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Brewing Old School for Moka Pot Coffee

Dave Carter

February 15, 2021

Why do you love brewed coffee? First, your day won't be complete without a daily dose of your caffeine fix. The nostalgic waking moments of sipping a warm cup of the bitter-sweet roasted flavor of a fresh brew coffee with a hint of cinnamon or cardamom stimulate and wake up your senses. A drink in the morning would also mean quality bonding time with friends and loved ones, or merely a time to enjoy one's company.

Making Moka Pot Coffee​

There are many different ways to make coffee, and this traditional brewing is still very popular in this modern day. A cup Moka is an excellent alternative to getting your espresso fix at home without the expensive price tags that go with the costly espresso machines. The drink made from Moka Pots is robust and full-flavored, and the best results could be made from darker roasts.

What Kind of Coffee Does a Moka Pot Make?​

With the Moka Pot, you can enjoy your coffee in many different ways. All through the pot, the pressure is not as intense as an espresso machine. It still delivers an espresso-like taste. Espresso is the base of several beverages, topping it up with boiled water from a kettle turns it into an americano. An americano made from a Moka Pot is comparable to the drip processed drink made with the best coffee filter. If you like having milk with your drink, pour your espresso into your cup and add three quarters of milk, which gives you a great cup of homemade latte. From the latte, you can sweeten your mug with a different kind of syrup or stir in a spoon full of cocoa powder to make a mocha.

Is Moka Pot Coffee Good?​

If you prefer your coffee to be low calorie, there is another way of enjoying your drink. Adding coconut oil in coffee can boost its benefits and add an extra unique flavor. There is plenty of information available on the use of coconut oil, and what has been getting more and more popularity is its use in weight loss. With the trend in diets and ketogenic lifestyle, coconut oil has been discovered to aid in boosting your metabolism and maintaining ketosis. Some skeptics about the combination of coffee and coconut oil worry that this might alter the taste of their favorite energy-boosting drink. Adding coconut oil will add a bit of sweetness, much like any other syrups out there, but the best thing about it is, it will not give that overpowering sugariness from the different variants.

How to Use a Moka Pot​

Today's advancement in technology can be seen anywhere, even in the kitchen. In this day and age, we now have a lot of smart devices, like smartphones, smart TVs, smart this and smart that. The smart devices did not spare the kitchen where we keep the smart refrigerators and to coffee lovers' enjoyment, smart coffee makers.

It may not be as convenient as the move advanced app-controlled coffee maker, the traditional Moka pots can still hold their own in the competition. Brewing in a Moka pot does not have to be complicated and tiresome. The pot is divided into three sections, as we have mentioned earlier; you have a boiler, a funnel-like container for your grounds, and a collecting bottom chamber for your cup. Every great cup of coffee starts with clean pure water and selecting the best coffee grounds to go with it. If you are not sure of what grounds consistency you need to get for your pot, you can visit your local coffee shop and ask for a bag of coffee ground for the pots.

How Do You Make the Best Moka Pot Drink?​

After getting the right ground beans for your Moka pot, another decision you need to make is if you want it black or want something else to go with it. One famous variation is cafe au lait, or coffee with milk. This is not your regular cup of instant coffee mixed with sugar and some creamer. How to make cafe au lait, you might ask. This beverage is made from a shot of espresso with milk. All you have to do is brew your cup and wait until it boils. Pour the espresso into the coffee mug, and add equal part warm milk, with little or no foam.

Moka Pot Espresso​

But is Moka brew espresso? Yes, and no. Espresso is a strong brewed coffee delivered in a small amount with significant benefits and uses pressurized hot water forced through ground beans. This is a similar method to brewing in a kettle but with a big difference. The pot has also been called the espresso stovetop maker. They may have their similarities in the process but they differ in the pressure needed to give espresso shots the crema they possess. The pressure required to make a great espresso shot is like coffee made with the best coffee capsules machine in the market today.

Is Moka Coffee as Strong as espresso?​

By the explanation above, it can be deduced that Moka drinks are not espresso but are espresso-like coffee since they have the full flavor, but not the crema found in each espresso shot. The Moka drink may not be as strong as you can expect from an espresso shot, but it does deliver a strong enough drink, especially if you get the right type and consistency of ground beans.

Moka Pot Instructions​

Even though pour over coffee instructions is easy, it could be said that brewing a drink from a Moka is even easier. When making a cup, choosing ground coffee beans is always the first and hardest step of all. The next step is to fill the lower chamber of the pot with freshly boiled water, stopping pouring when it reaches the valve. Moka coffee does not use cold water. Make sure not to put more water as it might cause mishaps during brewing, or this might sacrifice the taste.

Next is to fill the filter basket with ground beans and insert it into the bottom chamber. The filter basket holds the grounds, and it is analogous to the tamped grounds of an espresso machine. Pressurized water will pass through the filter basket going to the upper chamber. The setup is like making espresso on stovetop maker, and not an espresso machine.

Make sure that it sits correctly, and there are no grounds in the outer area or the rim of the container to give your pot its perfect seal to build the steam pressure.

Remember not to pack the coffee too tightly as it might clog or create too much pressure, which could be very dangerous. Carefully screw in the upper chamber of your Moka pot and ensure a tight seal. Bring it over to your stove and put the pot over a low heat, this is the recommended brewing method to enhance the flavor and give you that full experience. Once it starts to boil, the coffee will begin to trickle down to the collection section or bottom chamber. If your heat is too high, you can expect the brew to burst like a fountain.


If you choose to have Moka cup coffee with a little bit of sugar, I suggest to prepare it while the pot is brewing because it is essential to mix it while the coffee is still hot. The best way to brew with sugar is to mix it in slowly. Mixing in sugar is a critical step and should be handled with care to get right. Add a little sugar in, slowly pour from the pot and start stirring, makinge a creamier consistency. Keep adding coffee and sugar, and alternate stirring until you have reached the right amount in your mug.


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