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Honey in Coffee: A Sweeter and Healthier Brew

Dave Carter

March 29, 2021

There's no denying that coffee is one of the most popular beverages globally, having over 400 billion cups consumed annually. Many variations have emerged because of its popularity, allowing you to enjoy coffee with milk, plain, or added sweeteners. Although sugar is the most used sweetener for coffee, other sweeteners are better, healthier, and more delicious. A healthy alternative that many people are raving about is adding honey in coffee.

Honey has been part of many people's lives as early as 8,000 years ago, although the first person to think of adding honey in coffee is still unknown. But it most likely comes from a culture of coffee lovers trying to explore the different possibilities they can achieve with the brew.

To help you understand the different advantages of adding honey to your coffee and if you should do it for your brews, here's everything you need to know about the unusual flavor combination.

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Not Sugar, but Honey in Coffee

Coffee can be a complicated drink, with so many variations of it popping off, you may wonder, what is a breve? Why add honey in coffee instead of sugar? Why does coffee make you poop?

Although it is a healthy alternative to white sugar or other artificial sweeteners, it has more calories than sugar. It also similarly affects blood sugar as regular white sugar would. A teaspoon of honey contains approximately 21 calories, while white sugar only has around 12 calories per pure cube.

So, if it has more calories and has the same effects on your blood sugar, why do so many people use honey with coffee? Although it has a higher calorie content, it provides more health benefits than sugar when you look at the bigger picture.

The benefits that you can enjoy when adding the natural sweetener instead of sugar to your coffee include:

  • It Contains Antibacterial Properties
    Because honey contains pollen, putting honey in your favorite coffee drink can help you fight against symptoms of different medical conditions. These include seasonal allergies, runny rose, cold, fever, a sore throat, and headaches. It provides less congestion and a sweeter, healthier, cup of coffee.
  • High in Antioxidants
    Unlike sugar, honey boasts high antioxidant levels that help reduce toxins or 'sick' cells inside your body. Having too much of these toxins can lead to adverse effects on the body long-term. So when you pair up coffee, which is already high in antioxidants with honey rather than sugar, you're one step closer to better brews and health.
  • It Contains a Ton of Vitamins and Minerals
    Besides making your coffee more delicious, honey can amplify its health advantages as it is rich in Vitamin C and calcium.

Although many experts have linked honey coffee to several medical benefits, such as improving heart health, faster wound healing, and high antioxidants, it's best to consume it in moderation. That's because using it too much can lead to adverse side effects because of its high sugar and calorie content.

Is Honey in Coffee Good?

Putting honey in coffee is excellent if you're looking for a healthy way to make your morning brew a bit sweeter, as it's relatively healthier than sugar and other sweeteners. It can mildly sweeten your drink without disrupting the natural coffee flavor.

But, if you're concerned about the taste and are looking for the best option to make your brew much sweeter, sugar has a better advantage over honey as it provides more flavor. That's why many drinkers opt to use sugar instead of honey to sweeten their brews. Additionally, the natural sweetener possesses a unique, intense flavor that doesn't always go well with coffee.

However, if your definition of 'good' is about its benefits and not the sweet taste, it's best to add small amounts of honey to your coffee as it contains more nutrients and other healthy compounds. So, when you learn how to use French press, why not add a drizzle of honey to it for a healthier, mildly sweeter, and more delicious brew.

Why is Mexican Coffee So Good?

Mexican coffee is the perfect combination of sweet, bitter, and spice, making it a great breakfast drink or afternoon pick-me-up. It's like a perfect blend between hot chocolate and coffee, making it the ultimate brew for coffee lovers and casual drinkers. Besides its signature spicy and chocolatey flavors, it contains candy bar flavors and carries chocolate or nutty sweetness perfectly, no matter the roast levels. It's the ultimate versatile drink that everyone can enjoy.

Without the traditional add-ons, such as orange peel, cinnamon sticks, or chocolate, Mexican coffee provides an excellent subtle white wine taste, light body, and a pleasantly dry, acidic snap. You can create the Mexican caffeinated drink at home using a Moccamaster coffee maker, an espresso machine, or even a simple stovetop coffee pot.

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Can You Put Honey in Coffee

After scouting for the best Cuisinart coffee maker or espresso machines on the market, you may be looking for other ways to upgrade your coffee experience, and using honey is a great way to add flavor, taste, and health. But you may wonder, can you put honey in coffee? Yes, but there are specific servings and types of honey that's best for your favorite brews. That's because, although some kinds of honey taste good on toast, it won't taste as great in your morning coffee.

There are two kinds of honey that you can use for your brews, including raw (unpasteurized) and regular (pasteurized) honey. The raw variation comes directly from the bees' hives, containing more nutrients than its classic counterpart, making it healthier overall. In contrast, the regular version undergoes several processes where manufacturers make it taste sweeter, disrupting its natural flavor while adding processed sugar and preservatives.

You can make honey coffee in several ways, and it will depend on your preferences. The type and taste of honey will depend on the flowers that the bees pollinate, sweetening your brew.

Here are some of the best types of honey that provide the best taste and flavor.

  • Acacia - It's very light, but the sweetest you can get in the market, providing that classic honey taste.
  • Alfalfa - It's a soft honey variation with a mild flavor, promoting healthy intestinal bacteria production.
  • Basswood - It's light with a robust flavor and subtle hints of floral notes, making it a perfect choice to add to your morning brews.
  • Buckwheat - It's the strongest and darkest honey you can get in the market, providing a robust flavor with subtle hints of spiciness, making it the perfect addition for hectic mornings.
  • Chestnut - This type of honey is directly harvested from Chestnut trees' nectar and is a popular choice among Italy drinkers. However, its taste tends to be a bit bitter, leaving you with a potent brew. It's the perfect drink for people with diabetes.
  • Firewood - It's one of the most popular honey variations in the United States, providing a smooth or buttery texture alongside a perfectly sweet flavor notings, making it an excellent companion for your brew.

No matter what type of honey you choose, all you need to do is add 1 to 2 teaspoons to your cup, and enjoy your drink, thanks to the honeybees doing all the heavy lifting. If your beverage is still too hot, it's best not to immediately chuck in the honey since the high temperature may reduce its nutritional value.

How Much Honey Should You Put in Coffee?

If you're wondering are Keurigs worth it, and if you should put honey in your favorite caffeinated drink, the answer to those is a resounding yes. That's because pairing fresh brews from a reliable brewer and a dash of healthy honey is a great way to start anyone's day. Although many people assume it's only for tea, while sugar is coffee, honey can taste just as delicious in your caffeinated beverage. Besides adding more flavor, it provides drinkers with numerous health advantages that can allow you to enjoy your favorite brew even more.

However, it can be tricky to add the natural sweetener to your drink as its intense flavors don't always go well with most coffee beverages. Generally, adding 1 to 2 teaspoons to your cup is enough to complement your favorite caffeinated drink. But when putting honey, ensure your beverage isn't too hot as it can reduce the nutritional value of the natural sweetener. That's why it's best to let your drink cool down a bit before adding the honey.

The Advantages When You Sweeten Coffee with Honey

Besides making your brews more delicious, honey can provide you with numerous health advantages, allowing you to enjoy delicious caffeinated drinks while enjoying its benefits in each sip. Many cultures have been using honey for thousands of years, and not only make their foods or drinks sweeter but to act as a health aid. The natural sweetener has been serving as an effective disinfectant and anti-inflammatory substance for generations, making people's lives better, healthier, and sweeter.

So when looking for the best burr coffee grinder for your coffee-making arsenal at home, why not add honey to your list for better, healthier, sweeter, and delicious brews?

Here are the most notable benefits of honey that you can enjoy when you add it to your daily morning fix.

  • Nutrient-Rich
    Honey can provide more nutrients than regular sugar, depending on the nectar source used to make it. That's because if you only use sugar, it only gives you calories, while the natural sweetener does the same, it has the added benefit of several vitamins and nutrients. These include vitamin A, ascorbic acid, vitamin B6, riboflavin, and more.

    The natural sweetener also contains trace minerals that are necessary to maintain a healthy and functioning body. These trace minerals include calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc.

    Although you should never use honey itself as a substitute for a healthy and well-rounded diet, trace vitamins and minerals are still better than no nutrients at all, especially when talking about sweeteners.
  • Antibacterial
    Honey has been used as a medicinal component for thousands of years because it can act as an effective antimicrobial or antibacterial compound. Many ancient cultures have used the natural sweetener to heal wounds, scars, burns, or even ulcers, helping them health faster than usual.

    When you add the natural sweetener to your brew, you can also enjoy a glimpse of these benefits. For instance, when you add it to your caffeinated drink, it can serve as a natural cough suppressant when you're sick, allowing you to heal quicker the natural way.
  • It's Sweeter than Sugar
    Although many individuals claim that honey doesn't go well with most coffees, that's because they either use too much or too little. If you use the natural sweetener the correct way, you can enjoy a sweeter cup of joe with other benefits. You don't have to use too much honey for your brew since a teaspoon can provide enough sweetness for your drink, unlike sugar, where you have to add at least six teaspoons per cup.
  • Anti-inflammatory Properties
    Besides being antibacterial, honey has also been known to be an efficient anti-inflammatory substance that can help people manage chronic inflammation like diabetes, atherosclerosis, and heart-related conditions. Besides this, adding the natural sweetener to your caffeinated drink can help prevent these medical conditions, especially to individuals prone to developing them. This advantage of honey is well over what sugar can provide, as it's known to make inflammatory reactions worse.
  • Rich in Antioxidants
    Since coffee is already rich in antioxidants, adding honey to it can double its health benefits, allowing you to enjoy a delicious brew with maximized medical advantages. High levels of antioxidants can help a person ensure their body gets protected from the effects of toxins of free radicals inside the body. It helps a person have a lower risk of developing depleting memory-related conditions such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease, and certain cancers.
  • Easy to Digest
    If you have a sensitive stomach but like enjoying a fresh brew every morning, switching to honey can do wonders. That's because unlike refined or washed sugars, the natural sweetener doesn't require your digestive system to break it down as much during digestion since bees have already broken it down.

Besides being pre-made for easy consumption, it also contains enzymes that have already partially broken down the sugar long before you ingest it, making the natural sweetener easier to digest.

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If you're looking for different ways to spice up your drink, why not put honey in coffee? It's a healthier alternative to regular sugar, allowing you to sweeten robust brews while enjoying tons of health benefits, including more nutrients and antioxidants, making it the ideal sweetener for every coffee lover.


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