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How to Brew Coffee: Everything That You Need Know

Dave Carter

February 8, 2021

Why do you love brewed coffee? First, your day won't be complete without a daily dose of your caffeine fix. The nostalgic waking moments of sipping a warm cup of the bitter-sweet roasted flavor of a fresh brew coffee with a hint of cinnamon or cardamom stimulate and wake up your senses. A drink in the morning would also mean quality bonding time with friends and loved ones, or merely a time to enjoy one's company.

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Do You Know How to Brew Coffee?​

If you like coffee, then you must know how to brew one. If you don't remember a brewing method or two, you are not a coffee lover. If you argue that brewing is a piece of cake and that a child would know how to brew one, you are wrong. Brewing is not merely pouring freshly boiled water over ground beans. Several factors affect the quality of your drink.

  1. Bean choice. The different bean varieties results in subtle taste differences. The primary four types of beans: Arabica, Robusta, Liberica, and Excelsa give off different tastes. Arabica is considered the most common bean with a sweeter and delicate taste, while Robusta is the second most popular after Arabica. Robusta has a more robust flavor, too! Liberica has a woody taste, while Excelsa tastes a bit tart.
  2. The temperature of the water should be between 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit for the perfect brew. The right water temperature will give optimal flavor extraction from your ground beans. On the other hand, cold water will provide you with smooth and under-extracted coffee flavor and nutrients.
  3. The method of brewing also affects the taste of the brew. You can try using the plunger or French press, pour-over coffee drip using a cone or a paper filter, percolate or stovetop, and vacuum or siphon. Although the French press is the best and easiest way, some people find the drip method more satisfying.

The water should be at the right temperature. The pouring of the water over the ground beans also affects its taste. Filtered water is preferred over tap water or alkaline water. Filtered water does not have any chlorine or hard chemicals. Coffee also behaves differently when you use filtered water because there is no after taste from the chemicals in the water.

The consistency of the ground beans and the type of beans also contribute to the richness of coffee. So, if you like to brew at home, you must know the methods for a beautiful drinking experience. Before you answer the question, if you know how to brew coffee, the considerations mentioned above, like the grounds, water temperature, and brewing method, should be thought about first.

The Importance of Brew Coffee​

Before you buy a moccamaster coffee maker and start brewing your cup, it is interesting to know some health benefits and the importance of coffee.

  1. Coffee can improve your energy level and can make you smarter, too! Caffeine is a stimulant in coffee that affects specific neurons in your body that keeps you perky and generally improves your mental function.
  2. Caffeine helps burn body fats. Caffeine boosts metabolism and body fat burning. Caffeine is even a staple in fat-burning supplements.
  3. Caffeine boosts your adrenaline, thus improving your physical performance.
  4. Coffee contains essential nutrients like Vitamin B2, B5, and B3, manganese, and potassium. It also contains other nutrients like pantothenic acid, riboflavin, and niacin, and magnesium.
  5. Studies show that coffee drinkers have a lower risk of type 2 diabetes and protect you from Alzheimer's, dementia, and Parkinson's Disease.
  6. Coffee drinkers have a lower risk of cirrhosis, a disease that affects the liver.
  7. Drinking coffee will make you happier because it helps you fight depression.
  8. Drinking coffee also shows that it may lower our risk of developing cancer and stroke risk.
  9. Coffee is rich in antioxidants.

With the number of benefits, it can be said that your favorite drink will also boost your longevity. Drinking coffee at home can warm your cold morning nights. It also benefits your body as the caffeine gives you nutrients and stimulants. Some studies even show that those who regularly drink coffee lessens the risk of having diseases like Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and dementia. Regular consumption also lowers the risk of heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, and it also helps burn fats. With the list of health benefits, it can only be said that your freshly brewed is right for you.

What does it mean to brew coffee?​

The process of preparing a cup affects the richness and flavor of brewed coffee. For example, using a French press brings out the bean oils and other essential flavors rather than preparing it using a pour-over drip method. But you may ask, "How to make coffee in french press?"

The French press method is one of the easiest way to make coffee. The freshly ground coffee beans are soaked, steeped, and pressed in a pot to release the essential oils, caffeine, and antioxidants of the coffee blend. Although some people prefer the French press method of brewing, you may like pour-over or drip brew instead. So, knowing and trying different brewing methods will help you identify the differences in taste if you make coffee at home.

So, going back to the question of what it means to brew your drink? The process or method of brewing and slowly sipping its sweet, woody or tart taste are all part of the enjoyment of drinking coffee. It is best enjoyed good conversation with family and friends. Discussions on events, hopes, and even inspirations are best shared over a fresh cup of brew.

How to brew coffee: Different Ways​

There are several ways to brew your drink. You can use the espresso machine, stove top coffee maker, AeroPress, vacuum or siphon, use of percolator, or French press. Although there are several methods of brewing coffee at home, here are the six more accessible ways.

  1. The siphon or vacuum is a brewing method that uses a fancy vessel where the coffee grounds and hot water are poured. The water's vapor pressure immerses the ground coffee in hot water. Once the water is removed from the heat, gravity will push the brew back through the filter.
  2. This brewing method uses a percolate pot using steam pressure of boiled water that passes through the grounds on the mid-chamber of the pot. The brewed coffee sits on the chamber of the percolate. The brewing process may seem fancy, but it is still a popular brewing method.
  3. The plunger or the French press is deemed as the easiest and the best brewing method. The ground beans are soaked, steeped, and pressed using a French pot. The brewing is pretty easy and straightforward.
  4. The plunger or aero press is a way of brewing that is almost similar to the french press. However, the difference is that the newly ground beans are in the filter at the bottom of the brew chamber.
  5. If you are looking for the easiest and fastest way of brewing, pour-over, or drip using a coffee cone. The one can be made from stainless, glass, ceramic, plastic, and a paper filter. Place grounds in a coffee cone, place it on top of the mug, pour hot water and let it drip.
  6. The pour-over or drip with a Chemex is a brewing process similar to a drip. It is almost the same with the pour-over drip, but using Chemex, an elegantly designed pour over glass flask instead of stainless, glass, ceramic, plastic, and a paper filter.
  7. Cold brew coffee which is made in a different way and takes a relatively long time to make. A cold coffee brewer approaches brewing in a different manner. The drink is let to stand for a long time for the flavor to diffuse in the water. A cold coffee brew has a stronger taste and higher concentration of caffeine, however, when you brew coffee cold, it does not have the burnt taste from boiling water. You can easily make cold brew coffee overnight. You can use any type of coffee beans to make cold brew coffee.

The different brewing methods can evolve as the industry continuously develops. Old brewing methods can yield to newer techniques like using a Cuisinart coffee machine, an Aeropress or a burr grinder.


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What's in Your Brewed Coffee ​

How much coffee french press can you drink in a day? Some would consume four to five cups in a day, which could be less on some given days or even more as it would depend on the situation and the person’s mood. Although the amount of coffee one can consume in a day varies for up to five cups, there are similarities in why people drink brewed coffee. First, the caffeine fix is an excellent stimulant that would keep anyone alive and kicking the whole day.

If you are tired, having a cup of coffee will surely give you an energy boost. Second, it is rich in nutrients like B2, B5 and B3, manganese, potassium, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, and niacin, and magnesium. Third, this beverage can also lessen risks from diseases. Lastly, it also stimulates metabolic rate and aids fat burning. With this, supplements for weight loss even have coffee components. So, what's in your brew? A cup of coffee, not just keep those chilly nights at bay. But drinking coffee will also give you a host of benefits.

More so, you can enjoy your favorite brew in different ways. You can drink it straight black, or add sugar to your liking. You can also add milk or chocolate for a good cup of latte or mocha. If you want it a little fancy, concoctions of cappuccino, macchiato, and other mixes can be added to your regular brew. You can even sprinkle a dash of cinnamon or cardamom or other spices to entice your palate.

If you want a nice hard kick, a shot of espresso or a double shot for a more potent punch can be to your liking. The different brew mixes to choose from will surely give you a satisfying drinking experience.

What's the difference between drip coffee and brewed coffee?​

If you are curious about the difference between drip and brewed coffee, you will be in for a little surprise. A coffee concoction from pour-over drip is also brewed. The method of brewing only differs, but the product is the same. Brewing involves different ways. The pour-over drip is the simplest and easiest brewing method, which gives you a quick cup of coffee. Apart from the drip method, there are other brewing methods like the use of a percolate top, siphon or vacuum, plunger of a French press, aero press, and pour-over using Chemex.

Aside from having different methods to brew your drink, there are mixes to choose from. The coffee mixes vary in the water to coffee ratio. There are distinct differences in coffee to water ratios for the most common espresso drinks. For example, a cappuccino is a single espresso shot and hot milk topped with foamed milk, while macchiato is a double espresso shot with a splash of milk and also topped with foamed milk. A latte is made from steamed milk and a shot of espresso. You can also directly enjoy an espresso shot or add some chocolate in your drink for a chocolatey cafe mocha drink. There is also a flat white and a cafe Americano variety of mixes. If you are curious about the similarities between a latte and a flat white, they both have coffee and milk. However, the way the milk was processed and added to an espresso shot determines if it is a latte or cappuccino.

You may notice that the said mixes using a shot or two of espresso plus milk, yet they bear different names. The difference is in the coffee ratio and the process of how the coffee mixes are made. One concoction may have more milk than the other or more coffee shots that the other as well.

Importance of Maintaining Coffee Brewing Temperature​

Regardless of your coffee choice, may it be plain black of Cafe Americano, or the fancy cappuccino, macchiato, latte, flat white, or cafe mocha, you have coffee mixes to satisfy your caffeine fix. As to the most popular coffee, espresso is popular enough as it is used as a base for other coffee mixes. Regardless of your choices, another essential thing to remember is the water temperature during your brewing process.

The right water temperature for the perfect coffee brew should be between 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit. The reason behind this is that the proper water temperature will give your optimal coffee flavor. Coffee can be extracted adequately from your selected coffee grounds. If the water is cold, your coffee will be flat, especially that the taste of the ground coffee was not properly extracted. This also affects the extraction of nutrients in coffee.

The Cold Brewer​

Strictly speaking, cold brew coffee is not brewed. It is let to stand, preferably in the refrigerator. The color, flavor and aroma of the beans stand out. A coffee cold brewer uses coarse ground coffee which helps when straining the used grounds. If you are making a big batch, use a ratio of one ounce coffee to every cup of coffee. This is a higher concentration than drip coffee. Mix well and store in an air-tight container. Keep on the counter or in the fridge overnight. There are those who steep for longer than 8 hours, but 4 hours in the fridge should be fine. Strain the mixture, into a mason jar or smaller containers with lids. Cold brew coffee is good for up to two weeks. You might want to dilute the cold brew before drinking because of its concentrated nature.

Cold brew has risen in popularity since it was carried on the Starbucks menu. However, the recipe is simple and public for a long time. It was not popular before because it is not hot, and cannot be prepared quickly. It tastes better than iced coffee and has more caffeine content.

Cold brew does not use hot water, and it does not heat the coffee. This results in a drink with less acidity and no burnt flavor. It has a natural sweetness, a light texture, with delicate notes and aroma.

Compared to regular coffee or espresso drinks, cold brew has more caffeine, and a very concentrated flavor. If you like the character of good quality coffee, you should drink a cold brew. The fresh flavor of flowers, fruits and citrus floats to the top with every sip of cold brew coffee.


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Coffee comes in a wide variety. You can enjoy a cup of Americano, may it be hot or cold, latte, cappuccino, macchiato, and other coffee blends to suit your mood and palate. You can also add spices to make your essential coffee fancy. You can even add coffee for cooking food and baking. Use it as a rub to pork roast, chicken roast, or use it to marinate grilled steaks. The use of coffee is endless. You can simply enjoy it as a drink or use it in baking.

Another eye-catching feature of coffee is the nutrients it gives a human body. Some researches show that drinking coffee could also benefit one's health. Drinking coffee could ward off cancer and other illnesses like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease. It also boosts the body through a list of nutrients.

A nice cup of brew coffee can be brewed in different ways or methods, depending on your brewing preference. It is to note that some prefer to brew their drink since it is part of enjoying the experience. The time spent for grinding coffee beans, the boiling of water, pouring, and seeping coffee grounds are all part of the entertainment. There is even a discernible difference when you use a burr grinder rather than a regular food processor in grinding coffee beans.


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