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Kahlua Coffee Recipes Coffee Lovers Must Try

Dave Carter

October 29, 2020

Do you want to give your coffee a twist? Try different Kahlua coffee recipes, like an Irish coffee blend with shots of Kahlua. This flavored coffee with a portion of alcohol goes well with coconut cream, a spoonful of grated dark chocolate, or a brown sugar sprinkle. You can also try Kahlua coffee recipes like Kahlua milkshake or Dom Pedro, and Kahlua parfait like creamy Kahlua raspberry cheesecake. Simply enjoy it in cocktails, or use it to spice up with favorite cakes and ice cream. So, if you want your favorite coffee with notes of rum, caramel, and vanilla over a roasted coffee flavor, try Kahlua.

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What is Kahlua coffee?​

A Kahlua coffee is made from brewed top coffee beans plus a portion of Kahlua. It is a liqueur coffee with about 100 ppm or 5 mg of caffeine for a standard 1.5 ounces drink. You can buy it in most liquor stores than your regular coffee shops. In fact, Kahlua is a staple in bars than your favorite corner cafe. Even though the liqueur contains caffeine, it might not be enough to satisfy your daily caffeine needs. Instead, Kahlua is best enjoyed as an after drink for an excellent nightcap. A relaxing night with dim lights and soft music can be made more special with a glass of Kahlua.

Popular Kahlua Coffee Recipes​

There are several ways to enjoy Kahlua. You can simply add ice, or if you want it a little fancier, mix it with chocolate ganache, pour in a wine glass, and top it with chocolate carvings. Add a leaf of mint for a fabulous presentation. If you feel a bit nostalgic, prepare a coffee cocktail and enjoy it over dim lights and mood music. It is also a good alternative from your best drip coffee since it is also made from top coffee beans. The only difference is that it is laced with shots of rum. So, rum in your favorite coffee? Why not!

Kahlua is versatile. You can enjoy it as a drink or use it for baking and cooking. As a drink, simply pour ice for a sweet treat. But did you know that you can further spice up your Kahlua? Here are some coffee drinks to try:

Here are some popular coffee cocktail recipes to try:

  1. In South Africa, a Kahlua milkshake is also called a Dom Pedro, is a delicious ice cream boozy cocktail perfect for all occasions. Preparing this drink is easy, too! You just need 3 cups of store-bought or homemade vanilla ice cream, 1/4 cup Kahlua, 1/2 cup coconut cream, and about 2 ounces of grated dark chocolate. Mix the ice cream, Kahlua, and coconut cream in a blender, pour it in a wine glass, top it with grated chocolate and serve.
  2. Kahlua for your creamy raspberry cheesecake parfaits is a perfect dessert that would make any celebrations feel more special. For the cheesecake, prepare and combine 1 1/2 cups of cream cheese, 1/4 cup yogurt, 1 tbsp. sweetener and mix until smooth. Add the 1-2 tsp. Brewed coffee dissolved in water. You can add more coffee, depending on your taste. For the cream, combine 1 cup of whipping cream, 1 tbsp. sweetener, and 1 tbsp. Kahlua. You may add more Kahlua, depending on your taste. Serve the cheesecake in a small glass, top it with the cream and bits of raspberry, and drizzle with chocolate sauce.
  3. Kahlua Cold Brew Tonic is an easy recipe of 1 1/2 part Kahlua, 1 1/2 part coffee brew, and three parts water tonic. Mix in a tall glass, add ice cubes, and garnish with lemon and mint.
  4. Kahlua Cold Brew Soda is another easy Kahlua mix recipe. With the same parts in the cold brew tonic, substitute three parts soda instead of tonic and enjoy.
  5. Kahlua Ginger Ale just need 1 part Kahlua and three parts ginger ale over a tall glass with ice cubes.
  6. Kahlua Sour gives your coffee liqueur a surprise twist. Just mix 2 1/2 parts Kahlua,  1 part freshly squeezed lemon juice, 1/2 part syrup, and 1 large egg white. Strain and pour in a small glass and add ice.
  7. White Russian is a mix of 1 part Kahlua, 1 part Absolut Vodka, and 1 part heavy cream. Mix well and pour over a glass with ice.

There are other fancy Kahlua mixers to choose from Espresso Mudslide, White Russian Shake, Summertime, Kahlua Sour Martini, Chili Chocolate Sombrero, Chili Chocolate Highball, Spiked Horchata, and many others. You can also use it as a base for Irish coffee. The possibilities are endless, especially because you can mix this versatile coffee liqueur with almost anything and enjoy either hot or cold.

For the mixers using coffee brews, it is best to use freshly brewed coffee. Just look for a pour-over coffee instructions for a perfect brew that will go well with your favourite Kahlua mix.  Using the right coffee maker like technivorm coffee will give the best coffee brew that you can use your Kahlua mixers.

Who makes Kahlua coffee?​

Kahlua originated from Mexico, and it is considered as the best-selling coffee liqueur in the world. Articles online show that it was first produced in 1936, and it was later imported to the United States by Jules Berman, which earned him the moniker Mr. Kahlua. Since the first importation and several company mergers, Kahlua was partially acquired by Pernod Ricard.

Does Kahlua coffee have alcohol?​

Kahlua contains 20.0% alcohol, but its earlier version contains more kick as a bottle holds 26.5% alcohol content by volume. However, a stronger version called Kahlua Especial, is a high-end product mostly sold in duty-free markets containing 36% alcohol content. This particular version uses selected arabica coffee beans grown in Veracruz in Mexico that have lower viscosity than your regular Kahlua. It is also less sweet, and as mentioned, higher alcohol content in your liqueur. With the variety of offerings, you can enjoy this creamy liqueur drink at 20% to 36% alcohol content.

Is Kahlua or Baileys better for coffee?​

Comparisons had been thrown between Kahlua and Baileys. Although they are both coffee liqueurs, and both have their own merits, their difference mostly lies in the creaminess. Although both taste great, the Irish cream Bailey’s has a creamier taste, while Kahlua has more punch. Bailey’s is closer to irish coffee, while Kahlua has a strong coffee influence. So, it would depend on the preference of the enthusiast on what is better for coffee. But one thing is sure, you like coffee, and you want alcohol, Kahlua will satisfy your cravings for both.

Recipes for Hot Kahlua Drinks​

Kahlua can be enjoyed cold or hot. A cup of warm liqueur on a cold, snowy, or rainy evening is simply perfect. Imagine yourself sitting on a chair beside the crackling fireplace while you drink Kahlua in peace; it is simply divine, right? So, if you are curious on how to prepare the perfect hot drinks, here are some ideas:

  1. Kahlua Coffee is a straightforward 1part Kahlua and two parts freshly brewed hot coffee. You can add milk and brown sugar, too! It depends on your taste.
  2. Kahlua Hot Choco is another simple recipe of 1 part Kahlua and three parts hot choco. Brown sugar is optional. Garnish with shaved dark chocolate for the more chocolatey flavor.
  3. Kahpuccino is 1 part Kahlua and 1 part cappuccino garnished with your favorite spice. Add brown sugar if you wish.
  4. Kahlua Latte is two parts Kahlua and 1 part cafe latte.
  5. Kahlua Flat White is two parts Kahlua and 1 part flat white.

Just like the cold coffee drinks, there are hot mixes like Kahlua Americano, Kahlua Espresso, Kahlua Tall Black, and Kahlua Black and Milk.

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Enjoying coffee with Kahlua​

If you love coffee and love alcohol, it would not be hard for you to enjoy Kahlua. A cup of classic hot cocktail drink on a cold rainy day or a cold kahlua mixer on special celebrations would satisfy your caffeine cravings. If you want to have more coffee in your hot Kahlua mix, use more portions of coffee brew. Just make sure to check how to clean a cuisinart coffee pot after preparing your coffee brew.  Enjoying a cup or glass of Kahlua is also best if you use freshly ground coffee beans. Use the best hand grinder for coffee for a consistent coffee grind.

Whether you like your Kahlua cold or hot, there are several Kahlua coffee recipes to choose from.  Cold Kahlua mixes with soda, ginger ale, tonic, lemon juice, vodka, and others are just some mixers that you can do. For a hot Kahlua drink, simply add two parts of coffee, cappuccino, latte, and espresso. For stronger coffee taste, add more parts coffee than Kahlua or follow the recipe. Apart from sipping and savoring the cream liqueur coffee, you can also use Kahlua for your baking treats like cheesecake, cupcakes, or parfaits. Enjoy Kahlua recipes any way you like it.


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