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5 Best Coffee Creamer of 2021: The Lowdown

Dave Carter

April 26, 2021

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Although many people love their coffee plain or black, there are more who prefer to add a splash of milk, heavy cream, or their favorite creamers for coffee into their morning cup. And we do not blame them. Adding milk, cream, and other sweeteners can turn a good cup into an even better one, enhancing your favorite coffee's smoothness and flavors. However, choosing the best creamer that suits your palate is not always easy. With the increase in demand for dairy free creamers, there are now numerous different creamer products available on the market, from traditional classic creamers to trendy flavored creamers, like peppermint mocha. It can become overwhelming.

To make it easier for you, we have listed some of the top creamers in the market. Never settle for less and bring joy to your morning cup of coffee with these creamer products.

Best Coffee Creamer Products:​

The top five dairy free creamer products improve anyone's favorite coffee by enhancing its flavor and texture, making mornings a little better. These products are from some of the leading names in the industry, offering the best creamers used from homes and coffeehouses worldwide. The following are their unique offerings and features.

1. MCT Oil Powder - Wild Fuel Keto Coffee Creamer​

Wild Fuel's MCT Oil Powder Keto is the perfect choice if you are looking for a healthier alternative from your standard milk, or cream-based sweeteners. It is made from natural ingredients you can trust, and is produced under the most stringent conditions with the help of cutting-edge supplement technology, ensuring you only get the best for your health.


  • Efficient Oils

It contains C10 MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) oils, elevating optimal ketosis support. All fats in the oil are made from 100 percent sustainable coconut oil. It has also undergone distillation thrice and has been rigorously lab-tested for optimal purity and efficiency.

  • Easily Mixed

Wild Fuel's MCT keto creamer quickly dissolves in any food or drinks, from the best coffee to thick smoothies. This feature helps you absorb more of the MCT, converting fat to ketones for instant source energy.

  • Beneficial for the Body & Mind

Wild Fuel's MCT Oil Powder Keto creamer uses 100% organic and natural ingredients in its formula, making it the smart choice on all levels. It contains Reishi mushrooms that combat fatigue and aids in recovery time, giving you a much-needed boost. It also has no added sugar.


  • It gives you an immediate source of energy that can fuel your brain, making you more active.
  • This creamer contains fatty acids that may prevent bacterial and yeast growth. No added sugar.
  • It is a dairy-free creamer, making it accessible to people who are allergic to milk or have sensitive stomachs.

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2. Coffee-Mate Powdered Creamer - Variety Pack​

Coffee Mate pioneered the official dairy free creamer in 1961, making the product accessible for everyone. Add smooth and creamy flavors to your morning coffee with the Nestle Coffee Mate Powdered Creamer Variety Pack, offering four delicious varieties from Original, Hazelnut, French Vanilla, and Vanilla Caramel. It uses a shaker-style canister, making it convenient and hygienic, allowing you to sprinkle the creamer into your beverages with ease.


  • A Variety of Flavors

The Coffee Mate non-dairy creamers variety pack includes four of their most popular creamer blends, including one 16-ounce Original, 15-ounce Vanilla Caramel, Hazelnut, and the classic Vanilla powdered creamer.

  • A Healthier Alternative

Add natural flavors to your favorite caffeinated drink with the Coffee Mate variety pack for a healthier brew. It is lactose-free, gluten-free, and non-dairy.

  • Long Shelf Life

Even after you open this dairy-free creamer, you can expect to have these creamer products sweeten your mornings for up to 2 years when you store it properly at room temperature.


  • This Coffee Mate variety pack is an excellent bundle for all environments, from busy coffee chains, businesses, travel, and offices.
  • You can use these creamers in any food or drink, from eggnog to sugar cookies. Spice up your day with the Coffee Mate creamer.
  • Its canister packaging reduces your carbon footprint, letting you enjoy your sweetened brews without harming the environment.

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3. International Delight Non-Dairy Liquid Coffee Creamer Caramel Macchiato​

Give your cup of coffee an extra kick with this Macchiato-flavored variety. Create your very own cafe-quality Macchiato without the need to add milk. Pour the creamer into your drink, and enjoy the rich caramel flavors and mellow notes of sweet cream at home.


  • Creamer on the go

The product includes compact dairy-free liquid creamer cups that make it easy to take anywhere, bringing a little delight with you everywhere. Satisfy your sweet cream cravings with the Caramel Macchiato liquid creamer, giving you authentic coffeehouse indulgence anywhere.

  • Shelf-Stable

The liquid creamer can stay fresh at room temperature for several months, enabling you to have the sunburst flavor of luscious caramel in your coffees for an extended period.

  • Healthy Creamer

The product is naturally and artificially flavored, and although it has artificial flavorings, you are still given a healthy alternative because it contains 0 trans fat, cholesterol, and sodium. It is also lactose-free, making the product accessible to everyone. This means you can enjoy the best coffee without the guilt!


  • One package allows you to sweeten up to 192 beverages.
  • The product is free of dairy, cholesterol, trans fat, and lactose.
  • Its small packaging will enable you to bring one creamer or two on the go, giving you the authentic cafe experience while on the road.

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4. International Delight French Vanilla Single-Serve Coffee Creamers​

For over 30 years, International Delight has been making mornings brighter, one cup at a time. The vanilla flavored single-serve creamer transforms any cup of coffee into an authentic coffeehouse experience. Join the creamer nation and make every sip you take a masterpiece of flavor.


  • Guaranteed Freshness

Thet creamers undergo special pasteurization and packaging that keeps these single-serve cups fresh and full of flavor at room temperature, eliminating the need for refrigeration and additional preservatives.

  • Compact

The vanilla single-serve creamer is a coffee lover's dream. Its compact design allows them to bring the genuine coffeehouse experience anywhere, from the office to hikes. You will never experience a flavor emergency again.

  • Versatile Creamer

You can add a splash of vanilla flavor to milk, hot chocolate, cocktails, or even ice cream.


  • Bring the authentic coffeehouse experience with you anywhere with the vanilla single-serve creamers.
  • It is Kosher certified.
  • The product does not need refrigeration. You can store it at room temperature.
  • It is free of gluten and lactose, making it the perfect coffee companion for everyone.

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5. Nestle Coffee-Mate Coffee Creamer, Original, Liquid Creamer Singles, Box of 360 Singles​

Nestle's Coffee-Mate is America's number one creamer, and their Original flavored liquid creamer single-serve is a classic favorite of casual and avid coffee drinkers. Each cup contains a deliciously creamy and velvety creamer that can enrich coffee, mimicking the quality of beverages from famous coffeehouses, giving you a genuine gourmet and best coffee experience at home.


  • Freshness up to 9 Months

These single-serve creamers do not need a refrigerator to stay fresh. You can place them in a dry area at room temperature, retaining their natural flavors for up to 9 months, ensuring you get the creamiest brews at home.

  • Enjoy Your Brew With Fewer Calories

This liquid creamer is one of the healthiest coffee whiteners on the market, boasting only ten calories per serving. It also contains no traces of milk or animal products, making it lactose and cholesterol-free, making your brew richer, creamier, and smoother with fewer calories.

  • Pour and Enjoy

You do not have to worry about portion control with Coffee-Mate's single-serve cups; all you need to do is pour the liquid creamer into your brew, stir, and enjoy. Get the best and creamiest brews hassle-free.


  • The product only contains ten calories per cup, allowing you to indulge in creamier coffee minus the guilt.
  • Each liquid creamer is entirely dairy-free; it does not contain natural milk. It uses sodium caseinate, which is a milk derivative.
  • This Coffee-Mate product uses plant based ingredients, making it perfect for vegan coffee drinkers.

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Popular coffee creamer brands​

Best Coffee Creamer Brands on the Market

The most well-known brands are Nestle's Coffee-Mate and International Delight, providing consumers with delicious creamers for several years. Below are some of the offerings of these popular brands:

  • Coffee-Mate - This company has been in the industry since 1961, even pioneering the concept of non-dairy creamers. Coffee-Mate now offers over 20 regular and limited flavors, providing customers a wide range of flavor varieties. Their products come in canisters, bottles, pump bottles, and single-serve cups. Their creamers are mostly plant based and gluten-free.
  • International Delight - This company has been producing some of the best creamers in the industry. However, they experienced a surge in popularity because of their uniquely flavored coffee whiteners, including their classic Irish cream, cinnamon hazelnut, and vanilla.
  • Wild Fuel - Another brand worth mentioning that is also included in our list is Wild Fuel. They produce some of the best creamers in the market, making the product accessible to even the most health-conscious.

Which coffee creamer is healthiest?​

Suppose you are looking for the healthiest creamer. In that case, you have to ensure that it does not contain trans fat, too much sugar, high cholesterol content, artificial sweeteners or chemicals, additives, and fillers like carrageenan. If you are lactose-intolerant or have a sensitive stomach, make sure the creamer does not contain any milk products to avoid any repercussions. Better yet, consider a plant based product as an alternative. Consider the products included in our list if you are looking for a healthy alternative, as most of them are plant based and do not contain dairy, trans fat, gluten, cholesterol, and no added sugar.

Is drinking coffee creamer bad for you?​

No, as long as you use the right kind of creamers. These products can liven up your favorite brews without worrying about health complications because most of these do not contain trans fat, milk products, cholesterol, and other unhealthy components. New creamer variations include a blend of healthier milk alternatives, such as soy milk and other flavorings relatively low in calories.

Which is better half and half or coffee creamer?​

Half and half is a popular alternative to creamers, and it consists of half whole milk and half heavy cream. Although it is high in calories and fats, it only uses natural ingredients, including pasture-raised milk and organic cream. It also does not contain artificial additives, GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), synthetic hormones, or toxic pesticides. If you are looking for a healthier alternative, half and half, or one percent milk, is better than a non-dairy creamer.

A creamer is supposed to replace cream in the coffee. However, using one that is cream based is healthier than using milk. People use a creamer to tone down the added fats and calories from milk, cream and other dairy products.

However, if you are lactose-intolerant, it is better to opt for your favorite creamer because these coffee whiteners often do not contain dairy products, making it safe for lactose-intolerant people or those with sensitive stomachs. You should also consider getting plant based products.

What can I put in my coffee instead of creamer?​

What can I put in my coffee instead of creamer Tips

If you want to mix things up a bit and use other sweeteners or creamer substitutes, you can add the following products to your hot or iced coffees:

  • Coconut oil and Butter - This is a great way to add healthy fat to your morning cup, giving your drink a creamy flavor. It also helps you feel full for an extended period.
  • Califia farms Almond Milk - A popular substitute to traditional creamers is almond milk from Califia farms, giving you a unique creamy texture for your morning fix. They also produce other flavored creamers including pecan, and hazelnut.
  • Coconut cream - Also known as coconut milk, it is extracted from the coconut meat, and is the source of virgin coconut oil. Coconut milk contains coconut fat, which is rich in fiber and MCT. It has plenty of health benefits, and what better way to incorporate it into your cup of joe than adding a dab of coconut milk? It makes your brew extra creamy.

Coffee-Mate Flavors​

Coffee-Mate is a popular name in the coffee industry, producing some of the top coffee whiteners in the market since 1961. They now offer over 25 flavors, including:

  • Shelf Stable Flavors

These flavorings can last up to 9 months at room temperature, including French vanilla, Italian Sweet Crème, hazelnut, and vanilla caramel.

  • Single-Serve Cups Flavors

These come in convenient single cups for more effortless blending. These include the classic Original, Italian Sweet Crème, hazelnut, and French vanilla.

  • Sugar-Free Flavors

These flavorings are ideal for those who want to keep their sugar content low. These include the sugar-free variations of their most popular creamer blends, including Italian Sweet Crème, hazelnut, and French vanilla.

  • Special Flavor: Pumpkin Spice

Although Starbucks has a lock on the pumpkin spice flavored coffee market, Coffee-Mate also has its own version of the pumpkin spice flavored creamer. The pumpkin spice creamer provides the same flavor as a pumpkin spice latte. It is sweet, rich, and creamy. The pumpkin spice flavored creamer brings the flavors of fall to your drink.

How to Choose the Best Powdered Coffee Creamer

Some people like their coffee plain, while many like it to have some cream to balance its potent taste. However, due to the numerous brands of creamers available, choosing the best can be a challenging task.

But whatever brand you may prefer, you need to look out for the following factors to find the best creamers for better-tasting and smoother brews at home.


The most crucial factor you need to look out for when searching for the best creamers are the ingredients. That's because some powdered creamers tend to have extra additives and preservatives that can be harmful to one's health. For individuals following different diets, such as the most common and popular ones, keto and gluten-free, generally, most powdered creamers today have labels that they're not ideal for your diet. Meanwhile, if you're lactose-intolerant or have any other gastrointestinal issues, make sure to check out if the ingredients it uses are lactose-free or dairy-free.

Additionally, if you're worried about your calorie intake, taking a look at its calorie per standard serving is ideal. In essence, it's best to read the packaging or nutrition label first for the ingredients to get the best and safest option for you.

One of the best advantages of powdered creamers is their long shelf life and longevity. Unlike liquid creamers, powdered creamers can last for months and even years, providing you with creamy and delicious brews with ease. Powdered creamers can last up to two years, and to get the best version possible, make sure to choose creamers that are newly manufactured. That's because even if the creamers you choose have a 2-year expiration label, if they've been sitting in shelves or stockrooms for too long, they often harden.

Additionally, when sealing powdered creamers, put them in a cool and dry place, like our pantry, for a prolonged lifespan.

A powdered creamer's 'mixability' is crucial when finding the best option. That's because some creamers have lousy mixability, leading to clumps in your brew, and you wouldn't want to ruin your perfect cup of java just because your creamer won't mix well. So, make sure to get powdered creamers from a reputable brand or flatten out the powder until you get a purely fine mixture without visible chunks—reducing the 'chunkiness' of the powder, mitigating it from mixing in your coffee.

However, it's best to shop from reputable shops and stick with known brands like Coffee-Mate to ensure you get finely powdered creamers for optimal mixability.

Different people like to drink their coffees differently. Some individuals enjoy their cup of joe with no added flavors, making non-flavored creamers the perfect choice for them—providing the extra creaminess and smoothness without compromising its original flavors. Meanwhile, others want an extra 'pop' of flavor in their brews, making flavored creamers an excellent choice for them.

There are tons of available flavors for creamers, ranging from coconut to butter pecan. In contrast, other creamers possess no flavor and often act as a regular liquid non-dairy creamer.


With this special coffee creamer, you get the best supplement for your coffee.

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Conclusion: best tasting coffee creamer​

With the numerous creamer products on the market, choosing the perfect creamer match for your coffee can become challenging. We made it easier for you to find your ideal match by listing some of the best ones available, and among the great products, our crowned winner is the MCT Oil Powder - Wild Fuel Keto Coffee Creamer as the best non-dairy variant. Indulge in creamy barista-quality brews at home while garnering massive health benefits from this super creamer, ideal for vegans and health-conscious individuals that want better and creamier coffee.

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