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Coconut Oil in Coffee: Is It A Good Idea?

Dave Carter

February 8, 2021

Using coconut oil in recipes -- including coffee -- has become popular among new diets. That's because it provides the perfect amount of healthy fat and low carbohydrates that are ideal for many diets, particularly the ketogenic diet. Adding coconut oil in coffee may help the body reach and maintain the state of ketosis. It's the metabolic phase where the body will use ketones, molecules created from fat decline, as fuel, making it a healthier alternative for the sugar you take every day.

Maintaining the state of ketosis on a ketogenic diet and adding coconut oil to coffee has been linked to several health benefits, including weight loss, reduced risk of heart diseases, and improved blood sugar flow. Generally, coconut fat may attend your body to produce ketones. Adding coconut oil to your brew drink every day helps you to stay in ketosis.

If you're looking to make your morning coffee healthier or you're transitioning to a ketogenic diet, here's a quick guide about coconut oil and coffee — from how you can add it correctly to your brew and why it's generally excellent for your health.

Coconut Oil in Coffee

Coconut oil is a versatile product that you can virtually use in everything, from food to beauty products. But is it possible to add to your brew? The answer to that is a resounding yes! Adding a bit of coconut oil in coffee can help boost your favorite drink's taste and health benefits, especially if you take it with one full cup of fresh brew from your coffee maker every day. However, some may be skeptical about its use since it may affect their brew's taste, but you don't need to worry about the unusual combination of coconut oil. That's because not only is it a great health booster, it can also make your cup of joe tastier than ever.

Compared to other regular additives such as sugar and syrup, coconut oil coffee is not overpoweringly sweet. Instead, what you'll get is a flavorful, mellow cup with unique notes and natural sweetness. You can either add it to hot or cold brew.

If you're looking to add a tropical flair to your favorite summery cold brew recipe, you may use coconut oil coffee with honey and vanilla extract. It helps you naturally sweeten up the beverage without the need to add sweeteners.

On the other hand, if you worry too much about how it will affect your coffee's taste and smell, you may use more refined oil than virgin coconut oil. It will have a more neutral flavor and aroma and still get an organic coconut oil coffee combination.

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How do you add coconut oil to coffee?​

The next question is how much oil do you need to add to your coffee?

It's ideal if you put only a bare minimum of oil in your favorite coffee drink because if you add too much, you'll have a brew with a thick layer of oil on top. Adding 1 tablespoon of coconut oil in your first cup is ideal if you're looking to get the combo's maximum benefits without overpowering it.

However, if you consume 6 cups of coffee a day, you probably don't need to add the oil to every single cup because the calorie count will take you over the daily caloric requirements. It would be nice to settle for 1 to 2 tablespoon of coconut oil in your coffee per day.

When it comes to brewing, the amount of coconut oil and how to mix it to your caffeine depends on whether you like your coffee hot or cold.

If you plan to make a hot brew, the easiest way is to pour a tablespoon of coconut oil to your cup, and then pour the brewed coffee over it. Stir thoroughly to dissolve and mix everything in there. Sit back and relax with your high energy brew.

If you like a cold brew or iced coffee, you might need a Coffee Maker with Grinder or a blender to create it. Just put everything in there, and all the ingredients will combine and mix. You may choose to add the coconut oil after blending and stir it into your brew but make sure to dissolve and mix completely to get the right flavor. The oil will work well with honey and milk to create a creamy, smooth, and refreshing drink.

Why put Coconut Oil in Coffee​

What makes coconut oil in coffee special is the healthy amount of saturated fat contained in the drink. Yes, some would say that saturated fats are not great for health, but it's not always the case. Remember that there are good and bad fats, too. The bad fat (including transfat) or fatty acid is said to negatively affect your health. But that's not the kind of fats you can find in this oil.

Coconut oil can also help you lose weight. Keep in mind that 'losing weight' doesn't mean you're about to drop 40 lbs if you chug a jar of this oil, but rather, it means putting enough in your coffee once in a while will bring a positive effect to your health. But remember that moderate consumption is the key to lose weight. Coconut oil has ketones and Lauric acid contents.

What are the benefits of coconut oil in coffee?​

Besides making your favorite caffeinated drink taste even better, here are more benefits of adding the unusual ingredient to your brew:

  • It Boosts Energy -- When you add this ingredient to your brew, you can expect to have an energy boost because the coconut oil helps improve metabolism. This is the kind of fatty acid that gets absorbed quickly and through your liver instead of long-chain vegetable oils.
  • It Helps You Lose Weight -- Coffee and coconut fat, when combined, makes a great team to support your weight loss journey. It is an effective combo compared to the other mixes.
  • It Protects Your Body from the Inside -- Coconut oil serves to protect you from severe illnesses and boosts your immune system. Besides improving your internal bodily functions, it also helps your outermost defensive organ — the skin. It gives extra moisture and can ward off harmful pathogens, including fungi, bacteria, and viruses. You can also use it as a moisturizer for your face.
  • It's Your Natural Insulin's BFF -- Like any other coffee, coconut oil is beneficial in regulating the blood sugar in your body. There is no effect on your blood sugar, but lessens the need for more insulin.
  • You Can Get Those Smart Particles -- Regular brew consumption alone can already improve your brain function. It's a good thing that coconut fat can do the same for you. There are also proving elements that ketones present in the coconut oil on coffee can help treat patients with Alzheimer's.
  • Your heart will Like It -- Everyone wants their heart to be happier and healthier. Although drinking too much coffee might cause high blood pressure, with this oil in your brew, you can prevent it from spiking your blood pressure while increasing only good cholesterol in your cup.
  • You can Say Goodbye To Cancer -- Coffee alone can reduce the risk of getting several cancer types. Even if there's a 20 to 40 percent risk reduction, that is still an impressive result. Coconut oil supports the prevention of developing cancer, especially colon cancer. It can do this because of the ketones and lauric acid content from the oil.

So what are you waiting for? Get good ground beans in your coffee pot, and enjoy not just the taste of your brew with coconut fat but also its numerous helpful benefits.

Coconut Oil in Coffee Benefit​

Enjoying a cup of coffee produced from your commercial coffee grinder once or twice a week is not just giving yourself a little treat. You are still providing yourself with significant health benefits, especially when mixed with other healthy content like this oil. If you want to know what these benefits are, below are a few of them.

  • It Boosts and Increases Energy -- Coconut fat will serve as a 'thermogenic' food. This means to say that it produces heat in your body. When you drink caffeine with coconut fat, it boosts your energy more and can burn bad fats.
  • It Enhances Metabolism -- The caffeine in your brew is known to provide your metabolism a good push. And coconut fat is widely considered a common remedy, which means it attends to boost your digestion. Combining coconut oil with coffee has a huge impact on your digestive system.
  • It Can Boost Your Immune System -- Lauric acid is the main fatty acid you can find in coconut fat. This acid can help fight against bacteria and germs that can trigger your immune system.
  • It Helps You Lose Weight -- The unusual combination can help you lose weight. It can achieve this thanks to caffeine present in the brew, which can naturally speed up your metabolism, helping you shed off those extra pounds. One serving of the unusual caffeinated beverage can increase your metabolism by 4%. Meanwhile, the oil helps provide appetite control by making you feel fuller, decreasing your appetite.
  • It Helps In Preventing Neurological Disorders -- A surprising benefit of the unusual beverage is that it can reduce your risks of developing neurological conditions, including Parkinson's and Multiple Sclerosis. Scientists believe ketones in the oil help the lipid profile and antioxidant defenses in your body, contributing to the prevention of these neurological diseases.
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Coconut Oil in Coffee Keto​

Some recipes take a keto coffee recipe one step further by adding a teaspoon of butter and coconut fat to their blends. In combining them all, you can use high-end coffee makers or a blender, perhaps. The benefit of using these ingredients is that coconut fat has an MCT element that burns excess fats your body doesn't need. So basically, it can help you lose weight. On the other hand, the butter contains omega-three fatty acids, which are the good kind of healthy fats that can help you lose weight faster. If you use both of these, you will be able to get the best of both worlds—it boosts your energy and, at the same time, makes you healthier.

It's best if you use unsalted or grass-fed butter for this to ensure you get all the benefits in one and since sodium can disrupt your diet. Moreover, indulging in a high-fat beverage like this combination can help you reach and maintain the ideal state of ketosis, helping you lose weight and stay healthy. The best part is, you get to enjoy all of these in one delicious cup!

Coconut Coffee Weight Loss​

If you will ask if the coconut oil in your brew will help you lose weight, yes, it's possible. Coconut oil enables you to boost your metabolism. That means to say that there is a big chance for you to burn a huge amount of calories, which in turn takes effect in losing weight. It is an effective content to satiate your hunger compared to the other fats. So make sure to ready your small coffee maker and get a cup of coffee every morning. Do not forget to add this oil to prevent you from getting more snacks before it’s lunchtime.

Does putting coconut oil in your coffee help you lose weight?​

For scientists and researchers, they consider coconut fat as medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). They're a type of fatty acids that helps reduce the accumulation of body fat. Additionally, the way the body consumes this type of fat can improve metabolism and increase energy, allowing you to burn fat or calories faster. The unusual beverage combination also restrains your appetite by maximizing the feeling of being full thanks to its high-fat content, enabling you to curb your cravings and avoid overeating. These are just some of the reasons why this kind of oil in your brew can help you lose weight effectively.

Can you put MCT Oil in Coffee​

MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides. Many deem it a 'superfood' that helps you burn excess fats and improve your metabolism when you add the ingredient into your daily eating plan. It's a common supplement that those under a keto diet follow as it provides them with enough healthy fats to reach and maintain the state of ketosis throughout the day. This supercharged fatty-acid can be a great ingredient that you can add to salads, quinoa, and, of course, your brew. You may wonder, is bulletproof coffee the same with this recipe? In essence, it is but this one doesn't require you to use butter solely.

So how do you properly mix MCT fat in the coffee just like the bullet coffee? This type of brew is, in essence, the brew but with a generous amount of butter. If bulletproof is your kind of beverage, you can incorporate MCT in your brew by regularly brewing a cup of coffee using your preferred beans, adding a generous amount of it into the drink, and mixing it well. If you don't have MCT fat power, you can settle for protein powder, grass-fed unsalted butter, or any heavy cream to the mix as it can give the same benefits as MCT.

When you've mixed them all, you'll need to do a 'puree' technique for 15 seconds, where you place the beverage in a blender and start mixing until reaching your desired consistency. After achieving that, pour the mixture into a mug and enjoy.

However, just like with everything else, it's best if you enjoy this unusual drink combination in moderation as too much fat, even if it's the healthy kind, can still be bad for your overall health.

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Caffeine, with moderate consumption, can give a positive result on your health. That's because of its high level of antioxidants present in your favorite brew. You can improve your favorite drink's benefits even more by adding coconut oil in coffee. Doing this not only gives you an exciting and unique caffeine experience, but it also provides numerous benefits to your health, helping you indulge in a unique beverage that can improve your overall health and well-being. Many research studies are backing its benefits up, and based on the discoveries, and there are more unexplored territories of this wonderful combination. But in essence, adding the right amount of coconut oil in your morning brew could be beneficial and healthy for you.


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