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Top 5 Best Iced Coffee Makers for the Home in 2021

Dave Carter

February 16, 2021

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There's just something revitalizing about an ice-cold glass of fresh caffeinated brew. For many people, iced coffee is their beverage choice, regardless if it's hot or cold. There are plenty of methods to whip up an iced coffee, from placing leftover hot coffee in the fridge to adding fresh espresso to ice. Although iced coffees are popular, for some coffee lovers, their preferred brewing style is cold brew — and what better way to make this drink than using the best iced coffee makers?

The sophisticated counterpart of iced coffee, cold brew coffee is a unique mixture resulting from slowly steeping coffee grounds in room temperature water or cold water for 8 hours up to a whole day. The absence of heat from the unique brewing process creates a smooth, silky, and less acidic brewed coffee. As the popularity of cold brew continuously rises in recent years, so too has the amount of cold brew coffee machines available on the market.

To help you choose the best one, we've come up with a guide featuring the best coffee makers for iced coffee and cold brews, letting you stay refreshed.

Best Iced Coffee Makers Product Description

Cold-brew iced coffee is a highly concentrated and smooth beverage that tastes strong even over ice, making it a perfect drink to enjoy during warmer months — or any time of the year. However, creating an excellent cold brew can be challenging and lengthy. It can take hours to steep coffee grounds into a coffee concentrate, so picking up one at your favorite coffee shops can be very expensive. The best alternative to this is brewing one at home using iced coffee makers or cold-brew makers.

Anyone can make the favored and complex drink with different items ranging from a classic French press to a simple Mason jar. Still, it's worth noting that every method involves steeping ground coffee in cold water anywhere from 8 to 24 hours. This unique process infuses cold brew, allowing it to achieve a naturally sweeter and 'chocolaty' taste while avoiding the bitterness and high acidity often present in regular coffee, making it easier on your stomach, heart, teeth, and palate. However, keep in mind that this coffee brewing style leads to higher caffeine content than regular coffee over ice.

Although you can whip up top-quality cold brews at home using simple immersion brewers, they take time, and if you're looking to make your favorite drinks conveniently and quick, a cold brew maker is still the best choice. If you're looking for the smoothest and cleanest way to produce a brew, you'll want to have the best coffee maker possible. Remember that thanks to their high concentration, dilute the beverage with milk, water, or pour it over ice. Plus, as tempting it may be to drink an entire carafe by yourself, it's not worth the caffeine crash.

The coffee maker models we recommend below can make things a bit more seamless, giving you smooth and fresh brews full of flavor with ease.

1. Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System, Auto-IQ

The Ninja hot and cold-brewed system with auto-IQ is a combination of stainless steel cold brew coffee maker that's likely one of the most versatile options you have on the market. After all, there's more to choose from rather than just hot or cold coffee, meaning this machine can provide you with almost endless beverage choices. The product comes with a 50-ounce thermal carafe, but it lets you brew directly into your mug. If you're looking for the ultimate flexible brewer, the ninja hot and cold brewing system is ideal for you.


Five Brew Styles
The versatile brewer boasts five brewing styles, including classic, rich, over ice, fresh 10-minute cold brew, and specialty.

Separate Coffee and Tea Baskets
It gives you optimal brews for coffees and teas thanks to its individual specially designed brew baskets for your preferred grounds and loose-leaf or tea bags, preventing cross-contamination and only ensuring the best flavors.

A Built-In Hot and Cold Frother
This coffee maker can transform any hot or cold milk into silky and decadent microfoam that you can pair with your favorite specialty espresso drinks, including cappuccinos, flat whites, or lattes.

  • It allows you to make your favorite beverages in several brewing sizes, ranging from a single cup, travel mug, all the way to a full carafe.
  • It boasts a smart basket recognition system, identifying which basket to use to prevent cross-contamination between brewing tea and coffee.
  • It comes with a thermal carafe that's not dishwasher safe.
  • It contains a permanent stainless steel filter for both coffee and tea functions.

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2. Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker with Iced Coffee Capability

Start your days better with the Keurig K-Elite brewer to whip out your favorite over-ice drinks. The coffee maker boasts a modern design with a programmable system that streamlines the whole experience for you. You can create strong brews when you're searching for something bold or use its 'iced' button and enjoy a refreshing glass of your favorite coffees over ice. It's compatible with hundreds of k-cup pods and also allows you to use a universal my k-cup reusable coffee filter if you're looking out for the waste you produce. It's a stylish and functional brewer that can be a classy addition to any home kitchen counter for a great price.


Large Water Reservoir
The machine features a relatively large water tank that lets you brew up to eight cups before refilling the machine, saving you time and money, streamlining your morning routine. It's also removable, ensuring easy cleaning and installation.

Ice Setting
The brewer has an ice button element that allows you to make hot over ice drinks for a refreshing serving of flavorful brews, enabling you to enjoy your favorite caffeinated beverage — over ice. It lets you do all of these with just one press.

Programmable Setting
The Keurig Elite boasts a modern design, allowing you to program your brews in advance. It features temperature control, high altitude settings, and scheduling settings. It lets you program your drinks beforehand, enabling you to wake up with a piping hot cup in hand with ease.


  • It offers cup sizes from 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 ounces of coffee.
  • The brewer allows you to brew hot and over ice beverages with one touch of a button, making it easy to use.
  • All of its removable BPA-free plastic parts are easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
  • It prevents you from using paper filters thanks to its built-in mesh filter for your brewing and an additional water filter.

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3. Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker

Spoil the coffee lover in you with this specialty automatic cold brew coffee maker. The brewer is known to produce a super-rich cold brew concentrate perfect for most types of foamed milk or other coffeehouse drinks. You can mix different brews at various sizes thanks to its vast brewing size options, allowing you to experiment on different blends. It also features a unique built-in fold-away milk frother, helping you transform milk into a silky foam to top off your favorite specialty drinks. If you're looking for a versatile brewer for your cold brews at a reasonable price, this is a great cold brew product to consider.


A Variety of Brewing Sizes
A standard function among Ninja cold brew makers is its broad range of brewing sizes, allowing you to choose anywhere from the smallest 9.5-ounce cup to an entire carafe. It comes with a knob-shaped dial for easy control over how much coffee you brew.

Easy to Clean
When it comes to cleaning out this Ninja brewer, it follows the same deep-cleaning process for other brewers. You need to clean its removable parts, including its glass carafe, water tank, and permanent stainless steel filter, separately. After that, you can use a vinegar-water mixture to remove any buildup minerals.

Free Carafe
Ninja brewers' common characteristic is that it comes with quality carafes, and in this case, it comes with a borosilicate glass carafe. If you plan on doing more relaxed cold brewing at home, this is the ideal type of carafe.


  • It comes with five brewing styles, perfect for making regular cold-brewed coffee to specialty ones, including lattes or macchiatos over ice.
  • It boasts six brew sizes that let you make anything from a single 9.5-ounce cup to a whole carafe.
  • It comes with a fold-away frother for smooth milk foams every time.
  • The brewer features a permanent stainless steel mesh filter, eliminating the need for paper filters.

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4. Nostalgia Iced Coffee Maker and Tea Brewing System

If you're looking to recreate your favorite iced coffees or tea, this cold brew system allows you to make gourmet drinks over ice in just a couple of minutes. Its design is straightforward, making it easy to use and understand. All you need is to place fresh grounds or loose tea leaves into its removable filter basket that's BPA-free. Its unique flavor extraction chamber can enhance your cups by using ingredients like sweeteners, herbs, or citrus slices. Finally, its showerhead ensures even saturation for all components, giving you rich and flavorful cups.


Three-Quart Capacity
Its glass pitcher can hold up to 12 cups of coffee or tea while featuring a three-position lid that you can turn for free pouring, closed, or with an ice guard.

Filter Basket and Shower Head
The product comes with a unique removable filter basket perfect for grounds and tea bags. Plus, its showerhead design ensures complete saturation, providing optimal flavor extraction — and the best brews around.

Flavor Extraction Chamber
The product's unique flavor extraction chamber allows you to add in lemon, herbs, and other sweeteners, adding more flavor to your brews, making each cup richer than ever. It enables you to make deluxe cold brew iced drinks with ease.


  • It uses a reusable stainless steel filter basket perfect for grounds and tea bags.
  • It comes with a three-quart capacity pitcher that's dishwasher safe.
  • The product features an auto-off function that turns off the unit after a period of inactivity.
  • Its retro design makes it perfect for any kitchen countertop.

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5. Cafe du Chateau Cold Brew Coffee Maker

When it comes to brewing coffee, never settle for less. That's why this Cafe Du Chateau only ensures the best overall brews, guaranteeing a seamless coffee brewing experience, allowing you to bring the coffeehouse experience home. Although cold brew coffee can be complex to make, this brewer streamlines the process thanks to its straightforward design, making it easy to use and store. It allows your favorite beans' natural flavors to shine, offering a smooth and creamy blend like no other. Plus, all parts of this machine is 100% dishwasher safe, making it a win-win product for any home barista.


Streamlined Filtration System
Its filtration system gives your drinks the ideal brewing environment, alongside its stainless steel filter made from superfine lasers, creating 360 degrees of filtration.

Airtight Seals
The cold brew coffee maker comes with two silicone layers, conforming to the glass carafe, filter system, and lid, providing airtight seals keeping all contaminants out.

Quality Built
The product is a gorgeous and functional compilation of great design, style, and functionality. All parts used are made from BPA-free materials, from its rust-resistant housing to its sturdy borosilicate glass designed to handle high temperatures.


  • All parts are U.S. F.D.A., and the European Commission approved, ensuring it's 100% safe and reliable.
  • Every component is BPA-free and dishwasher safe.
  • This cold brew coffee maker comes with a free brewing manual filled with instructions and recipes.

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Using an Iced Coffee Brewer

An iced coffee brewer, works in different ways from other coffee brewers. However, to get a great tasting cold brew coffee, it's best to use a ratio of one part coarse coffee grounds to four to five parts of water. All you need to do is pour a bit of water over your preferred grounds, then gradually put the rest using a filter to separate the water from the ground coffee. Generally, the better the filter, the less sediment you get, freeing you from getting a gritty cup of joe. Some recipes require you to stay stir or shake the final product but remember to let each batch steep for eight hours at room temperature and 24 hours inside the refrigerator.

Although you can refrigerate the brew, many experts suggest brewing it at room temperature. Either way, when you finish brewing, you need to remove the grounds from the iced coffee machine and refrigerate the drink you've just made. Whatever cold brew system you're using, it typically takes around a whole day to complete the cycle and get the cold brew concentrate used to make your cold coffee drinks.

Cold-brew makers provide the extra benefit of producing less acidic coffees, making it the ideal brew for individuals with delicate stomachs and can't handle caffeine well. Plus, if you're interested to know about the brews' quality, most popular coffee shops use patented deluxe cold brew systems for cold coffees they make and sell. However, no matter the coffee machine you're using, you'll likely want to dilute the coffee concentrate with some milk or water before drinking.

How Does a Coffee Maker Iced Coffee Taste Like

Iced coffee is a classic and reliable drink that's been the go-to summertime brew for many people. Just like its name, it's pretty much your regular hot coffee — over ice. You typically brew it like a regular cup using the best-iced coffee maker, but you need to double its strength so that it won't taste 'watery' when it gets poured over ice. So, you may wonder, how does a coffee maker iced coffee taste like?

Coffees over ice are popular and are lighter, refreshing, and a bit more acidic than regular hot brews, depending on the beans you use and how well you brewed the drink. But that's how typical iced coffee tastes like, so how about cold brew coffee?

Although the concept behind it isn't new (with experts claiming it has been around since the 17th century), cold brew coffee has gotten a lot more popular over the past few years. While it wasn't even on most coffee shop menus a couple of years ago, it's become a staple household name, finding its way into supermarkets, restaurants, and any coffeehouse worth its beans. The 'cold' in cold brew doesn't pertain to the drink's temperature but rather the unique cold brew process. It involves steeping the grounds in cold water at room temp, slowly becoming the signature 'cold' version over 8 to 24 hours. After this, you need to strain it out with a glass decanter and use the remaining liquid chilled.

Whether you're using an OXO, Takeya patented deluxe cold, or a standard coffee brewer from Belgium, expect your cold brew to taste slightly sweeter, milder, and less acidic than your average brew over ice or hot coffee. Since heat pulls some of your preferred beans' most intense and aromatic components, translating into more acidic and slightly bitter brewed coffees. However, cold brew coffee's aroma tends to be less intense and doesn't dramatically change over time like hot brews. That means you can drink this cold coffee the next day and the days after that — and it will taste just as fresh from day one.

Iced Latte Maker for the Home

Although making cold brew coffee can be complicated, understanding its craft doesn't need to be too. Brewing coffee doesn't need to be tricky, even when dealing with specialty brews like lattes over ice. You can make this popular beverage using espresso, milk, and ice cubes. An iced latte maker uses a drip brewing process to make coffee while using espresso grounds, which typically has more refined grains and is more potent than regular hot brews. So, when choosing a brewer for lattes over ice, you can settle for a simple cold brew maker or espresso-only coffee machine. However, even if you aim to make this unique variation of lattes, it's best to get a brewer capable of making a broad spectrum of specialized coffee drinks, including macchiatos, mochas, and more.

However, no matter the system, whether it's an OXO good grips cold brew coffee maker or any of the models featured in the list earlier, when making iced lattes, you need to be able to make two espresso shots. After that, you need to place that brewed drink inside a tall glass with a couple of ice cubes, add cold milk and syrup or sugar for flavor, and you've created a decent serving of latte over ice. Brewers for this drink should be no-frills, straightforward, and capable.


The Ninja hot and cold-brewed system with auto-IQ brings ease of use and high quality into one product. Find out the perfect taste by yourself with buying this machine.

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Cold-brew iced coffee isn't just a delicious drink you can enjoy sipping in hot weather. You can indulge in an ice-cold cup in any season. A cold brew is a potent yet sweet beverage packed with caffeine. This brewing process can be very satisfying, satiating the cravings for good iced coffee of coffee enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike. Cafés and fancy coffee shops understand the drink's pull, resulting in many of them charging a lot for a cup of cold brew. In fact, according to consumers, even the regular hot coffees are pricey, so brewing your cup of coffee is probably in your wallet's and palate's best interest.

Fortunately, with fresh coffee beans and a little time, making 'cold brew' coffee can be as easy as pouring cold water to ground coffee while letting it steep. Moreover, thanks to the increase in demands for the gadget, you can begin brewing your favorite cold brews in style with a modern cold brew iced coffee maker instead of a traditional pot used for brewing.

To find the top iced coffee makers for home use, all the brewer reviews featured in this guide are the most popular and best options you have on the market with reasonable price tags, from brewers inspired by the classic French press design or modern electric brewers. We hope this article helped you find the best cold brew iced coffee maker to help you make the best drinks at home.

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