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Introduction to "Nespresso vs. Delonghi"

Dave Carter

November 23, 2020

There are days when you want a good fix of freshly brewed, but you simply don't have time and energy to visit your favorite barista. So, even though you are enjoying the misspelled name that your barista intentionally wrote down and pondering over the list of coffee concoctions to try, there are still days when you will wish to have your own freshly brewed at home. With this, buying your espresso machine and having a fresh coffee cup every day is naturally beautiful. Just imagine posting a photo of your perfectly arranged Instagram and 'my day' worthy coffee shot every day! But what coffee machine should you buy? Should you buy Nespresso vs. Delonghi? If you are unsure of the brands of coffee machines to choose from, read on.

Nespresso and Delonghi are the two most popular coffee maker brands for coffee lovers. These sleek machines use coffee pods for a quick, delightful, and aromatic cup of espresso. But what is an espresso? An espresso is a brewing coffee method using the pressure of boiling water forced through finely ground beans. But unlike the traditional way of how Italian in the olden times prepares espresso, you can now use the best espresso machine. But what is a better coffee maker? Nespresso or De'Longhi?

You may like Nespresso better, but the other espresso machine is equally sleek, too! It could indeed put you in a dilemma since you love coffee, you enjoy a single shot of espresso on a cold, sleepy day, or two shots with a part of hot milk for a brew of cappuccino. Although both coffee maker brands are excellent, you need to choose only one. Well, you can buy it if you have extra money to burn.

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Nespresso vs. Delonghi: A Tale of Coffee Machines​

Nespresso and Delonghi are two coffee makers with Nespresso capsules pods compatible with both brands. The brand De'Longhi Eletta fully automatic espresso cappuccino and coffee maker is an Italian coffee maker brand based in Treviso, Italy. At the same time, Nespresso, a Swiss company, makes Nespresso coffee machines. Although both coffee makers can give you a delightful single-serve espresso or double shot for a good caffeine kick, the difference lies in the cost and sleek designs.

Some Nespresso and Delonghi coffee maker models come in a compact single coffee pod compartment for a great-tasting cup, while some models come in a two-cup chamber. Some models are compact and in basic black or red color that is perfect in a small bachelor's pad like the Essenza Mini of Nespresso with a minimalist design and modern tone, which is ideal for the millennial on the go. Nespresso Lattissima of Nespresso comes in classic white and beige color choices.

While some models are perfect for singles, some models are perfect for the family. Some espresso maker designs are even classic for the sleek and sexy. Who would have thought that a coffee maker would look so good, right? Buying your coffee maker will surely make your basic kitchen classy. You will also be inspired to learn coffee art, too!

Is DeLonghi the same as Nespresso?​

As mentioned, DeLonghi is the same as Nespresso in that they are both espresso machines, but they are of different brands. The former is an Italian brand, while the latter is a Swiss brand. However, whether you are using DeLonghi or Nespresso, you will still enjoy the same delightful cups of coffee to perk you up. A single shot or a double espresso will be treated to a caffeine boost that will keep you awake and alert.

The machines are also easy to use. Simply add water in the water compartment, add the coffee pods, turn it on, press the machine and wait for a cup of the great-tasking espresso shot. If a single shot is not enough to satisfy your caffeine craving, try the espresso coffee maker models with two or more coffee pod slots for another espresso shot. Whew! If you two shots are not enough, give yourself another cup for a perfect afternoon coffee break.

Is Nespresso Breville or DeLonghi better?​

Which is a better espresso cappuccino coffee maker? It is a tough question. Both machines are quality brands with great choices of coffee chine models to choose from like the Essenza Mini from Nespresso for those who want a compact design, or the Nespresso Lattissima model for a family of two or three. DeLonghi also has a compact design, the Dedica model that can make you a cup of the traditional espresso or your favorite cappuccino. There is also DeLonghi's Dinamica, which lands in the high bracket in terms of price. However, it is still worth your money for its fully automatic coffee machine feature with De' Longhi TrueBew Over Ice technology.

It is tough to choose and decide which one is better since both brands have a selection of coffee machine models. The question is, are you a heavy coffee drinker? Would you enjoy a cup all for yourself or with your family? Are you going for just the traditional espresso, or you also want to kick a little flavor by brewing a cup of cappuccino? Or you want your coffee iced? You will know the right coffee machine brand and model if you know how you like your coffee. If you love cappuccino, look for a model of Nespresso or choose DeLonghi models that can brew cappuccino.

How do the machines work? Nespresso or even DeLonghi coffee makers extract the coffee flavor in the pod through hot water flushing. The coffee pods are flavored, depending on your taste and liking. You can also choose the cup size for a more concentrated coffee flavor. For a strong kick, the smallest cup size merely is perfect, while the biggest cup adds more water to your coffee. If you want your coffee cappuccino, add hot froth milk and sprinkle a dash of the spice you like.

And by the way, DeLonghi espresso machines have a Hot Milk system that is a detachable tank that you can fill with milk. You can quickly fix it to a DeLonghi machine, heat it, mix, and foam for the creamy and delectable cappuccino and other coffee-based drinks. You won't have any problem storing leftover milk since the milk tank is detachable. Store it in your fridge or just drink it as is.

It is easy to use, right? The machines are easy to use, too! You saved time and energy, and eventually money from your trips to the corner coffee shop. Although you won't be seeing your cute barista for quite a while, you have your sleek coffee maker right in your home. What more can you ask for?

Difference between Nespresso machines​

You like espresso, but did you know that it is not a coffee bean variety like some coffee drinkers thought of? Nope, espresso simply refers to how you brew your cup of coffee. Passing through hot water to a pod of ground coffee is how you make espresso. The amount of water also depends on how strong or diluted your coffee is. You can choose the cup size for a strong coffee taste in a Nespresso or even DeLonghi machine. So, on the question, "Can you make espresso with regular coffee?" Yes, you can. You can use regular coffee beans, regardless of coffee variety and flavor. Some coffee pods that you add in the pod slot in Nespresso and DeLonghi can be flavored, too!

While you can buy 'espresso' labeled coffee beans in your favorite grocery or coffee shop, again, it is not a coffee variety. You can brew and espresso using different types of coffee beans, finely ground, flavored, or even blended. However, it is to note that coffee beans should be finely ground to extract the full espresso flavor. You can use an automatic coffee grinder or the compact and handy grinder. You can also buy a finely ground coffee or just beans and enjoy a moment of grinding. For some, the process of coffee grinding and brewing are all part of how to enjoy coffee.

Apart from the coffee beans, choose the best coffee maker or machine. But before hitting the add to cart button, know your coffee-drinking preferences first. Will you be using the coffee machine at home or in the office? Are you going to let your 30 or so employees use it? Or should you use it at home and sometimes bring it on your trip? The said questions will help you decide later on what best Nespresso machine is best for you.

Is there a difference between Nespresso machines?​

Professional espresso machines are invading your favorite corner coffee house and your home and your office. You can enjoy a cup of espresso wherever you are. But you may ask, "What is an espresso?" The simple answer: it is a coffee-making method that has been explained mainly in the earlier part of this article. But if you want to refresh a bit on how you make this coffee drink that gives you a good kick, here, it goes: finely-ground coffee in coffee pods, water in the Nespresso machine compartment, and switch the coffee machine, place the coffee mug and select the cup size. If you want to taste a more strong espresso taste, choose the smallest cup size. If you're going to have a leisurely afternoon without an extra coffee punch, medium to big cups will do. If you enjoy an espresso and one shot is not enough, you can always choose a double shot. Nobody would tell you that it is not allowed. You can have your coffee fix any way you like it.

However, another pressing question from coffee drinking humans is: Are Nespresso machines made equal? Of course not! There are three different types of espresso machines. In general, espresso machines used by your professional barista are lever-driven, and pump-driven, which can be semi-automatic, automatic, and super-automatic. Whoa! Espresso machines can be sleek and compact, but they can be for professional use, just like your barista handles.

For the homes, Nespresso has a list to choose from. There is the Nespresso Lattissima, New Citiz, Pixie, and Inissia. If you want a more compact design, the Nespresso Essenza Mini comes in black, red, grey, and green. The difference between Nespresso machines depends on the style of your liking, size, and capacity. Nespresso models come in different features and price ranges, too.

Which is the best Nespresso machine to buy?​

Several Nespresso machines are up for grabs, but what should you buy? How would you know if the espresso machine is what you need? If the coffee machine's model and features will be perfect for brewing your morning coffee cup? Well, fret no more since all you need is to look for espresso machine reviews.

So, what should you look for in a coffee machine? Here are some suggestions.

    1. Look for reviews on different selling platforms or websites. No fluffy sweetened words of honest to goodness product reviews will help.
    2. Know how you will use the coffee machine. Of course, the automatic answer is to make coffee, but would it be just for you? Are you going to bring it along with your travel? Will you share it with your family members? Are you going to use it in the office for everybody's enjoyment? How you will use it will help you think and decide the right coffee machine model and features.
    3. Compare the specifications of the machine. Once you know how you are going to use the Nespresso machine, you should know its technical specifications and features that will fit your coffee drinking requirements. Coffee is a serious matter. It is the lifeblood of the sleepyhead to make them endure the whole day. Coffee is also the go-to drink of cramming for success, so sleep is a luxury. So, now you know the importance of coffee? If yes, then compare and choose well.
    4. Know your budget or how much you are willing to spend. Of course, the price of each coffee machine unit depends on the specifications and features. If you are a starting coffee enthusiast who works on a budget, the Nespresso Essenza Mini is perfect. If you are using the machine at your office for your 30 employees or so, then the bigger commercial type espresso lever-driven and pump-driven machines should be your best choice.
    5. Ask your coffee-loving buddies as well. They can give insights on the best for portability, best in cost, best for small spaces, best to carry around for travel, and best for the office.

The Best Nespresso Machines that You Can Buy Online.
Extensively Reviewed by a Coffee-Enthusiastic.

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In a nutshell, coffee drinking is a culture just like drinking tea. You need the right coffee beans, the proper ground coffee (not too coarse for espresso), the right water temperature, and the right coffee machine. You can brew your coffee just like the olden times. In a pot, brew it over a low-medium fire and transfer to a cup before it boils. Or you can use the drip method or French press. But for those who want it full-flavored with just enough punch to last you the entire day, a coffee maker will do.

However, don't just settle for any coffee machine since the freshly brewed quality also depends on the Nespresso machine. So, if you want a single-serve espresso or a double shot, there is a Nespresso coffee machine model that you can check. As for DeLonghi, this espresso machine brand also has a milk container, or attachment for a nice cup of cappuccino or other coffee-based concoctions.

How would you know if Nespresso or DeLonghi is the perfect coffee maker for your loving coffee moments? Here are some tips:

  • Look for reviews by checking the different selling platforms,
  • know how you are going to use the coffee machine,
  • compare the specifications of the machine,
  • know your budget or how much you are willing to spend, and
  • ask your coffee-loving buddies on what they can refer to.

Finally, do you now know what you should choose? Is it Nespresso or DeLonghi? In comparing the two brands, Nespresso vs. Delonghi, you can get useful insights into the brands and models just right. If you are still having a hard time choosing one, why not get both? It is nice always to have a spare coffee machine in your home. You will never know when you will need a good cup of espresso.


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