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Caffeine Battle: Red Bull vs. Coffee

Dave Carter

November 16, 2020

Since its discovery in the fifteen century southern Arabia, people have been consuming coffee for a lot of reasons. The main reason people drink coffee is to get their caffeine fix, the extra boost they need in the morning upon waking up, or in the afternoon to energize them until the end of the day. Nowadays, energy drinks, like Red Bull, have become a popular substitute for the source of the caffeine fix. A Red Bull vs Coffee comparison is necessary in modern times.

Coffee lovers love drinking coffee any time of the day, not just for caffeinating but the taste as well. There has been an influx of coffee drinks, mixes, and derivatives which attract people to coffee shops and cafes. Red Bull has reached almost the same cult status as black coffee or espresso.

Is red bull worse than coffee​

Is red bull worse than coffee

Why do people cling to coffee anyway? It is the best way to get your energy boost, and it does taste great. When making your cup, what are the best coffee beans out there? If you are looking to improve your coffee experience, you have to get the best to make the best. Make sure to get the best brand out there to have the best cup of coffee each time. Coffee variants have taken a lot of different forms and ways to make them. You have to find that right blend to get that perfect cup of coffee. First, you have to determine what you consider the ideal coffee cup for yourself, do you want it bold, intense, toasty, full-bodied? Then figure out what you would want in your coffee; milk, sugar, creamer, or for some, none at all-- just plain old black and strong.

If you want your coffee strong and full-bodied, adding more grounds in your cup will not make it stronger. The strength and flavor of your coffee do not depend on how much coffee grounds per cup. The taste and flavor depend on the blend and roast and the right water ratio. Doubling the volume of grounds in your pot will not add more caffeine as it is extracted from the grounds as they are dissolved in the water. Adding more coffee will only end up with more wasted grounds.

Is coffee or Red Bull better for you?​

Now that we have talked about the steps in making the perfect cup of coffee, you might be thinking of opting for the easier route and get yourself an energy drink. You might be asking, do they even have the same amount of caffeine per serving, or would an energy drink have more energy-boosting caffeine in them. A typical question is how much caffeine is in Red Bull? Based on research, one can of Red Bull will have at least 30mg of caffeine, which is less than the 90ml of caffeine per double shot of espresso. Additionally, since an espresso has less volume than a Red Bull, it delivers the caffeine in a bigger jolt. That is why you feel more electrified with a shot of espresso. By the way, you might be wondering how many mgs of caffeine in one cup of coffee? Regular black coffee has 120 mgs of caffeine content, but it is served in a larger volume, with plenty more water.

Which is healthier coffee or energy drinks?​

But we still have not answered the question which is better, coffee or red bull. Besides caffeine Red Bull also has other ingredients, and for one can of Red Bull, you get 27 grams of sugar, which is not suitable for those trying to eliminate it from their diets. Consuming this much sugar every day is not healthy. There is a lot of research that shows it is one of the top reasons for weight gain. It may also increase the risk of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes a few more.

Some people opt for the better cup of coffee that has much less sugar and calories in its most basic form, black coffee. I prefer french pressed or dripped coffee with nothing else in my morning coffee. I get asked all the time "how to make french press?" or "how to make drip coffee?".

A drip coffee machine makes the perfect cup of coffee with the proper granules to water ratio. It means that once that percolator starts to drip hot water onto the waiting coffee granule in the filter below it, you know that in a few minutes, you will have the best cup of coffee. If you are thinking of taking this hassle-free route, you need to get great-quality coffee grounds, and best if they are fresh and whole beans. I suggest adding a coffee grinder in the cart to make sure your whole beans are ground fresh every time you brew. An alternative for a coffee grinder is an Osterizer or spice grinder since the consistency is similar to a peppercorn.

If your blender is strong enough to grind ice or anything harder, it should be enough. Coffee should be brewed within 30 minutes of brewing, or you may experience a loss in taste and flavor. Drip machines need a medium to fine grounds. Make sure you do not grind them too much that they slip through the filter, and not too fine that you might not get the kick you want.

French pressed coffee has a different feel, and the process is different. The drip coffee extracts the caffeine from the grounds as it drips through to the pot below it, while the french press is steeped with hot water and covered with a plunger. You can vary the temperature, the length of time steeping, and the amount of water to suit your taste. This way of brewing also requires medium or finely ground coffee, but unlike the drip coffee, you may expect the french press coffee to have a little bit of sediment gathering at the bottom of your cup. If this happens repeatedly, make sure that your plunger is fitted perfectly against the pot next time you make your coffee, or just put a bit of care when pouring your black coffee to avoid sediments passing through.

Which has more caffeine between Red Bull and coffee​

Comparing Which has more caffeine between Red Bull and coffee

When a cup of coffee is compared to a can of red bull, it appears that a regular cup would have more caffeine, but both are below the maximum dietary daily requirement of 400 milligrams. Coffee can be easier to prepare than just opening a can of red bull in the morning if you have an automated coffee machine. All you have to do is put water in the pot, fill it with coffee grounds, plug it in, and turn it on. Typically, these machines will have a coffee ready to drink in about five minutes, might as well get your breakfast or your toast ready while waiting.

For weight loss: taurine vs caffeine​

Taurine and caffeine are both natural substances that have antioxidant properties. Taurine is found in the body as it is an essential amino acid that plays a vital role in regulating body function and neurological development. Based on some studies, they have seen that taurine makes muscles work hard and could contribute to better performance during a workout. It also has heaps of medical applications like reducing seizures since it can regulate muscle contractions.

Everything is good in moderation; caffeine and taurine do not seem to have any side effects on subjects studied who used these two natural substances well within the recommended daily dose. Consuming massive red bull or other energy drinks to get taurine and caffeine will have tremendous adverse effects on your body and brain. If you aim for a combination of taurine or caffeine for exercise or weight loss, it is better to veer away from Red Bull and just get yourself a coffee in the morning or before working out. Since taurine is an amino acid, you can still get your supplemental dose of taurine from the high protein like fish, meat, milk, shellfish, eggs, and a lot more. You can also add supplements like taurine tablets that can be bought at your local pharmacy, or just a scoop full of whey protein before or after your workout.

Taurine and caffeine are great in assisting your weight loss goals without the additional ingredients found in Red Bull like sugar. Taurine helps your muscle functions while caffeine gives you the energy and alertness you need to power through your workout. Both are beneficial as long as they are taken in moderation.


There will always be a lively discussion around Red Bull vs Coffee. Coffee is more versatile, it is a pure extraction from coffee beans and it can be presented in plenty of ways. Red Bull is a modern energy drink which can also serve as a supplement for weight loss. These two drinks have their separate fan base and will continue its supposed rivalry for years to come.

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