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Enjoying Your Drink Longer if You Keep Coffee Hot

Dave Carter

December 14, 2020

Coffee is an essential thing that many people can't go without for a day. It wakes you up in the morning, but you also want to take it out and go about your routine. But quite terribly, your coffee can turn cold in just a few minutes of ignoring it. This scenario has happened to almost all coffee lovers out there. And it can be quite depressing to see a tasty brew go to waste. If only there is a way to keep coffee hot and drinkable, then you can confidently start your day.

There are several ways to keep your coffee at the perfect temperature. If you know any of these simple tricks, you would not mind going through your routines as your coffee will be okay once you take a sip of it. First, we will bust some myths that many people believe work on keeping their cups warm and tasty.

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Myths on How to Keep Coffee Hot​

Sometimes, people resort to quick fixes for them to prolong the pleasant warm temperature of their coffee. However, if these four are included in your must-try ideas, best not to try them. Here's why:

Using A Hot Plate to Keep Coffee Warm

Hot plates really can warm up many dishes, but it is not the ideal solution if you want to keep your brew drinkable. These things utilize direct heat, and it can burn your drink instead of just keeping it warm and toasty. Hot plates will turn coffee from cold to scalding hot inside your warm mug. Then it will over-extract your brew to make it dreadfully bitter.

Using a Candle Warmer

A candle warmer is used to warm scented candles, and some people think that the size is perfect for keeping warm mugs of coffee. However, it uses the same heating process as the hot plate. Thus, your cup of coffee might just end up scalding hot and tasting worse rather than keep your coffee warm.

Reheating Coffee

Using the microwave is pretty convenient; some people use it to prepare a mug of hot chocolate. It might be a good idea just to reheat your cup of coffee using this high-tech home equipment. But think again.

Coffee is a one-time heating deal, and reheating a cup may change your brew's chemical makeup. It will be different from getting the fresh liquid off the best coffee beans. Reheating will only ruin the flavor profile of your favorite drink.

More so, a microwave oven uses radiation to heat things quickly. So you might end up getting an uneven warm coffee cup and coffee that tastes a bit burned.

Keeping Your Pot in the Carafe

A French Press carafe is a great option for brewing coffee. However, it is not the container that you can use to keep your coffee hot. Keeping your coffee in the carafe will only lead to over-extraction and seeping. Your coffee will only taste burnt, dry, and devoid of all the awesome flavors.

How Long Does a Coffee Stay Hot?​

After brewing your coffee in the morning, it stays hot for only 30 minutes or less. It depends on the temperature of your room too. If you do not use any means to keep it hot, you might overlook your cup and eventually get back to it to find it cold.

There are several effective means to keep your mug warm and keep your coffee hot. Here are some ideas to prolong your coffee's pleasant temperature so you can enjoy it even after some time.

Wrap Your Cup With a Cloth

Doing this can be a challenge if you are on the move. But if you are staying in and there are some things that you need to do, this is one of the best ways to keep your coffee hot for up to an hour or two so you can enjoy it even then. Get a heavy cloth and use it as insulation for your cup. It may not be a long-lasting solution to keep your coffee warm, but it will keep it in the mood until you're done with whatever is keeping you away from your cup.

Find a Cup Sleeve

Cup sleeves or cup warmer are not just used to display the cafe brand where you get your morning cup. These are cost-effective and a natural means to keep your coffee warm for a little longer. It also works to protect your hands from burning and keep your cup warmer and insulates it to hold the heat. There are knitted cup sleeves, cloth, neoprene, and other materials that can be personalized. Best keep some in your car, office or at home to keep your coffee warm and tasty for longer.

Insulated Travel Cups

Coffee fans surely have a favorite cup, and most also have those insulated travel mugs where they keep their coffee when they are on the go. Some of these products have a removable cover, which you can exchange with anything that matches or something that you prefer. And because it is insulated, it is one of the perfect solutions to keep coffee hot and preserve its flavors and aroma. More so, these products are some of the best mugs for coffee if you want to make sure that it is hot for some time.

Preheating Your Cup

Another way to keep coffee warmer for long is to reheat the cup or mug that you will use. It will have your brew at the optimal temperature so you can enjoy it even after a while. The concept is the same as when you preheat the carafe for the best French press. It ensures that the temperature is kept at 195 to 205 Fahrenheit for the best coffee flavor extraction. Preheating can be done by filling an empty cup with boiling water and letting it stay for about a minute to warm the cup evenly. Remove the water and fill the container with your brew. This simple trick is very straightforward, plus it will not change the drink in any way.

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The Best Coffee Machines that You Can Buy Online.
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What is the Best Cup to Keep Coffee Hot?​

There are several ways you can make an espresso shot or specialty espresso for coffee drinks since there are different types of espresso machines out there. Below is how you can make espresso with coffee beverages on a standard espresso machine, typically semi or fully automatic.

  1. Grind your favorite coffee beans finely and place them in the espresso machine's portafilter.
  2. Tamp the coffee grounds to create a coffee puck.
  3. Turn on the espresso machine and wait for it to heat up.
  4. Add the portafilter into the brewer and put a cup on its dispenser.
  5. Push the start button and pull a shot.

Benefits of Warm Coffee​

Coffee is excellent, whether it's hot or cold. Some people base their choice depending on their mood or whatever the weather is at the moment. But the differences between them are not only about temperature. Some experts share the surprising benefits of hot coffee. (Cold coffee has advantages too, but we will discuss that in another post.)

Drinking coffee generally has a lot of health benefits. Coffee lowers the risks of diabetes, a brain booster, and helps reduce the chances of depression. And although cold coffee is becoming extremely popular, hot coffee still has a lot of advantages. Here are some of them.

It has more antioxidants - researches conducted in 2018, showcased the higher levels of antioxidants in hot coffee than in cold brew. These antioxidants are some of the best health benefits that coffee can offer because it reduces the risks of cancers, liver problems, heart diseases, and diabetes.

Higher Caffeine Content

Depending on where you source out your coffee, the amount of caffeine can vary. But cold brew generally has lower caffeine content. Thus it is ideal for those who take a second cup. Hot coffee, on the other hand, has roughly around 100mg of caffeine per 100g. So if you like to be more awake, it is best to go for a hot cuppa.

Hot Coffee Leads to Better Mood

A cup of hot brew in the morning can lead you to a better, more positive mood. When you experience physical warmth, such as when you hold a cup of hot brew, you also experience an increase in interpersonal warmth. It will lead to good feelings, such as generosity, caring, and kindness towards others.

A Hot Cup's Aroma Can Make You Feel Less Stressed

In some cases, you don't need to drink coffee to experience its positive benefits. The sweet aroma of steeping from the best French press can alter your gene's brain activity. For some people, a whiff of a hot brew is enough to improve feelings of stress, tiredness, and sleep deprivation.

Typically, it does not matter which type of coffee you drink. But of course, you have to have coffee in moderation. Having the best cappuccino machine can help you fix a cuppa whenever you feel stressed or when you have friends to entertain.

Should Coffee Be Served Hot?​

Looking at the benefits of drinking hot coffee, you might consider opting for a hot brew most of the time. Back in the days, there was only one way to drink coffee, and it was hot. However, people today are more experimental. You can find the best coffee maker with grinders so you can brew the perfect cup from home. More so, there are also consumers that wish to prepare cold coffee drinks without visiting their favorite cafe. Thus, a selection of the best super automatic espresso machine is also made available for the home.

When asked if you like your coffee served hot, well, it all depends on your mood or taste. Whether you opt for a cold or hot brew, know that there are significant health benefits in every sip.

How to Enjoy A Hot Cup of Coffee​

If you prefer to have a hot cup, but you are always on the go, you should invest in a good quality thermal cup or travel mug. These products are designed to keep your brew hot for up to six hours. Even after traveling, you can enjoy a hot cup of your favorite drink anywhere you stop to rest. Most of these cups or mugs can be used with regular coffee makers, so you can start brewing and have it straight into your cup. Just seal it tightly to keep the temperature at its optimal brewing hotness.

10 Best Coffee Machines

The Best Coffee Machines that You Can Buy Online.
Extensively Reviewed by a Coffee-Enthusiastic.

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Keep Coffee Hot All Day​

Coffee lovers often find it frustrating to see their coffees become cold after a while of being busy. A morning cup of brew is always a blessing for many. The warm and enticing aroma is enough to awaken you and perk you up for the day. Now, it is possible to keep coffee hot for a little longer so that you can enjoy it during your work break. All you need to do is invest in an excellent thermal container, and you'll have hot coffee all day long.


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