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What is a Macchiato: Served Hot or Cold

Dave Carter

January 11, 2021

Are you still asking what is a macchiato, even if you've seen and tasted it before? Here's to address the question, especially to people who wanted to know more about it.

The right pronunciation is 'mah-key-AH-toe.' It is found in the Italian coffee together with espresso drinks, cappuccino, latte, flat white, and other classic coffee beverages with milk and foam.

Basically, in creating this beverage, you need to drizzle an espresso and put a less foamed milk on top of it. It must be served in a demitasse cup. Macchiatos mean 'marked.' If you will notice, the coffee beverage is a take between espresso drinks and cappuccino. It is an ideal choice for individuals who find a cappuccino with too much milk and espresso too strong and heavy.

If you heard about latte macchiato, it is another variant. It's a coffee beverage made of a cup of hot milk and one shot of espresso. But the caramel-flavored syrup that is mostly found in a coffee shop is not present.

What is a Macchiato? The Mystery Solved.​

What is a Macchiato

A lot of people prefer to drink their coffee every morning. Almost the majority of the population loves to start their morning routine with a coffee. They also love the fact that they can combine it with milk and other ingredients they like. Still, it creates a wonderful flavor. It is a well-loved drink no matter where in the society you belong. Some can't even think about life without it. That being said, a lot of coffee shops have opened due to the coffee demand from all ages of people.

These coffee shops created their twist to these Italian drinks, even their names. Frappuccino, for example, is the combination of frappe and cappuccino. Flat white is another variety with twisted flavors and names. There is nothing wrong with that, but this created confusion for the original coffee terms. People mostly identify espresso or cappuccino, even if it's their first time to see one. But with macchiatos, they have a hard time. The reason is that cappuccino and espresso are not that complicated to make. Cappuccino specifically has few ingredients to note, and with the right machine, you can make it yourself too.

There are three important ingredients to remember when creating different types of coffee beverages, and they are most recognizable by coffee lovers. Cappuccino, espresso, and macchiato have all these components. This includes espresso, milk, and foam. These ingredients are plain and simple, but they help transform your coffee into a flavorful one, especially the milk.

If you are not an experienced barista or a professional one, you might be intimidated by French and Italian coffee drinks, especially with cappuccino and macchiato. There are times that professionals still struggle in identifying the kind of drinks that originated from espresso. The reason is that the coffee culture is huge, and there's a lot of rooms for endless opportunities.

You can enjoy a macchiato or any espresso based drink in the comfort of your own home. It might be necessary to learn how to make espresso at home without a machine. There are other skills you may want to learn including the best way to make french press coffee.

The simple way to make macchiato is to create an espresso first. Then, it is added with enough steamed milk, and lastly, you can add the foam. This is the simplest method and uses the traditional technique.

Like espresso and cappuccino, the word macchiato is also an Italian term which means spotted or marked. It's an ideal way to recognize coffee drinks. The marking will indicate the type of liquid being poured to the coffee if it's a milk or an espresso. If you poured milk on the drink, then it's a latte macchiato. If you poured espresso first, it's an espresso macchiato. These markings put on the top of your beverage is an essential trademark to help the coffee drinker identify the type of macchiato being served.

In Italy, this coffee beverage is more than just a flavorful brew. It's part of their culture, history, and innovation. It emblems the standard living of people in Italy and even most countries that try to reach it.

It is safe to say that macchiato is a good alternative for coffee enthusiasts who liked to tone down the level of strength of espresso while getting the balanced flavor of milk from a cappuccino drink. It is the right beverage if you want a drink with a balanced taste.

Whatever method you use to create your espresso based drink, there is still the little matter of cleaning up. Some coffee making appliances are easy to clean, while others not so much because of their size or complexity. You should brush up on keeping your equipment clean, like learning how to clean cuisinart coffee pot.

Is a macchiato stronger than coffee?​

Before you even begin, you have to make sure that your espresso maker has been preheated, and this takes about 25 minutes, depending on the machine that you have. If you are opting for a quicker process, you can pull a blank shot by removing the espresso from the portafilter. This method also preheats your shot.

What is the point of a macchiato?​

The macchiato was meant to be an afternoon drink delivering a pick-me-up without being heavy handed. Italians don’t drink cappuccino after 10:00am, and the macchiato is a work around which tempers espresso with some milk and froth. The result is a beverage which is halfway between a cappuccino and an espresso.

What is the difference between a latte and macchiato?​

In terms of composition, a macchiato has more foam and only about half or less than half the espresso used in a latte. In terms of making the beverages, they are opposites. In a caffe latte, milk is added to the espresso, while in a latte macchiato, the espresso is added to milk. There is a marked difference in consistency between the two, hence the name macchiato, which refers to the “mark” between espresso and milk.

What is the difference between a macchiato and a cappuccino?​

There is a technical difference between a macchiato and a cappuccino. A cappuccino is precisely made with equal parts espresso, steamed milk and milk foam. On the other hand, macchiato is heavy on the espresso with a layer of milk on top. The amount of milk is usually a matter of taste.

Definitive Guide to What is Macchiato Flavor?

Definitive Guide to What is Macchiato Flavor

Macchiato is one of many espresso-based drinks. It is a layered coffee drink with a strong espresso flavor and a splash of steamed milk. Europeans enjoy it as their mid-day caffeine fix as they consider this flavor perfectly between espresso and cappuccino. But traditional macchiato is more robust than the cappucino as it has less milk than espresso.

Are you wondering what is macchiato flavor? Well, the taste is like coffee. It tastes like coffee with a lot of milk that makes it creamy and pleasantly thick. But the coffee taste is strong, given that it is espresso. It is for coffee lovers who want a robust flavor and a touch of creaminess offered by the spot of milk.

Macchiato Variants
Besides the traditional macchiato versions, the espresso macchiato and lattè macchiato, caramel macchiato was popularized by US coffee chains. It is made with a macchiato with a milk base, but a lot sweeter in taste than the traditional taste. It is made by adding vanilla flavoring to the macchiato base and a drizzle of caramel sauce on top. The name can be misleading since it is more of vanilla, but it was named caramel macchiato due to its noticeable caramel sauce on top.

When it comes to the caffeine content of a macchiato, it depends on the espresso shots the drink contains. According to caffeine content, a shot of espresso is about 1-1.5 ounces containing 58-185 mg of caffeine, an average of 100 mg per shot.

How is Macchiato Made?
Any coffee enthusiast should pay attention to every detail when making the coffee of their choice. In basic terms, macchiato is a dash of milk. The amount of milk is enough to smoothen the color of the coffee or the black surface. The key to a perfect macchiato is through getting the right quantities. Since Macchiato contains only a splash of milk, adding too much milk may end up more reminiscent of a latte or a cappuccino. Making macchiato aims to preserve the espresso's bold flavor while adding a very delicate touch of sweetness with a spot of milk. Typically, in a single shot of espresso in a small espresso cup, a splash of hot milk is added.

A macchiato is made by pouring a creamy shot of espresso into a mug, followed by 1-2 teaspoons of steamed milk and a hint of foam poured on top. If you want it made "latte-style," you can pour the espresso on top of the steamed milk and follow by the foam.

A macchiato flavor is ideal for those who don't like an absolute force of acidic, rich espresso, or a blend of freshness and creaminess of a latte or cappuccino. macchiato flavor lies between those two espresso-based drinks, which offer the best of both worlds. It is smooth and intense, and a drop of milk takes it to another taste level. It is an ideal choice if you fancy a potent coffee in the morning and don't like a pure espresso. The macchiato could be the perfect coffee for you.

Different Types of Macchiato​

Different Types of Macchiato

Macchiato is like any other Italian terminology used in espresso beverages. It means 'marked' or 'strained' which reflects how it is being created. Both espresso macchiato vs. latte, 'stain' its espresso and milk with the other ingredients. All the elements must not be overpowering each other. An ideal macchiato beverage has an enough balance of each of the elements.

Latte Macchiato​

The method of making a latte macchiato is the reverse of creating an espresso macchiato. The first thing to do is to pour the steamed milk into the glass. Then, followed by a single shot of espresso. The reverse method produces the latte macchiato its unique feature, which is different from the espresso macchiato. The preparation of espresso macchiato vs. latte resulted in a different marking on top of the beverage.

Baristas argue which version is an ideal process to prepare this beverage. With that being said, here are the differences between each method that you must consider.

  • ​The difference between the variant of espresso bean used to create the espresso using an espresso machine.
  • The difference between the process of making the espresso. This includes how the barista worked on it and the type of espresso machine used.
  • The difference between the amount of foam added to the drink.
  • The way the barista frothed milk and steamed milk.
  • The difference in size, shape, and creative features of the markings.

Espresso Macchiato​

Latte macchiato vs. espresso macchiato is both a popular name used to relate to macchiato drinks. Both are variations of this coffee drink, but they differ in the preparation methods. And this confuses a lot of people with macchiato's identity. It's time to address the confusion now and clear everything up.

In preparing an espresso macchiato, a frothed milk or steamed milk is the first one to pour in and must be visible from its marking. Then, the foam is added and must be seen on top of the beverage. To get an ideal espresso macchiato, it needs to be toned down using a dash of milk foam.

When to drink a Latte Macchiato​

Espresso macchiato and latte macchiato taste differently. Latte added more steamed milk, which makes it creamier and has a rich taste while espresso macchiato has more espresso and marked with a little foam and steamed milk.

The usual latte is served with a tall glass to make its beautiful layers visible and highlighted. Overall, it's an exciting beverage but sees to it that you stir it well before drinking. This is to mix all the contents and taste everything rather than getting the coffee alone.

When to drink an Espresso Macchiato​

When to drink an Espresso Macchiato

Espresso macchiato is also called Caffe macchiato. It's defined as an espresso-based brew drink that is created with a small amount of milk foam.

To get the best of it, you need to have the best shot of espresso at the bottom of the drink. Remember that stirring is very important here. It allows all the ingredients to emulsify and creates a perfectly balanced caffeine beverage. When ordering an espresso based drink, you have to remember how much is a shot of espresso, because this is the basis for the cost of the other espresso based beverages.

If you have plans to go to Italy and wanted to blend in more with the locals there, make sure to remember one thing. Their coffee beverages with milk foam are consumed before their breakfast. So if you order your cappuccino at 11 in the morning, you are just proving that you're a tourist.

Another thing to note is that if you stay in an espresso bar, do not order 'coffee' because it means espresso. If you do that, you'll end up getting an espresso shot instead of a 12 oz coffee in a cup. The best way to order is to say 'Caffé Lungo' or 'Caffé Americano.'

It is known that espresso has crema, which all the good aromas and flavors are being kept. It gives the beverage its natural boldness and strong taste.

But the crema doesn't last long because many will recognize that it disappears right away in a short time. If you allow your espresso drink to sit for a long period, it will defeat the true purpose of the beverage; worst, it will ruin the taste. So the last tip if you live to blend in with the locals in Italy is to consume your espresso macchiato immediately but still enjoy it.

If you want to have your own macchiato at any time, it is best to have your own latte cappuccino machine.

In Closing​

Of course, you can't be an expert or professional coffee maker or barista without proper training. All you can do is enjoy each cup of coffee every day, especially when you wake up. You have a wide range of options, and it depends on your taste buds, which one suits you well.

If it's a cappuccino, you must know what components make a good cappuccino. If it's a macchiato, then ask yourself what is a macchiato first and what content will make it flavorful and great-tasting. You will taste a subtle hint of sweetness and will truly hook your taste buds. It has different variations, so you don't need to stick with the same taste every time.

If you want more options, this beverage can give you that. This is why there's a lot of coffee lovers of different ages who love to taste this coffee drink and have a new coffee experience.

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