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5 Best Low Acid Coffee of 2021: A Gentle Cup for Everyone

Dave Carter

January 6, 2021

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Every coffee lover knows that it's the acid in coffee that gives the brew its distinct bright, vibrant, and delicious flavors. Although great for taste, it sometimes doesn't agree with our stomach. An average cup of joe contains over two dozen types of acid. The large number and relative volume of acid often results in an upset stomach, especially among individuals who suffer from acid reflux or heartburn. Fortunately, even if you have a sensitive stomach, you can still indulge in your favorite brews with the best low acid coffee on the market.

These coffees with low acidity can make a huge difference between enjoying your coffee or trying to recover from it.
To make a cup that's gentle on everyone, here are the five top low acid coffee brands available. These coffees will give you all the flavors and aromas you'd expect from your regular morning cup of joe, minus the gastric distress.

Best Low Acid Coffee Products:​

The top five low acid coffees provide those with sensitive stomachs a way to enjoy the beloved caffeinated drink without sacrificing their health, making a 'gentle' cup for everyone. These blends are from some of the leading low acid coffee brands in the industry, allowing every coffee drinker to enjoy their favorite caffeinated beverages with ease. Here are their unique offerings and features for 2021 that every coffee fanatic would appreciate.

1. Puroast Low Acid Ground Coffee High Antioxidant​

Puroast ensures you only get the best quality coffees with reduced acidity by letting premium quality beans undergo a long roasting process under a traditional wood fire, producing brews that are 70% less acidic than regular blends. This benefit can relieve stomach issues, including heartburn. It's 100% organic and provides numerous health benefits, like having seven times more antioxidants than another popular caffeinated drink, the green tea. It's the ideal coffee for all day and everyday drinking.


70% Less Acid Than Other Blends

Puroast prepares its low acid coffees by letting their signature Velenzuelan-style coffee beans undergo a slow roasting process in a wood fire. This unique method results in a brew that has 70% less acidity than regular coffees.

7x More Antioxidants Than Green Tea 

Besides having low acidity, the Puroast blends contain seven times more antioxidants than green tea and five times more than regular coffee blends, making it a perfect wellness boost.

Kosher Certified

The product contains 100% organic grounds, providing you with a blend with no calories, gluten, and other additives. It's one of the few Kosher certified organic coffees available.


  • It contains only 100% premium coffee beans, ensuring optimal flavor in each brew.
  • It's both USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) and YCOA (Yolo Certified Organic Agriculture) certified, meaning you get 100% organic blends in each bag.
  • It contains no calories, gluten, and other additives.
  • It's a medium roast blend that provides balanced flavors, perfect for any taste.
  • It provides massive health benefits, from being 70% less acidic than other brands and boasting 7x more antioxidants in green tea and 5x more in regular coffee blends.
  • This blend produces smoother, delicious, and cleaner-tasting brews with no bitter aftertaste.
  • It works in all brewers, including classic French presses and modern drip coffee makers.

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2. Tyler’s No Acid Organic Ground Coffee - 100% Arabica Full Flavor - Neutral pH​

Tyler's low acidity coffee is the world's first and only acid-free blend so far, using the finest AAA Arabica beans sourced from some of the healthiest farms of Chiapas, Mexico. The result is a smoother, tastier, and cleaner brew that can ease acid reflux and other minor gastric issues. Despite its low acidity, it contains twice the natural caffeine content than regular coffees. It's a USDA organic certified blend, allowing you to indulge in quality coffee at home.


Tasty Blends

Tyler uses 100% coffee beans for their blends, improving coffee lovers' health globally, without compromising the caffeinated drink's quality and natural flavors. Its unique Z-roasting method removes the harmful tannings and lipid acids present in almost all commercial coffee blends, further enhancing its aroma and flavor.

Ease Acid Refluxes 

Acid refluxes often cause indigestion, bloating, and other abdominal discomfort or health problems. If you're looking for a blend that can satisfy your cravings without compromising your health, Tyler's is the only low acidity organic blend with a near-neutral pH scale perfectly suitable for those under an acid-free diet.

100% Acid-Free Blend

Tyler's low acidity coffees undergo an all-natural Z-roasting process that safely prevents harmful acids that naturally bloom during the degassing phase, allowing the regular whole beans to retain twice the natural caffeine. It gives you a brew that packs a punch minus the upset stomach.


  • All beans used for the blend are 100% Arabica coffee beans.
  • It's USDA and International Coffee Association certified, meaning you get 100% organic blends in the best quality possible.
  • The brew is gentle on your stomach and tooth enamel, giving you a stress-free drinking experience.
  • Its unique roast process produces twice the caffeine in regular blends.
  • It measures nearly a neutral pH scale when you brew it with purified water, making it entirely acid-free.
  • All beans used for the blend are premium Arabica beans sourced from Chiapas, Mexico.
  • Its near-neutral pH makes it suitable for those under an acid-free diet.

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3. HealthWise Low Acid Coffee, 100% Colombian Supremo​

HealthWise uses premium Colombian Arabica beans, one of the highest grades of beans available in the industry, producing high-quality and consistent blends. It uses a unique Technoroasting process that virtually eliminates all excess acids and irritants while retaining essential nutrients sealed-in the beans, from vitamins to antioxidants. The blends produce bitter-free rich, and mellow coffee that everyone can enjoy. A 12-ounce can of this product makes up to 110 cups of coffee.


Less Acid in Each Brew

HealthWise's unique Technoroasting process eliminates excess acids and irritants present in beans, helping individuals suffering from heartburn or sensitive stomachs that often get triggered by high acidity.

Nutrient Booster

The Technoroasting process preserves the natural nutrients sealed in coffee beans, including vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

All-Natural High-Quality Coffee

The blends ensure you only get the best quality coffees thanks to its Technoroasting process that follows an all-natural method that doesn't involve using additives to the grounds. The result is a gourmet blend of top-quality, delicious, natural, and bitter-free coffee.


  • All beans used for this blend undergo an FDA-approved Technoroasting process that reduces heartburn-producing acid common in other coffees.
  • It uses high-quality Colombian Supremo Arabica beans.
  • Its innovative Technoroasting process preserves the grounds' essential nutrients, including minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.
  • Every brew you produce will have a less bitter-taster and harshness.
  • It's Kosher certified.
  • A 12-ounce can make up to 110 cups of low acid coffee, providing a mild but delicious cup for everyone.
  • This blend is 99.9% caffeine-free, also making it a perfect companion for individuals who are sensitive to caffeine.

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4. Lucy Jo's Coffee, Organic Mellow Belly Low Acid Blend​

Lucy Jo's is a small roastery in New York, run by a family of coffee lovers. They provide coffees that taste good and have low acidity, using only the highest quality ingredients they can find, from Arabica beans originating from Brazil and Indonesia. A combination of premium beans naturally low in acid and a slow, small-batch rost process produces delicious brews that are sweet, earthy, boasting a smooth finish with subtle spice notes.


Top-quality Ingredients for Healthy and Tasty Blends

All ingredients used for the blends can easily stand as single-origin ingredients as they're all the freshest and highest quality you can get. Lucy Jo's roastery doesn't use filler beans and sources high-quality Arabica organic beans, producing tasty and healthy brews.

Small-Batch Roasting for Fresher Roasts 

All beans undergo small-batch roasting, producing the freshest roasted coffees possible with its natural flavors intact, providing deliciousness minus the acidity.

100% Organic Blends 

All beans used for the grounds are made from premium organic raw or green coffee, ensuring quality and the health concerns of drinkers looking for organically grown blends. Their products are certified 100% organic by the NOFA-NY (Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York).


  • It's equipped with a high-tech PI film, a high thermal resistant material, making the device 100% heat resistant.
  • It features a spill-proof design, avoiding product damage and making it easy to clean.
  • It gives you more temperature control as it slows down the cooling speed of your hot beverage, keeping your drink warm as in the optimal drinking temp, 131℉
  • It's FCC and UL-approved, ensuring reliability and safety.
  • Its compact design makes it perfect for home and office use.
  • It's made with top-quality brushed stainless steel, from its interior parts to the product's exterior, allowing it to work better and longer than other plastic mug warmers.

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5. Java Planet, Organic Coffee Beans, Colombian Single Origin, Low Acid​

Java Planet is a family-owned roaster business offering premium organic and Fair Trade coffee to different individuals, families, or shops throughout Tampa Bay, Florida, for the last decade. This humble company is committed to providing the highest quality blends while advocating for better health, communities, and the environment. They've been supporting local farmers from different countries since 2009, allowing you to enjoy coffee responsibly.


Great Blends from Sustainable Practices

Besides using quality ingredients, this product is Rainforest Alliance, and Fair Trade certified, providing top-quality brews while supporting local farmers and the environment. It's the coffee that gives back.

All-Natural Blends

The product doesn't contain pesticides and consists of 100% organic certified Arabica beans grown without chemicals or GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms). You'll only enjoy the massive health benefits in each cup, like its high levels of antioxidants.

Fresh Beans in Each Package

All products contain whole bean coffee for optimal flavor and freshness. You can use these beans from any brewer, from a regular drip coffee maker to the intricate French Press.


  • All products from Java Planet are 100% certified, including Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance certifications.
  • The blend features a medium to dark roast, boasting a fuller-body, balanced flavor, and mild acidity.
  • Beans used for the product undergo small-batch roasting for the ultimate taste retention, providing smooth and full-flavored brews minus the bitterness.
  • It's 100% organic and doesn't contain any pesticides or chemicals, improving overall flavor.
  • It's a healthier option for you and the planet, allowing you to enjoy coffee responsibly.

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What makes acid free coffee?​

Coffee is not as acidic as most other drinks. It is less acidic than most sodas, and juices. Sodas get their acidity from the dissolved carbon dioxide. Fresh juices contain natural acids but these are mostly masked by the high sugar content. Coffee’s acidity comes out in the roasting and brewing process.

Roasting releases the acid taste in coffee. However, different kinds of roasting yields different results for the acid levels. Darker roasts, or those roasted at a higher temperature or for a longer time, have less acidity than lighter roasts. Brewing time also affects acidity. Longer brews like cold brew coffee have a lower acid level, while a shorter duration brewing causes more acids to form.

If you want naturally less acidic coffee, you can choose to have dark roasted beans, brewed for long periods of time.

How Do You Make Coffee Less Acidic?​

Whether you don't like the flavor of acidic coffee or its side effects, here are simple ways you can make your brew have less acidity.

  • Opt for Low Acid Coffee Beans
    These are specialty beans that contain less acid than their regular counterpart, and some are produced naturally in a way that lessens their acid. At the same time, other manufacturers use artificial compounds on the beans to remove the acidic content.
  • Choose Dark Roast Coffee
    Although most assume that lighter roasts have less acidity, brews that use light-roasted beans are often described as bright and tangy as light roasts are rich in acids like malic acid.
  • Add Milk or Cream to Your Brew
    Another way to reduce your brews' acidity is to add milk and cream to them, as the dairy product can help balance the drink's pH levels. However, ensure you add these to a dark roast coffee as light roasts take milk less well.
  • Go for a Cold Brew
    When you steep coffee grounds in cold water for a specific period, it can make a brew that has up to 60% less acidity than regular hot brewed coffee. Although it takes a while to perfect a cold brew, it's a simple and great way to reduce acidity.
  • Use Arabica Beans
    Besides being the better-tasting bean, Arabica beans contain significantly less acid than their lower-grade counterpart, the Robusta bean. It's a simple way to lower your brews' acidity levels, giving you quality coffee along the way.
  • Add a Dash of Salt
    Adding salt to your coffee is a popular method of reducing bitterness, but it also works well in reducing its acidity levels. For optimal results, add a dash of salt to your coffee grounds before you brew it. This method works regardless of the brewing method you use, efficiently reducing the acid in your brew and bringing out its sweet flavor notes.
  • Egg Shells
    Brewing with eggshells can considerably reduce its acidity as these shells are highly alkaline, meaning they can neutralize the acid in your brews naturally. It can efficiently balance things out, removing its bitterness, and providing you with a better drink. You can do this by taking clean and finely crushed eggshells (they should resemble baby powder consistency)  and either add it to your grounds during brewing or steep in the brew after making it.
  • Pay Attention to Extraction
    High acidity levels are the typical result of under-extracting coffee, which often occurs when you use coffee grounds that are too coarse or brew them too fast. The ideal grind size and length of brewing will depend on the brewing method you choose. So, find the right recipe and follow it for optimal results.
  • Altitude and Soil Used for the Coffee Beans
    Coffee plants grown at high altitudes lead to a more acidic brew. At the same time, volcanic-rich soil can also increase acidity. Although these facts are easy to look for on the internet, the product's packaging should indicate where their coffee was grown. Checking for this not only reduces your coffee's acidity, but it can also help you determine if you're buying from a reliable manufacturer.
  • Use Acid Reducers
    The easiest way to reduce acidity in your brews is by triggering chemical reactions that can neutralize acids in the drink using an acid reducer. It's inexpensive and widely available, efficiently reducing your coffee's acidity levels without compromising its quality and flavor. It works by binding the acids inside your brew together, making them less prevalent.
  • Brew with Hard Water
    Although filtered water produces top-quality brews, it tends to retain most of its acidity. That's why if you're looking for an easy way to reduce acid, it's wise to use hard water. That's because hard water contains an array of minerals like calcium, neutralizing the acid, making it less prevalent.

Can I Drink Coffee if I'm Acidic?​

Yes, you can still drink coffee if you're acidic or are suffering from heartburn and GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease). You need to pick the lowest acid coffee variation you can find or make your brews less acidic by adding milk, cream, or salt to it. You can also enjoy your favorite brews by brewing it cold instead of the traditional hot brewing method. However, before you drink any coffee, it's best to consult with your physician or nutritionist for professional advice.

But if you've tried drinking coffee recently and notice it triggers your specific conditions, it's best to avoid the beverage altogether.

Popular Low Acid Coffee Brands​

As you know, the acid present in coffee is responsible for the bright and distinct taste that the brew provides. Although it can make a cup of joe taste phenomenal, it can be problematic for individuals with sensitive stomachs or suffer from heartburn since it's the acid content in coffee that triggers these conditions. Fortunately, coffee manufacturers have taken their time to produce blends that everyone would enjoy.

Here are the best and most popular low acid coffee brands that provide relief to heartburn symptoms without any side effects, not to mention the flavorful cup that each one produces.

Which Coffee is Least Acidic?​

The coffee roast that provides lower acid is the dark roast when compared to its lighter counterpart. That's because the beans undergo a longer roast process that mostly dries the beans whole while still in the pulp, minimizing its acid levels. Meanwhile, beans that produce the least acidity are Arabica beans compared to its low-grade counterpart, the Robusta beans.

Which Coffee is Best for Acid Reflux?​

The best coffee for acid reflux is coffee blends or grounds that use beans with low acidities, such as the premium Arabica beans, rather than Robusta beans, that possess high acid levels. Besides the type of beans used, the best coffee that can ease acid reflux and heartburn symptoms should be dark roasted. The darker the roast is, the less acid it contains. Another low acid coffee that you can opt for is decaf coffee, especially the version made with the Mountain water method as it extracts caffeine out of the beans, leaving you with less caffeine and acid.

Low Acid Coffee K Cups​

If you love great coffee and convenience but have a sensitive stomach, low acid K cups or coffee pods are fantastic alternatives that you can enjoy. The most popular K cup manufacturers Keurig and Nespresso, offer many low acid coffee pods that you can enjoy.

Besides providing convenient coffee-making, here are the different benefits that low acid coffee pods provide:

  • Delicious and Mild Cups
    If you suffer from stomach ulcers, gastritis, or GERD, but want your daily coffee fix, low-acid brews are a fantastic choice. Manufacturers made low acid coffee to provide patients with sensitive stomachs a way to enjoy coffee without triggering excessive acidic juices in their stomachs.
    Elderly individuals can also enjoy low acid coffee as it doesn't cause diarrhea, nausea, or bloating, even with their extremely sensitive stomachs. Additionally, low acid coffee can keep IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) at bay.
  • Ideal for Lactose Intolerant and Gluten Sensitive People
    Acid-free or low-acid coffee blends are also ideal for individuals suffering from lactose intolerance or Celiac disease. This beverage can help by reducing inflammation for the discomfort caused by regular brewed coffee.
  • Reduce Chances of Developing Insomnia
    People that drink too much regular caffeinated coffee have higher chances of getting insomnia. However, if you can't give up your favorite brews, you can always opt for decaf coffee or low-acid coffee, as both can reduce your chances of developing insomnia.
  • All the Flavor Packed in One Coffee Pod
    Although low acid brews have had a bad reputation for being tasteless or watery in the past, today's versions keep all the taste, body, and caffeine of regular coffee. Add that with K cups' convenience, and you get a flavorful brew in one small package, minus the bitterness.

Take more advantage out of your coffee? No problem with this great low acid coffee!

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If you have a sensitive stomach but still want to enjoy your coffee, low acid blends are a fantastic alternative. So, even if you have a delicate digestive system, you can still enjoy your favorite caffeinated beverages without sacrificing quality and flavor. But with so many options, which one should you try for your next brews? Although all brands featured are excellent in quality and taste.

There's only one that stands among the rest and gets crowned as the best low acid coffee, and that's the Puroast low acid ground coffee high antioxidant. It's an all-around pleaser with relatively low acid levels alongside fantastic flavor and numerous health benefits, including high antioxidant levels, allowing you to enjoy your favorite coffee without worrying about getting an upset stomach.

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