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5 Best Dual Maker of 2021: A Rundown

Dave Carter

January 6, 2021

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Two-way coffee makers were built to accommodate various unique household brewing needs, making it the perfect solution for coffee lovers and busy individuals. By having this handy machine in your kitchen, you don't have to settle for conventional coffee brewing methods that take most of your morning's time. You can produce single-serve coffee for busy mornings or brew pots of coffee for lazy afternoons with family in just the press of the button. In this article, we have provided you with the Best Dual Coffee Maker options currently taking the market by storm. Let's dive more into each model.

Best Dual Coffee Maker Products​

1. JURA GIGA X7 Professional Coffee Machine​

The JURA GIGA X7 Professional Coffee Brewing Device is the powerhouse of two-way coffee makers with dual grinders, dual milk system, and double boiler. It produces two espressos or milk-based drinks simultaneously because of its unique rapid steaming capabilities made possible by the dual boiler and dual milk system. Featuring more than 30 drink options, the JURA GIGA X7 is a force to be reckoned with in any professional setting.


  • Two of Everything

The X7 features two water tanks, bean hoppers, heating systems, grinders, and other components. It is effortlessly producing two cups of single-serve coffee from different types of coffee beans or different settings. It lets you make flavored ground coffee for your guests on one hopper while producing single-serve brews with your favorite beans on the second hopper.

  • Innovative Programmable One-Touch Brewing

With the JURA GIGA X7's high-performance grinders, you can produce two cups of single-serve espressos in less than 33 seconds, two lattes in less than 2 minutes and even whole pots of coffee in less than 3 minutes with just the touch of the button. Because of its programmable feature, it lets you customize your drink effortlessly.

  • Large Water Reservoir

Boasting two large water tanks, this two-way coffee maker effortlessly produces large batches of coffee or other milk-based hot drinks for larger or more servings. You don't have to worry about running out on freshly brewed coffee ever again.


  • No More Cleaning Up With its Automated Maintenance & Cleaning Function

This coffee brewer automatically displays maintenance alerts when the machine needs to be descaled, or the brew group needs cleaning. Its milk system has an automated cleaning cycle that cleans and rinses itself after each use. Its unique CLARIS Pro Blue water filter keeps scaling aside, ensuring you or your clients get properly caffeinated for years to come.

  • Customizable Blends with the Bean a la carte Function

This gives you the option to brew using coffee beans from its different hopper-in 25% increments, which lets you effortlessly experiment with customized blends. Finally, with its bypass dozer, it gives you the option to brew coffee with pre-portioned coffee grounds instilling even more versatility.

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2. JURA GIGA W3 Automatic Coffee Machine​

The JURA GIGA W3 Automatic Coffee Maker Best introduces innovative coffee technology to any professional setting. The GIGA W3 epitomizes the professional and modern automatic drip coffee maker designed to provide everything that counts in the modern working environment for guests, customers, or employees. Besides its elegance, it provides superlative performance that offers convenient and simple operation that features effortless refilling due to its large 169-ounce water reservoir, 350-ounce bean compartment, and aroma preservation cover.


  • Two Boilers & Pump Systems

Swift brewing is made possible by the GIGA W3's double Thermoblock boiler system, further enhanced by the double 15 bar pumps. These two components give the product the proficiency to produce up to 120 great single-serve coffee drinks daily, two in one operation. Its 5-liter reservoir, with the help of the unique CLARIS Pro Blue water filter, found exclusively on JURA products, the W3 effortlessly brews countless cups of coffee every day.

  • Automated Maintenance & Cleaning

Its milk system has an automated cleaning cycle that rinses itself after each session. The W3 shows maintenance alerts when the product needs to be descaled. The efficient upkeep of the product will let it serve you for years.

  • Versatility

The product produces various drinks such as the single-serve latte macchiato, espresso, coffee, cappuccino, whole pots of coffee twice. Its TFT (Thin Film Transistor) gives you the option to customize 43 drinks from the coffee dosage, volume, or even temperature.


  • Modernized Coffee Brewer

The coffee maker features 31 programmable specialty coffees that could be produced by the touch of the button. Its modern display screen could be customized depending on your preference. However, what distinguishes the GIGA technology is the adjustable air intake controlled by its geared stepper motor electronically. This heats or froths the milk efficiently. It is providing you with the cup of your dreams effortlessly.

  • 7 Day On & Off Programmability

This function ensures that it's ready to brew when you arrive at the office or your home. The machine turns into standby mode when not in use, which efficiently conserves power.

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3. Jura Giga 6​

The JURA GIGA 6 Dual Coffee Brewing Product is redefining the concept of modern dual coffee makers. This product is made for household use or professional settings, which ensures excellent brews with the use of the latest technology. Constructed with top-quality materials, stainless steel finish the GIGA 6 is the icing on the cake for coffee lovers. Besides its innovative design, it gives you the option to produce over 28 different specialties with the help of its unique artificial intelligence system.


  • Seamless 4.3 inches Touchscreen Display

The product is equipped with the TFT 4.3 inches full-color touchscreen display. It provides the navigable menus with just a touch, which makes it trouble-free when customizing your single-serve drinks. With the addition of its AI function, the GIGA 6 produces the custom home screen with 2, 5, or 8 of your favorite drinks.

  • Smart Connect

The GIGA 6 comes with Bluetooth connection. It gives you the option to link it up to your mobile phone with JOE (JURA Operating Experience), the free application that allows you to operate the machine, views instructional videos, or customizes drinks without the need to be in front of the coffee brewer.

  • Customized to Perfection

The 28 specialties of the GIGA 6 lets you customize your drinks based on your preference with its impactful options, giving you access to 10 strength settings, three brewing temperatures, and ten milk temperature settings and providing you with the options to adjust strength or volume while brewing.


  • Enjoy Drinks with the Simple Touch of the Button

Enjoy cappuccinos, espressos, coffee with the touch of the single button alongside two Thermoblock heating systems, which lets you produce hot water for simultaneous single-serve coffee and milk preparation for the quickest coffee drinks ever.

  • Double Everything

The GIGA 6 combines the power of two espresso machines in one. Its double hoppers, double grinders, and double everything allows you to store two different kinds of coffee beans in air-tight opaque hoppers, which leaves the grinders to do the rest.

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4. Jura X8​

What makes the Jura X8 Dual Coffee Maker unique from its fellow coffee makers is its "plumbing" feature, which is considered rare for most automatic coffee makers. The product's designed for tiny offices or busy homes. It could provide you with an infinite water supply directly from the waterline of the premises, which lets you not worry about refilling its water tank numerous times. The X8's imaginative lineup brings some new features of its own to the automatic espresso-making stage


  • Advanced Milk Frothing

The X8 focuses on the quality of the overall drinks, but most coffee makers neglect control over the milk drinks. However, the X8 provides you the option of having two different types of milk for each cup of milk-based drinks and proficiently providing you with combined straight-heat milk and silky milk foam.

  • Customized Coffee Drinks

The X8 comes with over 21 pre-programmed products. Your drinks could be effortlessly customized for the coffee necessities like the strength, temperature, volume.

  • J.O.E

Jura's innovative mobile application. It lets you operate the X8 using your table phone where you could conveniently adjust every drink produced, including its strength, amount of hot water, coffee, temperature, milk foam. It provides you the option of inventing new drinks and effectively bringing coffee convenience on your mobile phones.


  • High Capacities

The X8 features the 5-liter water reservoir, which provides you with endless brewing for long periods. It can be locked using the key provided, which comes with the product. The coffee maker could hold over 40 servings of coffee before emptying it.

  • Direct Water Line Connection

The unique function of the X8 is that it could be plumbed in for infinite water supply. The hot water supply is always ready as there is no need to refill the water reservoir again.

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5. Jura E8 Automatic Coffee Machine​

The Jura E8 Black Automatic Coffee Maker provides you with more free time in your morning routines. The E8 combines Jura's newest innovative espresso brewing process with simple, intuitive features like automated cleaning profiles, convenient milk frothing, or their newest smart water system that lets you know when it's time to swap out filters inside the product. The products provide you shorter, fewer descaling cycles than other coffee makers, which means more coffee production with less work.


  • Automated Milk Frothing

This convenient feature lets the milk siphon automatically froth the milk with control over the foam texture of the milk with its built-in dial. This lets you get your ideal foamed milk consistency—providing you with more time to produce single-serve coffee.

  • No More Cleaning Up

There's no need to clean up after each brewing session because the E8 boasts an automated rinse system that makes your cleaning routine trouble-free. It gives you easier maintenance for the product.

  • Programming Prowess

The group of programming options lets you set the necessities of the drink like the grind, dosage, volume, temperature, or milk options with less hassle.


  • PEP Function

The pulse extraction process separates the E8 from other brewing products, bringing espresso brewing to unprecedented levels and efficiently offering you better Crema and tastier shots.

  • IWS Function

The F8 uses Jura's newest water filter, which incorporates the intelligent water system in the brewing product, efficiently providing high-end water filtration.

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Advantages of a dual brew coffee maker​

Dual coffee makers are known for their functionality and clever design. There are many benefits of using these machines; below are some of the advantages of dual coffee makers.

  • Two Ways of Brewing Your Favorite Cup of Coffee
    The biggest benefit of dual coffee makers is you essentially get the benefits of two machines in one innovative product. It lets you brew your preferred cup of this beloved caffeinated drink effortlessly. The hot water goes through the filter or the pod and the machine delivers the coffee.
  • Versatile
    The dual coffee maker is versatile. You can use different types of coffee beans, pods, k-cups, capsules, and the fresh grounds for the caffeinated drink when constructing the ideal coffee cup on this handy machine. You're given the option of constructing single-serve drinks or full fresh pots.
  • Start Timer Function
    Most dual coffee makers come with start timer functions that provide you with fresh pots of the drink, or a single-serve coffee ready-made in the morning, which has the same effect of producing the caffeinated drink that you get with the instant version of the drink.

Main features of a dual coffee pot​

The use of coffee makers has become a habit out of use. It involves a ritual of making coffee in a certain manner. This is a morning ritual which starts the day for most people. There is the enjoyment in the anticipation of a fresh cup of coffee. Whether this is for a drip brew or a pod, the smell of coffee brewing brightens up the day. Along with this ritual are the accessories or supplies. Drip brewing starts with coffee grounds or beans, while instant coffee pods are the starting point for single serve coffee makers. Either way, the enjoyment of coffee starts with the expectant wait for the brew to finish.

Thermal or Glass Carafe

One feature of the best coffee makers is the carafe that comes with the products. If keeping your drink is not a concern, you could use the conventional glass carafe. Though if you like your drink piping hot, the thermal carafe is recommended. Most dual coffee makers come with both thermal & glass carafe.

Coffee Options

The number of brewing options is another feature that determines the quality of the dual coffee maker. The reason for buying the product is for the sake of consolidating several machines into one convenient product. The more versatile the caffeinated drink maker is, the better. Pods offer more flexibility. You can choose a different flavor or coffee pod for your different drinks. For instance, you can choose between different roasts, grounds, blends or even types of coffees. The use of single serve pods for specific flavors makes it more convenient than buying a whole package of an expensive coffee blend or beans. You can have a single serve for use on special occasions, or just to taste and see if it is to your liking. Alternatively, if you would prefer a specific flavor of coffee, you can buy a bag and use it daily with your regular drip coffee.


The functionality and creativity of the machine are an important feature for the dual coffee maker, providing functional designs like touch screens, buttons, or dials. The best coffee maker incorporates design which features convenience and elegance. The dual coffee maker design melds single serve and drip in a seamless merger. There is also the choice between a thermal carafe, or a stainless steel or glass carafe which can hold several cups of coffee.


The product should provide you with options for tweaking your desired strength or program the machine for frothy drinks if you like your drink to be customized based on your preferences. Ensure the product comes with numerous customizable features to ensure you get your money's worth.


These stainless steel machines provide different options for keeping the coffee grounds out of your cup. Most drip versions of these brewing machines use metal mesh filters, but most of them use single-use paper filters. This feature should be considered because the method of filtering used by the product will affect the overall quality of the brewed drink.

Making coffee with a dual pot coffee maker​

Though brewing your favorite drinks with these handy machines vary from the model or brand. Below is the general way of creating these delectable drinks.

  1. Fill the carafe with water (use filtered water if possible).
  2. Pour water inside the water reservoir of the machine.
  3. Place the stainless steel or glass carafe on the heating plate of the machine.
  4. Measure your coffee and pour it inside the machine's filter.
  5. Close the lid and press a button to start the hot water dripping.
  6. Wait for the brew's completion as it drips on to the glass carafe, or the single cup.
  7. Pour on your favorite cup or mug.
  8. Enjoy.

With the dual pot coffee maker, you have the luxury of using a single serve pod or k-cup or the drip coffee function. Dual coffee makers can brew according to your taste and preference. It features the traditional coffee brewing process of a drip coffee maker. It can also create designer coffee courtesy of the flavor pod or k-cup. It is the best of both worlds.


Save valuable time with this high tech dual coffee maker. With this professional JURA machine you can serve two tasty brews at the same time. Go and get it!

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Conclusion: What is the best dual coffee maker?​

Now that we have established the importance, features, benefits of these wonderful machines, we hope you understand the art that comes with these products more. Considering everything we've mentioned in this post, our top pick for the best dual coffee maker is none other than the JURA GIGA X7 Professional Coffee Machine. It has all the quality features that these machines should have while maintaining the balance of functionality and style.

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