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5 Best Smart Coffee Maker for the Smart Kitchen

Dave Carter

January 6, 2021

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With the massive technological advancements the world is facing today, more people are getting creative. One of the best inventions for coffee lovers worldwide is the convenience of the best smart coffee makers. It allows people to brew their favorite coffee or espresso drinks through their phones via the specific mobile app developed for the convenient product itself.

With convenience, quality, and the numerous benefits these innovative machines give us, we've provided you with the best smart coffee maker options out in the market right now.

Best Smart Coffee Maker Products:​

JURA Z8 Automatic Coffee Machine​

The JURA Z8 Automatic Smart Coffee Machine is one of the pioneers of the best smart coffee makers. It's the first espresso machine to specialize in longer specialty drinks, providing you with popular drinks like the Americano, Cappuccinos, Lattes, or the Classic Coffee at the touch of the button. It provides you with these numerous variations of drinks with its unique brewing method, effectively producing full-bodied coffees.


  • Produces Fast & Smarter Coffee

The product comes with the unique ThermoBlock heating systems, two pumps that allow the machine to brew coffee with the touch of the button that gives you the result of deliciously light, aromatic, or full-bodied drinks. This smart coffee maker provides you with simultaneous coffee or milk preparation for the fastest brewing of coffee you'll ever witness.

  • Smart Connect Function

The JURA Z8's Smart Connect function is compatible with different types of mobile devices. It gives you the option of controlling the machine through its free JURA Coffee Application on your smartphone or tablet. Simply download their app, connect to the machine via Bluetooth, and control the machine from afar.

  • Intuitive Touchscreen Display

The machine boasts the full-color 4.3 inches touchscreen display, which lets you navigate the machine's different options for coffee with the swipe or tap of your finger. It's easy to use, which provides you with simple ways to scroll through everything the product has to offer.


  • Over 21 Specialities

The product could produce 21 types of drinks (16 programmable coffee): Milk foam, hot water for different types of tea, milk, cappuccino, jugs of coffee, Americanos, and more.

  • Unique CLEARYL Smart Filter

The product uses the CLEARYL Smart filter, which effectively removes toxic chemicals when brewing coffee—proficiently removing chlorine, copper, lead, or aluminum from tap water for healthy, better-tasting coffee.

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Jura X8 Smart Home Coffee Machine​

The Jura X8 features the unique "Plummable" function, which is the first of its kind, making the X8 one of the best smart coffee makers ever. This compact product is designed for busy households or small offices. The X8's unique design & functionality brings it to the top of smart automatic espresso machines, providing you with better, smarter coffee.


  • Extremely Durable

The X8's designed for office reasons. That's because this professional machine could ensure the rigors of excessive or repetitive use. Employers or employees could brew their favorite coffee drinks for the morning meetings. They were efficiently designed to brew up to 100 cups of coffee daily.

  • Top-Quality Brews

The product features the innovative Aroma G3 grinder, which provides the unique PEP (Pulse Extraction Process) function of the coffee maker, which effectively brew the perfect cup of coffee in seconds.


  • Simple Accessible Control Design

Every control element of the product is found in front of the brewer device, which can be easily seen or accessed.

  • JOE smartphone app

Bringing the term "connected coffee" to unprecedented levels, the JOE app from Jura makes brewing easier than ever. It's Bluetooth compatible with most devices, which provides advanced control of the product through the app.

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JURA Z6 Intelligent Coffee Maker​

JURA has been known to produce some of the greatest smart coffee makers ever. The Z6 is no exception; they consider it as the next generation specialty coffee brewing device. Combining top-quality materials with ingenuity takes the performance of the product to the next level.


  • Next Level Design & Performance

Though the Jura Z6 is compact, it provides some of the best premium performance of the best coffee makers out there. Its controls, water tank, bean container are accessible on the front of the product. It lets you create selections of your favorite coffee drinks, providing you with your favorite specialty coffees with just the touch of the button.

  • Jura Operating Experience (JOE)

The Z6 could be controlled with Jura's smartphone app "JOE," which provides you with the convenient, modern, or intuitive option of producing optimal brews on your Z6 from changing brew strengths hardness of the water, turning on or off the device from your smartphones.


  • Consistent Creamy & Velvety Foam

It lets you add the finishing flair of creamy foam to your favorite coffee drinks. The stainless steel Z6 offers the convenient switching from hot milk to milk foam with the touch of the button. It offers consistent or tailored foam with functions like adjustable milk temperature based on your personal preferences.

  • H2O Filtration

JURA Z6 pioneered the intelligent water system, which provides using the filter more reliably. It's powered by RFID (Radio-frequency identification) technology that automatically filters the brews from the device when needed or notifies you when descaling of the device is needed.

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JURA S8 Automatic Coffee Machine​

The JURA S8 Automatic Smart Coffee Device is the most innovative product of the brand. It's the first JURA smart coffee maker with 100% touchscreen functionality, providing you with the high-resolution color display or easy navigation through its menu. The device makes the brewing process quicker and simpler.


  • Top PEP (Pulse Extraction Process) Function

The device uses Jura's exclusive innovative Pulse Extraction Process, which achieves the incredible quality of drinks that you would get from professional baristas. It produces the perfect cup of popular coffee staples like the espresso or ristretto, perfect for coffee purists.

  •  CLEARYL Smart Coffee Filter

The devices come with Jura's unique CLEARYL smart filter, which removes toxic chemicals coming from tap water like chlorine, lead, or copper—keeping the natural flavors of your coffee or other drinks.


  • 15 Types of Specialty Coffee

The product offers up to 15 preset types of coffee drinks that deliver your favorite coffee like the cappuccino, espresso, latte macchiato, latte, americano, ristretto, or tea drinks with just the push of the button.

  • AromaG3 Grinder

The smart coffee maker features the built-in AromaG3 grinder, which delivers ground coffee beans in less time, operating seamlessly, quietly without impairing the coffee's natural flavor, providing you with fresh, smarter coffee.

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JURA ENA 8 Automatic Coffee Machine​

The JURA ENA 8 Automatic Smart Coffee Maker is one of the best coffee machines from their vast smart coffee makers collection. It's every coffee connoisseur's dream machine that provides you with fresh ground espresso at the touch of the single button, keeping its aesthetic appeal with its unique cylindrical shape water reservoir, which resembles premium crystal carafes setting it apart from other coffee makers.


  • Simple & Compact

The combination of simplicity and functionality makes this compact coffee maker best, providing you with the TFT (Thin Film Transistor) 2.8 inches color display, high graphic quality defined operating panels.

  • Ten Specialities in One

The coffee maker gives you ten options of your favorite coffee specialties to choose from like the cappuccino, espresso doppio, espresso, hot water, milk foam, coffee, macchiato, latte macchiato, or ristretto.


  • Programmable Brewed Coffee

This new product provides three programmable brewing or hot water temperatures, which gives you an effortless brewing process like most coffee makers from JURA.

  • Compatible with JOE

JOE works with the JURA ENA 8 too. Providing you seamless coffee experience by providing you with the option of controlling the product from the comfort of your seats with your smartphones or other mobile devices in hand.

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What is a smart coffee maker?​

Smart coffee makers are the best coffee machine for busy individuals. It provides you with the option of controlling your favorite brew with the timer through your mobile phone or having it make the coffee drink in an instant.

It lets you set coffee schedules for your caffeine needs, providing a whole different meaning of "WiFi coffee." These coffee makers will provide you with better, smarter coffee.

Is there a smart coffee maker?​

Yes, there are tons of variations of these smart coffee makers. However, the Behmor connected coffee brew system is the pioneer of the best smart coffee makers accredited by the Specialty Coffee Association.

The Behmor connected lets you control every necessity of your drinks from its brewing temperature or pre-soak time of the beans from your phone. It lets you control their product through their app or Alexa.

How do you make a smart coffee maker?​

These caffeinated drink makers can be expensive where it can range between $150 for more than $500. However, with the massive improvements in technology today, you can "automate" your caffeinated drink machines without having to splurge on the smart java maker.

Though it's not true automation, it will help you save time, helping you produce fresh cups of this caffeinated drink during busy mornings. Below is the quick guide in automating your machines.

  1. Set up (plugin or download the app on your phone).
  2. Once paired with the app (google assistant or Alexa works well too), go to the caffeinated drink maker.
  3. Pour water.
  4. Put the filter.
  5. Put the grounds (amount depends on your preference).
  6. Flip the switch of the device.
  7. Start brewing.
  8. Plugin with your phone.
  9. Set the timer with the app.
  10. Wait for the brew.
  11. Enjoy.

What can you do with a WiFi Coffee Maker?​

The WiFi coffee maker is the best coffee maker for coffee lovers who have steady access to the internet in the comfort of their homes. It relies on your existing home WiFi or wireless connection; you connect your tablet or smartphone to your coffee maker. It provides you with the perfect brew with just the press of the button from your mobile phone.

Most smart coffee makers nowadays have the feature of automatically reconnecting to your WiFi even if its signal becomes spotty, when the signal drops, or in the event of the power outage. This allows you to keep your favorite caffeinated drink maker running via your phone's network or data.

Is there a coffee maker that works with Alexa?​

Yes, many coffee makers can work with the infamous artificial intelligence "Alexa." The latest brand new smart coffee maker that works with it is from Hamilton Beach. It gives you the option of brewing your favorite drinks just by asking your Alexa speaker or app to begin the process, turn the machine off, or change brew strength (regular or strong).

What coffee makers work with Google home?​

Many products work well with Google home. If you want to connect it with Google home, make sure to check the product's information before buying one. The most recent model that works with the software is the Atomi Smart WiFi Caffeinated Drink Maker, which helps you produce smarter coffee.

Remote Brewing with a Bluetooth Coffee Maker​

The best smart coffee makers come with the handy Bluetooth feature, which gives you the option to brew your favorite drinks in the comfort of your home. The Bluetooth feature of the best smart coffee machine gives your devices the more direct or reliable connection that will never go down when your home Widi wireless connection system drops or suddenly stops.

However, the range of these smart coffee makers is shorter than the WiFi ones. The range of these products ranges between 30-60 feet. Because of this, devices made with this specific feature are less common though most of these smart devices that have home automation systems come with Bluetooth connectivity.

Using your App Controlled Coffee Maker from Your Phone​

Smart coffee makers aim to help you produce your favorite brew faster or more conveniently, and they further improved the convenience by providing their consumers with applications that let them control their best smart coffee makers effortlessly. You just have to download the app of the existing product or download other plugins that are compatible with the item like Google Home or Alexa.

Automation with the Remote Control Coffee Maker​

You can control your favorite drip caffeinated drink machines using remote controls. However, not many brands have instilled this feature for their consumers. You can construct your remote control by using smart plugs similar to the DIY best smart coffee makers method.


Add this cool product to your Smart Home palette. Cool features using your smartphone will serve you coffee directly from the couch. Get and enjoy the new lifestyle.

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Turn your busy life into the productive lifestyle you've always dreamt of, with the help of your favorite energizing drinks. The best smart coffee makers JURA Z8 Automatic Coffee Machine provide busy people, caffeinated drinks lovers, or anyone with the convenience of getting the cup of bliss via smartphones, tablets, or other mobile phones. We've given you our top picks for the newest smart machines in the market right now, and we hope it helped you understand the numerous benefits that come with the best smart coffee maker, providing you with the smarter brew. Happy shopping!

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