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4 Best Pour Over Coffee Maker of for the Home or Office

Dave Carter

January 6, 2021

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You don't need fancy expensive machines to get your favorite drinks or ideal brew. Pour over coffee drippers are the favorite coffee maker amongst coffee lovers because of its conventional principle. This simple machine lets you produce the best good old-fashioned Pour over coffee in the comfort of your home. It lets you fully control how much coffee you make, which means you don't have to worry about wasting your favorite coffee beans.

In this article, we've provided you with an intensive guide discussing everything about pour over coffee makers, with the addition of some of the Best Pour Over Coffee Maker options out in the market right now.

Best Pour Over Coffee Maker Products​

Pour over coffee is one of the most preferred brewing methods for specialty coffee lovers everywhere. Back in 2011, when the coffee dripper began gaining traction, the selection of creating these brews through the pour over coffee maker was quite limited. Everybody opted for the iconic Hario V60 coffee dripper or the manual Chemex coffee maker.

However, today you will see numerous versions of these popular manual coffee makers or the coffee dripper. Here are our top picks for some of the best pour over coffee makers, we'll discuss each product or mode's feature, highlights which will help you find the right one for your specific needs.

But before we begin, remember that investing your first coffee pour-over is simple. Compared to the huge espresso machine, it's more modestly priced. It should also be less confusing to understand since the product's concept or technology isn't complicated. Pouring water on freshly ground coffee and letting gravity do its work is called "percolation." It's one of the oldest traditional coffee brewing methods or techniques.

1. Cuisinart Pourover Coffee Brewer with Thermal Carafe​

Kick your premium brewing process with the cafe-quality brewer, which delivers gourmet, rich, top-quality brews. The stainless steel Cuisinart Pour over Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe brings innovative precision, which provides you with superior flavor extraction. Only providing you with the best outstanding brews, the product even earned the SCAA's (Specialty Coffee Association of America) Home Brewer Certification, which is the rigorous endorsement only given for the best home coffee machines.


  • Designed to Perfection

This stainless steel product boasts its simple, unique design, which maximizes flavor extraction from your favorite ground of the caffeinated drink. The Cuisinart Pour Over Coffee Maker pre-wets or pre-soaks the ground before brewing, which ensures the proper bloom. It also features the fully adjustable temperature or strength settings, which give you full control over your brewing coffee procedures.

  • Brew For You or a Few

The product produces 8 - 5 ounces cups of coffee per session, allowing you to enjoy your one cup or cups of the caffeinated drink with your friends or family. It lets you produce the drinks without spending too much time using the manual coffee dripper. It also features the unique function termed "Brew Pause," which lets you drink the drip-free cup before the cycle finishes.

  • Top-quality Materials & Modernized Functions

The conventional product induces modern functions like its 24-hour programmable feature, which provides you with the options of letting the machine self-clean, auto-on, or off. It's only made with the best materials, featuring embedded filters like its permanent laser-etched stainless steel filter. It also comes with charcoal water filters or #4 paper filter starter pack.


  • SCAA Certified 

This stainless steel product meets the high demand for experts from the renowned Specialty Coffee Association of America's. Products acknowledged by this organization undergo rigorous technical requirements, ensuring that only the best or exemplary home brewers are rewarded.

  • Electric Operation

The machine is fully electrically operated, which is easy to use. It pre-wets the ground of the caffeinated drink before the brewing begins, which lets the flavor boom. It only utilizes precise brewing techniques, ensuring you only get the best coffee with its superior flavor extraction.

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2. Fellow Stagg [XF] Pour-Over Set​

Even novices could brew cafe-quality brews whenever with the Stagg [XF] Pour-Over Coffee Maker Set. It features the top-quality stainless steel coffee drip, the glass carafe, and numerous filters. It lets you brew coffee with minimal effort. Its simplified Fill-Up method combines easy immersion brewing with the classic flavor of pour over coffee, letting you enjoy the great-tasting cup in just the shortest time.


  • Stagg XF Dripper

Evolving from the simple Chemex brewer, the stainless steel Stagg XF reinvents the conventional drip method by allowing you to brew over 600ml of the caffeinated drink per cycle. It comes with drainage holes (held by the silicone gasket), steep walls that give you the perfect flow that prevents clogging.

It comes with a removable tray that enables you to measure the proper amount of the coffee ground; it could also work as the drip tray. The stainless steel body of the product retains heat while brewing, making the dripper durable.

  • Double Wall Carafe

The server may easily contain up to 600ml of the brew. The double wall and silicone lids help maintain the coffee drink's optimal temperature, either hot or cold. Also, the outer wall doesn't get hot, making it safer to hold the carafe in your hands.

  • Easy Manual Brewing

The XF's "fill-up" method provides you with consistent and accessible manual brewing, which gives you a clean cup of pour over coffee each cycle, minus the effort.


  • Made with High-Quality Materials

The product is only made of the best materials, from its borosilicate glass double-wall carafe with the silicone lid, steel filter, to its stainless steel dripper, ensuring you long-lasting service for years to come.

  • Ratio Aid Scoop

This handy feature lets you scoop the proper amount of coffee needed for each brew, whether for one or two cups of coffee. It also has dots on the carafe it comes with that indicates water level for each serving.

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3. Bialetti Kitty 6-Cup Espresso Maker​

The Bialetti Kitty 6-Cup Coffee Maker is the modern version of Bialetti's classic espresso maker. This stovetop coffee maker made from 18/10 stainless steel is where affordability meets quality, giving you the cup of coffee of your dreams. It's versatile and works on electric or ceramic stovetops. Take one sip, and you'll understand why there's a Bialetti brewer in most Italian households.


  • Easy to use

This stainless steel, the pour over coffee maker, is easy to use. You have to remove its stop, fill the lower chamber of the product with water, place the filter inside the tank, fill it with the amount of coffee you desire, screw its top back on, and turn the heat source on medium. The pot will begin to do its magic, when you see that the head is full of the caffeinated drink, remove it from the heat source.

  • 6 cups of espresso per cycle

The Bialetti Kitty 6-Cup coffee maker, hence its name, can make up to 6 cups of the beloved caffeinated drink in one cycle, conveniently providing you with easy brewing coffee procedures.


  • Globally Renowned

Bialetti is recognized and used worldwide. Their stainless steel coffee makers have become iconic, which allowed millions of consumers to indulge in great Italian coffee in the comfort of their homes. The Bialetti Kitty 6-Cup coffee maker gives you consistent fresh caffeinated drinks every time.

  • Ergonomically Designed

The Bialetti Kitty 6-Cup Coffee Maker provides you with convenience and functionality with its ergonomic design, helping you make great coffee with minimal effort. Its design allows you to use it on different types of stovetops like gas, electric, or ceramic stovetop. It also features a bakelite handle, which allows for easy reach and safe pouring.

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4. Bodum Pebo Vacuum Coffee Maker​

The Bodum Pebo Vacuum Coffee Maker has fascinated coffee lovers and experts worldwide because of its unique vacuum brewing method, which not many coffee makers have. This method extracts all of the oils of your favorite beans. The vacuum brewing method procedure is sealed off, letting no aroma escape. Its brewing time and temperature are optimally calibrated, ensuring the perfect coffee for pour-over for each brew.


  • Unique Design

You can watch your favorite drink brewing process through the Bodum Pebo Vacuum Coffee Maker's stunning, firmly attached glass bowls. You can use it for conventional stovetop brewing or use it with the brand's own Pebo Gas Burner (can be bought separately).

  • Great Coffee in Minutes

Depending on the amount of water you wish to use, the Pebo can brew rich and aromatic coffee in just 5 to 11 minutes, serving you fresh 4 to 8 cups of coffee for you and your guests to enjoy.

  • Vacuum Extraction

This unique vacuum brewing method extracts the full flavor of the coffee beans, providing you with unhindered brews every cycle.


  • Compact

The brewer is compact, but it allows you to make up to 8 cups of the caffeinated drink despite its small stature.

  • Easy to Use and Clean

The product is easy to use. The coffee maker doesn't come with complicated buttons or little parts that you have to pull out for it to work correctly. You just need your favorite coffee grounds and the filter. Each piece of the product is removable, making it easier for you to wash and rinse after each use.

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What Is Pour Over Coffee?​

Pour over coffee is the version of the beloved caffeinated drink at its prime. It's preferred among avid coffee lovers because it's easy to do or because of its simplicity. It allows you to control necessities like the strength or taste of your favorite drinks seamlessly, unlike other conventional methods.

It provides you with freshly crisp cups of coffee, keeping its rich flavor notes intact, which can be denoted from the normal coffee maker. To produce great Pour Over Filter Coffee, you should take note of these important elements:

  • Freshly ground coffee.
  • Coffee filter.
  • Pour over brewer.

The Hario V60 pioneered it. This popular method lets you produce a very clean tasting brew by slowly pouring a consistent or steady stream of hot water over the even layer of coffee grounds. It extracts the full flavor of the coffee with more nuance. It's then collected in your favorite thermal carafe or glass carafe. Also, new versions of the product have been produced ever since, like the Chemex coffee brewer.

Things You'll Need For Filter Coffee​

When creating fantastic coffee with this method aside from the Pour Over or coffee dripper maker, here is the equipment you will need:

  • Coffee filters (the type of filter depends on the brewer you're using).
  • Serving vessels (like a cup, glass carafe, pot, or thermal carafe).
  • The thermometer helps you control the liquid temperature.
  • A great coffee grinder.
  • The "Gooseneck kettle" (you need to ensure the heated liquid flows at the optimal rate for better brews, this type of kettle makes that possible).
  • Filtered or good quality water.
  • The coffee scale which helps you measure the amount of coffee more precisely.

How To Make Pour Over Coffee​

Though the used method is conventional, creating this coffee is no easy task. The idea of the method is to grind beans, add liquid, get the brew, drink delicious brews, which is straightforward. However, this brewing style requires patience or practice in achieving your perfect cup of joe.

We've provided you with this convenient step by step guide to help you brew the perfect pour over coffee.

Heat Water until it Reaches 195°F or 205°F (91°C or 96°C)

Getting the right temperature of the water is vital; using the thermometer closely monitors the liquid until it reaches 195°F or 205°F. If you don't possess the item, you may wait for the liquid to completely boil, remove it from the heat source, leaving it be for 30 seconds then start brewing.

Weigh the Coffee

Before using the coffee scale, determine how much coffee you desire. However, remember that the biggest factor that affects the flavor of your brew is the ratio of water to coffee. The most used measurement is using 18 grams of liquid for every 1 gram of coffee. Remember, the more coffee you put, the more flavorful it becomes.

Rinse the Filter

If you're using paper filters, make sure to rinse it first to remove the subtle taste of paper in the final product. Place the brewer in the coffee dripper, pour water around the filter in circular motions (ensure you get the sides wet), and rinse it for 5 seconds.

Start Grinding

It's recommended you grind your favorite coffee beans before beginning the procedure. It gives you more fine control over the flavor of the drink. Below are the two different types of grinding results.

  • The finer the grind, the more flavor it will emit, though the bitterness will become more prominent.
  • The coarser the grind, the sweeter the cup of joe, though it's usually waker, acidic, or under-extracted.

Try experimenting, find your happy medium (the perfect size of the grounds). Experts recommend using sea salt or sand as your reference, which produces the perfect medium-fine grind.

Pour the H2O

Though most coffee makers only require immediate pouring of the liquid, this method differs because of its two-part water flowing procedure, which is the bloom and brew time.


Pour water (equal but not more than 30 grams) over the grounds, let the grounds soak the liquid up. You will see the grounds, rise, swell, or bubble. Let 30 seconds go by for the bloom to be completed.

Brew Time

Slowly pour the remaining water in your jug over the even layer of grounds. Begin on the center of the ground, proceed to move out following the widening spiral motion. This lets the grounds be finely or evenly soaked. When the liquid reaches your chosen ration, stop the liquid flow.

Some of these pour over brewers only require simple pouring techniques. However, there are other brewers like the Hario v60 or Chemex, which requires more advanced skills.

Pour: Coffee Ratio

This final step lets you adjust the strength of the coffee's flavor based on your preference. Experts from the Specialty Coffee Association recommend following the "golden ratio," which uses 55 grams of coffee per one liter of water.

Tips in Achieving the Perfect Brew​

Now you know how to make coffee through the popular Pour Over method, you need to know these tips if you want to achieve the perfect brew every time. Below are the tips that make the difference in the quality of coffee products from this style of brewing.

  • Rinsing or Wetting the Filter

Rinse or wet your paper filters for 5 seconds using heated liquid. This helps you remove the subtle 'paper' in your coffee, removing the hindering flavor to your favorite drink. Some pour over coffee makers, however, already come with an embedded stainless steel filter, skip this step if that's your case.

  • The Correct Temperature

Getting the right temperature when producing drinks using this preparation of the caffeinated drink style is vital, water should have temperatures of 195°F or 205°F (91°C or 96°C) for the perfect cup of coffee.

  • Consistency

Use scales when measuring the amount of the caffeinated drink. When experimenting about the different strengths of the drink, use the conventional stopwatch or stopwatch from your phone to record your results.

  • Degassing

You should spend 30 seconds degassing or blooming your drink because when you roast this caffeinated drink, gases like carbon dioxide begin accumulating inside the beans. Since these gases could be noxious for you, you should take the time to bloom or degas your beans for your health or safety.

Never Neglect the Grinder​

Remember that the grinder is your secret ingredient, literally! The items provide you with different options for your favorite coffee drinks. The reason we go through this long process is to achieve the perfect taste of our brewed coffee. Take the time when picking the right coffee for pour over brewing, the right kind of grinder for your next brew. Never neglect the grinder because it's important in the coffee-making procedure. Remember that any mistake done in the procedure will impact the final brew, familiarize yourself with the different grind sizes, which are vital in manually brewing filter coffee with pour over coffee makers.
  • Coarse Grind
This type of grind is when you only grind to the minimal level, which results in big chunks of the caffeinated drink's beans or larger coffee granules. The hot water binds to the outside of the individual big grinds, meaning the liquid percolates through the grains faster.
  • Fine Grind
This type of grind is when you grind the beans until they reach the gritty powder texture, which resembles table salt or sand. The granules produced are much smaller; it's a very concentrated coffee, which is why it might be stronger. These find grinds will stop the liquid from easily going through them, thus extracting the flavor more.

The Importance of Wetting or Blooming​

One important concept in producing pourover coffee is wetting or blooming. That's because when grinding your favorite beans, they produce the by-product, carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide will prevent the liquid from penetrating the grinds fully, that's why it needs to be removed or released. You release it through blooming or wetting the drink.

Bloom is the quick bubbling up of CO2 or ground coffee, which occurs when the caffeinated drink is brewed. Depending on how recently the drink was roasted, the longer you degas it, the more the flavors will improve. Here is an intensive step by step guide on the bloom procedure:

  1. First, put the right amount of liquid, ensure the ground coffee gets wet.
  2. Stop for 30 seconds, let the carbon dioxide get released.
  3. You'll notice the grounds will begin swelling or expanding.
  4. The ground of coffee will begin to emit the lovely aroma of the caffeinated drink.

Consistency (Track Everything!)​

The key to achieving the perfect brew is practicing consistency every time. By doing this, you will easily see the mistakes you could make along with the whole procedure. This will let you experiment with your favorite coffee drinks and with the procedure when you get the basics down. Practice good consistency with these pour over procedure tips:

  • Use good quality scales that's precise or accurate.
  • Use good quality burr grinders.
  • Follow the brewing guide of your choice very closely (so you achieve even or perfect extraction).
  • Record everything you do from the beginning (make your brew journal, so you know where you will begin next time).

When taking notes, for instance, when you've managed to produce the ideal brew. Record how you constructed the drink like the number of the ground of coffee you use, the temperature of the liquid used, the time you spent decanting the liquid on the ground. Write these down on your brew journal.

Don't Forget to Cleanup!​

Cleaning your gear is important because this will ensure the integrity of your coffee-making tools. This will prolong its lifespan, which ensures longer-lasting serving of your favorite caffeinated drinks. Giving your brewing equipment the cleaning it needs once you're finished with the product ensures it's completely devoid of coffee oils before you begin brewing next time. This will ensure the flavor of your next brew will not be affected.

Choosing the Perfect Brewer​

Now that we've established everything about brewing the perfect cup of pour-over coffee, the next step you need to follow or do is choose the perfect equipment for your coffee endeavors. Ensure the equipment is the right one so you could effortlessly navigate the tools or make necessary adjustments with it if needed.

Every brewer provides different unique functions. For instance, some coffee pour overs could be used with conventional paper filters, while others could only be used with special filters. Some brewers might require a meticulous setup or brewing procedure, while others just need the ground of the caffeinated drink and water.

Extra Equipment or Materials Needed for A Great Pour Over (or Drip) Coffee​

Besides the brewer, here are some of the extra equipment you will need to achieve that one perfect cup of joe.

  • The reliable burr grinder.
  • Coffee filters (the type of filter that's reliant on the specific brewer you will use).
  • Special kettles like the "Gooseneck kettle" (heated liquid isn't enough in perfecting your optimal coffee drink, you also need the optimal flow rate).
  • The reliable scale that measures in grams (precision or accuracy is the key to producing the best-caffeinated drinks).
  • Thermometers (the temperature is also important; by using the thermometer, you will have the option of controlling the water temperature).
  • Serving vessels (cup, mug, or glass carafe are the most common).

Now we've established the importance, the equipment, the best tips in perfecting the pour over coffee, or the procedure you will be able to begin experimenting with new brewers and making that perfect one cup of coffee effortlessly. Let's look at some of the best pours over coffee makers available in the market right now. Read on to find out more.

Creating Coffee with a pour over coffee pot​

From the vast pour over coffee makers, the chemistry of coffee requires experimentation regardless of the coffee maker or brew method you use. Try these easy to follow steps in making the perfect cup of coffee with minimal effort. You will have to make adjustments as you familiarize yourself with the whole procedure.

Items you will need:

  • Fresh coffee (roasted less than two weeks before brewing).
  • Appropriate coffee grinder.
  • Single-cup dripper or cone. It can be either ceramic or glass.
  • Paper filter.
  • Kettle with a swan-necked spout for more precise pouring.
  • Coffee cup or carafe.

The process:

Select your beans

You can choose any type of coffee bean you want. However, single-origin beans like the Ethiopian or Panamanian rather than the standard blend are preferred with the procedure because they offer more subtle ranges of flavors.

Heat water & Grind coffee

Heat water and grind coffee to your preferred ground. However, it's recommended that you aim for a medium-fine ground to embrace your favorite coffee flavor truly.

The grounds should be finer than auto-drip but coarser than the size used for espresso shots. A good gauge would be measuring 1.5 to 2 grams of coffee for every fluid ounce you want to drink.

Placing the Filter

Put the filter in your cone or dripper. You can fold or trim the excess parts of the filter. Place the dripper or cone on top of the mug.

Wet the Filter

Pre-wet the filter with liquid from the kettle at temperatures between 195°F or 205°F (91°C or 96°C). The kettle usually reaches this temperature after 30 to 45 seconds once you've removed it from the heat source. Soaking the filter will prevent the papery taste on your brew.


Put the grounds inside the cup, then pour sufficient water over them, ensure you cover them all evenly. Let it sit for 30 to 50 seconds or until the visible "bloom" has settled. This procedure is called "degassing" or "pre-infusing," and it allows carbon dioxide to be released from the coffee.

Pouring the liquid

For every coffee dripper or pour-over coffee maker out there, this is the most crucial part. Slowly begin pouring the fluid, until the water reaches the dripper or cone halfway, for optimal extraction. Continuously empty your jug by letting the fluid decant in a circular motion.

Always start at the center of the dripper or cone and work your way outwards, make sure to avoid decanting directly onto the filter. The whole procedure should take 40 to 50 seconds to finish.


Wait until the stream slows down to a drip, remove the filter with the ground of the caffeinated drink, and enjoy your home-brewed coffee cup.

Is pour over coffee good?​

Yes, pour over coffee differs from the conventional caffeinated drink from standard coffee makers because pour over coffee makers retain the natural flavors of the coffee. Below are the advantages of using a dripper in creating the perfect cup of coffee.

  • A Cleaner & Crisp Cup of Coffee

This method of making the beloved caffeinated drink is the cleanest, purest way to make, and consume your much-needed morning jolt of energy. Use the dripper correctly to ensure there's no residue left in your cup. However, any residue is captured by the filter or paper filters for quick and easy disposal.

  • The Best Natural Flavors

The pour over coffee technique allows the coffee to be fully extracted because the fluid is preheated to the correct temperature, which creates a bolder and a well-extracted cup of coffee in your hands.

  • Easy Cleanup

The best pour over coffee makers make cleaning up easier because it allows you not to do the tedious cleanup with some other coffee-making options.

  • Efficient Coffee Making

This method allows you to brew coffee accordingly, making you less waste the last quarter of that one cup of coffee. These drippers provide drip coffee making per cup.

What is the difference between pour over and drip coffee?​

Both use a dripper in their coffee-making method, which is letting heated water seep through the coffee grinds to extract the perfect brew. Drip coffee uses a handy machine that automatically drips heated fluid over the coffee grinds, and it usually comes with an embedded filter. In contrast, pour over coffee requires you to do it manually and requires paper filters. Below are the differences between pour-over and drip coffee.

  • Quality of the Brew

Most high-end drip coffee brewers can make great cups of the caffeinated drinks with top-quality beans and customized grind sizes. The pour over coffee is still considered as the best quality brew of them all. The pour-over method brings your favorite drinks to the next level because of its ability to retain all the coffee's natural flavor.

  • Temperature Stability

Most mid-range drip brewers cannot reach the optimal water temperature for the perfect caffeinated drink, which is between 195°F or 205°F (91°C or 96°C). Though you don't have full control of the temperature even with the hand pour over coffee maker, you can adjust the heat by using a special kettle, letting it boil on the stove.

This process affects the overall quality of your coffee brew, and this is not possible for most automatic drip brewers.

  • Consistency

Most drip coffee makers have inconsistent showerheads, which leads to the uneven soaking of the grounds of the coffee. Those factors give you an unbalanced, unsatisfying brew. Meanwhile, pour-over brewers allow you to control the whole process, including the water pouring fully.

  • Durability 

Coffee drip machines are sturdy, usually made of stainless steel metal, which can last for a long time. However, manual pour over coffee makers also provide the same durability, which ensures long-lasting service from both machines.

Though most people believe that no modern drip coffee machine will be able to match the pour over coffee makers' manual coffee-making methods that allow brewers to have precise control over the liquid temperature, pouring technique, and blooming.

Why is pour over better than drip?​

Though both use similar methods and are great ways to make coffee, there are distinctive differences between them that you should know. Here are pour over coffee makers' most common variations.

  • More Control

The manual procedure or method of creating pour over coffee is all about maintaining control over the coffee-making procedure. The use of the best pour over coffee makers allows you to control the water flow, the length of the brewing procedure, and the ground's saturation. It's vital to ensure you complete the whole procedure correctly, so the result isn't under-extracted or over-extracted.

  • Efficient Cold Brewing

Drip coffee is known not to be the best at making cold brews. Though the dripper product can cool off over time, letting it cool down can ruin its quality and alters its natural flavor.

However, the pour-over coffee maker can proficiently provide cold-brew lovers with the drink variation because you don't need to heat the liquid to filter it through using the pour-over method. You may immerse the coffee in cold water, let it cool for a few hours, and pour it slowly through a Chemex.

  • More Robust Flavor

Due to their distinct differences in their coffee-making methods, pour overs produce more flavorful drinks than the regular dripper. Because the pour-over method takes longer to complete, the flavor becomes more rich and vibrant. It allows the fluid to pull the flavors, oils from the coffee.

  • Equipment

Both the dripper and pour-overs require specific equipment. For the drip coffee method, the only equipment needed is the electric dripper since the machine does all the work for you.

However, for pour-overs, there are numerous options you can choose from. These vary from cup stands like the Hario V60 Ceramic Coffee Dripper, Chemex, and more. Experts prefer Chemex because it's simple and easy to use.

Using a pour-over brewer​

The pour-over coffee maker has become the common brewer in kitchens and restaurants across the globe. Because of the sudden surge of these machines' popularity, in recent years, various companies have introduced new designs as well as time-tested classics. Here are some certain tips to follow when utilizing a pour-over brewer.

  • Water

The quality of water for any coffee-making method is crucial. It keeps your coffee gear in shape, and it helps your favorite drinks reach their full potential. That's why using a filter is recommended, you won't need a fancy in-line filtration at home. You can create high-quality water with simple variations like the paper filters.

  • Temperature

Though it's hard to determine the best temperature for making coffee, the SCA recommends the temperature range of 195°F or 205°F (91°C or 96°C) when the water makes contact with the ground coffee.

  • Grind

The most important factor in creating consistent and the best quality caffeinated drink is the uniformity of the grinds. You need to have a good burr grinder to make experimenting with - the grinds much easier for you. The finer the grind, the shorter its contact time with the fluid. That's why most recommend creating medium-coarse ground because of its even flavoring.

Keep in mind that the medium-coarse ground Hario V60 would require a longer time to finish than the medium-fine ground Chemex. Ultimately, the ideal grind size will depend on your preference.

  • Ratio

The coffee drink ratio will be the reference of your recipe. Most professionals recommend using 60 grams of coffee per 1 liter of water.

  • Gear

For pour-overs, you don't need accessories to make great coffee, but the equipment is required to ensure the consistent quality of your drinks. A great burr grinder, specialized slow-pouring kettle with a narrow spout, an accurate gram scale are must-have items for pour-over coffee makers.

What is the best pour over coffee maker?​

The best pour-over coffee maker depends on your preference or trust of the brand. But the best pour-over coffee makers have all of the following features:

Optimal Water Temperature

The product should be able to produce very hot coffee, effortlessly keeping the optimal temperature of these drinks, which ranges from 95°F or 205°F (91°C or 96°C).

Easy to Use

The best pour-over coffee makers should feature user-friendly functions. It should provide easy to read instructions or a thorough manual alongside easy to use controls, basket for the coffee, and easy access to its water tank. There should also be visible markings on its tank and carafe.

Length of Brewing

The best pour-over coffee maker should only take less than 5 minutes the cup of joe you want. The length will depend on the size of the opening of the bottom of the filter of the machine. If the opening is too large or you have not plugged the paper filters properly, the coffee will drip too fast.

Modernized Features

For maximum convenience, the product should have a 24-hour programmable feature that automatically allows you to turn the machine on or off. It should also let you control the flavor strength easier.


Pourover is a high skilled technique to brew coffee. With this machine, you bring home your exquisite coffee feeling.

Get the Best Product NOW


These handy tools are the ideal choice for avid coffee lovers or for anyone who prefers having authentic coffee in the comfort of their homes. The natural taste of the coffee beats any modern pod machine, and they're also easier to use than the professional-grade drip coffee machines.

Every coffee-loving household should have a pour-over coffee maker like the Cuisinart Pourover Coffee Brewer with Thermal Carafe for a convenient and authentic coffee experience. We hope you found our intensive guide of the Best Pour Over Coffee Maker useful and understood the importance of these handy machines, giving you a clearer idea of the pour-over coffee maker you want to buy next.

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