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Dave Carter

December 28, 2020

Turkish Coffee

Coffee is a significant part of Middle Eastern culture. Family and friends are treated to a mug of Turkish coffee over good conversations and laughter. But what makes this brew different from your usual drip and French press? The main difference is in the process of how it is brewed since it uses unfiltered coffee with sugar. The drink is also served in small cups and best consumed after allowing the grounds to sink and settle at the cup bottom. If you are feeling adventurous with your coffees, try Turkey’s pride and joy in a small Turkish coffee cup. This delightful coffee Turkish is brewed from fine ground  and unfiltered beans, it is coffee without a percolator. The beans are ground so fine that they are almost the same texture as cocoa powder.  Traditionally,  Middle Easterners use a brass grinder to obtain a powder as fine as cocoa powder or caster sugar.

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How to Make Turkish Coffee​

Traditionally, coffee in Turkish  is brewed using a cezve, a long-handled pot made from brass or copper. However, you can brew it even without a cezve and just an ordinary pot. To make this blend, first buy roasted beans, or learn how to roast coffee beans at home and prepare the grounds. Put the very fine grounds in a pot, add sugar, and wait until it comes to a boil. Unlike other preparations that drip after pouring in newly boiled filtered water, this traditional way of preparing your favorite beverage cup lets you boil the brew and sweetener for a few minutes.  You can add spices like cardamom then boil, remove the whole pieces and pour the drink into a cup.

In the ancient recipe, the drink brew is boiled twice. You also have the option of removing the foam that is formed from the boiling process. The grounds remain in the Turkish coffee cup, which you need to let sit before enjoying a sip. You can also add milk or cream and add sweetener to your taste. In the customary way of enjoying this mix, you first cleanse your palate with a glass of filtered water to taste and enjoy the beverage. It is also best served with a piece of chocolate and to drink water to clean the palate again.

Authentic Traditional Turkish coffee recipe​

How would you know if you are preparing an authentic Turkish cup of brew? If you are offered a breve, it is not bona fide Turkish coffees that you are craving for. But what is breve? A breve is a blend using espresso as a base with steamed half-and-half. It is like a cappuccino, but it has less foam than a cappuccino.

But how do you prepare an authentic recipe from Turkey? You can use a cezve or any coffee pot if you don’t have one. But if you want to experience an authentic brew  prepared in the traditional Turk way, investing in a cezve would be nice. Using a cezve, pour about 1.7 oz of water for a mug of the brew, add sweetener to taste, and boil. Add one teaspoon of ground beans, bring to boil and remove again. Expect that the boiled drink will produce a foam, which you may want to remove, mix well, and remove from heat immediately after boiling. It is boiled twice, which allows more caffeine to be extracted. On the second boil, keep the foam and stir well, and pour it in a small container or cup. It is unfiltered and uses very fine ground beans, so let the grounds sit or settle at the bottom of the cups first before drinking.

This drink recipe is usually served with a glass of water to clean the palate, which helps you enjoy the coffees better.

What is special about Turkish coffee?​

Turkish coffees is different from your typical preparation with the filtered grounds. You use a very fine grind of beans. The grounds are mixed in boiled in water together with the sugar, and add creamer or milk once done. You can again add sugar, to your liking. Turkish coffee is served in small cups immediately after boiling, but let the grounds settle to the bottom of the mug first. So, if you will ask, “How to use a coffee machine?” You won’t need one when you make Turkish coffees. All you need is a cezve made from copper or brass or any coffee pot.

What is special about this traditional recipe? It balances the level of cholesterol, known to enhance painkillers' effectiveness, good in the digestive system, and is known to help prevent heart disease.

Is Turkish Coffee Strong?​

If you want to know how to make strong Turkish coffees, it depends on what kind of drink you want to compare. If you compare it with your regular coffees, after knowing how to use a French press coffee maker, Turkish coffees may come out to be more robust. It is true since you will be boiling the grounds in water twice, which means you will bring out more caffeine than using a drip method or French press to extract a beverage. But if you compare it to an espresso, which uses an expensive espresso machine, then the answer is both yes and no since it depends on your taste preference. But if you will refer to the saying describing Turkish coffee, it is ‘Black as hell, strong as death, sweet as love.’ If you will ask if it is strong, it is according to where the coffees blend came from.

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Why is Turkish coffee so strong?​

Why is it strong? The process of preparing coffees in Turkey requires you to boil the water and grounds twice. First, you boil the water and sugar, add one teaspoon of grounds per serving, and boil again. Boiling it twice brings out the caffeine; thus, make the coffees stronger, flavorful, and aromatic. The aromatic smell of boiling fills your home with a warm and lovely fragrance. Although it is nice to use a percolator machine like the moccamaster coffee maker, you don’t need one when preparing coffee in Turkey. All you need is a Turkish pot, fine ground beans, sugar, and cream or milk.

Is Turkish coffee stronger than regular coffee?​

Turkish coffee usually uses a lighter roast, yet how it is prepared is different and quite unique. It is prepared in a traditional Turk way of boiling the fine ground beans in a cezve. The cezve acts as the turkish coffee percolator. But if you may ask if it is stronger than regular coffees, it depends on who you ask.

The Turkish pot coffee is strong. It follows that this favorite  blend prepared in a customary way is the strongest and most aromatic compared to other brew mixes using beverage machines. Although it would be more convenient and faster to use a machine like the single-serve espresso machine, or even the drip type, and French press, preparing and traditionally enjoying Turkish coffee is more ritualistic and satisfying. Sipping the brew in small Turkish coffee cups over good conversations and laughter makes break time with Turkish coffee truly enjoyable.

How to brew Turkish coffee​

On how to brew Turkish coffee, you do not need a coffee maker to prepare one. All you need is a cezve, a long-handled coffee pot that is made from brass or copper, a fine ground light roast coffee usually of Arabica variety, sugar, and milk or creamer. Bring in the nice little coffee cup too! Brewing it also needs boiling of the fine ground coffee beans. The boiling is done twice to ensure that caffeine is well-extracted. After pouring the coffee in small coffee mugs, you also need to wait for the coffee grounds to settle down. With this brewing process, you don’t need an automatic coffee machine to prepare this aromatic coffee concoction. All you need is a Turkish coffee pot, a finely ground coffee, filtered water, sugar, and milk or creamer to make Turkish coffee and enjoy them in dainty cups.

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In conclusion, Turkish coffee is a traditional way of brewing coffee using a cezve, a long-handled pot made from brass or copper. The process of brewing is also different from how you prepare your regular cup of espresso. Unlike other coffee preparations that filter out the ground coffee, The ground is left for boiling. The finely ground coffee is then poured to the small Turkish coffee cups, making it necessary to wait for the grounds to settle down to the container's bottom before taking your first sip from the coffee cups.

If you don’t like sweet coffees, Turkish coffee is not right for you. This beverage mix is boiled with sugar, and you can add more sugar after cooking. You can also add creamer or milk to fully enjoy the coffee brew. So, if this mix is more potent than your favorite espresso, it depends on your taste preference since some prefer espresso better for a good caffeine kick. In contrast, others prefer the sweet and creamy Turkish coffees. So, which mix would


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