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5 Best Portable Coffee Maker of 2021 for Travel-Hungry Coffee Lovers

Dave Carter

January 5, 2021

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For travel-hungry coffee lovers, being always on the move can be problematic because access to getting a great cup of coffee can be difficult, especially when traveling long hours. Luckily, you don't have to settle with instant coffee or, worse, no caffeine on your next trip, as there's a broad scope of travel coffee makers out there, perfect for any coffee drinker. Having the best portable coffee maker can make all the difference to your trip, allowing you to enjoy fresh brews on the go.

These compact brewers can easily fit into your overnight bag or luggage, giving you access to great coffee no matter where you go. However, because there are now so many travel-friendly brewers available, from the standard coffee maker, portable espresso machine, or travel press, it can be challenging to see which brewer suits your needs the best.

To help you find your ideal brew buddy for your next trip, we've listed some of the best coffee makers available, allowing you to enjoy fresh brews anytime and anywhere.

Best Portable Coffee Maker Products:​

Whether you prefer a travel coffee press, pour-over, portable espresso maker, or old-school stovetop coffee makers, all these provide the same great brews with the added benefit of miniaturization.

These top five portable coffee makers allow you to make sure you start each morning while on the plane, commuting, or hiking with freshly brewed coffee for a better, more energized, and productive day. Here are their unique offerings, providing numerous features that travel-hungry coffee drinkers would 100% appreciate.

iMiGoo Single Serve Portable Coffee Maker​

The iMiGoo single-cup coffee maker is an automated brewer that provides you with rich and robust brews with a single press of a button. It's fast and easy to use, allowing you to brew your favorite caffeinated drinks in just a few minutes with its unique 'one key' operation. Besides whipping out great coffee swiftly, it can also double as a portable espresso maker with its unique 'coffee 2' function for darker roasts. It can also brew tea, boil water, and heat milk, making it a versatile brewer that anyone would surely enjoy.


Automated Brewing Process

The brewer boasts an automatic brewing system that ensures precise temperature control and brewing time, giving you more consistent cups of delicious coffees. Its unique cyclic spray extraction pulls your favorite grounds' natural oils and flavors, giving you richer brews. It also features an automatic power adjustment that automatically turns off the machine after you make coffee and espresso, or keeps your drink warm when left inside for a specific period.

Versatile Travel Coffee Maker 

The device comes with unique brewing settings, including 'coffee 1' for light to medium roasted espresso grounds and 'coffee 2' for dark roasts, allowing it to make robust espresso. It also has additional settings for brewing tea, hot water, or keeping your drinks warm.

Durable Travel Brewer

Despite the brewer being lightweight and compact, it boasts a sturdy build quality. It's made of high-grade stainless steel, making it durable and functional, providing excellent coffee long-term.


  • This electric travel brewer allows you to brew coffee automatically.
  • It ensures you only get the best quality drinks each time with precise control over temperature and brewing time.
  • Its unique cyclic spray extraction function allows for more consistent extraction, producing a fragrant cup of coffee.
  • The brewer has an automatic shutdown feature when not in use.
  • It doesn't require you to boil water beforehand as it features a built-in heat source, providing more convenient brews.
  • It's a versatile product that can double as a portable espresso machine or tea maker.
  • It boasts a straightforward brewing process with its 'one key' operation.
  • It's made of high-grade stainless steel, ensuring more prolonged usage.

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OXX COFFEEBOXX Job Site Single Serve Coffee Maker​

The COFFEEBOXX is deemed the world's 'toughest' coffee maker and is the first heavy-duty single-cup brewer in the coffee industry. It's the only brewer with a ruggedized construction on the market, designed to tackle the harshest environments. It boasts a high-performance single-serve system that can work with any k cup pack and loaded with the newest brewing technology functions, providing convenient brewing. It gives hard-working and tough individuals with the most robust brew around.


Extra Large Water Tank 

The innovative brewer features an extra-large water reservoir that can hold over 85 ounces of hot water. Besides having a significant capacity, it comes with a spill-proof design, providing a worry-free and seamless brewing experience. The tank is also removable, making it easy to refill and easy to clean.

Separate Hot Water Line

The COFFEEBOXX features a separate hot water line that allows you to steep your tea leaves or make a quick hot meal with coffee-free water, from oatmeal, chicken soup, to ramen noodles, this machine has got you covered.

Weather Resistant

Besides being made from tough and durable materials with a 1500 lbs load rating, its unique design is 100% weather resistant. It's perfect outdoor use, deflecting water and dust seamlessly with its sealed construction and buttons, which are IP54 rated. The rating means it's fully protected from the environment, keeping dust out of your water supply and protecting it from harsh weather.


  • It works with all standard k-cups, capsules, and pods, for the user's added convenience.
  • It's the first-ever heavy-duty brewer that can withstand up to 2,000 pounds of force.
  • It also features impact-resistant plastic components for even stronger durability.
  • The machine construction is also 100% weather-resistant, being able to fight against dust and water.
  • It has sealed buttons with 'IP54,' meaning it's fully protected and can withstand even the harshest environments.
  • It has four serving size options, including 8, 10, and 12 ounces.
  • It can brew coffee an 8-ounce cup of coffee in 70 seconds.
  • Its compact size makes it the perfect brewer for home or busy construction sites.

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Makita DCM501Z 18V LXT/ 12V max CXTLithium-Ion Cordless Coffee Maker​

Get fresh coffee wherever you go with Makita's innovative 18-volt LXT cordless brewer, allowing you to brew coffee more conveniently, efficiently, and quickly. No additional filters are needed to make coffee. All you need is your favorite espresso or classic grounds, water, and an original Makita 18-volt Lithium-Ion Xtreme battery. It can whip out up to three cups of your favorite caffeinated drinks using an 18-volt LXT battery.


Battery Powered Brewer

This brewer is part of Makita's expanding 18-volt LXT products, boasting a more convenient way of brewing, eliminating the need to find electrical outlets to use the device. It's the perfect brew buddy for those who often move from home to home, ensuring they have great coffee while on the go.

Convenient Brewing 

The machine features a built-in steel drip filter that enables the ground coffee to be placed straight into the brewer, providing more delicious and robust brews in each cup. It doesn't require any additional filters.

Compact and Functional Design

The brewer boasts a compact design, having a width measurement between 8 to 9 inches and height measurement of 16 inches. It has a three and a half mug clearance, allowing you to place your favorite cups or travel mug inside its serving aisle. Its functional design eliminates the hassle of fixing messy or tangled cords.


  • It features a lithium battery-powered brewing system, providing more convenient brewing.
  • It can brew a single 5-ounce cup of joe in as little as 5 minutes or less when you are using an 18 voltage Lithium-ion Xtreme Technology (LXT) battery from Makita.
  • It can brew up to three cups of your favorite coffee using a 5 Ah (Ampere Hour) LXT battery.
  • It provides convenient and mess-free brewing as it doesn't require separate paper filters.
  • It boasts a compact design, standing at only 16 inches tall, making it perfect for any home kitchen or nomadic coffee fan.

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Pour Over Coffee Travel Mug - Coffee Gator All-in-One Travel Coffee Maker and Thermal Cup​

Coffee Gator's pour-over travel coffee maker allows users to bring the coffee house home, providing barista-quality brews and more smiles from each cup. The product is made from 'spacecraft-grade stainless steel' and copper, ensuring each cup retains the optimal drinking temperature for your favorite brews, keeping it hotter or colder longer. Its compact design makes it the perfect brew buddy for any wandering coffee fan. This single-cup personal coffee maker gives you the gift of enjoying your favorite caffeinated drinks whenever and wherever.


More Control Over Each Brew

The brewer features a manual hand drip method, helping you unlock your favorite coffee grounds' full spectrum of flavors and aroma. It allows you to make your favorite brew your preferred way, giving you more control over each drink.

Keeps Optimal Temperature 

The product features a military-grade 304 double-walled stainless steel coating with copper linings that can trap heat longer, keeping hot water at the optimal temperature for your next brews with ease. It can also keep your iced coffees or smoothies colder longer.

Less Waste and Great Brews

The product doesn't require additional filters as it comes with a reusable metal filter, providing cleaner tasting brew while saving the environment. It allows you to enjoy your favorite caffeinated beverages responsibly.


  • It's one of the best travel coffee makers with its ergonomic travel mug design and compact size, allowing you to enjoy good coffee no matter where you go.
  • There's no need for paper filters as the product has a micro-mesh filter.
  • Its design makes it easy to clean.
  • It features a stainless steel and copper-lined interior, keeping your drink hot or cold for longer.
  • It can virtually fit in all car cup holders.
  • Its ergonomic design allows you to make and take hot, fresh brews wherever you go, making it the perfect travel coffee brew buddy.
  • Its manual hand drip method gives you more control over each drink, producing some of the best coffee or espresso tailored to your specific taste.

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Portable Coffee Maker for Travel​

If you're looking for non-boring and delicious taste in each brew, pause coffee gear introduces their all-in-one best travel coffee maker. It comes with a burr grinder that allows you to grind fresh whole beans, add near-boiling water, and enjoy high-quality and fresh coffee. Its compact design makes it the perfect travel companion for a coffee fanatic that's always on the go, allowing you to take it anywhere, from your office to your hotel room. It uses a unique brewing system, allowing you to grind, filter, and drink coffee in a single machine, giving you a fresh brew every time.


All-in-One Travel Coffee Maker

The brewer combines the functions of a drip pot, burr-grinder, and insulated mug into a single functional system, allowing you to enjoy top-quality and fresh brews every time. All you need to do is add water and your favorite grounds.

Fresh Brews Every Time

The brew allows you to indulge in fantastic coffee every time, as it comes with a burr grinder, allowing you to grind your favorite whole beans for a fresher cup. This feature lets you grind beans to more uniform particles, enabling you to make any brew you want, from espresso to regular coffee.

Eco-Friendly Brewer 

The device doesn't require you to use any additional filters or disposable cups as it uses a stainless steel mesh-filter and comes with a top-quality tumbler. It allows you to indulge in your favorite brews responsibly.


  • It's an all-in-one brewer that allows you to grind whole beans and brew your favorite caffeinated drink in a single device.
  • Its compact design makes it the perfect travel coffee brew buddy, allowing users to take the brewer to the office, a camping trip, or hiking.
  • It's 100% eco-friendly as it doesn't require additional filters.
  • It boasts a unique pause portable system that combines the functions of a drip pot, burr grinders, built-in filters, and insulation into one of the best travel coffee makers available.

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Travel Coffee Maker​

A travel coffee maker is a miniature version of your standard brewers, packing functionality, design, and delicious brews in a single compact machine. It allows you to make your favorite caffeinated drinks on the go, fueling your caffeine needs with ease. Regular and specialty coffees like espresso are all possible even when you're away from your kitchen with these travel-friendly brewers.

However, like the regular-sized brewers, not all travel coffee makers are the same. They offer different ways to let you brew your favorite grounds, no matter where you go.

The most common types of travel coffee makers include:

Pour-Over Coffee Maker

Brewers following the concept of traditional pour-overs are the best travel coffee makers for longer journeys. That's because they're often the most compact and light among the other travel-friendly brewers, allowing you to bring your favorite caffeinated drinks no matter where you go with ease. These usually come in travel mug designs or tumblers, weighing in just a few grams. Because it follows the same concept of pour-overs, the coffees you get from these are decadent, rich, and robust.

However, the downside of these brewers is that it usually takes longer than other brewing methods. If you don't mind waiting for your brews to finish, travel pour-over brewers are the best choice for you.

Immersion Brewers 

Full immersion brewers work by immersing coffee grounds in hot water, allowing it to extract more flavors and natural oils, providing a more decadent cup. It's a manual brewing method that gives you more control of essential variables when making your favorite caffeinated brews, from standard coffees to a full shot of espresso. These include the water temperature, size of the grinds, and amount of time the grounds and water interact.

Popular variations include the classic French press and the AeroPress:

  • French Press - The travel-friendly version follows the same principles full immersion method, producing fantastic brews. However, although the coffees may be better, the cleaning process for these products usually takes longer because it contains more parts.There aren't many 'portable' French press coffee makers yet, with some being more travel-friendly than others. If you don't want to clean often, it's best to go for a different brewer.
  • AeroPress - It functions similarly to a French press but boasts a shorter brewing time, lasting around one minute to 30 seconds per session. The product of an Aeropress also contains no grit, standard with French press coffee, but provides a more mellow taste. Unlike the French press, the AeroPress is easy to clean.
  • AeroPress brewers are usually less expensive than other travel-friendly coffee makers like the mini espresso machine or French coffee press. If you don't mind a more mellow cup, the AeroPress is a fantastic travel brewer for you.

Portable Espresso Maker

If you like your coffee dark, a portable espresso machine will give you just that on the go. Although compact, a mini or travel-friendly espresso machine applies the same high pressure to the ground coffee on its regular-sized counterpart. This factor allows the brewer to extract the maximum flavor and natural oils of the grounds, providing the same rich, creamy, and robust espresso shot.
The espresso maker tends to be the most expensive out of all the travel-friendly brewers. Still, it often comes as a big hit with genuine coffee connoisseurs, providing authentic espresso in one compact system.

What is the Best Travel Coffee Maker?​

The best travel coffee maker should be versatile, easy to use, clean, maintain, and produce quality caffeinated beverages efficiently and quickly. One of the best ones in the market is the iMiGoo single-cup electric brewer. It can make your favorite caffeinated drinks, from regular coffee to espresso, in a few minutes following its simple 'one key' operation. Besides brewing standard coffee, it can also produce tea and hot milk, allowing you to explore different beverages on the go.

Traveling Coffee Press​

If you're looking for a more robust and vibrant cup of coffee, a travel press is a perfect choice. This travel-friendly brewer follows the same principles of 'immersion' brewing, which holds the coffee grounds and water while it steeps. When the brewing process finishes, you can 'press' the filter using a piston or plunge,' separating the coffee grounds from the liquid brew destined for your favorite mug.

This method allows the water to capture more of the grounds' natural flavors, retaining its oil, resulting in a rich and robust cup of joe. Some of the most popular traveling coffee press variations include the classic French press, AeroPress, and Bodum travel.

Like its regular-sized counterparts, when using a portable AeroPress, Bodum travel, or French press, make sure you use a medium to coarse ground coffee for the best results. These travel-friendly brewers provide the same strong brews, plus the added convenience of having a compact design allowing coffee connoisseurs to enjoy their favorite robust roasts on the go.

Portable K Cup Coffee Maker​

K cup coffee makers are specialty brewers that allow you to brew a single cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and other hot drinks using k cups. These cups, pods, or capsules usually consist of a plastic cup, lid, and filter. A portable k cup coffee maker follows the same brewing procedure, with the only difference being their size. Travel-friendly k cup brewers are smaller than their regular-sized counterparts, having an average height of 11 inches and a width of 7.5 inches. These can brew anywhere between 5 to 10 ounces per cup.

Here are the benefits that travel-friendly k cup brewers have over their regular-sized versions.

  • Compact and Easy to Pack - Although some travel-friendly brewers are more complicated to use than others, all of them are 100% portable, allowing users to stow them in bags of all sizes easily.
  • Compatible with Standard-sized K Cups - Despite being relatively smaller than its regular-sized counterpart, these little machines can use normal-sized coffee pods. It's also compatible with the larger capsules that are refillable.
  • Built-In Water Filters - All small pod brewers have built-in water filters, making them incredibly useful for traveling or outdoor activities such as camping and hiking. It allows users to be resourceful and use unsafe drinking water for their brews as these filters can efficiently filter them.
  • Pod Storage Container - These coffee pod brewers feature a capsule or pod storage container that can store up to 9 k cups, keeping your brewer equipped with an adequate supply for your next brews.
  • Different Serving Sizes - Most brewers that use coffee pods, like the heavy-duty COFFEEBOXX, offer various serving sizes, allowing you to switch between smaller and larger cups with ease. These machines will enable you to brew anything between 6 to over 10 ounces per brewing session.

However, despite the mini version's advantage over its larger counterpart, both brewers follow the same brewing method, where it starts with your coffee machine using pressurized hot water to pump into the cup via a narrow needle, puncturing its lid. Then another hollow needle will then pierce a hole at the bottom of the cup, allowing the fresh brew to get dispensed into your coffee mug.

Its brewing method is slightly similar to the traditional espresso coffee brewing principles, where scalding hot water and pressure work together to make rich and robust brews.

On the Go Coffee Maker​

These coffee makers are miniature versions of their regular-sized counterparts, providing the same great brews in one convenient and compact machine. These brewers usually follow the same principles as the normal ones, ranging from full immersion brewers, espresso makers to classic pour-over brewers. Its compact and functional design provides a travel-hungry coffee lover a fresh brew anywhere and anytime, giving their morning fix on the go. These machines are perfect for traveling, at the office, at home, when hiking, or going on a camping trip.

What is the Best 1-Cup Coffee Maker?​

Although the definition of the 'best' one-cup brewer will depend on your preference, some of the best include Coffee Gator's travel mug coffee maker, iMiGoo single-serve brewer, and the unique heavy-duty coffee machine, the COFFEEBOXX.

But, what makes them better than other brewers? There are versatile, easy to use, portable, and make delicious brews. Let's dive into each common feature of the best one-cup brewers.

  • Versatile - Although single-serve brewers mainly produce coffee, some of the best one-cup coffee makers should exhibit versatility, providing more choices to the users. The best one-cup coffee maker should have the ability to craft an array of drinks, pour multiple serving sizes, and offer a plethora of convenient features.
  • Easy to Use - Most of these brewers offer a simple brewing experience and fantastic brews. For instance, the iMiGoo is an electric brewer that lets you make coffee or espresso with a single button press with its 'one key' operation.
  • Portable - These one-cup brewers are relatively small, having heights ranging between 7 to 16 inches. They're less bulky and more convenient.
  • Quality Coffee - Although these brewers are relatively small, they still pack a punch. These incorporate its regular-sized version's brewing methods to its operations, providing you delicious cups of coffee in a single compact system.
  • Travel-Friendly - They are compact, discreet, and super easy to pack, making these brewers a must-have for every travel-hungry coffee addict.

What is the Best Mini Coffee Maker?​

If you're looking to have fresh brews while on the road, having a mini coffee maker on hand is a fantastic way to achieve that. Although these small brewers tend to have fewer features than their regular-sized counterparts, the best ones still have loads of benefits, including automatic brewing, shutoffs, bolder strength setting, or temperature control. One brewer that can provide all of these is the iMiGoo single-serve coffee maker. It's an automated brewer that lets you make your favorite drinks, from teas to coffee, with ease. Other great choices include the Makita battery-powered brewer, COFFEEBOXX brewer, and Gator coffee's travel mug coffee maker.

Travel Coffee Pot​

A travel coffee pot is a convenient way of getting fresh brews while on the road. It's the perfect coffee brew partner to have when going on long journeys or to the office. Although you can nip into your nearest coffee shops and grab a paper cup on the go, nothing beats being able to brew your favorite hot beverages on your own.

A travel coffee pot is, among other things:

  • Convenient - It allows you to brew rich and robust cups of coffee on the go, enabling you to make your morning fix just as tasty as it is at home, even while on the road.
  • Affordable - Lattes and other specialty coffees tend to be expensive. Though it's nice to have as an occasional treat, frequently buying them, especially when you travel a lot, can quickly rack up costs. Making your brews using travel coffee pots can save you money from the get-go.
  • Perfect for Any Brew - You can use these devices for different brewing methods, from classic pour-over to more specialized brewing, such as AeroPress or espresso-brewing.
  • Compact and Easy to Store - These travel coffee pots boast a compact design, taking little space on your kitchen countertops. It allows you to tuck them away easily in any bag, enabling you to enjoy fantastic brews no matter where you go.
  • Flexible - Besides brewing different specialty coffees, it also allows you to adjust the brews depending on your specific taste. You'll soon be brewing like a barista.

Portable Coffee Press​

A portable or travel coffee press is a smaller version of classic manual brewing methods, including French press and Aeropress. These brewers follow the brewing principle of 'full immersion.' This brewing method is when ground coffee gets submerged or immersed in hot water.

It holds the coffee grounds and water while it steeps, allowing them to 'bloom' or degas. This part is essential as blooming gives the ground coffee time to make space for water, allowing it to extract more flavors. Additionally, carbon dioxide tastes sour, and when you bloom your grounds, it prevents it from infusing with the final brew.

Once the coffee finishes steeping, then you'll need to push a metal mesh filter to the bottom of the coffee press using its piston or plunger, separating the grounds from the liquid brew destined for your favorite mug. Doing this allows the coffee's natural oils and fine particles to pass through it, giving the final drink a richer taste and fuller body.

However, although the final product is fantastic, it's worth noting that it can leave a 'gritty' texture to your brew, and though portable press brewers decrease this, it's still present. That's why if you're looking for a coffee press, make sure that you find one that leaves the least 'grit.' Some efficient portable press brewers include the classic French press, AeroPress, and a more modern Bodum travel.


Portable Coffee Maker - how cool is that? Brew your coffee everywhere - fresh and tasty without heavy weight coffee machine. Just think of camping or traveling.

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If you often travel and like your brews fresh, when looking for coffee makers, portable brewers are the way to go! These small coffee machines have the same functionality and brewing cycle that their full-sized counterparts have, depending on what brewing method you prefer, but they provide more convenience. They can cater to any taste and are available as classic pour-overs, intricate French presses, or complex espresso machines.

However, it can be challenging to see which one can cater to your specific coffee needs with its different variations as every brewer provides various things. That's why when looking for the best travel coffee makers, find a brewer that offers versatility, ease-of-use, and delicious brews.

Our top pick for the best portable coffee maker is the iMiGoo single-serve portable coffee maker. It's a versatile automated brewer offering endless drink possibilities, from classic coffee, intricate espressos to delicious tea, satisfying any form of craving. Besides giving you more options, it's relatively easy to use as it comes with a unique 'one key' operation, producing your favorite brews with a single button press.

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Baratza Virtuoso Review 2021: The Best Conical Burr Grinder

One of the easiest ways to level up your cup of coffee at home is by investing in a quality grinder. A good grind is crucial

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5 Best Siphon Coffee Maker of 2021: Classic Brewers for Quality Coffee

As a dedicated coffee lover and home barista, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the siphon coffee maker. It’s a classic brewer

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7 Best Jura Coffee Machine of 2021 for High-End Coffees

If you’re looking for a convenient and luxe brewing experience, any coffee maker from Jura can be the perfect companion for you.

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Best Keurig Coffee Maker: A Rundown

The first manufacturer of K-cup pods and single-serve brewers, Keurig, was founded in 1992, and by 1998 they released

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