Coconut Oil in Coffee: Is It A Good Idea?

The use of coconut oil today to many recipes, including coffee, has become very popular with many people. It follows the right high-fat and low carbs ketogenic diet. Adding coconut oil in coffee may also help in reaching and maintaining ketosis. It is a metabolic phase in which the body utilizes ketones, which are the molecules created from fat decline. It serves as fuel, an alternative for glucose or sugar you take per day.

Maintaining good ketosis on your ketogenic diet and coffee has been linked to various health benefits. This includes weight loss, reduced risk of heart diseases, and improved blood sugar flow. Generally, coconut fat may attend your body to produce ketones. Adding coconut oil to your brew drink per day helps you to stay in ketosis.

Coconut Oil in Coffee: It’s Just Tasty!

Coconut oil may be used in anything, from food to beauty products. But is it possible to put it in your brew? The answer is Yes! It can boost your caffeine’s taste and benefit, too, especially if you take one cup per day. Some brew lovers may doubt the use of it because it might affect the taste of their brew. But you won’t have to worry about the combination of coconut oil coffee.

Compared to other additives like sugars and syrups, coconut oil coffee may not cause overpowering sweetness in your brew. What you will taste is a mellow and unique flavor with natural sweetness. You may blend it for both hot coffee and cold brew.

If you want to add a tropical flair to the summery cold brew made from a coffee maker, the use of coconut oil coffee with honey and vanilla extract can work best without the need to add more sweetened syrup and sugar.

On the other hand, if you worry too much about how it will affect the taste and smell of coconut oil coffee, it is recommended to use a more refined oil than the virgin coconut oil. It will have a more neutral flavor and smell too and still get an organic brew drink combination.

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How do you add coconut oil to coffee?

The next question now is how much content or amount of coconut oil must be added to the brew?

It is recommended to put a bare minimum amount of oil in your favorite coffee drink. A 1 tablespoon of coconut oil in your first cup is suggested to get the combo’s maximum benefits without overpowering it.

In case you are consuming 6 cups of caffeine a day, you probably don’t need to add the oil to every single cup because the calorie count will go over from the required amount per day. It would be nice to settle for 1 to 2 tablespoon of coconut oil coffee per day.

When it comes to brewing, the amount of coconut oil and how to mix it to your caffeine depends if you like it, a hot coffee or cold.

If you are planning to make a hot brew, the easiest way to put a tablespoon of coconut oil is at the bottom of your coffee cup, and then you can pour your brew over it. Make sure to stir it to dissolve and mix everything in there, and it’s ready for you to sip it.

If you like a cold brew or iced coffee, you might need a Coffee Maker with Grinder or a blender to create it. Just put everything in there, and all the ingredients will combine and mix. You may choose to add the coconut oil after blending it and just stir it to your brew but make sure to dissolve to get the right flavor it brings. The oil will work well with honey and milk to create a creamy, smoothy, and refreshing brew drink.

Why put Coconut Oil in Coffee

What makes coconut oil special to be added in your brew is the saturated fat containing it. Yes, some would say that fats are not great for health, but it’s not always the case. Remember that there are good and bad fats too. The bad fat or fatty acid is said to be affecting your health negatively. But that’s not the kind of fats you can find in this oil. And you will be shocked that it will help you lose weight rather than gaining weight.

Losing weight means you are not dropping 40 lbs if you chug a jar of this oil, but putting enough in your coffee once in a while will bring a positive effect on your health. But remember to moderate consumption as it is always the key to lose weight. Coconut oil has ketones and Lauric acid contents. These are said to have positive benefits on the person’s health.

What are the benefits of coconut oil in coffee?

It Boosts Energy – You have an energy boost because the coconut oil helps improve metabolism. This is the kind of fatty acids that are being absorbed quickly and through your liver, opposed to long-chain vegetable oils.

It Helps You Lose Weight – Coffee and coconut fat when combined, will make a great team to support your weight loss journey. It is, in fact, an effective combo compared to the other mixes.

It Serves As BodyGuard from the Inside-Out – Coffee Coconut oil will serve as your protection from serious illnesses and boosts your immune system.

It’s Your Insulin’s BFF – Like any other coffee, coconut oil is very helpful in regulating the blood sugar in your body. It doesn’t require insulin to be treated, so there is no effect in your blood sugar but lessens the need for more insulin.

You can Get Those Smarticle Particles – Brew consumption alone can already improve your brain function. It’s a good thing that coconut fat can do the same for you. There are proving elements also that ketones you can find in coconut oil is useful in treating patients with Alzheimer’s.

Your Heart will Like it – Everyone loves their heart to be happier. A great coffee intake might cause high blood pressure, but with this oil in your brew, it can be prevented while increasing only good cholesterol.

You can Say Goodbye To Cancer Now – Coffee alone can reduce the risk of getting several cancer types. Even if there’s a 20 to 40 percent risk reduction, that is still an impressive result. Coconut oil supports the prevention of developing cancer, especially colon cancer. This is because of the ketones and lauric acid content from the oil.

So what are you waiting for? Get good ground beans in your coffee pot, enjoy not just the taste of your coffee with coconut fat but also the helpful benefits.

Coconut Oil in Coffee Benefit

Enjoying a cup of coffee produced from your commercial coffee grinder once or twice a week is not just giving yourself a little treat. Still, you are providing yourself with great health benefits, especially when mixed with other healthy content like this oil. If you want to know what these benefits are, below are a few of them.

  1. It boosts and increases energy: Coconut fat will serve as a     ‘thermogenic’ food. This means to say that it produces heat in your body. When you drink caffeine with coconut fat, it boosts your energy more and can burn bad fats. 
  2. It enhances metabolism: The caffeine in your brew is known to provide your metabolism a good push. And coconut fat is widely considered a common remedy, which means it attends to boost your digestion. Combining coconut oil on coffee has a huge impact on your digestive system.
  3. It can boost your immune system: Lauric acid is the main fatty acid you can find in coconut fat. This acid can help fight against     bacteria and germs that can trigger your immune system.

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Coconut Oil in Coffee Keto

Some recipes take a keto coffee recipe one step further by adding butter and coconut fat to their mix. In combining them all, you can use high end coffee makers or a blender, perhaps. The benefit of using these ingredients is that coconut fat has an MCT element that burns excess fats your body doesn’t need. So basically, it can help you lose weight. The butter, on the other hand, contains omega-three fatty acids, which are a good kind of fat. If you use both of these, you will be able to get the best of both worlds; it boosts your energy and, at the same time, makes you healthier.

Coconut Coffee Weight Loss

If you will ask if the coconut oil in your brew will help you lose weight, yes, it’s possible. Coconut oil enables you to boost your metabolism. That means to say that there is a big chance for you to burn a huge amount of calories, which in turn takes effect in losing weight. It is an effective content to satiate your hunger compared to the other fats. So make sure to ready your small coffee maker and get a cup of coffee every morning. Do not forget to add this oil to prevent you from getting more snacks before it’s lunchtime.

Does putting coconut oil in your coffee help you lose weight?

For scientists, coconut fat is the medium-chain triglyceride. This is a type of fatty acid that helps lessen the accumulation and consumption of body fat. It can also restrain your appetite by maximizing the feeling of being full. This is the reason why this kind of oil in your brew can help you to lose weight.

Can you put MCT Oil in Coffee

MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides. It is called the superfood that helps you burn excess fats and boost your metabolism if the content is incorporated into your daily food intake. This supercharged fatty-acid can be a great ingredient to your favorite salad dressing and, of course, your brew.

So how do you do the mixing of MCT fat in the coffee just like the bullet coffee? Is bulletproof coffee your kind of mix? If it is, all you need to do is to brew one cup of coffee from your most favorite ground beans. Now, you can combine or mix the brewed caffeine and MCT fat powder. For a delicious taste, you can add protein powder, butter, or any heavy cream you like in a blender. Do this puree method for 15 seconds, or you’ll be able to reach your preferred consistency. After that, you can pour it in your cup and enjoy a sip of it.

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Extensively Reviewed by a Coffee-Enthusiastic.


Caffeine, with enough consumption, can give a positive result on your health. This is because of the antioxidants content from your favorite brew. By adding coconut oil in coffee, it  not only produces an exciting caffeine experience, but it also shows good benefits. There are lots of studies to prove it and suggest to get even better. Overall, a small amount of coconut oil in your morning brew could be very helpful and healthy for you.