For more than ten years, Blanchard's Coffee Roasting Company has been perfecting the art of making the best damn coffee in Richmond and Northern Virginia, and as far north as Princeton, New Jersey. They have evolved from a one-man operation in a garage to a dedicated team helping people make it through their mornings, afternoons and for some, their nights.

While they still don’t use a lot of specialized equipment and computers like the larger roasters, you can tell from the taste that they know what they’re doing. We’ve been proud and excited to grow alongside Blanchard’s, perfecting our area of brewing as they perfect their roasting process.

Aside from sourcing our beans from Blanchard's, we also produce Blanchard's-brand cold brew coffee. We worked hard to calibrate our cold brews and find the right origin and roast profile for the job - no easy task as Blanchard’s has a wide variety of coffees.

Check out their shop here.


Harper Macaw is a fine chocolate venture founded by a Brazilian chocolate maker and a U.S. Marine Veteran with an ambitious yet tangible objective: to turn chocolate into a force for tropical reforestation. You see, the delicate cacao plant is dependent on a healthy rainforest for its quality and survival, and in turn, tens of millions of people across the world rely on producing cacao for their livelihoods.

Harper Macaw travels to each of their cacao sources to get to know the producers intimately and to ensure producers are compensated fairly for their labor intensive, sustainable practices and high quality products. The cacao nibs used in our Nitro Mocha are 100% sourced through Harper Macaw, which uses their profits to reinvest in the Brazilian rainforests where their raw product is made.

We highly recommend trying their chocolate in our Nitro Mocha but also on its own. You can find flavors such as bourbon-barrel aged 73% dark chocolate on their website here.