We initially decided to oak our coffee is because of our ethos: Confluence. We love coffee, wine, and beer. We thought "they put wine and beer in oak barrels add a distinct flavor, why not do that with coffee?" We meshed the concept of wine production and coffee production.  Turns out, it was a good decision. 

Before we go into the additional benefits of oaked cold brew coffee, we need to say that we're not trying to make any health claims. We just want to show you the preliminary results of some studies that we found after we did some digging into the research and were already oaking coffee.  


We've found that oaking our coffee adds a nice smoky character to our coffees. It also adds a nice natural sweetness that helps the coffee's delicious flavors to burst forward.


There's some preliminary research that suggests that oak may actually add some antioxidant power to our coffee. Coffee is already packed with antioxidants which might have some big health benefits so adding more means even better coffee.


One of the problems with many available ready-to-drink cold brew coffees is there’s not a whole lot of consistency. You might have one that’s amazing and then go back a few weeks later and be disappointed. Coffee is a sensitive crop and so there’s naturally a good deal of variability between batches of the same bean, and a brew method that highlights the bean’s characteristic like cold brewing can really amplify these natural differences for better or worse. By infusing our coffees with a proprietary amount of oak, we found that adding a supporting flavor to our coffees helped reduce the natural variability in the coffee. The oak helps the coffee to shine the best it has to offer, so you get a consistently delicious coffee every time.