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5 Best Siphon Coffee Makers: Exploring these Unique Brewers

Dave Carter

January 3, 2022

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There are many different types of coffee makers on the market. From drip to french press, iced to espresso, there is a coffee maker for every type of person. One type that has been gaining popularity recently is the siphon, coffee maker. Any coffee lover is in for a treat with the new Siphon Coffee Maker. This revolutionary gadget has been making waves in the coffee world, and people are raving about it. It is called siphon coffee because of how it works. 

What is great about this best vacuum coffee maker is that it has no glass to break, and the hot water never comes into contact with any plastic parts. It uses a siphon tube instead of a metal mesh system, so the final product has no hard-to-clean grounds or metal particles. Simply put, this is one of the most efficient vacuum brewers on the market today! 

You also don't have to worry about temperature loss during extraction because you can control every aspect of the brewing process and ensure your coffee tastes just right according to your preferences and tastes! In this article, we shall provide a simple guide of the best siphon coffee maker that will suit your needs!

The Best Siphon Coffee Maker Reviews

The Best Siphon Coffee Maker on the Market

If you love coffee but want to break up with the high price of Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts, check out our reviewed best siphon coffee maker! Siphon coffee is brewed in a special pot with two chambers, the lower chamber containing water and ground coffee and the upper chamber holding heated water. As you heat the bottom chamber, it forces boiling vaporized water to rise through a tube at high pressure, which passes through some grounds before being cooled down by contact with cold water on top of the brewer. 

The result is an intense mix of flavors that can be customized according to taste preferences. Siphon coffee makers are one of the best ways to make your coffee without any fancy equipment. Plus, they are really easy to clean and maintain. Read on to learn more about these unique products!

Here is our Ranking Table for our top 5 favourite models:


Hario Glass Technica


Hario Glass Technica
  • Permanent stainless steel filter
  • Elegant and contemporary design
  • Two glass jars


KitchenAid Siphon


KitchenAid Siphon
  • Glass carafe
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Three different models 

Easy to use

Diguo Belgian Royal Family Balance


Diguo Belgian Royal Family Balance
  • Highest quality materials
  • Long-lasting vacuum insulation system
  • Two different settings

Great Reviews

Bodum PEBO Siphon


Bodum PEBO Siphon
  • Stainless steel and borosilicate glass
  • Electric stove or an alcohol burner
  • Durable stainless steel body

Lowest Price

Boeng 5-Cup


Boeng 5-Cup
  • Large, clear water tank
  • Automatic shutoff valve
  • Adjustable flame

*Stars in table belong to our personal rating, not related to Amazon!

Let us delve into each of these products.

1. Hario Glass Technica

The Hario Glass Technica is a line of glassware siphon makers designed to be used with traditional French presses. It has been made from Borosilicate, an advanced material that helps prevent breakage when heated in water and maintains its clarity even after years pass by. 

This kind of heat-resistant property keeps the quality consistent over time! It also features an easy-grip handle and silicone sleeve to prevent slipping when pouring hot water or tea in the bottom of your cup for optimal flavour release! It also features measurement marks on the side to help you measure your desired amount of water-based on your making. 

Each piece has its unique size, allowing them to fit together just one way, which can be helpful if you want to take all the pieces with you on the go!


  • This siphon coffee maker features a permanent stainless steel filter that can be used over and over again.
  • It also features an elegant and contemporary design with measurements for water and coffee grounds on the side.
  • This product comes with two glass jars, one for the water and one for the brewed coffee.
  • It includes a heat-resistant stand to hold it steady while brewing the coffee.
  • This model features an automatic shutoff for safety purposes.


  • This product brews one cup at a time, making it perfect for small gatherings or solo enjoyment.
  • All parts are dishwasher safe and come apart easily to make cleaning easier.
  • This syphon brewer can be used with any type of heat source, including induction cooktops.
  • The Hario Glass Technica has an easy-to-use design and comes in three colours - red, blue, and green.

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2. KitchenAid Siphon​

KitchenAid's Syphon coffee maker is a game-changer for those who love solid and richly-tasting brews. With its ergonomic design and powerful vacuum brewing system that extracts every last drop of deliciousness from your ground beans or loose leaf teas with ease! 

This siphon machine lets you make artisanal style espressos at home in just minutes without ever having to worry about burning down your kitchen in the process. Also, its insulated thermal carafe keeps your brew hot for hours! The streamlined design of this KitchenAid coffee machine is sculpted to fit any kitchen counter. At the same time, its advanced heating element means you will never have to worry about uneven heat distribution in your freshly-brewed cup again.


  • This model features a glass carafe and a filter cone with stainless steel mesh filters for brewing.
  • It also features an ergonomic handle for comfortable use while brewing your favorite beverage.
  • Three different models are available - one without any extras, one with an automatic brew timer, and one with a built-in grinder.
  • All of these models come with two thermometers, one for water temperature and another for brewing temperature, as well as a rubber stopper to prevent spills during transport.


  • It has an elegant design that looks like it belongs in the kitchen, but it is also portable.
  • The KitchenAid Syphon coffee maker includes two filters for brewing the perfect cup of joe.
  • There are three different sizes to choose from - 8-cup, 12-cup, or 16-cup.
  • This siphon process creates a rich and full-bodied cup of coffee with deep flavors and aromatic oils.

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3. Diguo Belgian Royal Family Balance

This best vacuum coffee maker will make your dreams come true with its unique design. The Diguo Belgian Royal Family Balance siphon machine is an impeccable addition to any kitchen, and it ensures that each sip of brew tastes as good or better than what you would find in a barista's studio! 

It can make up to 12 cups at once and has two stainless steel filters (one permanent and one paper), and an aluminum filter holder, that are easy to clean. The handles on both sides make it perfect for entertaining guests or if you plan on making large amounts. It also features a unique flameproof glass carafe. This syphon coffee maker features a traditional–modern design. 

It comes equipped with all of the accessories you need to brew and a heat-resistant glass decanter with a lid and wooden handle. The most striking feature of this best siphon syphon vacuum coffee maker is its latest technology, which includes silent valves and increased resistance to pressure, leading to better infusion ability and a more balanced flavor.


  • This siphon brewer is made of the highest quality materials, such as a durable stainless steel body that won't rust over time.
  • It also features a long-lasting vacuum insulation system to keep your drink warm for up to six hours.
  • There are two different settings for water temperature - one at 200 degrees Fahrenheit and another at 176 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The included filter has a mesh that is not too fine but also not too coarse for the perfect brew.
  • It includes a lid to keep the heat in while brewing your coffee.
  • The spout on this pot is designed to prevent the dripping or spilling of hot liquid.


  • This Vacuum coffee maker brews the best tasting coffee by combining vacuum brewing with pressure brewing.
  • The design of this machine is sleek and stylish while still being functional.
  • This model can make up to 12 cups of brewed coffee in just five minutes or less.
  • The product comes with an instruction manual that includes detailed instructions on brewing your favorite cup of coffee.
  • With its sleek look, this device is an excellent gift idea for any occasion!
  • This siphon coffee maker is made from stainless steel and glass, thus it is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

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4. Bodum PEBO Siphon​

The Bodum PEBO Siphon is the perfect way to make strong, distinctive coffee and is one of the best vacuum coffee makers. Place one end in your favorite mug and press downward while turning the dial on top; then watch as thick black liquid pours into your cup! 

Bodum's newest product can be used at home or outdoors with its durable construction and a handle for easy transportation. This insulated stainless steel brewing system fits into any pot. It keeps your delicious hot beverage waiting for you on arrival at work or school while also compact enough not to take up much counter space in smaller kitchens! It also has filters for less bothersome cleanup. 

Bodum hasn't skimped on the accessories for this model either by including a coffee spoon, brush to clean out filters, and an instruction booklet! Now you can enjoy aromatic coffee at home that is brewed right in front of your eyes via the simple press of a button.


  • This syphon coffee maker is made of stainless steel and borosilicate glass.
  • It uses an electric stove or an alcohol burner to heat water and doesn't need any filters or paper cups.
  • It features a durable stainless steel body that won't rust over time.
  • The glass carafe has a capacity of 8 ounces, which makes about four servings per pot.
  • The coffee maker brews the best-tasting coffee by combining vacuum brewing with pressure brewing.


  • This siphon coffee brewer can be used with any stove, including induction stoves, and it takes about 3 minutes to heat the water in the lower chamber.
  • The Siphon produces rich, flavorful coffee because it allows for complete immersion of the grounds in water.
  • This product is dishwasher safe but should not be used on induction cooktops or in microwaves.
  • The design of this device is sleek and stylish while still being functional.

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5. Boeng 5-Cup​

Boeng's 5-Cup best siphon maker is a great way to make fresh coffee at your convenience. This popular siphon machine was invented over ten years ago, and its stainless steel finish adds style and class, while the cordless design makes it easy for you on those hectic mornings. It features four settings that can accommodate either 6 or 8 ounces of the liquid per set. 

This siphon brewer also siphons at a low speed to ensure you get the most flavorful taste from your coffee beans. You can also rest assured that your 5-cup siphon brewer will have no problem keeping your hot beverages warm as it features a stay-warm heater. It has been heralded as one of the best at keeping your java warm throughout the brewing process. 

This is due to its stay-warm heater that ensures you won't be forced to wait for your second cup before it's ready. These ones have a cordless design also makes for easy storage and transport and its simple design makes this Siphon coffee maker perfect for any kitchen.


  • This siphon coffee brewer features a large, clear water tank that makes it easy to see when to refill it for continued use.
  • The stainless steel construction of the coffee maker is durable and won't tarnish over time.
  • This filter basket has an automatic shutoff valve that prevents dripping after brewing.
  • It features an adjustable flame so you can control how hot your water gets during the brewing process.
  • The Boeng 5-Cup also features a rubberized handle on the top that makes it easier to pour hot water into the pot without burning your hands.


  • A Boeng 5-Cup best siphon maker provides a unique brewing experience.
  • Boeng's glass carafe is easy to clean and dishwasher-safe.
  • This coffee maker comes with three filters and an instruction manual for all the steps to make great tasting coffee
  • You can use this device to brew any kind of ground beans - it doesn't matter what type you use!
  • This best siphon maker is an excellent option for those who love the taste of French press coffee.

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How does a Vacuum Coffee Maker Work?

Details on How does a Vacuum Coffee Maker Work

The vacuum coffee maker is a classic style of brewing that has been around for many years. They are most popular with professional baristas because they can create some amazing tasting coffee. But, the average person who enjoys drinking one every day will love them too. This coffee maker is a clever little machine that will make you the perfect cup of coffee. It is easy to use and even easier to clean up. All you need are ground beans, water, and an electric power outlet. 

The vacuum technology has been around since 1865, and it is steam pressure used to force water up through the ground coffee back into the holding chamber under the filter. When you let your best siphon vacuum coffee makers cool down, you are left with an almost completely dry pot. This means you don't have to clean the residue that is left in most drip coffee makers. Below we shall explain in detail how this machine works.

A vacuum coffee maker usually consists of two glass chambers, an upper one and a lower one. The bottom chamber has a filter in which you can add ground coffee. The top chamber is where the finished brewed coffee ends up. There is also a best syphon tube that runs from the upper to the lower chamber. This tube is where all the magic happens: As soon as you turn on your coffee maker, it heats up the water using either electricity (the most common method) or via stove-top (using gas). Once heated enough, steam pressure starts building up in the bottom vessel. 

Steam pushes down on boiling water creating high pressure inside the lower vessel. This pressure is released when the seal lets hot steam escape through the valve below the handle when high enough. The steam runs through the best syphon tube and into the top container, mixing with coffee grinds. Immediately after that, the mixture is forced down through a filter by higher than atmospheric pressure in the lower chamber. When heated and pressurized water touches ground coffee, some of the flavors and oils from these beans dissolve, and bubbles start appearing on the surface of brewed coffee. 

The steam created by vapour pressure inside the lower chamber forces brewed coffee back down through a siphon tube which has now cooled to room temperature. Making vacuum decantation process to start. It takes at least 4 minutes or more - this is why heat resistant glass is used in construction for both chambers. Once all the hot steam has run out of the siphon tube, you are left with a boiled tasting but very clean cup of coffee!

Benefits of Brewing with a Vacuum Pot

Benefits of Brewing with a Vacuum Pot

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be difficult, but it is easier to use the right tools to help. Brewing with a top vacuum pot is one of those tools! The vacuum coffee pot makes brewing of coffee and tea much more efficient and healthier than an electric teapot or traditional stovetop kettle. A vacuum coffee pot features a sealable lid and a water chamber with a removable cloth filter, which allows for a continuous flow of the tea from the coffee pot to your cup. 

The hot water is drawn up through the leaves by atmospheric pressure. This allows for an even extraction without any stirring or manipulation of the leaves. In addition, using hot water that boils in your vacuum coffee pot extracts more caffeine and essential oils than boiling water in a kettle. This makes it ideal for people who enjoy multiple cups throughout their day because you can reuse the leaves multiple times! Below are some of the benefits of a vacuum pot.

Saves time: The vacuum pot only needs about 30 seconds to heat water, making it more efficient than other brewing methods.

Saves money: With the vacuum pot, you only need electricity to preheat the water and it consumes no additional electricity once brewed! If everyone at your office were using a top vacuum pot instead of an electric kettle, you would collectively save up to several hundred dollars per year.

High-quality coffee: Coffee brewed with high pressure is more acidic than normal drip brews, an acquired taste for some drinkers. With a vacuum pot, the lower temperature (185°F) at which the coffee is brewed means that less acidity is extracted during brewing. This results in a smoother cup of coffee that even those who aren't big fans of "coffee" may find enjoyable.

Great for Iced coffees: Vacuum pots are ideal for iced coffee because they allow you to make an extract with significantly less acid than other brewing methods. This means that your iced latte or mocha will taste better and not overly bitter.

Improved flavor: Vacuum siphon pots allow water to cover all ground coffee during steeping, optimizing extraction time. The resulting brew has significantly more flavor than any other method besides espresso making it excellent for iced coffees or as bases for-brewed iced tea.

Less sediment: This one may seem like a no-brainer after reading about how vacuum pots brew coffee, but it bears repeating. The final product will have less dissolved solids that cause the sludge/mud effect common with a French press or cold brew methods of making coffee.

Perfect presentation: Its rich mahogany colour looks gorgeous when served to guests - inside the house or out! With all of its other benefits, why would anyone want to serve regular drip brown water when vacuum pot coffee tastes so good and is such a visual treat?

Great for travel: Vacuum syphon pots can be made in advance and stored in the fridge until it is time to pack up and head out. Just make sure to bring along a portable carafe, filter papers, stirring stick & cream/sugar if applicable.

What is a Chemistry Coffee Maker?

The Best Chemistry Coffee Maker for Home

The best coffee has become an integral part of many people's daily routines. There are so many different types and flavors to choose from, but one thing that is often overlooked in coffee is the type of coffee maker you use. You can use a chemistry coffee maker for your morning drink! This machine mixes water with other ingredients to produce your favorite cup of joe. Chemistry coffee makers are available in three types: stovetop, electric, and automatic drip. To make the best coffee, you need an excellent top coffee maker!

The automatic drip chemistry coffee maker is made of glass or a thermal carafe. It produces the same amount of heat as a stovetop machine, but it is easier to operate. They are popular amongst most manufacturers, which makes them more cost-effective than other models. A chemical drip works by heating water in its reservoir until it boils, then forcing it up through a tube onto the ground coffee at the top of the filter basket. The automatic drip uses gravity and enhanced air pressure instead of steam for creating this process. 

Most of these vacuum coffee machines brew 6-12 cups; however, some brands produce 8-14 cups. Chemicals used in automatic drip are a gold filtered metal disk and an activated carbon paper. Chemical coffee makers are the most efficient types of maker that makes a difference in performance and taste. They also maintain more heat for faster brewing time and better-tasting coffee than other makers. The coffee grounds are steep in hot water instead of being forced through it. This allows flavors and essential oils to absorb the final product without too much resistance or bitterness.

To be a real barista, you need to brew at least one time with a Siphon Coffee maker. Get this one to get to the coffee heaven.

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If you choose to use the best siphon coffee maker, you will not regret your decision. This is because it is one of the most elegant ways to make coffee. It is not for everyone, but if you want a rich cup that will last all day, this may be your best bet. In this article, we have reviewed how it works and what makes it different from other brewers to help you figure out if this is the right choice for you! With this product, you will get rich, flavorful cups of joe that will have you wanting more! Happy shopping!

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