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5 Best Drip Coffee Maker of 2021

Dave Carter

January 6, 2021

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There are many popular ways to create a brewed coffee at home, from cold iced coffee brew to espresso makers, from single-brewers to French Press. Choices are getting better through the years. But there are still coffee enthusiasts who know that the best drip coffee maker is the most classic type among them all, and there is a good reason behind that. It can give you a strong brew but with full-flavored caffeine in high quantities. Of course, not all coffee brewers are created equal. Below are a few that topnotch the rest. Find out why coffee drinkers prefer these top 5 choices.

Drip Coffee Maker Products​

All products below are tested from the brewing cycle to keep it warm. There are evaluations done as well for each of the coffee makers on ease of use, the use of controls, access to other parts, its water tank and carafes, and a lot more. The cleaning process was tested, too, if how easy or hard it is.

Wolf Gourmet 10-Cup Coffee Maker​

You can simply program this 10-cup coffee maker, and it will automatically brew your favorite caffeine just before you wake up. There is a special thermal carafe that will make your coffee still hot, ready for your morning sip. This is a perfect appliance for people who need caffeine motivation to get up out of bed. All you have to do is pick your desired strength for the brew from the five strength options list. Choose as well the number of cups of coffee you plan to make. Then the LCD from the machine will notify you if there are too many brews to add and when the water tank reservoir needs a refill. It has a built-in scale feature, making it easy for the user to increase the amount of coffee for accurate and consistent flavoring. There are convenient features this appliance has to offer. It is called the Auto Pause & Serves and the Last Brew Memory features. They make you remember all the brew settings you've done previously and pause the cycle to pour it in a cup and enjoy it.


  • It is a 10-cup insulated stainless steel thermal carafe that makes your coffee fresh and hot
  • The appliance is programmable to start your brew automatically at any possible and desired time
  • It consists of three programs: Accubrew, Manual and Clean
  • The Accubrew mode has five strength option settings
  • The brewing process is being simplified as it sets the number of cups of coffee you wish to create and the brew strength option you desired. You can add more coffee or water if it shows in the LCD Display
  • Wide and clear LCD screen for automatic operation
  • Combined scale for specific and consistent flavor
  • It has three unique stages for the descaling cycle. The LCD Display will show you the instructions and guidelines for it
  • It has a detachable water tank or water reservoir
  • There is a functional water filtration system for the best and pure-tasting coffee
  • The Last Brew Memory feature shows the brewing options and settings
  • The Auto Pause & Serve feature lets your pour your coffee in a cup during the brew cycle
  • There is a timer to count up and shows some elapsed time until the brewing process was complete


  • Ensure that the coffee drink you are craving for is the one it serves
  • It produces a superior-tasting coffee beverage with unparalleled consistency
  • You can always recreate your favorite coffee mixes over and over again because of the programmable option and setting
  • Coffee maker best and tastes a lot better when brewed at the right temperature
  • It offers customizable coffee experience from mild to bold strength option

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Technivorm Moccamaster Coffee Maker with Glass Carafe​

This coffee machine is most loved, and many customers choose it as their favorite coffee maker. It's a simple-to-operate coffee maker that doesn't produce noise at all based on the test done in the Netherlands where the appliance was produced. It is manufactured to coincide with the high standards given by the Specialty Coffee Association of America. This coffee machine can brew a delightful cup of coffee in just 6 minutes.


  • The brewing condition is being controlled between temperatures of 198° and 205°F. This ensures optimum taste and less bitterness
  • The 2-stage heating soleplate settles well to volume
  • For safety purposes, the soleplate will automatically turn off every after 100 mins
  • It has an auto-drip blend basket
  • It produces a speedy filtration time
  • Lightened on/off switch
  • The advanced system combines milk frother and steam to create a creamy and rich flavor for smoothly textured drinks
  • It is an insulated stainless steel thermal carafe that makes your coffee fresh and hot
  • The noticeable scale indicator notifies you when the appliance requires descaling
  • It has a strong construction that guaranteed to last


  • The operation is very simple
  • A lot of removable parts for cleaning options to prevent residue and oil from building up, which ensures a great-tasting coffee each time
  • Coffee maker best and tastes so much better when brewed at the right temperature
  • Consumer's favorite
  • Quick brewing with ease of use even the controls
  • It is made with premium and quality materials
  • There are many color options.

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Technivorm Moccamaster KBGT Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe, Polished Silver

This coffee machine meets and complies with the strict requirements given by the European Coffee Brewing Center and Specialty Coffee Association of America and Europe. The best coffee maker was featured in Cook's Illustrated already. It's an easy-to-use appliance with one button click away to brew 10-cup barista-quality caffeine in 6 minutes.


  • Keeps the brewing temperatures as recommended by an expert for a better and ideal cup of coffee
  • Automated pre-infusion features that guarantee your favorite brew is overfilled to its fullest taste and flavor
  • The 9-hole spray arm feature wets coffee grounds evenly so that you can have a perfect extraction
  • It is an insulated stainless steel thermal carafe that makes your coffee fresh and hot
  • It has a heavy-duty pot with a durable copper detail and dual safety guard
  • It has consistent scale indicators and water level setups
  • Combined auto-stop filter machine coffee container to remove carafe while in the brewing process
  • You can use it with a reusable Swiss Gold cone filter or any disposable paper filter


  • It ensures the perfect coffee flavor and bloom
  • The appliance is simple and easy to operate with the quiet brewing process
  • The appliance has been created with care to provide delicious, high-quality taste in your homebrew
  • Coffee maker best and tastes so much better when brewed at the right temperature with this appliance

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De'Longhi Combination Pump Espresso and 10-Cup Drip Coffee Machine with Advanced Cappuccino System​

The machine consists of 2 sides. The first one creates an authentic 15 bars espresso, latte, iced coffee, and cappuccino. The other side makes an exceptionally delightful coffee brew. It has an advanced cappuccino system where you can steam milk frother for a creamy and rich one. Your coffee will be ready in a glass carafe by setting up the 24 hours digital timer. You can choose to pause the process if you want to take a sip of it immediately. It's very convenient to access the water reservoir and refill it without needing to move the appliance.


  • 15 bars espresso, latte, iced coffee, and cappuccino maker on one side, and the simplified coffee makers on the other
  • It has a convenient front-access to water reservoirs without the need to move the brewer
  • It is an insulated stainless steel thermal carafe that makes your coffee fresh and hot
  • The advanced cappuccino system combines milk frother and steam to create a creamy and rich flavor for smoothly textured drinks
  • The 4-hour digital timer lets you have freshly brewed caffeine ready when you crave for it
  • Auto turn off option which helps you saves energy
  • The Brew Pause feature lets you pour the coffee in a cup when it's ready, no need for you to wait longer for the brewing job done
  • It has a warming plate on the base of the appliance to keep your coffee at the desired temperature when brewing job is done
  • There is a 2-in-1 Crema Filter container for the coffee ground and ESE pods


  • You can make a great-taste coffee with one appliance alone, without limits
  • It extracted maximum aroma and flavor for a robust caffeine experience
  • The carbon filter will keep the water you are going to use for the coffee fresh and free from bacteria
  • The appliance is perfect for a large crowd because it has a huge water reservoir for your desired coffee mixes
  • It allows you to enjoy your coffee while it's still brewing, no need to finish all cups of coffee before you can take one

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Cuisinart Grind & Brew 10-Cup Coffeemaker with Thermal Carafe​

This is the easiest way to enjoy a flavorful and fresh coffee from your choice of whole coffee beans. You can simply make your favorite coffee at home. The burr grinder helps you ground the beans in an even size and in which you can always control. The Direct Flow Grind distributes the coffee beans directly into the container, which perfectly resulted in uniformity and superior flavor with every cup. The Auto Rinse makes sure that all coffee grounds can access the brewing container, reducing the need for another cleanup. This coffee brewer offers you three brew strength options, which consist of regular, bold, and extra-bold to cater all of your desired taste.


  • The thermal stainless steel carafe holds the brew hot
  • The burr grinder permits for consistent, and adjustable
  • The AutoRinse feature will ensure all coffee grounds can penetrate the brew basket
  • It has a half-pound ground beans hopper with a sealed lid to keep the beans crisp and fresh
  • You will have flavor options from regular, bold, and extra-bold
  • The appliance has a grinding control that lets you program for about 4 - 10 cups
  • The appliance carries a gold-tone commercial and permanent filter with charcoal water filtration


  • It's your easiest and fastest way to get a fresh cup of hot coffee
  • The appliance is fully programmable in which you can automatically shut off when not in use using the large control panel
  • This one best coffee maker simplified everything for you to enjoy the freshest coffee anytime you want or crave for it

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Advantages of the coffee drip method​

The best and most popular coffee brewer today is the drip coffee maker. You can find this kind of machine in many homes and workplaces too. They provide a lot of value, especially if you choose the one from trusted suppliers and manufacturers. Drip Coffee makers are available from average to affordable, from mid-range brewer to high-end one. Some features vary to price points, and brands too. This leaves you a lot of choices when it comes to this appliance.

Let's find some good reasons why drip coffee makers are very popular in the market today.

  • The Ease of Use

This best and one of a kind coffee maker is not complicated to use at all, and it's rare to find this type. All you have to do is to just add a coffee ground to the machine's coffee filter, then put it into place and add water to begin the brewing process of the machine. After a few minutes, you will have an aromatic and fresh coffee.

You will have full control of how much coffee you'll be adding to the filter. This means to say that you have all the control as well of how average or strong you'd like for your brew is. Typically, this kind of coffee maker features a glass carafe that can keep and hold the coffee. It's an ideal choice for offices, big families, or coffee lovers who want to enjoy their caffeine now and then.

  • Very Affordable Machine

If you are on a budget and only looking for an affordable coffee brewer, it's possible now because of the drip coffee maker. There are types that you can buy in retail for under 20 bucks only. If you have enough money to spend a lot more, not too much cash you'll be needing actually.

When it comes to ground coffee, there are a lot of great coffee deals also. That means that the amount or pot of coffee you want to add to your drip-coffee machine is not that pricey unless you want to taste a high-end brew such as a designer brand of Mr coffee.

  • Economical To Utilize

As a cost-effective choice for a budget-friendly appliance, it's good for your cash in a practical way. Not knowing that you are helping the environment, too, using reusable filters for the appliance won't cost you too much money.

  • Machine's Design Offers Programmable Features

Today, best drip coffee makers are already programmable. This means you are free to set it up with a filter, water, and coffee, of course, in advance. Just set the timer, and it's good to go. If you are still too lazy to get up, just hit the start button in your appliance, start with the brewing process, and then go back to your bed and wait for it to finish. Just make sure to set the timer first so it won't roast too hard.

The moment you add ground coffee, a filter, and water, the coffee maker will begin to brew at a set time you programmed it. Isn't it nice to know that one appliance can automatically brew your favorite and great-tasting coffee with an exceptional programmable feature? That is indeed a big advantage.

How does drip coffee maker work?​

What else could be simpler than an appliance that serves us with a great-tasting coffee every morning? It boosts ourselves to face a new day. Good thing that the designs and features improve over time. It's a straightforward appliance if you will only get to know it a lot better.

If you are going to take off the upper part of the coffee maker, you will see these three things:

  • The Heating Element – It's a coiled wire which looks like a filament you can find in a light bulb or the toaster's heating element. It gets hotter the moment you run electricity through it when the coffee hot maker is in use.
  • The Plaster – Coffee makers must be embedded in plaster to make it tougher. If you put the water into the machine, the heating element heats up and hot water is being produced. When the coffee is already brewed, the heating element also keeps your caffeine warm.
  • The Grease – It's a heat-conducting grease that ensures the transfer of heat in an efficient way possible. This kind of grease can also be found in most power supply devices like amplifiers.

You have learned that a coffee maker is a simple appliance. There is no simpler coffee brewer than this one. If you are wondering how it works, here's an easy explanation.

  • The Water Flow

The moment you put water into the brewer, it will flow down to the coffee brewer reservoir through an average hole or an orange tube. It will then flow through the one-way valve into a stainless steel aluminum tube, which you can usually find in most coffee brewer heating elements. After that, it will go up in a white tube, which is made possible because of the natural gravity present at that time.

  • The Heating Cycle

When you switch the coffee maker on, the heating element will automatically begin to heat the stainless steel aluminum tube, then the water you put in it will also start to boil. When the water reaches its boiling point, the bubbles will rise in the machine's white tube.

  • The Coffee Ground Dispersion

What happens next is like you see in an aquarium filter. The white tube is too small, and the bubbles it created are big and, when combined, will cause enough columns of H2O to rise up over the top of the bubbles. If the water continues to rise on the tube, it will then dispersed the coffee ground evenly with the use of the filter.

  • Demystified Process

The water now will flow into the coffee and strips up the coffee's oil essence while it's going back down to the coffee carafe or pot.

That's how simple it is. So the next time you are in a big crowd with your families or friends to hang around, you can offer them a coffee with the use of your drip coffee maker. Now that you know exactly what happened to the whole process, you can enjoy your great-tasting coffee because you are the one who makes it from the first step to the last one.

Is drip coffee better?​

Drip coffee is a clear winner in so many ways. It may earn a lot of awards in the future because of its versatility and unique features. You need to brew coffee with the use of a spoon and by pressing the button's brewer. The drip method will make sure that you can't stuff it up, so there are controls and limits as to what you would like your coffee to taste like. Also, coffee hot remains as it is and will stay warm for a long time until you're ready to take a sip of it.

When it comes to the intensity of flavor and taste, usually, the drip coffee has a clean round with a simple taste profile. If you are going to compare it to the other shots, it's less intense because it has less concentration too. So you will not get the bitter-like taste from it.

Advanced Features of automatic drip coffee makers​

When it comes to the timeless tradition of brewed coffee, drip coffee can give you that taste. What makes it survive in the market is because of the advanced features and methods in creating great-tasting coffee. A lot of good techniques have been combined, including speed, multitasking options, affordability, and convenience. With the use of drip coffee makers, you will enjoy your coffee cup every morning without compromising the taste and time of making it.

Two best features of most drip coffee makers are the pre-infusion step and temperature gauges. These two will provide you a much better coffee you will surely love. But these are not the only things to consider. There are criteria for drip machines to live up to, so they will continue serving the consumers with the best coffee they deserve. Below are some features that must be included in the drip coffee maker.

  • It can brew coffee up to 14 cups at once. 

Sometimes your family or co-workers get to visit you at home, and one thing you can offer them is your best coffee. You can be on top of it because of your drip coffee brewer. But make sure that it can brew the right amount of coffee at once, enough for a big crowd. With the use of buttons on your coffee brewer, it can automatically create enough coffee cups ready to be served for your visitors.

  • It must have a programmable time option. 

People these days want smart home appliances. If a coffee brewer has a programmable clock option, consumers will love programming their favorite coffee mixes and make it ready the next day when you wake up. For most coffee enthusiasts, this is the better way to kick start their day.

  • It must have auto power on and shut off buttons.

People love the idea of getting a brewer that requires little to no human action. It makes the machine very useful to them. A good drip machine must have an automatic on and off, depending on the time you specify. The brewer will automatically begin the process every morning, making sure your cup of coffee is ready. If not in use, the brewer will also automatically shut off to save energy.

  • Introduces bean to cup process.

It is very rewarding to drink your great-tasting brew coffee every morning. It boosts not only your mind and body but also your perception of life. But of course, nobody likes dull caffeine on the first cup. Good thing, coffee appliances make sure not to let this happen. That's why today's coffee maker uses a fresh ground bean to cup feature. This means that you'll be having a lot of freedom to grind your most favorite ground beans precisely ready for your coffee.

The drip machines have different features to ensure outstanding coffee products generally. The brewing process has been comfortable, convenient, and easy to use.

How much is a drip coffee maker?​

The best coffee makers are indeed becoming popular these days, not for offices but also home use. When you buy this kind of brewer, you have to make sure that you do a lot of research first. Of course, you want a coffee maker that is not only easy to use but also creates good coffee. But have you thought about the cost also?

Prices depend on various factors, from your brew preference to the brewing quality. The brand of your coffee maker influences the cost also. If you are looking for the most advanced features, you will surely tick a lot of money for it. To help you out with the different pricing options, you can read the information below.

  • Price for the coffee machines inside small offices and workplace

These machines are ideal for easy coffee making. It uses little controls and no extra fuss needed, especially on the cleaning process. This simple machine will cost you $20 for a reputable brand. It's fair enough because it's small and will fit in most small kitchens and offices.

You can also buy it a filter coffee brewer for about $60 to $80. It can sit perfectly with your kitchen's worktop. If you'd like to have the bean to cup filter brewer, the price will rise to a new level. It starts from $102 to $699 and mostly used to commercial establishments.

  • Price for coffee machines for most Coffee Shops and large offices

This is an excellent type of machine in which the coffee preferences vary according to many different factors. The price of this machine starts at $55, and it can go high to $650. It can be used commercially, but coffee lovers can have it in their own homes. If you are looking for an espresso maker, the price will go up from $1000 to $7000. This will depend on the features and other advanced elements.

  • Price for coffee machines mostly use at homes

The price of this machine starts at a little $50 if it's only a basic brewer with fewer features. But the cost can rise to $85 to $90. There are pretty impressive machines too that boasted the 19 bars pressure to satisfy the most espresso lovers. These coffee maker models cost from $110 to $480. They are geared enough with the design and style perfect to create an excellent brew.

Personal serving with a small drip coffee maker​

Even if you consider yourself as a dedicated coffee lover or home barista that owns your time and someone who's always on the go and a busy person, there are times that you need a quick cup of coffee to kick start your day and boost your system.

You've been wanting that freshly brewed and delicious coffee waiting for you after a morning shower too. Then a drip coffee maker is an answer to that. All you have to do is add up enough coffee beans and water and let the machine do the work in creating a delicious brew. The great choice of drip machine can grind your beans well as long as you control the temperature of the water. It will further produce the important bloom out of your coffee. It keeps your coffee hot and warm until you are ready for a sip of it.

Doesn't it sound perfect already? But living alone means you only need a few cups. It's not always good to have the whole carafe each day. It may earn you nothing at all if you take too much caffeine. Sometimes, you end up pouring down the stewed coffee left in the drain because it will not taste good anymore if you keep reheating it.

This makes sense to have a single-serve drip machine, but make sure to choose the high-quality one and be most reliable in producing delicious java. You may earn a lot of praise for using it in creating good coffee. Here are other things to consider in choosing the right drip machine for you.

  • Keeps the temperature of water between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit while in the brewing cycle. It is the perfect temperature if you are extracting the flavor for your hot or cold iced coffee brew.
  • It must have a strength selector to allow you to personalize your brewing time preference.
  • It includes broadly distributed water streams so the coffee grounds will evenly soak while in the brewing process. It's even better to pre-soak it.
  • It must have an auto-shutoff plate, so the java doesn't burn while you're still in bed or the shower.
  • It must feature the inbuilt water filtration system because it gives out a lot of brighter flavored for a coffee drink. If it has no filter system, make sure always to filter the water as you make your brew.

Back to the old school, this drip coffee maker serves you solid coffee for small money. Easy to use and long living product.

Get the Best Product NOW


Who doesn't drink coffee these days? There are times that even if you're not a coffee lover yourself, you still want a sip of it once in a while. Yes, it seems that the whole world is drinking a delightful full pot of coffee. This makes the demand for coffee machines increase too, and it includes drip coffee makers. Most coffee lovers and enthusiasts chose it as an addition to their home appliances. But of course, not all drip coffee machines are created equal. Some types brew better when compared to the rest, like the Wolf Gourmet 10-Cup Coffee Maker. It keeps you going every morning, especially when you smell the aroma from one full pot of coffee.

Other coffee makers have high-end features, but a little bit costly. But sometimes, it doesn't matter anymore as long as you get the satisfaction you want from it. The quest must be over now for your quest of the best drip coffee maker perfect for home and office use today. The list above has been laid out and currently available in the market. The strengths and functions prove it to be worthy and useful enough to create the great-tasting coffee you always crave for.

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