Manual Coffee Grinder and Why You Should Rather Use an Automatic Grinder

Being picky with your grinds is very common if you are a lover of great-tasting coffee. Sometimes, you would wish to grind your coffee, and an on-the-go best manual coffee grinder is an excellent choice for you. But, aside from a manual unit, you may be more interested in the automatic coffee grinder. At any time of the day, you have the convenience needed to make your coffee cup at home. With an automatic unit, you have a grinder that is easy to use, easy to clean, and will give you a precise and firm grind. More reasons will tell you why you should rather use an automatic grinder instead of a manual coffee mill.

The road to the best grinder coffee for your personal use is not a rough one, whether you are looking for a manual grinder or an automatic grinder. But you need to be careful with choosing the finest product because there are many options available in the market. Grinders were not created equal because most of them differ with the size, material, function, and warranty. You need to know what you are looking for in a mill so you won’t waste your money with a product that cannot meet your needs.

Automatic Coffee Grinder Products

Here are some of the finest products that you can include on your list of the finest automatic grinder 2020.





Best Choice







Rocket Espresso Faustino is one of the automatic grinders that tell you that you don’t have to be big enough to do more. This grinder may be small in size, but it is filled with useful features that will guarantee the finest grinding experience. The size of Rocket Espresso Faustino is perfect for your countertop, the same way that some best manual coffee grinders are. The product’s compact form factor and short under-cabinet height make it an excellent pair with Rocket Espresso’s home machines. Worry about the grinding quality of this automatic grinder? You should not because this grinder can deliver your preferred size of coffee ground perfectly – a performance that you may find in some high-end manual coffee mill. Every Rocket Espresso Faustino Espresso Grinder comes with a compact design.

Some features that make it one of the best include the thick portafilter rest, a large textured grind adjust dial, and capacious bean hopper designed to provide excellent ergonomics. For the grinder’s internal side, you will find a sound-insulated case, anti-static grounds chute, stepless 50mm flat ceramic burr set, and shaped dosing cone that can guarantee clean, consistent portafilter fills. Rocket Espresso Faustino Espresso Grinder can be purchased in contrast black, matching chrome, or special edition Appartamento finishes.

This automatic grinder is a fashionably small grinder with simple functionality that will never get in the way of grinding your espresso. If you are looking for the smallest grinder that can keep its performance at its finest, we recommend Rocket Espresso Faustino Espresso Grinder. It can work in the way you want it to offer the good espresso that you deserve – a similar feeling with those coffee lovers who are using a manual coffee mill. For the grinder’s top feature, we can say that Faustino’s stepless micrometric adjustments lead the game, giving the product unlimited grind settings that you can use every grind.

For its 50 mm steel burrs, you can easily adjust it by using the micrometric adjustment knob that can be found near the hopper, which only moves when you are adjusting the grind setting. You don’t have to readjust the grind setting once you are done cleaning the burrs as well as the grinding chamber. Another great thing that you will like about this Rocker Faustino is it features an anti-vibration technology that makes it grind your beans in a very quiet way. Though this grinder is smaller than the other Rocker models, it still comes with a bigger hopper that can accommodate up to 1.5 pounds of coffee beans.

The grinder’s small touchscreen display is keeping everything neat and simple while allowing you to pick a single dose, double dose, or manual dosing. You will be impressed with its display since you cannot usually see it with other models, even with a high-end manual coffee mill.

The machine’s display comes with clean design, and every UI element is arranged for very easy reading. Since Rocket Espresso Faustino has a pause feature, you can easily pause your grinding process or cancel it simply by pushing a single button. Grinding your coffee beans with this machine is very easy, that you would love to have it instead of a manual coffee mill. All you have to do is leave the portafilter in the holder, choose your preferred amount, and how Rocket Espresso Faustino perfectly delivers the fluffy grounds from the chute.

  • Features & Functionality

Stepless Grind Adjust – you will always be surprised by how you can easily adjust the grind of your beans while using this grinder. You only need to use a large knurled knob as well as an outsized indicator, and you can find your preferred grind setting in a snap.

Touchscreen Programming – this is one of the features that you will never find in any models of manual coffee grinder. Faustino features a top-mounted touchscreen, offering a single, double, as well as continuous grinding. 

50 mm Flat Burrs – because of the dedicated cut for espresso, you can guarantee that you will have a short time working for your espresso shots.

Large hopper – The automatic grinder has one of the finest due to its capability to grind a large number of beans. Faustino’s large hopper can hold up to 1.5 pounds or 680 grams of coffee beans. 

Compact Case – the machine comes with 5″ x9″ case, matching home-sized espresso machines while ensuring that grind quality is a top priority.

Baratza Vario is a commercial-grade unit with a metal potholder and an LED display featuring a panel with an advanced display, a throughput of 1.6 to 2.2 g every second, and 54 mm ceramic burrs, as well as an innovative macro/micro grind adjustment including 230 settings. 

If you ever wondered if you can brew café-quality coffee at home while using the same equipment as your favorite local coffee, the obvious answer is yes. You can achieve the ‘home barista nerd’ status if you choose to have Baratza Vario instead of other automatic and manual coffee–grinder.

This grinder is a great investment if you are looking to buy your first professional-grade equipment at home. Since it can offer features that can help you achieve the perfect grind for your espresso, you will never have trouble making a café-quality drink every day. For the record, Baratza is one of the well-known names in the coffee industry, and they have been offering some of the finest coffee products for years. Before the company introduced Vario, it has spent almost ten years, making it the perfect grinder among its models. The company’s expertise is shining through the Baratza Vario.

  • Features & Functionality

Design – one of the finest features of this grinder is its design. With a single look, you can easily tell that it means business. Baratza Vario’s design language shows function-over-form – a philosophy that has been built right into the grinder’s heart. This machine gains 4/5 ratings from its users.

Burr and Motor Design – the 54 mm flat ceramic burrs of Vario are one of the finest when it comes to an automatic grinder. While most automatic machines use stainless steel burrs, this model will deliver you multiple benefits that you can gain from a ceramic coffee mill. 

Grind on Demand Using the Electronic Dosing – if you are using this grinder, you can grind the needed amount of coffee ground for every espresso shot. This feature is eliminating the uncertainty of stale ground coffee that usually happens for those users who are using grinders with mechanical dosing or manual coffee grinder. 

Dual Cam Grind Adjustment – the grinder’s right-hand level will allow you to choose the type of grind that you want while the lever found on the left will allow you to fine-tune the grind within your chosen range. Vario also boasts its higher than 230 grind settings that you can for your favorite drinks.

Programming – take advantage of the machine’s features as it comes with three grind weight buttons that can be easily programmed by the user. 

Extremely Quiet – be amazed at how quiet this machine is as it grinds your coffee beans according to your preferred setting. Silent operation is one of the qualities you should have in a grinder. Its powerful motor turns slowly, which leads to quiet operation and permitting prolonged grinding coffee time while the unit’s circuitry comes with an automatic reset thermal switch. 

Metal Portaholder – the universally adjustable brackets can be used with any portafilter, allowing a hands-free operation that you will never have with manual grinders.

Rancilio Rocky Espresso Grinder will go with any French Press and espresso machine, but it is a perfect combination for units that are manufactured by Rancilio as well. This doser burr grinder comes with 55 mm plate grinding burrs that are commonly found in entry-level units. Since it can ground up to 7.7 pounds every hour, you can be confident that you will never run out of the coffee ground whenever you need to brew a large espresso.

The unit also comes with a dosing chamber that will be holding freshly ground coffee. Be amazed at how you can get 7 grams coffee in a pull of a handle. Also, it comes with a plastic fork responsible for holding your portafilter in the right place. When it comes to the motor of Rancilio Rocky SS, it has a 166-watt direct-drive motor that is proven to be very powerful.

If you are worried about the noise of a grinder, which is very common in many manual grinders, that will never be your concern with this one because it can operate in a very quiet way. Rancilio Rocky SS is very easy to use and easy to clean. If you want to change your grind settings, you only need a simple unlock of the lever, including a quick spin of the bean hopper. This unit can grind your beans to fine powder or coarse grind in a few seconds, making it quickly available for your espresso shots.

  • Features & Functionality

500 mm Commercial Grade Grinding Burrs – this feature will ensure that your beans are being ground in the best way possible, leaving you with no worries if you need to make a coffee in a complicated situation. 

Doser Chamber – it delivers a professional style of dosing your espresso into the portafilter.

166-Watt Direct Drive Motor – comes with an extremely powerful motor, but can operate in a very quiet way at the same time. You don’t have to worry about noisy grinder that is very common with manual grinders. 

Tinted Hopper – the hopper that is included in this grinding coffee machine has a 0.65-pound capacity.

Simple Grinder Adjustment Control – every unit of Rancilio Rocky SS has been carefully tested before packaging, leaving a little chance of coffee residue.

You might be surprised when you see the hefty price of this Technivorm Moccamaster Drip Coffee Grinder. Maybe, the first thing that will come in your mind is, why do you need to invest with this product, which is only a mere blade grinder? Additionally, you might just go with some manual grinders since they have the same purpose and function anyway. But if you get the chance to check out this automatic grinder, you will reconsider your thoughts.

Moccamaster is one of the grinders that will prove to you why you should go with an automatic unit instead of a manual coffee grinder. With the different features and benefits that it can offer to you, grinding your coffee beans will never have any trouble. All you have to do is prepare your beans, put it inside the machine’s hopper, and leave everything to it.

  • Features & Functionality

Strong Turbo Motor – with this motor, you can guarantee that the grinder can offer the finest coffee ground for your espresso. The motor also comes with a fan-cooled grinding chamber that can effectively prevent overheating with your beans. 

Easy to Use – one of the tops things that you would want for grinders is their ease of use. Operating your Technivorm Moccamaster is very simple, requiring some push-button operation.

Large hopper – with the grinder’s large hopper can hold up to 14 ounces of whole coffee beans.

Other Features – some features that you would like to have for this grinder are stainless steel blade, BPA/BPS/ BPF and phthalate-free plastics, and aluminum housing.

Though Baratza Encore belongs to the group of entry-level grinders, no one can ever say that it lacks some useful features that can deliver strong performance and durability. You will still go with this one if you choose between a Baratza Encore and a manual coffee grinder. 

The grind’s quality that can be delivered by Baratza Encore is way better than the other grinders. With the ease of use and consistent grind that it can offer, you will never go wrong in choosing Encore as your bean-grinder. The conical steel burrs that you will find in Encore is way better than the blade-grinder or disk-burr-grinder that you will find in the market. 

Choosing Baratza Encore means you are choosing a product that can offer flavor clarity with consistency every time you brew your mug of coffee.

  • Features & Functionality

Award-Winning Grinders – if you purchase Baratza Encore, you have a unit that has been manufactured by an award-winning company in making the best coffee grinders. Baratza grinders are popular in the industry, and they are considered as the favorite coffee professionals. You will also gain world-class support by choosing the Baratza coffee-grinder.

Go-to Entry Level Mill – you will never go wrong with this entry-level product because it is equipped with the features that will deliver the best coffee ground for your espresso. Encore is Baratza’s best-selling mill, and it comes with a small footprint, making it the best choice for those coffee lovers who want to brew at home. This model is available in White and Black.

User-Friendly – a user-friendly model that will make grinding and brewing easy for anyone, even those users who don’t have any experience with the automatic mill and used with manual grinders. This espresso grinder is very convenient, comes with a front-mounted pulse button, and a simple on/off switch, which makes it very easy to grind fresh coffee.

40 Grind Settings – grind settings are things that you will never find in manual coffee grinders. With Baratza Encore, you get a machine that features 40 mm commercial-grade conical burrs that are helping every user explore the extensive range of brew methods such as espresso, French Press, Aeropress, and automatic brewers. 

Warranty and Quality Parts – the warranty is very important, whether you have an automatic coffee grinder or a manual coffee grinder. You need a product supported by its manufacturer through warranty, and that’s what you get with Baratza Encore. Every unit is made of quality parts, making it one of the most durable coffee grinders in the market.

How to use a coffee grinder?

How to use a coffee grinder is one of the most common questions of those coffee lovers who want to do their favorite mug of coffee at home. You need to know that the biggest secret when it comes to making the most amazing taste of your coffee is to correctly grind your beans before starting with the brewing process of your blend.

Before brewing, grinding the beans is the same step used in different coffee shops and cafes around the world, and you can do it at home with the help of a mill designed to provide residential purposes. Your cup of flavor will largely depend because you made it. Achieving a constant grind will also guarantee that you can get a great flavor as you brew. 

Your most affordable option with coffee grinders is manual coffee grinders or hand grinders. However, some aspirant baristas prefer to have an automatic coffee-grinder because it is easy to use and easy to clean. Also, with an automatic mill, you will get more features that will turn your grinding experience better.

If you are not concerned with the cost, you would be interested in going with an automatic unit. These two options for grinders have their share of advantages and disadvantages, which you need to consider when choosing which type of grinder to go.

As soon as you have picked which product you wish to bring home, your next step is to set up the first grind. Here are the steps that you need to follow as you use your product for the first time. 

First, you need to determine the grind size that will work best for your desired brewing method. As soon as you got a perfect size and you know what it will look like, this is the right time to set your mill to its appropriate setting so you can get the desired grounds for brewing. 

Take note that the steps included in setting up your mill may vary because of the mill type as well as the product’s manufacturer. To make sure that you are setting up the mill correctly, follow instructions attached to the product. If you want to make a finer grind for your brewing, you need to place the steel or ceramic burrs closer. 

Now that you are done with the setup of the mill, it’s time to test it. Start the test with a couple of beans to make sure that your new mill is working well. When you get your first grounds, check them and make some needed adjustments so you can get the perfect grounds for your needs.

As soon as you have achieved the perfect grounds, you can leave it for a while without making any changes and continue using the mill. You will only be required to make another adjustment if you are planning to use another brewing method that will require a different ground size.

Is the best hand crank coffee grinder better than an automatic grinder?

No. On the contrary, automatic coffee grinders are better than the best hand crank coffee grinders because of many reasons. Though hand crank coffee grinders can be operated without a power source, the idea of manually grinding beans can be tiring, especially if you need to grind a large number of coffee beans. If you only need a small amount, the work can be easy.

But if you need to do it longer and you have to prepare the coffee ground every day, the manual way can be tiring. What makes the automatic mill better is because it can do the work easier for you. There is nothing to worry about if you need to grind a specific amount of beans since the mill will do the work without requiring any effort. All you need is to prepare the coffee beans, place it inside the hopper, and leave everything to your mill.

Why is an automatic grinder better than a manual coffee grinder better?

Automatic grinders can offer a lot of advantages when compared to the best manual coffee grinders. One of the main benefits that an automatic unit can offer is convenience. If you go with an automatic, you will have a mill that is very simple and fast to use. Grinding your beans will only take a few steps. Simply place your beans inside the hopper, choose your preferred grind size, and press the switch. After a few seconds, your freshly ground coffee is ready for brewing your espresso or another cup of drinks. 

Another advantage that you will like about automatic coffee grinders are they are working quietly. Though they are using a motor, you will never have to deal with the noise that can be caused by cracking beans – the kind of noise that you will always hear when you are using one of the manual coffee grinders.

Best Hand Coffee Grinder

Searching for the best hand grinders can be an overwhelming process. Most of us know that hand grinders are working similarly, and they don’t have fancy features that you often find in automatic grinders. However, there are some factors that you need to consider if you want to end with the best hand coffee grinder that can be operated using your hands. The number one factor for your hand coffee grinder is your budget. While hand grinders can be operated in the same way, they still come at different costs because of their designs, materials, and other accessories that are included with the product. Before you start shopping for a hand coffee grinder, you need to set your budget. How much are you willing to spend on your hand mill? If you can determine this one, it will be easier to find the best hand coffee grinders for you.

Also, you need to consider the size of the hand grinders. Some models of hand grinders are very handy that you can even put them inside your bag as you travel while other models come with glass containers that are very fragile to carry anywhere. Your needs or purpose of the mill must also be considered. Do you plan to use your mill at home, or you want to take it during your outdoor activities such as camping or hiking? Getting a clear picture of these factors will be a huge help in looking for the right manual mill.

What to look for in a hand coffee grinder?

Every coffee lover dreams of brewing café-quality coffee inside the comfort of their home. While some people let it stay as a dream because they don’t want to drop money or don’t have available space for a nice coffee grinder, others prefer to bring this dream into a reality by getting a hand grinder. 

However, a lot of people get stuck in the process of looking for a hand grinder. They don’t know where to start with their search. We have compiled some of the ideas that will help you like your look for the best hand grinder for you. Make sure that the product that you get meets these requirements.

  • Your hand grinder must allow you to grind coffee beans right before you brew your cup of coffee. If you use freshly ground coffee for your espresso, you are preserving the flavor and freshness of your beans, leading to a cup of coffee that is incredibly delicious compared to a cup made from pre-ground coffee.
  • Your hand grinder must allow you to utilize any brewer. Whether you wanted to use an Espresso, French Press, or Siphon brewer, this will never be a problem if you have the best hand grinder. If you are using a manual unit, you can easily change your grind setting depending on the needed size of the coffee ground for a specific brewer. 
  • Your hand grinder must be as powerful for 20% of the cost. Manual coffee grinders don’t come with electronics or wires, and they are more affordable than electric grinders. Another bonus is that they can perform better than electric grinders, which cost more than $120.

What is a burr coffee grinder?

For professional baristas and enthusiasts, a coffee grinder burr is a tool that can be used to achieve a freshly ground and brewed coffee cup for a great experience. The tool is perfect in achieving consistent grind, and it can give the best taste with the perfect amount of flavor extraction for your espresso, French press, and more.

What is the best coffee grinder to buy?

Since there are many grinders in the market, it may be hard to find the best coffee mill to buy. Will you have a ceramic coffee mill, an automatic mill, or will you choose a model that is using conical burrs.

There are many questions that you need to consider. But if you look for the finest mill for your home use, you need to determine your preferred type of mill. Also, your budget and needs will play some huge roles in determining the best product for you.

Manual Coffee Grinder for Espresso

We all know that espresso needs a very fine coffee ground to ensure that you get the best aroma and flavor for every shot. If you are a lover of espresso and want to brew it in the comfort of your home, you need to choose your mill carefully. The quality of your espresso will solely depend on your ground’s fineness, so the role of your mill is essential. 

If you are planning to buy a manual coffee grinder to make espresso’s daily dose, you have to look for a high-end manual mill that can deliver the finest coffee ground. Some entry-level models may not be able to provide the quality that you need for your espresso. So, you need to think well in choosing a manual coffee grinder for your espresso.


Grind your great coffee beans with lightning speed to get perfect consistency for brewing your fresh coffee. Perfect match for your coffee machine!



No one can argue that coffee is one of the most loved drinks in the world. You will always have a friend who will never have a productive day without a cup of coffee. The taste and smell give them the energy to do every responsibility that they have, and it offers an atmosphere that pushes them to become more productive. While a shot of espresso from your favorite coffee house is a convenient option, having the freedom to brew your coffee at home is also a luxury that you should try.

With the help of the best manual coffee grinder as well as the best automatic coffee-grinder, you can get the perfect grounds of beans that you can use for brewing. With one of these products, you don’t have to pay for the expensive cups of coffee from your local cafe shop, and you don’t have to head out of the comfort of your home just to get a taste of caffeine for the day.

If you are a coffee lover who cannot live without a cup of coffee in a day, a mill is a great investment that will allow you to enjoy your favorite blend wherever you are and any time of the day. Though the idea of making your coffee might mean you need to spend some minutes of your day, it is still worth it because it can give you the chance to experiment with your coffee and achieve the perfect taste that will meet the mood of your day.

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