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French Press Vs Drip Coffee Maker - Which is the Best?

Dave Carter

Published: August 13, 2021

Last updated: November 3, 2022

The coffee drinkers in the world are always on the go. They want their cup of Joe to be fast, easy and delicious all at once. When it comes to coffee, there are so many options. You can choose between a French Press or DripCoffee methods, and both have their merits for different tastes. Drip is the simplest method of making a cup of Joe, but sometimes you want something more potent that will give you an extra boost during your morning commute - this may be where French Press would come in handy! 

Well, do you ever find yourself wondering what the difference is between French Press vs Drip coffee maker? If so, then this article will answer all of your questions. You will learn about the different features that each machine has to offer and how they are used. You will also get an overview of some of their pros and cons. So are you ready to finally know which one is best for your needs? Let's go!

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French Press vs. Drip Coffee Maker

Difference Between French Press vs. Drip Coffee

When it comes to coffee, it can't get better than French Press vs Drip. Many factors go into which one is the right option for your needs, from brewing time and flavour to ease of use or durability. What is better, a French Press or Drip Coffee Maker? It all depends on your taste preferences and what kind of time you have available in the morning! 

The French Press produces bolder flavours with less acidity because the grounds are steeped longer than with a drip coffee maker. If you like to wake up slowly and enjoy your coffee at a more leisurely pace, then go with the Drip. It will brew over minutes instead of seconds, making for great coffee that tastes just as good-pick the one that better suits your lifestyle! Below let us look at how French press V Drip works and their pros and cons.

How To Make Coffee With A French Press

Step 1: Boil the Water – First, fill up a kettle with fresh water and bring it to a boil. Once the water boils, you can remove it from the heat source.

Step 2: Grind your Coffee – If you are using pre-ground coffee, you don't need to bother grinding your beans first. Just skip this step! However, if you are using whole coffee beans, grind them to the consistency of kosher salt.

Step 3: Separate Filters - If you have fresh grounds and hot water, separate the metal French Press filter from the coffee spout area. The spout and the filter should attach by a twist-lock; twist the spout to detach it from the filter.

Step 4: Pour Water into French Press - Place your metal filter into the bottom of your French Press and pour in enough hot water ratio to fill up halfway between the top of the grounds and the spout. You will want to make sure the water is just off boiling so it won't cool down the coffee when you pour it in.

Step 5: Grind your Coffee - Grind more beans and add them into the press. Pour the hot water on top of the grounds until you reach a 4 cup fill line or desired amount of cups.

Step 6: Let Press Brew - After you add the grounds in, return the spout and press down with a spoon to ensure the beans soak up all the water. Secure it in place by twisting on top of the spout onto the base of your French Press. Put on the lid and walk away!

Step 7: Press and Pour - The clock starts now! Set a timer for 4 minutes. While the coffee is brewing down, you should preheat your cups, spoons and add cream or sugar as desired. Once the time is up, carefully press down the spout to pour out your freshly brewed coffee into your cup(s). Enjoy!

Pros of a French Press

  • French Press coffee is less acidic than drip coffee.
  • The flavor of the beans are more prevalent in a French Press.
  • A French Press yields more cups of coffee than a drip brew.
  • Coffee grounds can be reused for up to 2 cycles before they need to be replaced.
  • The process is much simpler - there's no filter or paper needed. Just pour boiling water over your ground coffee and let it sit for 3 minutes before pressing down on the plunger.
  • Cleaning out the carafe afterwards takes only seconds because you are not dealing with extra parts that have been soaked in hot water all day long.

Cons of a French Press

  • French Presses are more expensive than other coffee makers.
  • The flavor of the coffee is affected by how long it has been in contact with the metal of the French Press, which means that you have to stop brewing early if you want your drink hot or leave it brewing for longer if you want your drink cold
  • There is no way to control the temperature when using a French Press - all you can do is pour boiling water over the grounds and wait for them to steep before plunging them into your cup

How to Make Coffee with a Drip

Step 1: Fill Water Reservoir - The first thing you will need to do is fill up the reservoir on your drip coffee maker. This can be accomplished by either running water into it from a spout or filling up a measuring cup and pouring it in.

Step 2: Place Coffee Grounds in Filter - Take your ground coffee beans and place them into a paper or stainless steel filter, which is usually located inside the lid of your drip coffee pot. You can also purchase packs that have a built-in filter at the store, which is very convenient.

Step 3: Pour Water into Coffee Machine - Next up, you will need to fill up your coffee machine. First, rinse out the filter with water to ensure that all the grounds are soaked before brewing. Once this step is completed, pour enough hot water into the reservoir until it's about 1/3 full. The exact amount needed will vary depending on what kind of coffee maker or small coffee machine you have and if it has a display or spout for measuring!

Step 4: Turn Coffee Maker On - After you have prepared both your filter and coffee machine, turn your device on by pressing the power button or flipping an actual switch depending on its design. Now let it brew for 4-5 minutes. After this, you can start adding additional hot water from the spout.

Step 5: Add Additional Water and Enjoy Your Coffee! - If you have decided that your coffee is not strong enough, simply add more hot water until it is to your liking.

Step 6: Once the clock starts ticking on your drip coffee maker, it usually takes between 3 to 7 minutes before all of your delicious iced coffee has been brewed into a glass or travel mug. When you first see or smell that it is done brewing, go ahead and pour yourself a glass!

Pros of a Drip Machine

  • Drip machines are more efficient than traditional coffee makers.
  • Adding a filter to the drip machine will produce better-tasting coffee.
  • Using filtered water in your drip machine will help keep it clean and prevent buildup from occurring
  • The design of a drip machine is attractive and sleek, which can make it easier to match with other appliances in the kitchen
  • A timer on the unit allows you to set how long you want your coffee brewed for before it automatically shuts off
  • There are many different types of filters available that allow you to customize your brews; some even have tea or hot chocolate options!
  • You can also adjust how much ground coffee or water goes into making each pot - this means no more guessing about whether or not you used enough grounds when brewing a pot!

Cons of a Drip Machine

  • Drip machines can be messy.
  • They are not as efficient as a French Press.
  • The coffee is often too hot to drink right away.
  • You have to wait for the water to drip through before you can make another cup of coffee.
  • They take up more space than other types of coffee makers.

Final thoughts on which is better for you: The choice is up to you! Whether you choose a French Press or drip machine, the most important thing is that you enjoy it and drink your coffee regularly. Whichever coffee variables make your morning routine easier to handle is the best one for you!

French Press vs. Coffee Maker

French Press vs Coffee Maker Comparison

Choosing between a French Press vs Coffee maker is a common decision for many households and college dorms. Most people choose one type of maker over the other because they benefit from certain features that are only available on certain types of makers. Each type of coffee maker has its benefits, but some features may be better suited to your tastes than others. A coffee maker allows boiling water to pass through coarsely ground coffee beans with their oils mixing them to produce flavoured hot drinks. 

The flavour is influenced by the roasting and grilling processes used on the original bean and by the flavors or aromas of other ingredients used in preparing your drink. On the other hand, a French Press is a traditional type of coffee machine that has been around for about 130 years. It uses a pour-over method to extract ground coffee from its bean with hot water, creating thick, flavorful coffee. The quality of the taste depends on how long you allow the grounds to steep. A spout at the bottom of the carafe will enable you to pour out your brew into any mug. Therefore, depending on your needs, you should choose one that suits you!

Keurig vs. French Press

What is a Keurig Coffee Maker? Keurig Coffee Maker is a device used to heat and brew coffee. This italian product comes with an inbuilt K-cup containing coffee beans, tea leaves, or hot chocolate powder. The machine can heat and prepare the beverage of your choice within minutes by using pre-packaged k cups. 

You are not required to grind the coffee beans or press down the ground ones for brewing deliciously flavored beverages. This single-cup coffee maker provides you with fresh brewed flavor and aroma. It wraps out the goodness from caffeinated substances of each beverage pod before brewing them into rich and flavorful beverage pods. Let us look at how a Keurig works and determine which is better between a Keurig vs French Press.

How To Make Coffee With A Keurig Coffee Maker

Learn how to use a Keurig coffee maker to make your brewing experience pleasurable. Follow the following steps:

Step 1: Place the K-cup holder on the top spout or opening of your brewer, depending on its type.

Step 2: Insert the k cup into the holder and close it properly. If you have inserted the K cup properly, it will automatically lock into position when you have closed the lid completely.

Step 3: Now, place the desired amount of water (maximum 12oz.) into your brewer. You can fill up single-serving cups with water too while using this kind of machine. Because of its flexible steam and spout feature, you can place as many cups as possible before brewing.

Step 4: Place the serving carafe or mug on the spout and begin brewing.

Step 5: The machine will make several noises to indicate that it is heating the water before brewing it into your beverage of choice. Once this process is complete, fresh coffee with perfect consistency will be dispensed from your brewer's spout cup by cup until you have reached your desired quantity.

Step 6: You can use a single K-cup multiple times if you are a regular drinker of premium flavored coffees. This way, you do not need to buy new pods often if you choose to maintain an ongoing relationship with some premium brands.

The Best Features Of The Keurig Coffee Maker

If you have used this single-serve machine, then chances are, your only complaint would probably be its expensive K-cups. However, there is a way around it: using reusable Keurig cups, which are also known as My k-cup. This accessory allows users to use their favorite coffee blends in their brewer!

Below are some of its amazing features:-

  • One-touch start

Easy to operate, just select your desired brew size using the slide button located on the front side of the brewer and press "brew" to start the process.

  • Programmable clock

You can preset the same brewer to start brewing at a specific time if you are usually not home in the morning and need your cup of coffee before leaving for work or any other activity. With this machine, it is possible to have your favorite beverage ready just when you want to enjoy it.

  • Auto shutoff

This feature ensures that no spillage might be caused by excess water left inside the machine after use. It cuts off power automatically once you finish brewing one cup of coffee.

  • Removable drip tray

The drip tray provides ample space for spilled coffee if you decide to make more than one cup using this single-serve machine. It eases up the cleaning process because spilled coffee is collected in this tray, and you can quickly dispose of it after making your beverage.

  • Seven brew sizes

This machine provides you with seven different brew sizes to choose from before brewing your choice of beverage. This way, you do not need to buy new K-cups often if you want to enjoy premium flavored coffees regularly.

  • Dual water window

With its dual water windows located at the back of the machine, you can always see how much water there is inside it. You do not need to worry about running out of hot water or accidentally underfilling it because all this information is clearly shown on the dials.

  • Water filter

The Keurig uses a water filter to ensure that the fresh coffee you brew tastes excellent. Each time a cup of your beverage is ready, it will be dispensed from perforated holes located at the spout.

Which Is Better French Press Or A Keirug?

Which Is Better Between French Press Or A Keirug

The question of which is better, French press or a Keurig machine, has been debated by coffee drinkers for years. Some say that the water quality with these machines isn't as good, and they are more challenging to clean than a French Press. Others argue that one can get higher levels of sediment in their cup when using a french press, and it is not practical if you want multiple cups at once because there are limits on how much time the brew will steep before pouring out while Keurig does this automatically without sacrificing taste or flavor either way. 

Also, the spout of a Keurig machine is designed to handle only certain types of ground coffee and filter paper design. Thus, trying to force something else, isn't going to work without considerable effort on your part. You could try making sure that all parts of your French Press are super clean and when using it to brew coffee, but the spout will get clogged up with grounds faster than normal.

Even if you manage to pull this off without significant issues, your Keurig isn't going to like all that sediment floating in its spout, and you are not likely to end up with a good cup of coffee. With some things, it is just better for everyone involved to stick to what each side is designed for!

No matter what your preference may be, both have some advantages over each other which are not the same so choose one that suits your personal preferences.

10 Best Coffee Machines

The Best Coffee Machines that You Can Buy Online.
Extensively Reviewed by a Coffee-Enthusiastic.

The Best Coffee Machine Reviews


We can conclude that between French Press vs Drip, the French press is an excellent choice if you are looking for a coffee maker that brews quickly and easily. It is also perfect if you want to control the strength of your drink, as it lets more oils through than a drip machine does. A drip machine is best for those pressed for time or who need their coffee quickly but may not get the flavor they desire with this type of brewing method. If you know which one suits your needs better, then we hope our guide has helped!

Dave Carter

As a coffee enthusiastic Dave share with you his latest and greatest coffee news and insights. He es always interested in trying out new things about the best bean of the world!

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