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Everyone is Asking What is Blonde Espresso? What does it Bring to the Table?

Dave Carter

June 2, 2021

Among the many coffee trends that came out, a few distinct products have caused quite a stir, one of which is the blonde roast. You might wonder what is blonde espresso or a blonde roast and why it is called so. Though most coffee drinker is used to drinking dark and strong coffee roast, this fashionable trend has perked up a lot of interest. It also ensued some confusion among drinkers when it was highlighted as a “lighter than light” roast level. There were also some concerns about its high acidity levels often seen in most extra-light roasts. Likewise, some people are asking, are these extra light roast even healthy at this rate?

This “lighter than light” level of bean roast was once called the Cinnamon Roast, but this term is no longer used because a lot of coffee drinkers confuse it with the flavoring instead of the color. When Starbucks released its blonde espresso roast, even dark-coffee-obsessed individuals became piqued. It has become a signature espresso drink for Starbucks. What is this trend about blonde espresso anyway? Many customers seem to love this drink, but is it better than the other coffee flavor? Let’s find out more about it in this article.

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What is Blonde Espresso? The Answers to the Question

So what is a blonde espresso and what does it taste like? Why is it called that way? According to the coffee chain Starbucks, this first new espresso roast is less intense than their regular coffee bean roasts. Coffees made with blonde espresso are smoother and subtly sweeter than the usual espresso. Thus, it sits well with various beverages from lattes, to cappuccinos, vanilla latte, flat whites, and Americanos. It even compares favorably with iced drinks like iced coffee and iced Americano and other variants like the cascara latte.

When you buy traditional blonde roast coffee at Starbucks, you can expect to pull a blonde espresso which is much lighter than other espresso beans. For instance, if you buy the Starbucks Blonde Espresso Roast, your brew will have light hints of orange and lemon, giving you a truly unique coffee experience. In any case, coffee roasts in coffee shops are a bit on the stronger side, thus a blonde espresso is a perfect alternative for those who are looking for a cup of something more mellowed out. It fits a niche for Starbucks espresso roast.

What is Blonde Espresso and What Does It Taste Like?

The great thing about having a portable espresso maker is that you can control the ratios of your coffee as you brew. But does this ratio still apply when you use blonde new espresso? And what does it taste like?

Blonde Espresso is roasted at a very low temperature. Compared with a medium and dark roast that uses high temperatures. Blonde roasts are much brighter in color and it does not come with the usual robust and bold taste. When brewed, blonde espresso tastes acidic with a dash of citrus and floral notes. It is not overly sweet, but you can feel a hint of sweetness on the palate. And compared with buttery and caramelized dark roasts, blonde coffee often tastes bland.

Blonde roast beans will not have the same level of sweetness but there may be some burnt undertones to it as well. Thus, blonde espresso drinks are ideal for creating milk-based coffee beverages. If you like something mellow and smooth for your coffee, blonde espresso can give you this kind of experience to you without coming short on the caffeine. You can also substitute coconut milk for a fat-heavy drink.

Is Blonde Espresso Stronger?

When people say “lighter than light” roast, blonde coffee is expected to be something unique. You will know this once you pull your brew out of the best automatic espresso machine you have at home. The Nespresso Dolce Gusto line is a prime example. They are quite similar with lighter roast beans, but they are not exactly the same. And depending on the brand of beans you bought, the lightness of your blonde espresso roast can be slightly lighter than the usual lighter roast. If you plan on trying the Starbucks blonde roast, you’ll have a medium-blonde type, but it is still lighter than usual light roast you can buy from anywhere else.

Additionally, it is also important to consider that the color of roast has some effect on the taste of the coffee. Original blonde roasts have a brighter color and it comes with a higher level of acidity.

Is Blonde Espresso Stronger Than Regular Espresso?

You may notice various types of light roasts from your favorite coffee shop. You can see them as cinnamon, light city, or half city roast. These variations are roasted between 356 to 410 degrees F and have a high level of acidity, but the espresso caffeine content is no different than the rest. The whole bean is often dry and very thin because they are removed from the roaster just before or at the first crack. Some people think that Starbucks coffee beans Blonde roast has a strength that is closer to half city or cinnamon roast, while others consider it to be closer to a medium roast.

Does Blonde Espresso Have More Caffeine?

No matter what type of roast you choose, coffee beans have the same amounts of caffeine. Thus, even if you choose a blonde espresso roast, the caffeine level of your brew is the same as with the dark roast espresso. What affects the level of caffeine in your drink is how you prepare it. If you want something to perk you up in the morning, go for brewed coffee instead of an espresso.

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What Is Blonde Coffee?

You might have heard someone ordering blonde coffee at your favorite cafe, so you might ask, what is blonde coffee anyway? When you ask for a blonde coffee, you will be served with a brew that uses coffee beans which are roasted even lighter than light roast beans. The coffee beans emit a mellow, more natural flavors, giving you the impression that the beans are freshly picked.

What Is A Blonde Espresso Shot?

A blonde espresso shot is a popular Starbucks coffee chain authentic product that offers you a sweeter, less intense and smoother shot than the regular espresso. Ordering this beverage straight from the cafe’s espresso machine commercial, you can easily distinguish hints of orange and lemon. This flavor profile is not common and it is not present in any other types of light roasts. If you find other roasts too strong for your taste, get a blonde espresso shot instead.

What Does Blonde Coffee Mean?

Blonde coffee works really well with various milk-based beverages in cafes. But what does blonde coffee mean in these drinks? If you order blonde cappuccino, blonde flat white and other types of drinks made with the current espresso accessories, it means that the coffee used is pulled or brewed from a blonde roast.

Blond Roast Coffee

Blond roast coffee can be traced back in South American and East African regions. The blends that come from this region are a mix of light Arabica coffee beans. When Latin American and East African roasters were trying to come up with a new roasting process, they tried to remove the beans just before or right after the first crack. The result were beans which have no signs of roasting. Coffee brewed from these beans are ideal for espresso drink recipes with added milk froth and flavorings.

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Blonde espresso roasts have triggered the coffee drinking community and many coffee fan for its unique taste and roasting methods used. Whether you enjoy the taste of this coffee variety, you should be aware that it has a higher level of acidity than the others, thus you should also adjust your consumption. The sour notes in this blend is often perceived to be a negative factor, but many also say that it is an acquired taste to enjoy a blonde espresso coffee drink.


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