trying to figure out what makes up a breve, it’s not as complicated as cleaning a Cuisinart coffee maker. It is an espresso beverage with steamed-half-and-half. It is finished with a nice foam on top.

How Do You Make Breve Coffee?​

If you have tried a cup of breve, you might be wondering if you can make the same cafe-style coffee drink at home. You would need some equipment like an espresso machine, and then you can practice your barista skills by mixing up this delightful brew. Here is a step by step guide to making the perfect breve.

You will need the following:

  • Milk (half and half)
  • Finely ground coffee
  • Aeropress or a super-automatic coffee machine
  • Bowl-shaped coffee mug
  • Cup for brewing
  • Frothing tool
  • Measuring scoop
  1. Prepare the Milk

For a single-serve breve, you will need about 10oz of milk. You can heat it in the microwave for around 60 to 90 seconds. Make sure that you are using half-and-half as it will affect the taste of your drink.

  1. Prepare the Foam

You will need a frothing tool to prepare the foam. Some popular options are the whisk and the aerolatte. These can be immersed in milk to create generous milk foam in a few seconds. But if you want to do it manually, you can whisk by placing it in between your palms and twirl it in the milk until it froths. The foam on top adds an extra layer of flavor to the espresso drink

  1. The right amount of coffee

You can use any variety of coffee beans as long as it is finely ground. You will make espresso; thus, you need a more delicate blend for this brew. You can use a technivorm moccamaster coffee maker or an Aeropress depending on your preference. Pour about two scoops of coffee in the machine chamber.

  1. Make the Coffee

Check the water temperature before you start making your coffee. If you are using an automatic coffee machine, you can wait for it to produce your espresso. But if you are using an Aeropress, you need to press the plunger gently for around 20 minutes. It will require a lot of patience to produce your espresso.

  1. Mix Your Coffee and Frothed Milk

When your espresso is ready, you can start mixing in the frothed milk. You can use a bowl-shaped cup so that it will accommodate the milk and mix thoroughly with the coffee. Delicately pour in the milk into the espresso. Now you have your Cafe Breve ready, serve it while it's hot

What is the difference between a latte and a breve?​

Breve and latte are close sisters when it comes to the ingredients of making this kind of coffee drink. There are many varieties of these two drinks, but the latte is the more popular choice.

One distinct difference between the caffè breve and the latte is the kind of cream or milk that is mixed with the espresso. There is no difference in the caffeine fix. With a latte, you usually get steamed milk mixed with your espresso. On the other hand, a breve has steamed half-and-half instead of milk.

But what is half-and-half? Why is it crucial to achieve the smooth and creamy taste of the caffè breve?

Half-and-half typically has half whole milk and half light cream. It has about 10-12% of fat, so it is perfect for your morning cup of joe if you want something creamy and tasty. While it cannot be whipped, you can froth it to add richness to your espresso without going heavy as the cream.

What is a Breve Coffee?​

Expaining What is a Breve Coffee

The term “Breve” is Italian and means, little, short, concise, or brief. It is basically how this coffee drink is made. Some people refer to it as caffè breve, latte breve, or only breve coffee. When you order this type of drink from a coffee shop, you’ll get a delightfully creamy mix of rich espresso and milk without sugar.

What is Breve Starbucks?​

Starbucks, along with other coffee shops and cafes, has its version of the Breve coffee. A Breve Starbucks order will give you a latte-like drink with half-and-half instead of plain steamed milk. It is creamier and more luxurious than the usual latte.

Cafe Breve from Starbucks is more fluffy than a traditional latte with the usual milk. It is due to the steamed half-and-half, which increases the volume of foam in your espresso. On the other hand, this drink has more fat than the regular latte, even if you opt for low or non-fat milk.

The Breve Latte​

The Italian cafe latte is a strictly milk-based coffee drink, but the caffè breve is much fluffier than the usual. It is an Americanized drink that uses half-milk and half light cream for a foamier and thicker espresso drink.

Although it is not very popular, it is a must-try if you like some cream or milk in your morning cup of joe. However, if you are cutting down on carbs, you should look away from a breve. It has more fat and cholesterol in every cup. An order of breve is rich and thick, and some prefer to drink it without sweetener because it is served like a “dessert drink.”

Now if you like cafe style caffè breve, you should learn more than how to use a French press coffee maker. It requires some skills and the right temperature to come up with the right consistency. You can also add some flavored syrup or sweetener if you want it to be a treat.

Other Breve Drink to Try

Other Breve Drink that You Must Try

There's nothing more refreshingly delicious than a properly-made Breve drink. You can also order it with the names, Breve latte and cafè Breve. Ordering Breve coffee will give you a decadent and rich brew, consisting of a perfect combination of espresso and creamy milk without additional sweeteners. It's a great beverage to try if you're looking for a decadently rich and robust espresso drink. Breve comes from the Italian language, meaning short, little, or brief, roughly how a breve is made (similar to how you make a cappuccino), as mentioned earlier—but its flavors are everything else but little. What makes this drink 'special' is its use of half and half cream instead of traditional steamed milk, producing a very creamy foam. So, you may wonder, what else can you make out of a Breve coffee?

If you're looking for a fruity concoction, a raspberry torte Breve is an excellent choice. This unique Breve coffee drink variation adds an ounce of raspberry syrup and crème de cacao syrup to the traditional recipe, adding more fruity notes to the drink. Meanwhile, if you're looking for a refreshing take on the trendy coffee beverage, the iced caramel Breve is worth the try. It only requires an additional ounce of caramel syrup in addition to its original recipe, making it the perfect summer drink to enjoy while out and about.

Before you try and make these other Breve drinks, as discussed earlier, half and half cream is a crucial ingredient in the brew. However, what makes it unique? Half and half cream typically contain high-fat content, making it the perfect addition to your regular brewed coffee, giving you a creamy pick me up drink. You can't whip it, and it can add a ton of richness to your espresso shot without being as heavy and calorie-rich as regular 'whole' cream. But if you're lactose-intolerant, non-dairy options that can give you similar creamy results would be coconut milk. It contains more natural fats than other healthier alternatives such as skim milk, almond milk, or oat milk.

Additionally, when making any Breve coffee drink, make sure to use finely-ground coffee. After all, keep in mind that Breve still contains espresso, which traditionally requires fine grinds. Breve drinks are an excellent alternative to lattes or cappuccinos for individuals under a keto diet. That's because the keto diet is all about consuming fewer carbohydrates and more fats. Plus, cow's milk is prohibited in a keto diet, making regular steamed milk used on coffee drinks not ideal for these individuals. However, half and half cream is listed as 'keto-friendly' milk since it's low in carbohydrates.

If you're exploring different coffee variations, keep in mind that Breve coffee is a bit thicker than your usual espresso drinks, such as latte, due to the half and half milk increasing the foam's volume. Many people consider it so rich that there's no need to add sugar and other sweeteners—and it is often served as a dessert beverage instead of a regular cup of brewed coffee.


Taking into account the nutritional value of a breve coffee, you might cringe at the thought of the high amounts of fat and cholesterol in it. A barista may also use heavy cream to make it more fluffy and creamy. There is a big difference to it when one uses whole frothed whole milk as one would in a latte. So if you’re looking for something healthier, this drink is not ideal for you. However, it can be the right dessert drink to indulge in when you feel like having something fancy without compromising caffeine content.

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