Buying a commercial espresso machine for a coffee shop, restaurant, or office often means taking on the daunting task of sifting through literally hundreds of machines from dozens of manufacturers and brands.

You’ll ideally be looking for a commercial espresso machine that can perform under pressure. It has to be fast, and fulfill your café’s capacity requirements. Cafes have a much higher capacity requirement than what can be fulfilled by household espresso machines by Gaggia or Breville for that matter.

Now because it is your business, it isn’t worth compromising on features, especially those which you know are essential.  The good news is that new commercial coffee machines are introduced almost every year. So, buying today is better than last year’s purchase.

We’ve put some of the leading commercial coffee machines of 2019 through rigorous testing to compile this guide. If anything, these are hands down the best commercial espresso machines out there, and here’s why? Read on…

The Best Commercial Espresso Machines for 2019

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Nuova Simonelli Musica Stainless Steel Pour Over

The Nuova Simonelli Musica is somewhat of a crossover machine if we dare use that word to describe where it fits best. A crossover between a commercial grade automatic espresso machine and a premium quality home espresso machine best sums up its capabilities.

Built entirely of NSF approved commercial grade parts it is ideally suited for an office or a small café. Compact and light it can easily be placed on any kitchen countertop. The automatic machine has a gorgeous exterior with the all copper water system.

Nuova Simonelli Musica Stainless Steel Pour Over
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If you’re an Art Deco fan, there is no surprise that the design will instantly draw you in with its straight lines across the housing coupled with alternating curves. That aesthetic is further highlighted by the LEDs lining the frame.  The side, back, and front panels are apparently covered with reflective stainless steel, which is both durable and easy to keep clean in a busy café.

The 3-liter water tank is top accessible from behind the built-in cup warmer. The front-mounted gauge makes it easy to keep an eye on the pressure. Plus, you can adjust the pressure stat from behind the drip tray.

The automatic machine uses volumetric brew buttons. The buttons can be easily programmed to brew exactly the way you like it, along with turning it on/off.

Further control is provided by making the hot water button programmable by choosing a volume for other drinks like tea and Americanos.

Temperature stabilization is ensured by the E61 fashioned group head which is kept hot by a thermosyphon system, in addition to the water lines and a copper boiler. Copper is essential as it helps to retain heat. The boiler can hold up to 2.5 liters of water and also has an onboard exchanger which allows for simultaneous steam and brew making it perfect for commercial environments.

The Nuova Simonelli Musica also makes drinks like lattes and cappuccinos thanks to its 4-hole ball mounted steam wand. The wand has a burn sleeve which makes adjustments safer. The steam valve is controlled using a knob which has two positions, which means it can be closed and opened right away.

Finally, the Nuova Simonelli Musica comes with a 58mm single and a double spout portafilter, a backflush disc, along with a double and single shot filter basket.


  • ​Once the machine has been tweaked with all the settings, it will make drinks automatically just the way you want them.
  • ​The all stainless steel design and the construction looks great and is easy to clean.
  • ​You get frothed milk in no time. We and many others love the knob on the steam wand.


  • ​Water reservoir not properly engineered. Some people may not like that the water spigot as it sprays water in all directions.
  • Large for most commercial establishments. Before buying measure the space your kitchen.

La Pavoni PUB 1V-B 1 Group Volumetric Espresso Machine

​La Pavoni is an Italian espresso machine brand which has been churning out innovation since 1905. The La Pavoni PUB 1V-B 1 Group Volumetric Espresso Machine is the latest addition to their lineup and like many of their other machines is NSF/CSA certified. Interestingly this is amongst the very few models by the company to carry both a Canadian and US certification.

The La Pavoni PUB espresso machines are commercial grade using the latest technology. The new technology ensures that this time around the machine is capable of the best temperature stability we’ve seen, which results in great shots of espresso multiple times a day. Yet it still retains that amazing, traditional style and signature taste which has assured its success for over a hundred years.

La Pavoni PUB 1V-B 1 Group Volumetric Espresso Machine
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Like you’d expect from any commercial espresso machine, the La Pavoni is an Italian espresso machine that’s easily programmable. Its continuous brewing feature means that it will continue to brew until you stop it. Plus with 4 programmable cup sizes, you can be assured of accurate measurements with the touch of a button. Users can also control the brew dose via the digital control pad that dials in the settings via its onboard microprocessor.

The onboard pre-infusion and group chambers are made from top quality chrome plated brass. The machine also uses a hydraulic radiator which circulates water through each group, ensuring stable thermal pressure. It is by even commercial standards the best feature of this machine.

The copper boiler is another excellent addition which improves thermal consistency across every transversal heat exchange and associated injectors. Plus monitoring boiler pressure is easy with the pressure gauge on the front.

Finally, the steam and hot water wands come with a well-built knob controller. The anti-vacuum valve prevents any contamination from reaching the boiler by stopping milk from being sucked up through the steam. It is a feature we’ve rarely seen in commercial espresso machines.


  • ​The La Pavoni is an Italian espresso machine that’s built to last. The premium look and feel are instantly associated with the La Pavoni brand.
  • ​The resulting espresso tastes excellent right off the bat, which should make any establishment a hit with espresso lovers.
  • ​The key to excellent tasting coffee is heat stability, and the machine gets it right, thanks to the generous use of copper.​​​​


  • ​Though it is to be expected from any commercial espresso machine yet, it is a dash bit heavier than competing machines.

La Pavoni PUB 1EM-R - 1 Group Commercial Espresso Cappuccino machine

The La Pavoni PUB 1EM-R – 1 Group, is a compact, commercial espresso machine that’s portable and requires zero direct plumbing in place. As a semi-automatic machine, it comes equipped with a handy 1.8-liter pour-in reservoir along with a 6.5L boiler, making it ideally suited for a café’s well-trained staff.

While small in size the PUB 1EM-R is capable of producing 150 shots of espresso or even cappuccinos every day. That’s more than enough for most small to medium sized cafes and offices.

La Pavoni PUB 1EM-R - 1 Group Commercial Espresso Cappuccino machine, pour-in
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Unlike other machines, the PUB 1EM-R has done away with the dated French Press in favor of the pour-in reservoir. Having a pour-in reservoir ensures fresh-tasting espresso that has more flavor. So, the end product is way better.

Plus being portable ensures that even a catering company can add it to its bag of tricks. Weighing just 80lbs means that it can be the star of weddings, Christmas parties, or just about any location that appreciates great tasting espresso.


  • ​Portable, compact and easy to use commercial espresso machine
  • ​Has a built-in holder for cups.
  • ​Entirely made of stainless steel.
  • ​A comparatively affordable machine.


  • ​You will need well-trained staff to mix the espresso.
  • It can only produce two different types of coffee based drinks.

​Expobar Lever Semi-Auto Espresso Machine

Expobar has stepped up their espresso machine game with the Lever Semi-Auto Espresso Machine. Built like a tank, quite literally out of solid stainless steel, this well-built machine is no slouch when it comes to spouting great tasting espresso.

Traditional styling, commercial strength, and its compact size are what makes this a worthy addition to our lineup of the best machines in 2019. The semi-automatic lever operation is ideally suited for everyday use in commercial establishments and offices alike.

Expobar Lever Semi-Auto Espresso Machine
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The commercially geared copper boiler incorporates all the features that are otherwise only to be found in larger, more expensive commercial machines. The ability to simultaneous steam and brew makes it invaluable when you need a large quantity of coffee in a hurry. Plus the well-designed steam wand and the excellent hot water dispensing wand can be adjusted so that they swing in any direction you want.

Since it belongs to the E61 brew group, it features a thermal siphon and pre-infusion, both of which ensure excellent aroma extraction with temperature stability. Buyers will be greeted with a single shot filter basket; chrome plated brass portafilter, double shot filter basket, a 7-gram coffee scoop and a backflush disc in the box. So, with accessories like these, what more could you ask for?


  • ​Consistent and great shots.
  • ​It is built to last thanks to exceptional workmanship and quality.
  • ​Lots of steaming power and is capable of maintaining a stable temperature for a long time.
  • ​The boiler will fill automatically when powered up.
  • ​Metal is used both inside and out without compromises.


  • The gauges aren’t very accurate.
  • ​The top lid may feel flimsy compared to the rest of the machine.

​La Pavoni BAR-STAR 2V-R - 2-Group Commercial Espresso & Cappuccino Machine

The La Pavoni BAR-STAR 2V-R 2-Group is a rather complex name for what is otherwise a pretty easy to use commercial espresso machine. At first glance, it isn’t hard to see that La Pavoni has married old world charm via their housing design with the latest technology evident from the digital control pad. The control pad makes the espresso machine a one-touch affair for most use cases.

The underbelly of this commercial espresso machine is a microprocessor which controls everything and is programmable right down to the dosing and energy efficiency. Built with commercial use in mind it is no surprise that the machine includes a 14-liter boiler almost entirely made of copper, a manually resettable thermostat which also has an automated shutoff system.

la Pavoni BAR-STAR 2V-R - 2-Group Commercial Espresso Cappuccino machine
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Commercial establishments will appreciate the nifty warming tray and the two steam wands. Plus there is a separate button for hot water and a water softener reservoir which stores up to 12-liters.

The unique dual position power switch means that the machine can operate in ¾ power mode, which is great for off hours or when there aren’t many people ordering coffee. Alternatively, it can be switched into high gear or full power mode when the café is full. If anything, the feature will help café owners save on energy, which is a feature many people will appreciate greatly.


  • ​Designed and built entirely of metal to ensure that it lasts a long time.
  • ​Power saving mode for off-peak hours.
  • ​Fully programmable thanks to the onboard microprocessor.
  • ​Copper boiler ensures stable temperatures for an extended period.
  • ​Onboard water softener with a 12-liter tank.


  • ​The commercial automatic espresso machine does not come with many accessories in the box.
  • ​It is amongst the most expensive commercial espresso machines around.

Nuova Simonelli Oscar II Espresso Machine

The futuristic-looking Nuova Simonelli Oscar II Espresso Machine is a lot like its predecessor but comes with a new chrome job, and now has simple two-button functionality. The interface is so simple that just about anyone can pull off a great tasting espresso shot.

Internally the Oscar II consists of high-performance components similar to the original Oscar, like the 58mm group head, volumetric programming to ensure excellent microfoam and a heat exchanger boiler. So, getting excellent, and consistent extracts each time is easier than ever before.

Nuova Simonelli Oscar II Espresso Machine
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Owners are also treated to that signature steam pressure when they use the manual lever. The lever helps to regulate how much steam you want flowing via its frothing arm.

The Oscar II is also designed to be self-sufficient and smart when it comes to things like preventing overheating. The machine will power off after 90 seconds of continuous brewing. It also alerts users if the water level in the tank is low or when the boiler is heating a brew. The steam wand has an anti-siphon valve which prevents milk from being sucked into the boiler.

To round off what we think is amongst the best commercial automatic espresso machines in this price range is the NSF certification. That means it is rated to perform commercially in cafes. However, higher volume cafes will want to step up to the Musica and Musica Lux with larger boilers and programmability. 


  • ​The machine has convenient single and double espresso buttons along with a manual lever for steam.
  • ​The heat exchange boiler ensures that piping hot heat goes directly into the espresso shots, along with what we think is the best wand in the business.
  • ​Ergonomically designed. Everything from the portafilter handle to the 360-degree ball joint on the extra long wand are welcome additions.


  • ​Even though the futuristic design is refreshing along with the metal build, but the finishing leaves a little to be desired. We often heard the drip tray rattle whenever the boiler refilled.
  • ​The flat gray steam switch, as well as the color of the portafilter handle, are odd additions because their colors don’t match the clean chrome finish.


Hopefully, our list of the best commercial espresso machines of 2019 has made choosing one for your coffee shop easier.

All you have to do now is to further shortlist an espresso machine that caters to your café the best in terms of design, ease of use, features, and most of all, price. 

Alternatively, you could skip all of that and pick up our no.1 choice the Nuova Simonelli Musica Stainless Steel Pour Over.

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