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5 Best Home Coffee Roaster of 2021: A Rundown

Dave Carter

January 6, 2021

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Buying a batch of ready-made roasted coffee beans from your local grocery stores may be convenient, but these beans lose their freshness and aroma. If you enjoy indulging in a fresh cup of joe, consider buying the best home coffee roasters. These will provide you with the best tasting coffee at home. You no longer need to settle with stale coffee beans from your local supermarkets. With the Best Home Coffee Roaster, you can now enjoy fresh quality coffee in the comfort of your own home. There is no shortage of quality coffee roasters in the market because many companies now offer these handy machines to give everyone an excellent home roasting coffee experience.

If you are having a hard time finding the ideal coffee bean roaster for your home, we have listed the best ones to find the perfect match for your specific needs.

Best Home Coffee Roaster Products:​

The top five best home coffee roasters are some of the best roasting machines from leading names in the industry, offering quality coffee roasting at home. These are their unique offerings for 2021 and are full of features perfect for all coffee lovers.

1. Coffee Bean Roaster Barrel Glass​

Bocaboca's Coffee Bean Roaster Barrel Glass is a simple roasting machine perfect for the home. It is a roaster that can achieve the ideal roasting precision, mimicking the taste of a professional roaster rather than programmed roasting. You never have to revisit a coffee establishment ever again as you can now create the best authentic roast in the comfort of your home with this masterpiece.


Infrared Technology

This coffee bean roaster is one of the more modern variations, producing the best roast with its unique infrared radiation technology. The product heats the beans faster, more uniformly, and at a lower temperature than traditional air roasters or larger drum roasters. It always achieves a consistent cup with this revolutionary concept.

Cooling Technology

After roasting, the beans still contain plenty of heat and have to be cooled to prevent over-roasting. You do not have to worry about this with Bocaboca's roaster as it features a high-performance fan that rapidly cools the roasted beans to the ideal resting temperature, providing you with the perfect roast every time.

Barista-Quality Roast 

With the roasting machine's unique infrared technology and specially designed stirring vane, you only get the most precise roast, giving you quality roasted beans for the perfect cup.


  • The machine is noiseless, freeing you from the beans popping sounds during the roasting process.
  • The drum roaster boasts a modern wood design, making it perfect for any kitchen aesthetic.
  • Always achieve the perfect roast with its uniquely designed blade and control air damper.
  • It includes a built-in thermometer that lets you monitor each roasting process with ease.
  • The drum roaster uses infrared technology as its heat source, producing evenly roasted beans each time.
  • You can view the whole roasting process with the roaster's glass feature.
  • The drum roaster has an air control hole that lets you easily adjust the incense of the coffee beans.
  • This machine is easy to use with its automated features.
  • Save the environment while roasting your favorite beans at home with this machine as it uses smoke suppression technology.

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2. KALDI WIDE Home Coffee Roaster​

If you are looking for top-quality home coffee roasters to achieve freshest roasts at home, then the Kaldi coffee bean roaster is the best choice. This highly industrial roasting machine gets the job done each time correctly. However, the roaster does require a gas burner to work; most packages from Kaldi include a free volt adapter. Create small batches for the perfect roast for the family or produce large quantities for parties as it can roast up to 300 grams of coffee beans at once.


Flexible Roaster

This machine is as flexible as roasters can get because you are in charge of everything, and it can handle whatever you want to roast, from small roast batches to a whopping 300 grams of beans in one sitting.

Easy to Use

Using the Kaldi roaster is a simple process; you need to place it on top of a gas burner, plug it in, put your beans, and start roasting. The machine has no automation feature except for the electric motor that rotates the stainless steel drum. It comes with a thermometer, allowing you to monitor the temperature inside the air roaster, helping you adjust the roast.


  • The stainless-steel roaster features a probe rod and a separate chaff holder that ensures quality roasts and makes the cleaning process straightforward.
  • It can roast up to 300 grams of beans in one sitting.
  • The package comes with a thermometer, hopper, probe rod, chaff holder, and volt adapter.
  • You can store this machine anywhere in your house as it only weighs 6 kilograms, including the accessories.
  • It features a mesh plate that ensures coffee roasting, producing the best roast each time.
  • The Kaldi is well-built and made of heavy gauge materials, making it a sturdy for a household air roaster.

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3. KALDI Coffee Roaster for Home - Motorized Type Full Package Including Thermometer​

The Kaldi motorized coffee roaster comes with many useful features and attachments, including a hopper, probe rod, separate chaff holder, accurate thermometer, and a volt adapter. This simple roasting machine helps you achieve the perfect roast for the freshest cups of coffee at home. Ultimately you get an expert roasting machine in a small form, making it the ideal roaster to add to your coffee making arsenal at home, giving you a fresh roast for the best mornings.


Full Control for Each Roast

The simple concept of this roaster offers you complete control over roasting variables, including drum rotation speed, roasting time, and temperature. It provides you with the ideal roast for your specific coffee needs and preferences.

Fully Motorized

The machines contain a sturdy motor that simplifies the roasting process. All you have to do is place the KALDI roaster over a heat source, letting the heat evenly and thoroughly distribute across the raw coffee beans inside the roasting machine.


  • The machine uses innovative air roasting technology to create a precise roast for the perfect cup of coffee.
  • Its lightweight and compact size make it easy for you to store it anywhere.
  • The machine offers impressive levels of roasting control, letting you have full control over the roasting process.
  • It comes with all the roasting essentials, including a thermometer and separate chaff holder.

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4. JIAWANSHUN 50g Hot Air Coffee Roaster Machine​

If you are looking for the ultimate household coffee roaster that creates small batches to ensure you only get the freshest roast for your morning fix, the JIAWANSHUN hot air coffee roaster is the best choice. It comes in two different sizes for you to choose from, 110V and 220V. These compact machines boast modern and sleek designs that can fit right any modern kitchen.


All-Around Roasting Machine

The JIAWANSHUN coffee bean roaster features a system that automatically adjusts the temperature to ensure your beans are all equally and adequately roasted. Not only is it perfect for roasting beans, but you can also use it as a popcorn popper or when roasting peanuts.

Cooling Function

It's no secret that when you roast coffee, it tends to get hot fast, especially with traditional drum roasters, requiring you to buy a separate cooler. However, with the JIAWANSHUN roasting machine, you can set it to the cooling mode when you finish baking your beans, allowing the coffee skin to separate automatically. This way, you do not have to buy a separate cooler or move the beans numerous times to cool it off.

Air Roasting Technology

This hot air roaster uses innovative air roasting technology that allows you to roast coffee perfectly. You can increase or decrease the time, allowing you to bake, light, medium, or French and Italian beans.


  • It lets you roast coffee 50 grams at a time. Roasting small batches of beans give you better flavor, and the JIAWANSHUN roasting machine ensures the best quality roast for the perfect cup.
  • This modern roasting machine features an LCD panel that displays the working mode and time, allowing you to monitor it with ease.
  • Its compact size and intuitive design make cleaning a fast and straightforward process.
  • It has automatic constant temperature control, helping you avoid over roasting or overbaking.

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5. Fresh Roast SR800​

The Fresh Roast SR800 is an affordable small home roaster that you should consider. It has a relatively small capacity of only 6 ounces (170 grams) dry processed beans, or 8 ounces (226 grams) wet processed beans. This is a little less than the capacity of other roasters. It is taller than the older SR540.


Roasts Wet and Dry Process Beans

It is also one of the few which differentiates between wet and dry processed beans. Most beans are already dry when they are shipped to packagers. However, it is possible to get your hands on wet processed beans. These are heavier due to the higher water content. The Fresh Roast SR800 ensures that even wet processed beans would have an even roasting.

Real Time Temperature Readout

Displays the actual roasting chamber temperature in real time. This is one of the most accurate thermometer in a roaster. Users will know when to stop the roasting process and start cooling the beans.


  • Controls for heat, fan and time settings.
  • Accurate heat adjustment settings with 9 levels to choose from instead of just Low, Medium and High.
  • Cooling fan has 9 levels of adjustment for improved control during the cooling process.
  • Easy to use controls.
  • Uses 120 volt power
  • Free 2-year warranty.

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Advantages of a Home Coffee Roaster Machine​

Home Coffee Roaster Machine Benefits

Are you part of the many coffee drinkers who are quick to grab a bag of pre-roasted whole beans or coffee grounds off their local grocery shelf without considering getting something better? If that's a resounding yes, knowing the different advantages of roasting your beans at home will turn into a coffee lover that will never settle for mediocre roasts from your local supermarkets again.

The following are the different benefits that come when roasting your beans at home:

  • Cost-Effective - Purchasing raw green coffee beans cost less than buying pre-made roasted coffee.
  • Fantastic Flavors - Coffee roasting will give you the freshest roasts, helping your favorite beans reach their maximum potential, rewarding you with the best cups around.
  • Better Control - When you roast beans at home, you are given full control of how the beans are prepped, matching the roast profiles to your liking.
  • Variety - When you buy pre-roasted beans at your grocery stores, your options are limited, and you often find yourself settling for commercial blends. However, roasting beans at home lets you roast an array of beans.
  • Caffeine Level - There are limited choices when it comes to decaffeinated roasts in the market. You can create roasts that suit your tastes when you roast coffee at home.

Is Roasting Your Own Coffee Worth It?​

If you are the type of person to appreciate the freshness and flavor of coffee, roasting your beans at home is worth the time and effort. When you roast your beans at home, you are rewarded with the freshest and most flavorful cups, ultimately letting you enjoy your favorite coffee thoroughly. These homemade roasts can last up to a full week, retaining its robust flavors for the best morning fixes.

How Much is a Coffee Bean Roaster?​

The prices of these roasters depend on the volume of beans you need to process or your specific needs. Small automatic household coffee roasters like the JIAWANSHUN hot air roaster machine are available for less than $400. Manual roasters like the Kaldi wide roasters can cause up to $600, but you need to purchase separate gas burners for manual roasters like those from Kaldi, which can rack up your costs to over $900.

However, if you want to produce more roasts in one sitting or have more advanced features like smoke suppression technology and infrared radiation technology, you can opt for roasters like Bocaboca's Bean roasters, which ranges from $600 to $900.

How Do You Make a Coffee Roaster at Home?​

Grab a heat gun, a metal container, such as a stainless steel metal colander or a simple metal mixing bowl, and a stirring utensil like a large metal spoon.You need to place about one pound of green coffee beans in the metal container, set the heat gun at the lowest heat setting, place its nozzle one inch above the coffee beans, and begin stirring them using your stirring utensil. When its green color disappears, you can increase the heat to drive the first crack, and continue until you reach your preferred roast profile.

Another method of creating a homemade roaster is by converting your popcorn machine into a coffee roasting machine. It is perfect for roasting coffee as it can heat the beans in a confined area to a temperature exceeding 450 degrees Fahrenheit, making it the ideal temp for the coffee beans.

How to Use a Coffee Bean Roaster​

Steps on How to Use a Coffee Bean Roaster

If you have roasters that have built-in heat sources, here are the following steps in using roasters that do not require a heat source:

  1. Grab the freshest green coffee beans you can.
  2. Place them inside the roaster's container and close the lid.
  3. After securing the top, turn on the machine.
  4. Adjust the levels and temperature when necessary.
  5. Wait for the beans to reach your desired roasting point.
  6. When the roasting process finishes, open the lid and hang the lid handle on the groove.
  7. Take the beans out and place them into a wicker tray.
  8. If the machine has a built-in cooler, you can place them inside it. However, if it does not have that feature, shake the tray until the beans have sufficiently cooled off.
  9. When they have completely cooled, take the chaff gathered under the tray and dispose of it.
  10. Store the beans inside an appropriate container and leave it overnight to degas.
  11. After the 24 hours, enjoy your fresh roast.

However, if you have roasters that require separate heat sources, follow these steps:

  1. Place the green beans inside the machine, and most manual roasters do not have smoke suppression technology, so ensure you have proper ventilation.
  2. Place the roasting appliance to a heat source, such as a gas burner or an electric stove.
  3. Turn the heat up and let the machine do its work.
  4. If you want to get the perfect roast and do not want a mixture of light, medium, and dark roasts, make sure to check the temperature using a thermometer.
  5. Continue to let the beans roast until they reach your desired roast level. For a light roast, remove the device from the heat source before the first crack, which happens between 356°F or 401°F. Medium roasts occur between 410°F or 428°F, and Dark roasts between 437°F or 482°F.
  6. Never let the beans roast above 482°F, because it will thin it out and create a burnt or ash-like taste.
  7. Separate the chaff from the coffee beans and let it cool before storing it. You can use a colander or the machine's built-in chaff collector to separate these two components.
  8. Store the beans inside a non-airtight container overnight, allowing the freshly roasted beans to degas.
  9. After 24 hours, you can now grind your beans and enjoy your coffee.

Tips on Using Manual Coffee Roaster

Although many roasters have opted for automated versions, using a manual coffee roaster is still a great way to roast coffee beans. The best part is, you get to have full control of the whole process, giving you results tailored to your tastes. There's no single way to ensure consistent results when roasting beans, but there are several ways you can achieve consistent roasting for the best outcome.

The following are some tips to consider when using manual coffee roasters—helping you achieve better results at home every time.

  • Understand Heat Transfer
    A significant component in ensuring better coffee roasting using manual roasters is understanding how heat transfer works in these machines. For instance, there are two primary sources of heat transfer in your standard drum roasters—conductive and convective. A conductive transfer is when the heat gets transferred directly between the drum and beans, while a convective transfer is heat caused by airflow as beans get tossed around in a hot drum.

    Know what your specific roaster uses and adjust the frequency you add in green coffee beans to ensure even heat transfer throughout the beans, allowing you to achieve your desired roast curve every time.

  • Always Preheat Roaster
    Preheating is crucial in a smooth and faster roasting process. That's because if you don't preheat the drum at the correct temperature, you'll get less conductive energy to transfer to your beans, resulting in an uneven and less-than-ideal product. So, when using your manual roasters, make sure to preheat at the designated temperature in its instructions. Having an adequate warm-up cycle at the start of production is one of the 'essential checkpoints' roasters need to be attentive to when manual roasting.
  • Standardize Between-Roast Routine
    When you're roasting manually, there's no series of disconnected S-curves, but instead, it produces a continuous wave. So, to keep these uniform and consistent, you need to keep the times between each roast you make identical. How you reheat your roasters between each session is essential, and your point of control is dropping roasted coffee.When you finish a batch and drop them into your cooling tray, you're essentially releasing an ample amount of heat. It's crucial to standardize how long it takes to empty each one before heating the next one. So, focus on ensuring that it's open for the same amount of time for each roasting batch.
  • Understand the Roaster's Convective Heat Flow
    Whatever manual roaster you're using, it'll virtually interact with the air outside of it, taking in the cool air and expelling the hot air. How much and how well your roaster does in roasting beans relates to your convective heat transfer. The device's 'breathing' is crucial, especially after the first rack, when you lower your flame and rely on consistent hot air for even roasting. Some models have built-in valves to adjust airflow, which you can use to control the convective heat flow.However, keep in mind the other factors that may affect the process, such as the weather and the amount of chaff your collector has.
  • Continuously Agitate Beans
    One crucial tip that many roasters neglect, thanks to automation, is agitating the beans. Agitation is essential in keeping the beans uniformly roasted. After all, beans should never rest and roast. So, make sure to continually stir the beans to ensure uniform distribution of heat, providing better and delicious roasts.

How Long Does it Take to Roast Coffee Beans?​

The roasting times do vary depending on the method you use and batch sizes. However, roasting coffee beans using modern roasters takes between 10 to 13 minutes for small batches, and if you want to make more substantial quantities of cooked coffee beans, it will take you about 16 to 18 minutes. However, considering all the factors, the average time it will take to create freshly roasted coffee beans can take over 20 minutes of your time.

Why You Should Use a Small Batch Coffee Roaster​

Coffee beans are fragile, and they quickly deteriorate after roasting. That's why you may notice that instant roasted coffee at grocery stores has a lighter aroma. These beans typically lose their aromatic qualities after you leave them to sit for five days. Roasting in larger batches is the main reason for this, as it can degrade the coffee fast.

It would be best if you opted for a small batch roaster as roasting in smaller batches prevents the degradation of your roasts, this helps you produce enough high-quality beans to last through your drinking cycle, preserving its full flavor.


Roast your coffee at home! With this high quality roasting machine, you get your private coffee directly roasted in the best environment - your home. Think of the great smell you will have in your house or flat.

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Never settle for mediocre coffee ever again with the best home coffee roasters. We have listed the top roasting machines that can help you whip up the best roasts made to your exact standards, making your mornings a little better. However, with so many great options, which one is the best of them all?

Bid pre-roasted beans a not-so-fond farewell by using our top choice for the Best Home Coffee Roaster, the Coffee Bean Roaster Barrel Glass. This roasting machine uses unique infrared radiation technology to ensure your favorite beans get evenly roasted for the best quality roasts, giving you the perfect cup of bliss at home. We hope this article helped you appreciate the art of coffee roasting, get your roaster today for the best coffee experience. Happy roasting!

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