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20 Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers that Every Coffee Snob will Love

Dave Carter

August 31, 2020

Even if you consider yourself a dedicated coffee snob, finding the best coffee gifts for coffee lovers for your fellow coffee connoisseurs can be tricky. You don't want to accidentally give them what they already have or an outdated French press or espresso machine. But you also want to ensure your gift is useful and something that can make their daily coffee-making routine easier or further inspire their inner coffee lover, helping them explore the vast coffee possibilities.

To help you find the right gifts of coffee or anything that can give them that addicting caffeine buzz, here are some of the most caffeine-inspiring presents approved by baristas, roasters, and other lovers of the caffeinated brew. From a cup of coffee, gift sets to books, and slippers, there's something for everyone.


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Must-Have Gifts for Coffee Lovers​

These 20 caffeine-inspired presents are the best and unique in the market, from books, slippers, to intricate wooden kitchen signs. There's a perfect gift for coffee lovers of any kind.

ember temperature control smart mug

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2 - 10 ounces, App Controlled Heated Coffee Mug​​

If you know someone who's a busy bee that always seems to forget they brewed a fresh cup of coffee earlier and ends up with a less than ideal brew, a modern temperature control mug is the best gift you can give them. It allows any coffee lover to control their coffee's temperature from their smartphones, providing them with great coffee that's always at the perfect temperature. They never have to settle for a cold brew ever again.

women coffee slippers

Coffee Slipper Women

Nothing beats walking around the house with comfy slippers, and what better way to surprise a coffee fan than giving them coffee-inspired wool slippers? She'll love starting her lazy mornings sipping on a cup of coffee in these cozy slippers. These slippers are washing machine friendly, meaning when they get dirty, she can toss in the washer and use it later without damaging the product.

california delicious starbucks gourmet bucket

California Delicious Starbucks Daybreak Gourmet Coffee Gift Basket

Do you have someone in your life that can't seem to get enough Starbucks in their system? Getting coffee sets for gifts is a great way to fuel your loved one's Starbucks fix, this caffeine-inspired gift basket set has it all, from their famous blends to delicious crunchy biscottis. It allows them to enjoy the authentic Starbucks experience in one convenient present, inspiring good feeling, and a fresh outlook for a great day.

bestinnkit coffee mug warmer

BESTINNKITS Smart Coffee Warmer - Auto On/Off Gravity-induction Mug Warmer

A great gift you can get for any java fan is a product that can keep their coffee at the perfect temperature with little effort. An induction mug warmer is an excellent choice because it always keeps beverages warm, allowing the coffee snob in your life to indulge in a fresh and warm brew every time. This product is versatile and is suitable for any mug, from a glass mug to a travel mug.

emaison coffee mug holder

EMAISON Coffee Mug Holder - Wall Mounted Rustic Wood Cup Organizer

If you know someone that loves a tasty brew and likes to stay organized, getting them a rustic wooden mug/cup organizer is the most sensible thing you can give them. It allows them to organize their favorite mugs and cups and provides them with a unique caffeine-inspired trinket for their kitchen, showing their guests their dedication to the art of coffee. These products also make it easier for them to choose which cup they should enjoy their morning brew on.

coffee book

Coffee Book

A bestselling book filled with intriguing photos, and every detail a dedicated coffee aficionado could want to know about, from coffee geography to different brewing methods, is an absolute must-have for coffee snobs. If the java fan in your life already has all the brewing machines and accessories you can think of, this book will make the perfect gift. Besides, we all could use a few helpful pointers about our morning cuppa to appreciate the effort and process of making the popular caffeinated drink.

dilettante espresso beans with chocolate

Chocolate Espresso Bean Blend - White, Milk & Dark Chocolate

There's nothing better than coffee or chocolate, and what better way to surprise the java fan in your life than giving them chocolate-covered espresso beans? This product contains a delightful mix of milk, white, and dark chocolate crunchy espresso beans and is free of preservatives and fillers, making it a healthy and great gift for your loved one.

funny coffee mug

Funny Coffee Mug

Help the coffee snob in your life start their day right with a good laugh and great coffee. This funny mug can remind them to start the day with a smile and visit the bathroom now and then. It can make a perfect gift for anyone who loves a tasty brew and good humor. It's eco-friendly and uses lead-free ink, allowing your loved one to enjoy their morning caffeine fix while saving the environment.

wood coffee sign

Wood Coffee Sign Kitchen Wall Hanging Sign Wall Art

Add a bit more caffeine buzz to the homes or kitchen of the coffee aficionados in your life by giving them an easy to hang a caffeine-inspired sign that they can add to their humble abodes. It lets guests know their dedication to the craft of coffee while adding more caffeinated vibes. These products provide the perfect finishing touch for any coffee aficionado's home.​

coffee clock

Westclox W32038 NYL32038-WESTCLOX 32038 Coffee Time 3-Dimensional Wall Clock

Nothing beats telling the time while looking at a cup of joe, and this cool three-dimensional clock not only reminds you of the time but also reminds you to enjoy a fresh brew now and then. It can be wall-mounted or placed on top of a flat surface, and it can easily blend in, in any kitchen or home aesthetic. If your loved one already has all the brewing equipment they need, think out of the box and get them unique caffeine inspired trinkets like this wall clock.

coffee tshirt

Mens A Day Without Coffee Funny Graphic T-Shirt

If you have a man in your life that loves a good laugh and good coffee, a funny graphic tee is a perfect way to show their personality. It allows them to rock their unique style and humor while displaying their love for a tasty brew. It's a great t-shirt for casual events, like hanging out with the family or attending a neighborhood barbecue.

hgod coffee pillow

HGOD DESIGNS Decorative Pillow Coffee

One of the unique presents that you can give a friend who loves a tasty brew is a fun and quirky caffeine-inspired pillowcase. The product contains cotton and linen that ensures maximum comfort, giving your loved one a stylish and comfortable pillowcase perfect for the bedroom or living room. It's hand or machine washable, allowing them to clean the material with a method that's convenient for them.

coffee placemat

Coffee Maker Placemat

Complete your loved one's brewing equipment by providing them with beautiful coffee-inspired coffee maker placemat for their brewing arsenal. It adds a little charm to their morning routines for any brewer they have, providing the perfect finishing touch to their dedicated brewing station at home. You can pair this placemat with a handy travel mug and fresh whole coffee beans to make the ultimate gift set basket for the caffeine addict in your life.

kitchen floor mat

Kitchen Floor Mat with Coffee design

Add more charm to your loved one's kitchen by getting them this caffeine-inspired kitchen floor mat that will remind them that there's something they should always look forward to, and that includes indulging in a tasty brew the next morning. Your loved one doesn't need to worry about inevitable kitchen stains. The product is durable and stain-resistant, allowing them to enjoy the gift without worrying about it getting soiled.​

coffee jewellery

Bobauna Coffee Lover Gift Wire Bangle Bracelet Jewelry​

A caffeine-inspired stainless steel bangle is a unique gift that's perfect to surprise a special someone who appreciates a tasty brew. This bracelet is for everyone who believes life starts after coffee. It's ideal to use for any occasion, from casual meetings, birthday parties, to sophisticated events, it's a great way to display a person's love and passion for anything that's coffee.​

coffee wall calendar

Coffee Wall Calendar​

A lovely caffeine-inspired calendar will keep your special someone inspired as they look ahead for the rest of the year. The calendar comes with high-quality photos of everything about coffee each month, unveiling new forms of beans every time you turn a page. It comes with a twine loop for easy hanging and displaying in a home office or kitchen.​

coffee notebook

Coffee Notebook

Notebooks make a useful and inexpensive gift for office workers or caffeine lovers. The product features a beautiful design with the infamous quote 'First I drink coffee, and then I do things.' It's a quirky present that provides your special someone an exclusive private space to jot down important things about work or their thoughts, helping them keep organized. If you know a professional barista in your life, a notebook would be a practical and thoughtful gift for them as these products are essential to their relationship with coffee.

funny coffee socks

Coffee Socks

Allow your significant other to wake up and smell the coffee socks with these top-quality dress style crew socks with a funny hidden message on the bottom saying, 'If you can read this bring me some coffee.' At the same time, the top of the socks features anything and everything coffee, from a French press, cappuccino, beans, cups, and alarm clocks. These products look great at work or when going out of town, guaranteed to bring a smile to the caffeine addict in your life.​

wonder woman coffee maker

DC Wonder Woman One Cup Coffee Maker with Free Coffee Mug​

If you have a special someone in your life who loves comics and delicious brews, this wonder woman inspired brewer is the perfect gift to serve them justice and good coffee. Allow your loved one to begin their mornings with this brewer, featuring fast and smooth operations because every superhero needs a good cup of joe. Surprise your fellow caffeine addict and allow them to enjoy their morning caffeine fix in style. They deserve it.​

coffee hoodie

Coffee Hoodie

Caffeine addicts will love this quirky hoodie that says, 'I like coffee and maybe three people,' as it displays their love for the caffeinated drink and their personality. It's an excellent gift for any occasion, and anyone who loves a hot cuppa or a great brew will love this hoodie. The product is machine washable, making it easier for your loved one to wash the hoodie.

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What is Special About Coffee Lover Gifts​

When it comes to coffee, genuine java addicts get serious, from taste-testing different coffee beans, achieving the perfect water temperature for their caffeinated drinks, to debating the benefits of regular coffee over a cold brew. When it comes to choosing a present for your resident caffeine lover, getting them exclusive coffee lover items such as the ones we featured will provide them with joy and fuel their passion for the drink more.

These dedicated presents will surely give the caffeine lover in your life a caffeine buzzed jolt. So, if you want to find something that suits their love for the beverage, make an effort to think bigger than standard mugs or gift cards.

What is a Good Gift for a Coffee Lover?​

With all the rave surrounding the popular caffeinated drink, you may wonder, what is coffee? Why is it such a hit with numerous people from around the world? It's a caffeine-rich beverage that gives individuals the kick they need to start their mornings right. It provides people with a tasty way to harness the energy they need throughout the day. And if you know a dedicated java fan, you may have trouble finding a gift to suit their caffeine needs.

If you're having trouble, you can always stick with the classics. A good present that you can give these caffeine addicts are brewing equipment, from the classic French press to a quality coffee grinder, these can provide them with some of the freshest barista-quality brews at home. If you want to stick on a budget, you can find quality whole coffee beans or grounds at a fair price at your local grocery stores or online.

However, if you want to provide the caffeine addict in your life with something new, purchasing a coffee subscription set for a couple of months or an annual subscription is a great way to let them explore different caffeine-rich possibilities.

Hard to Find Gifts for Coffee Drinker​

If you want to stand out and impress the caffeine addict in your life, getting them hard to find presents can be a great start. These can include personalized gifts, such as a customized travel mug with their name or a calendar filled with their favorite coffee drinks. You can also personalize individual coffee subscription boxes and fill them with their preferred blends, grounds, k-cups, or beans, giving them a one-of-a-kind present that you can't find anywhere.

If it's the holiday season, you can also customize ornaments that are caffeine-inspired, allowing your loved ones to decorate their trees with something they're passionate about, giving the holiday season a different kind of unique vibe.

However, if you are celebrating an annual event, you can get a quirky stainless steel, sterling silver coffee charm. The charm can help you, and your loved one celebrate another year of love and caffeine-filled memories.

What Should I Get for a Coffee Snob?​

Before anything else, let's define what a 'coffee snob' is. These are people that love everything about coffee and are usually very extra about it. They typically engage in caffeine-related topics such as discussing caffeine in espresso vs. coffee or continuously encourage you to make a brew the traditional way by learning how to use a French coffee press. And if you know one in your life and want to find the perfect present for them, it can be challenging.

That's because chances are, they already have everything a coffee aficionado needs, from a top-quality coffee maker to a conventional French press, their at-home coffee setup may even rival your favorite local coffeehouse.

Besides the unique caffeine-inspired items we've featured, unique presents that you can give these java fans include travel mugs, induction heaters, books about the popular caffeinated beverage, and a stainless steel thermal carafe if they love to or travel frequently. Getting a coffee snob a personalized gift set basket filled with everything related to the very drink they praise can also be a unique gift that this caffeine lover may not already have.

How Do You Buy Good Coffee Beans?​

If you're thinking of buying coffee as a gift for your loved ones that are passionate about the craft or buy one for yourself, it's best to purchase whole coffee beans. Ground coffee may be convenient, but it lets you miss out on the natural flavors of the drink. There are several coffee beans types, and here are the factors you should consider to ensure you only get good beans for the best brews.

Arabica vs. Robusta​

When buying whole beans, you have two choices, including Arabica and Robusta beans. If you're looking for the best beans for quality brews at home, it's best to choose products that contain 100% Arabica beans because they are the preferred choice by baristas, roasters, and coffee fans. They also provide softer, sweeter, and fruity notes, giving you a pleasant taste. On the other hand, Robusta beans are more inexpensive and provide harsher flavors.

Roast Date​

An essential factor that you should consider if you want to buy the best beans is its roast date. That's because if you're going to make delicious coffee, you need to use fresh whole beans. Old beans exhibit unpleasant bitterness, giving you a bad coffee. Coffee reaches its peak between the 4th and 7th days after roasting. If you're looking for the best beans, always look at the roast date and ensure it's roasted a week before for ultimate flavor and freshness in your morning cup.

Single Origin vs. Blends​

This factor will depend on your preference or the taste of the caffeine lover you plan on buying the beans for. You have the choice of single-origin or blended beans. Single-origin beans are grown from some of the best coffee-growing regions globally and recognized by its distinctive smell and flavors, and it's usually more expensive. Blends consist of different kinds of beans, which is an excellent option for java fans who like to experiment because each blend can provide you with new taste and aroma combinations.

Fair Trade Certified ​

If you want to enjoy a fresh coffee while contributing to a good cause, it's best to purchase beans that are Fair Trade certified. Fair Trade is a social movement of international trade, providing legal guarantees to growers and producers of coffee beans in developing countries, and they also promote environmental protection. Fair Trade certified beans allow you to indulge in coffee responsibly.


For quality brews, it's best to stay off inorganic beans. Organic coffee beans are grown on trees that aren't treated with harmful pesticides and chemical additives. They're produced naturally, without the use of synthetic chemistry, increasing the product's quality. The next time you look for beans, ensure it's USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) certified.


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What is the Best Rated Coffee?​

The best-rated coffee is usually from the top producers globally, including Hawaii, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Indonesia, and South America. These coffees typically contain purely Arabica beans, providing exquisite flavors in one serving, giving individuals a genuine gourmet experience at home. The blends that fit in the category of 'best-rated coffee' usually exhibit lighter and fruity notes because both avid coffee lovers and casual drinkers can enjoy the brew.

Inspiring Coffee Related Gifts​

What was once a simple cup of joe has evolved into an intricate fine art dominating the world. And buying for a java fan can be challenging as there's so much you can choose from. Instead of giving them a standard mug or coffee pot, try to be unique and provide them with a gift that they will appreciate.

To help you out, here are some inspiring coffee presents:

  • Wearables - This gift category includes shirts, hoodies, or jewelry. A caffeine-inspired sweater that says cheesy quotes like 'coffee for life' or silver necklaces with the person's favorite coffee bean can be a great present.
  • Useable - These products can include coffee body scrubs or soap to leave them smelling like a fresh cuppa throughout the day.
  • Memorable - A unique gift that you can give a java fan in your life is quirky items such as a heat-sensitive color-changing mug that changes color when they pour their piping hot brew.
  • Readable - You can purchase coffee atlases or magazines for the ultimate caffeine nerd in your life.

Essential Coffee Items Everyone Appreciates​​

Coffee lovers are close to an addiction for a lot of people. However, there is a difference between those who like coffee and those who cannot live without coffee. The former are those who go to a coffee shop to have coffee prepared for them. The latter are those who are not yet awake in the mCoffee drinkers are diverse, and if you're planning on buying them presents, it can be challenging. But whatever type of aficionado they are, they will 100% enjoy a couple of essentials, such as a high-end coffee machine or a coffee maker with grinder. These items can help them achieve the perfect brew at home.

Other coffee essentials that everyone will appreciate, includes:

  • Grinders - This coffee-making gear is an essential tool that every caffeine lover needs to get the best out of their whole beans at home, allowing them to brew the perfect batch of coffee every time.
  • A Different Coffee Maker - A common theme around these dedicated java fans is that they like to brew coffee in various ways. They may have their favorite methods, including pour-over, automatic drip, French press, or Aeropress. Get a brewer that caters to their taste buds to give them a present of a lifetime.
  • Espresso Machine - If you're willing to splurge on the java aficionado in your life, giving them a sophisticated stainless steel espresso machine allows them to indulge in some of the fanciest brewing options at home. It enables them to create cafe-quality brews at their kitchen.
  • Coffee Roaster - A great essential that every hardcore coffee lover will appreciate is a coffee roaster, allowing coffee snobs to roast their fresh beans in their kitchen. It will enable them to have the freshest roasts at home.
  • Cold Brew Coffee Maker - If the particular caffeine addict in your life loves cold brew coffees, giving them a brewer that can give them a quality cold brew in a few minutes will surely bring smiles to their faces. That's because creating cold brew from scratch is a lengthy and intricate process, and getting them a machine that specializes in this, will save them from the hassle and enjoy their favorite cold brew in minutes.
  • Pour-over Coffee Pot - If you want to stick to a budget but want to provide a particular java fan with great brews, giving them an electric pour-over pot or kettle is an inexpensive present that allows them to make top-quality brews at home.
  • Coffee Measuring Spoons - Not everyone has the means and patience to perfect their brewing methods for each cup, that's why it's best to have a measuring spoon to help you measure the right amount of coffee when making a morning brew.
  • Portable Espresso Machines - Any coffee lover will appreciate having access to their favorite caffeinated drink while on the go. A portable coffee or espresso machine can give them just that, only requiring hot water and coffee grounds to make a fresh brew.

These brewing tools will delight the coffee aficionado in your life, allowing them to create the very drink they praise at home that even professional baristas would vouch for. It makes their brewing more comfortable and more accessible.orning until after their second cup of coffee. Camp coffee is for the latter group of people. They appreciate coffee and know they need a drink to start their day. They will make coffee on their own if the circumstances warrant. In the middle of a forest, a desert, or beside a stream, they would not mind starting a fire to make coffee.

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The Best Espresso Machines that You Can Buy Online.
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Coffee lovers are close to an addiction for a lot of people. However, there is a difference between those who like coffee and those who cannot live without coffee. The former are those who go to a coffee shop to have coffee prepared for them. The latter are those who are not yet awake in the morning until after their second cup of coffee. Camp coffee is for the latter group of people. They appreciate coffee and know they need a drink to start their day. They will make coffee on their own if the circumstances warrant. In the middle of a forest, a desert, or beside a stream, they would not mind starting a fire to make coffee.


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