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5 Best Colombian Coffee of 2021: A Rundown

Dave Carter

July 22, 2021

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Colombia is the world's third-biggest coffee producer, after Vietnam and Brazil, and is one of the best producers of top-quality Arabica coffee beans. It is home to over 500,000 coffee growers run by locals. The country is part of the famous 'coffee belt,' with the perfect climate for making the highest quality of beans, and coffee isn't just a simple crop in Colombia, it's a way of life. If you're looking for the Best Colombian Coffee, you can buy it in online stores or local supermarkets.

Colombia makes its blends with 100% Arabica coffee beans. It is known to be the best of the best, producing a perfect balance of mild and sweet taste filled with fruity undertones and pleasant acidity. If you're looking for a world-class gourmet coffee experience at home, here are some of the best coffee Colombian products to give you some guidance.

Best Colombian Coffee of 2021

The top five Colombian coffees can start anyone's day right by giving them high-quality brews at home, making mornings significantly better. These blends are from some of the leading names in the coffee industry, offering the top coffee Colombian products used from homes and coffeehouses worldwide. Here are their unique offerings and features that all coffee lovers would enjoy.

1. Folgers 100% Colombian Medium Roast Ground Coffee​

Wild Fuel's MCT Oil Powder Keto coffee creamer is the perfect choice if you are looking for a healthier alternative from your standard coffee creamer, milk, or cream-based sweeteners. It is made from natural ingredients you can trust, and it is produced under the most stringent conditions with the help of cutting-edge supplement technology, ensuring you only get the best for your health.


Responsibly Grown

Folgers commit to responsibly purchasing raw or green beans by working with coffee producers and suppliers who are equally determined to save the environment. The company follows sustainable practices and coffee growing conditions, making their product 100% UTZ certified. By practicing sustainable farming and providing better opportunities for local coffee farmers in the nation, they aim to give everyone a better and caffeine-rich future.

Perfect for Everyone

All Folgers Colombian products are delicately balanced and perfectly blended, giving you an enticing aroma that can instantly perk up your senses. Whether you're brewing a fresh pot or a single cup of coffee, you can find Folgers Colombian coffee that's perfect for your tastes.

Instant Top-Quality Brews

This package of Folgers 100% Colombian coffee is pre-ground, allowing you to make the drink in a few minutes. You can create a great brew using your favorite brewer or a French press, giving you a pleasant fragrance and refreshing, unique taste of Folgers.


  • 100% pure Colombian medium-dark roast grounds with a distinctively rich full-bodied flavor.
  • Freshly roasted in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.
  • The product comes with an interlocking aroma sealer canister that ensures optimal freshness.

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2. Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC Colombian Supremo Coffee​

The 100% Colombian Supremo blend provides a bold and flavorful quality single-origin coffees that boast a perfectly balanced body. Its unique cupping notes of cherry and honey give your brew a bright and tangy acidity, making it the perfect option for new or avid coffee aficionados. All blends contain 100% quality roasted Arabica coffee beans with no artificial flavorings, additives, and preservatives.


Organic and Fair Trade Certified 

All products from Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC are 100% USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) Organic and Fair Trade certified, meaning you only get the best and quality brews while giving back for a good cause. It lets you enjoy your cup of coffee responsibly.

Environmentally Friendly Roasting

Their version of a coffee of Colombia uses the freshest beans and uses the most advanced technology to date to provide consumers with the most robust roasts in the market. Besides offering great roasts, the company follows eco-friendly roasting processes that allow them to eliminate their carbon emissions up to 80% in a smokeless roasting environment.

Guaranteed Freshness

All beans from FRC are roasted fresh and immediately packaged and shipped right to your local grocery stores or at your doorstep. The company aims to provide consumers with delicious brews as its peak drinkability.


  • The blends are well balanced with subtle tasting notes of cherry and honey, making it a definite crowd-pleaser.
  • The product is sustainably sourced, roasted, blended, and packaged in the USA.
  • All coffees undergo a roasting process that uses environmentally friendly Loring roasters.

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3. Signature 100% Colombian Coffee Supremo Bean Dark Roast-Fine Grind

The making of this Colombian coffee involved over 600,000 members of the FNC (Colombian Coffee Growers Federation), an association of small-holding or local farmers and growers. The beans used for the blends are grown high in the Andes Mountains of the nation, submerged in fertile volcanic soil. When you choose Kirkland Signature 100% Colombian coffee, you can ensure you will only get consistency, top-quality, and satisfaction in each brew.


Gourmet Brews at Home

The Supremo beans used for the blends undergo an intricate roasting process that produces deep, robust colors and ground fresh to capture the beans' natural and full-bodied flavors. It provides you with a smooth sweet aroma that guarantees gourmet brews at home.


Each bean used in the blends was grown high in the vast Andes Mountains of Colombia, submerged in vibrant volcanic soil and specially handpicked and selected to ensure you only get the most exquisite brews.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

All Kirkland Signature products are guaranteed to meet or exceed some of the leading national brands' quality standards in the coffee industry. If you're not happy with the blends, the company offers refunds.


  • 100% filtered coffee.
  • The blends only use top-quality Supremo beans from the vast Andes Mountains in Colombia.
  • The product features a finely ground consistency that allows you to make brews instantly.
  • Kosher certified.

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4. Kirkland Signature 100% Colombian Supremo Coffee​

This Kirkland Signature blend is a washed-process coffee that uses top-quality Arabica beans, providing sweet and spicy tones. It's a deftly dark-roasted blend that's ideal for drinkers that are looking for something unique. Its unique silver packaging and generous 48 ounces (3 pounds) serving per bag are perfect to start your day right.


Unique Blend

The Kirkland Signature 100% Colombian Supremo blend offers a unique flavor profile and individual tasting notes resembling floral and sweet flavorings. If you're looking for something new to perk you up for the busy day ahead, this product allows you to indulge in a quality cup with ease.

Freshly Roasted Whole Beans

The blends contain only the highest quality of Arabica beans that undergo an intricate roasting process that brings out the unique flavors of Colombian brews, giving you an experience, unlike any other coffee you've ever had.

Eye-Catching Packaging

The product comes in a unique silver packaging that makes it stand out in your kitchen, giving you deliciously unique brews with style. Besides a beautiful packaging, the bag contains protective foils with one-way release valves that preserve the beans' flavors, aroma, and freshness.


  • One bag contains 3 pounds of medium roasted fresh quality beans.
  • It's Kosher certified.
  • It only contains 100% Arabica blends.

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5. Colombian Dark Roast Coffee Single Origin Whole Bean Coffee by Coffeeland​

The company Coffeeland aims to provide products that resonate throughout all the hands that touched it, giving you authentic Colombian coffee culture right at home. They offer sustainable and consistent quality, providing flavors that even baristas would approve while supporting distant local farmers and producers to build lasting relationships across different borders.


Made from 100% Arabica Whole Beans from Colombia

All beans used for the blend originated from Colombia, allowing you to make a profound impact with every purchase you make while indulging in a gourmet brew at home. The product provides rich, balanced flavors and nuanced sweetness, making it the perfect blend for casual and avid drinkers.

Non-GMO Blends

All products from Coffeeland are Non-GMO, meaning they don't contain harmful genetically modified organisms. All blends only used organic ingredients from local sources in Colombia, ensuring your health and optimal brews.


The product can provide you fantastic brews no matter your preference. You can use it on modern brewers, your favorite coffee maker for immersion, drip, or espressos. Or you can also make it through classic methods, such as French press and regular brewing, allowing you to create rich caffeinated drinks that suit your lifestyle for home or office use.

These single-serve creamers do not need a refrigerator to stay fresh. You can place them at a dry area at room temperature, retaining their natural flavors for up to 9 months, ensuring you get the creamiest brews at home.

  • Enjoy Your Brew With Fewer Calories

This liquid creamer is one of the healthiest coffee whiteners in the market, boasting only ten calories per serving. It also contains no traces of milk or animal products, making it lactose and cholesterol-free, making your brew richer, creamier, and smoother with fewer calories.

  • Pour and Enjoy

You do not have to worry about portion control with Coffee-Mate's single-serve cups; all you need to do is pour the liquid creamer into your brew, stir, and enjoy. Get the best and creamiest brews hassle-free.


  • All coffees are Non-GMO certified.
  • The product features single-origin coffees that are fully traceable.
  • Small batch roasted for only the best brews at home.

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What is Colombian coffee?​

Colombia's coffee is just coffee that has been grown and cultivated in Colombia, a nation that's one of the top producers of premium Arabica coffee beans. Its unique brews are due to the manufacturers using mainly Arabica coffee beans for their blends while other coffee-growing nations mix Robusta coffee and Arabica for their coffee products. Its classic flavor profile boasts mellow acidity and an intense caramel-like sweetness with subtle nutty undertones. Medium-bodied that's perfectly sweetened makes Colombian coffee one of the most recognizable blends in the world.

However, it's typically weaker than other coffees because it incorporates 100% pure Arabica in its blends. Although it's higher in quality, it's lighter than Robusta beans, giving you a milder cup. It's the ideal brew for casual drinkers and hardcore caffeine drinkers.

How is Colombian Coffee Beans Different​

Colombian coffee beans provide a unique flavor because of their different growing conditions and processing methods. These include wetting the beans with water to separate the coffee cherries from its surrounding pulp. This technique is relatively new, but it produces cleaner, fruitier, and brighter products, giving drinkers a perfect balance of acidity, sweetness, and bitterness. The harvesting of Colombia's coffee originates from the most renowned farming regions, including Medellin, Armenia, and Manizales.

Although the coffee industry in the country is efficient, the growing landscape in Colombia comprises small farms on steep hillsides, meaning that machine harvesting is impossible. The lack of technology leaves the locals to handpick each bean, giving you higher quality products.

Is Colombian Coffee the Best?​

Although many argue that Brazil and Vietnam's coffees are up to par with the blends, Colombia coffee is one of the best in the world. Their coffees are renowned because of their top-quality and delicious taste. A factor that hugely contributes to their delicious brews is the geographical location of the nation. The country boasts the perfect geography for coffee production because it's part of the famous coffee belt, providing the ideal climate for coffees.

And because of the country's unique conditions, most local farmers and growers do their farming in higher elevations, giving their coffees an even more in-depth flavor. A general rule for coffee farming is, the higher the elevation, the better taste of the bean. Each cup of the Colombian caffeinated drink gives you a vibrant and mild brew, allowing you to indulge in world-class coffee.

Why Colombian Coffee is the Best?​

The main factor that makes Colombia coffees one of the best in the world is the nation's geographical location and perfect year-round climate. All farmers in the country do their work in higher elevation, usually on steep hillsides or even on top of vast mountains, giving you better brews. A general rule for coffee cultivation is that the higher the altitude, usually you better-tasting coffee. Coffee from the nation provides rich and vibrant blends with subtle fruit and chocolate notes.

Besides the perfect weather conditions, another factor that makes the blends from the nation of the best is because they mostly use premium Arabica beans for their brews, giving you incredible caffeinated drinks at home.

Introduction to Colombian Roast Coffee​

The heroes responsible for creating the famous Colombian coffee are small farmers that work together to meet the world's growing demands. All roasted coffees from the nation are handpicked, giving you the best quality beans for each blend. Colombia coffees are grown in unique growing conditions on the steep slopes of the vast Andes mountain or quiet hillsides, providing the crops ample sunlight and a high altitude.

There are over 20 distinct coffee growing regions in the nation, and separated into three main groups, including Northern, Central, and Southern Colombia. Each area provides a different flavor profile, making the country a versatile coffee-growing nation, offering you various roasts. You'll never run out of caffeine-rich options in Colombia, from chocolate notings to acidic brews, you can get them all.

Popular Colombian Coffee Brands​

If you're hooked and want to try and experience Colombia's coffee culture at home, you can opt for trying some of the most popular and renowned brands in the industry. These provide you with delicious dark roasts and the signature mellow notings of coffees from Colombia. These include:

Each brand provides authentic Colombian blends that will make you want to come back for more, giving you something to look forward to the next morning.

Who makes Kirkland Colombian Coffee?

Any customer who sees the red and black label of Kirkland signature on a product their faces always beam with a smile as they know they are about to enjoy a world-class product at a great price. Since Costco hosts a variety of Kirkland brands, people prefer shopping for their products through them. A good example is the Kirkland Colombian Coffee that a majority of coffee lovers enjoy. Most people enjoy the Kirkland Colombian Coffee but have no idea who is behind this amazing brand. As a coffee lover, you may think that Costco is the one who makes the Kirkland Colombian coffee. 

Well, you are in for a rude shock! In reality, Costco uses the help of outside companies, one of them being Kirkland Signature. However, Starbucks is the only company that makes Kirkland's coffee beans and Kirkland Java. Starbucks's products include Decaf House medium Roast, Kirkland Signature House medium roast, and Espresso Dark Blend Roast. These products are balanced out to ensure that they are not too bland or too bitter either. There is also an expensive line of Kirkland Coffee beans that most customers are not used to and have no idea who is behind these beans. However, if you pay some attention to the coffee packaging, you will notice a label that says Starbucks roasted the Coffee beans. 

You can buy several Kirkland coffee products, and rest assured that Starbucks had its hands on them. Once Starbucks roast these beans, they have them sold under the label of Kirkland signature as proof that third-party coffee roasters took part in the manufacturing of this great product. This is an excellent example of how big brands buy and sell products manufactured by other companies. Therefore, if anyone ever asks you, “Who makes Kirkland Colombian Coffee?” You can boldly answer them that Starbucks does.

Get the best 100% colombian coffee to your home. Taste the perfect beans, close your eyes and feel like standing in middle of colombian coffee fields.

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The Best Colombian Coffee provides a perfect balance of quality coffee and sustainable coffee growing conditions that will serve as the fuel for next-generation coffee value chains, giving everyone the satisfaction and great coffee they deserve. We hope this article helped you narrow down your choices for the hunt of the best coffees from the nation for a world-class brew at home. For us, the winner of taste is Folgers 100% Colombian Medium Roast Ground Coffee.

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