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Best Super Automatic Espresso Machine of 2021

Dave Carter

March 16, 2021

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As an espresso lover, you may have thought about buying the best super automatic espresso machine once in your life. This is just common because many of us would want their drink available whenever we want it. However, the idea of finding that new espresso machine is very overwhelming. You will need to know a lot of information, and while you are doing your research, you end up with more options that make the process harder.

But you don't have to feel hopeless whether you will find the right machine for you or now. We have gathered some of the user reviews and considerations that will help you as you shop for your next automatic coffee machine. Going over this one will bring you closer to the best coffee machine for your home.

Best Super Automatic Espresso Machine Products​





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Jura Giga 6



1. Jura Giga 6​

The top product in this review is the Jura Giga 6. This is one of the automatic coffee machines that will allow you to prepare two specialty coffees at the same time because of the power of its dual fluid and heating systems.

Choosing Jura Giga 6 will give you a high-tech coffee machine automatic with great functionality, with unparalleled aesthetics, and precision to brew a perfect specialty coffee.

With all these excellent things about this product, you will never be surprised why Jura Giga 6 is perfectly meeting the standards of many discerning coffee enthusiasts across the world. This automatic coffee machine is a top-of-the-line machine. Every feature that it can offer is gorgeous, and you might even love to see it in a museum because of its beauty.

Buying an automatic espresso machine is a good investment, and you must choose a product based on absolute quality since you are willing to spend a large premium just to own the best.

This is what exactly you will get with this Jura Giga 6. It features artificial intelligence that can customize its drink recipes as well as its brewing settings. The machine can do this by analyzing your choice of drinks and your preferred customization settings.


  • Jura Giga 6 super-automatic espresso machine will ensure the perfect brew with its couple of ceramic disc grinders' speed and precision together with automatic grinder adjustment.
  • It can be programmed to brew 28 different specialty coffees to perfection.
  • With this machine, you can make coffee using its ten various strength levels, 10milk and milk foam temperatures, and three brewing temperatures.
  • It can automatically switch-over from milk to milk foam.
  • The product features a 4.3" Color Touchscreen display using its rotary selection as well as its easy to identify button for drink selection.
  • It can prepare hot milk and coffee simultaneously.
  • The Clear Smart Water Filtration system is best in eliminating chlorine taste.
  • This machine is also great for occasional decaf because of its automatic ground coffee funnel, which will allow you to ground coffee.
  • Removable water tank with a capacity of 88 oz.
  • Other great features that make this super automatic espresso machine the best are steam wand, auto-shutoff, Energy Save Standby Mode, and Zero Energy Button that will help you save on your energy consumption.


  • More Coffee Options in Less Time – the Jura Giga 6 is one of the espresso machines that you would love to have at your place because of its versatility. It will let you brew 28 specialty coffee drinks such as cappuccino, espresso, flat white, and cortado using its ten strength levels, ten milk/milk foam temperatures, and three brewing temperatures while its dual spouts will let you make two cups of your favorite coffee drinks at the same time. The machine's latest one-touch functions are using a unique preparation method that works through blending the coffee and hot water while the extraction process is taking place. This will give you a full-bodied, aromatic glass of coffee that you will love.
  • High-Tech Features – one of the popular things that you should know about Jura is its elevating specialty coffee preparation that you can easily find with its Giga 6. This automatic espresso machine comes with a dual Thermoblock system, and it is known for heating water to the perfect brewing temperature, at the same time, preparing coffee and milk for steaming hot specialty coffee in the shortest time.
  • Simple to Use – don't worry if you don't have time to grind beans because this Jura Giga 6 got your back! It features a powder chute that will accommodate pre-ground coffee and it can be incremented up to 25 percent to guarantee the perfect blend. You can pick a mix of decaf or regular beans, or even a blend of both. You can guarantee a delicious glass of coffee with this machine, thanks to its 15-bar power pump. Giga 6's automatic switch-over from milk to milk foams will make sure that your specialty coffee is being prepared in the right way. Other features that will work together for great cups of specialty coffee are auto-shutoff, smart water filtration system, and dual adjustable spouts for coffee and milk.
  • Professional Grade – this automatic espresso machine is one of the products that you will love to have at the comfort of your house. Some of the great reasons are the color touchscreen display with professional-grade, electronically adjustable ceramic disc grinders, two 10-ounce bean hoppers with aroma preservation seal, and a smart water filtration system. The Giga 6 is considered as Jura's fastest and quietest automatic coffee maker in the market.

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2. Delonghi Dinamica​

It's time to let go of the idea that your coffee maker must be a watered-down version so you can have your favorite iced coffee at the comfort of your house. Delonghi Dinamica is here to help you get away from it.

This is the world's first completely automatic espresso machine that uses an iced coffee technology. With the machine's TrueBrew Over Ice, you will have a smooth, full-bodied coffee over ice without watered down. You are not just limited to that option.

If you choose this Delonghi Dinamica, you will also have the chance to enjoy various freshest traditional coffee drinks, together with your family or friends. As a machine that features automatic bean-to-cup function, it can provide you a "one-touch" drink like espresso, drip-style coffee, and long espresso.

Since this machine features an advanced integrated manual frother, you can expect that your espresso with milk classics such as cappuccinos and lattes come completely with creamy, long-lasting foam whether you are using almond, soy, coconut, cow, or rice's milk.

Delonghi Dinamica also comes with an adjustable steel burr grinder that controls the strength and grinds, depending on the origin of your coffee beans. The machine can deliver the freshest brew with its revolutionary technology that works through grinding the right amount of your beans, and it can make sure that no coffee residue will be left in the unit.

With this, you can guarantee that your next glass of coffee is as fresh as your previous one. Maintenance is much easier as well, and cleaning your unit will only take half of the time that you may spend with other espresso machines. The automatic touch-sensitive interface will ensure that your cup of coffee is exactly what you wanted to be. Delonghi Dinamica is designed to make your daily brew turn into a daily grind.


  • Enjoy an easy to use rotary and push-button control panel that features menu settings such as temperature, 4 cups sizes, and five coffee strengths.
  • With the machine's patented "Cappuccino System" frother, it is very easy to prepare latte and cappuccino. This feature will mix steam and milk so you will have a rich, creamy froth that is perfect for your drinks all the time.
  • This Delonghi Dinamica comes with an auto-shutoff feature that will help you save electricity.
  • Take advantage of the machine's low noise conical burr grinder that features 13 various fineness settings, as well as its steam wand.
  • The ground coffee bypass is perfect for your occasional decaf drink.
  • This coffee machine is also using a 15-bar powerful pump that will help to make sure that you have the best cup of coffee.
  • The removable water tank has a 60 oz—capacity, together with the removable drip tray, milk carafe, as well as used coffee containers.


  • Appearance and Usability – the look of this machine is very simple, but it's very functional and attractive. Aside from the great fact that the product's case is very plastic, it keeps a pretty unified look. You will love the muted, but pleasant appearance because of the sleek black plastic with chrome accents. With Delonghi Dinamica, you get a machine that stands up from the other products, considering its price point. Another big thing that you will love about this coffee maker is the footprint. The compact design will guarantee that it can fit on most countertops, and even under the cabinets! Refilling it is very easy as well because of its front-loading water tank. The brew unit that is found behind the water is pretty accessible as well, while the removable drip tray is very convenient as well as easy to clean. For the machine's interface, though getting used to it may take some time, you cannot deny that it is very functional.
  • Performance – the most important factor that you need to consider with your coffee machine is the performance, and you will never be wrong with this Delonghi Dinamica. This product can do a pretty great job when it comes to making your cup of coffee. With simple dialing, you can guarantee that brewed shots of this machine are good and hot. Brewing Americanos and espresso is a breeze because of the hot water from the Panarello and the shot buttons that will easily allow you to switch from single to double. With the versatility of this espresso maker, you will love to have it at your house and get your cup of coffee anytime you want.
  • True Brew Process – this is one of the super espresso makers that can deliver smooth, full-bodied iced coffee as it brews at a lower temperature, pre-infuse, and offers the opportunity to customize to extra strength.
  • Quick Heat-Up Time – the espresso maker will only take 40 seconds to heat up because of its 15-bar high-performance pump, including a brew unit. This means that your coffee-shop quality drink can be brewed through a simple push of a button.
  • Simplest Machine to Clean – cleaning this super espresso maker will only take half the time and cost that you need to spend when you are cleaning other espresso makers. This is possible because of its removable brew unit, including its dishwasher-safe drip tray. No chemicals needed to maintain the beauty and function of this unit.

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3. Delonghi Eletta​

This Delonghi Eletta is one of the best automatic espresso machines that will let you enjoy bold cappuccinos, exceptional espressos, rich macchiatos, and creamy lattes in the comfort of your house.

With a single push of a button, you can make your favorite cup of coffee the way you want it. Ths Delonghi Eletta is a great addition to any kitchen since it comes with a compact and elegant design. Worry about its performance because of its size? That is not a concern because this super espresso maker has all the features that you will find with a full-size super-automatic espresso machines.

With the company's patented Latte Crema System, you can make a perfectly layered espresso drink that comes with rich, dense, long-lasting foam in your favorite cup – all this can be achieved with the touch of a button.

The product's unique Milk Menu function will prepare your Macchiato, Café Latte, Steamed Hot Milk, and Flat While for you instantly. These functions can be identified with clarity and simplicity. This Delonghi Eletta perfectly represents the ideal combination of design and functionality.

The Delonghi Eletta's 15 pump bar pressure is perfect for both coffee beans and coffee grounds while allowing you to brew two cups of coffee at the same time. This super espresso machine will not only limit your choice to a shot of espresso drink. Its versatility will allow you to enjoy creamy cappuccino that highlights dense milk foam at the perfect temperature.

Since this super machine features an automatic cleaning function that is integrated in its front regulating know, you can ensure that all milk frother components are very easy to clean. This means that you can be confident with your milk quality.

The Milk Menu of Delonghi Eletta will allow you to choose your favorite milk drink such as espresso macchiato, flat white, hot milk, or My Milk, which is a tailor of your perfect drink. The featured intuitive sensor metal touch control panel is also very easy and convenient to use, while the Delonghi Eletta's handy active cup warmer will guarantee that your cups are always kept at the right temperature.

Other features that make this coffee machine convenient are the programmable automatic shut-off and switch-on, water filter, removable brewing unit that is very easy to clean and maintain, and a program that is helpful for descaling, cleaning and rinsing you will get extra peace of mind.


  • This product is a compact, digital automatic espresso machine that features a 15-bar brewing pressure.
  • You get great advantage with its metal sensor touch control panel that comes with a high-visibility display.
  • With Delonghi Eletta, you will be allowed to prepare two cups of your favorite coffee at the same time.
  • It comes with a coffee bean container with 14 oz. capacity, a milk carafe, and flavor saving lid.
  • The removable water tank can be filled up to 2 liters of water with water level indicators.
  • Enjoy a better-tasting drink with the help of a water filtration system.
  • Some great features that you will appreciate are the cup illumination system, steam wand, as well as the coffee spouts that are height-adjustable up to 5.5 inches.
  • The Automatic Cappuccino System also features a detachable milk carafe as well as auto-clean functionality.
  • The hot water spout of this coffee maker can be used to make tea and hot chocolate.
  • You will be alerted if you need to clean your machine since the product comes with an automatic decalcification indicator.


  • Enjoy Barista Quality Drinks – with all the functions and features of Delonghi Eletta, it is very easy to make barista-quality drinks at the comfort of your house. You can have a cup of latte, Cappuccino, Italian Macchiato, and many more without leaving your house.
  • Easy to Clean – there is nothing to worry about when it comes to the maintenance of this machine because it comes with a detachable coffee container, milk carafe, as well as a drip tray. Conveniently clean this part for a short time.
  • Versatility – with Delonghi Eletta, you will never be limited with a shot of espresso because you can enjoy a variety of drinks with a single machine.
  • Energy-Saving – one of the best things that you will love about this machine is the fact that it can help you save energy at your house. With its automatic shut-off and switch-on feature, you will never have to worry about leaving it at home.

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4. Jura WE8 Professional​

The Jura WE8 Professional is the perfect machine that you would love to have inside your busy office space. This product can produce up to 30 to 40 drinks in a day, so all your co-workers can enjoy a cup of hot drinks every day.

Are you worried about the maintenance of this machine? You should not be because of its large reservoir, drip-tray, and bean hopper, which will allow you to brew a group of coffee so you can focus more on the delicious coffee and less on the upkeep.

Jura WE8 Professional comes with effort-saving features such as one-touch operation, descale-reducing smart filters, and simplified control schema, making it an essential breakroom barista.

The Jura WE8 Professional is one of the espresso machines that can go up to the challenges of a seasoned professional because of its 12 present programs as well as limitless brew-strength combinations, grind setting, water temperature, and water hardness. This is also recommended for inexperienced baristas because this is one of the machines that feature one-touch operations that can easily make macchiatos, lattes, cappuccinos, and flat whites.


  • The brew group with the Jura WE8 Professional large reservoir, bean hopper, and drip-tray make it an excellent choice for small offices that need coffee machines that can accommodate all the employees.
  • Jura's patented PEP or Pulse Extraction Process changes the brew unit's pressure, which results in a round, more balanced shot.
  • With the machine's Clearyl Smart Filter, your unit features an RFID-equipped water filter that is responsible for tracking the usage and alerting you when its time to change it.
  • Since the product features a Milk Siphon System, you can make a one-touch milk-based drink without the need for manual streaming.
  • The simplified menu of Jura WE8 Professional is ideal for those coffee lovers who need a quick cup of hot drink.


  • Production Plus – this one of the ideal professional machines, thanks to its ability to brew group coffee and make 30 to 40 cups of specialty coffee every day. It comes with a water tank that has a capacity of 101 oz, a grounds container that features a volume to hold 25 portions, and a bean container that can easily hold up to 17.6 oz. of coffee beans.
  • East to Operate – you will be surprised when it comes to the machines' ease of use. If you are running a small café, it is not necessary to train your staff or hire a barista because this coffee maker features a 12 programmable specialty coffee. This function must be credited to the product's One-Touch technology as well as the TFT display. This means that brewing the perfect cappuccino, latte macchiato, and flat white can be done by simply pressing a button.
  • Brewing Perfection – this Jura WE8 Professional is an excellent alternative for barista-quality drinks. With this machine, you will be allowed to program 12 various coffee specialties, three hot water temperatures and two brewing temperatures, eight levels of coffee strength, adjust the spout's height for hot water, coffee, or cappuccino, push a button, and the Jura WE8 will do the rest. The product comes with an Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System and swells as the company's unique Pulse Extraction Process (PEP) that is optimizing extraction time.
  • Luxurious Design – choosing this machine will give you a product that has perfectly combined the idea of a workhorse and a showpiece. The appearance of Jura WE8 is as luxurious as the coffees it brews because of its beautiful chrome finish, modern touch screen display, and amber cup illumination. With its compact size and design, this coffee maker can be placed anywhere.
  • Top-Notch Features – everyone will fall in love with the machine's top-notch features, which makes brewing your favorite glass of coffee quick and easy.

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5. Jura ENA Micro 1​

Jura ENA Micro 1 is the latest member of the award-winning line of Jura's automatic coffee centers. This espresso machine carries Jura's brand power and creates a real brand-to-cup experience.

The product is an excellent eco-friendly alternative to capsule and pod machines if you want to make the perfect cup of crema coffee or espresso. If you are looking for super-automatic espresso machines to invest in, then this product can be an excellent option.


    The machine's powerful pump has been known to produce 15-bar pressure.
  • The water reservoir has a capacity of 37 oz.
  • Detachable waste-drawer and drip tray so you can clean them easily.
  • Comes with three cup size settings for brew group of a large number of drinks, double shot, or single shot.
  • The featured touch setting will allow you to choose the aroma strength and level of your brewed coffee from your beans.
  • With the help of the machine's Intelligent Preheating System, the automatic machine will be warmed up quickly to guarantee that you will have your coffee at a higher temperature.


  • Excellent Espresso – you can ensure an ultimate espresso experience as your brew group with this Jura ENA Micro 1, thanks to its multi-level burr grinder, powerful pump, and micro-brewing unit.
  • Ease of Operation – making your favorite glass of coffee has never been this easy! Simply choose one of the three-cup sizes that are available, and the two aroma levels that you can find on the touch panel.
  • Size Matters – the compact size and design make this automatic machine one of the favorites in the market. It is 12.7 inches tall and 17.5 inches deep. But despite its small size, Jura ENA Micro 1 is still capable of precision brewing like most larger machines.
  • Energy Efficient – this is one of the machines that only use 1450 watts of power, plus its energy-saving mode that will reduce your energy consumption.

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Super Automatic Coffee Machine​

If you are one of the regular customers of a local coffee bar because you cannot live a day without a shot of your espresso, then you might have understood that doing this takes your energy, and most of all, money. Most of the time, you even find yourself waiting for the long queue despite your busy day. Then you will end up thinking about any alternative for this one, and that's when the elegance of the super-automatic coffee machines will come into your mind.

With a high-end, elegant machine, you can bring your favorite espresso right into your house without losing the quality of a professional barista. This is very convenient because you can have your drink any time of the day without waiting in the long line just to get your glass of coffee. Perfecting your craft won't take long as well since your super automatic coffee machine will do the work for you.

Talking with one of those coffee connoisseurs out there will give you some information about the magical powers of a super-automatic espresso machine. With a single button, your machine will be responsible for grinding a specific amount of espresso beans, heating water on demand, tamping the coffee grounds, and delivering an amount of coffee instant! With the latest super-automatic coffee machines, you will never be limited to your drinks. Most of them will offer you a chance to make special coffee recipes using a single machine.

Super automatic espresso machines are a performance-driven product that can work better compared to most trained baristas that you can find in local coffee shops. One of the top reasons why you should invest with the best espresso machines is because of their high level of versatility. With the right machine, you can make the best tasting espresso, latte, Americano. Cappuccino, and many more flavors with the help of a single button.

There are so many things that you would love to hear about an automatic espresso machine. However, the only stressful part is trying to find the right one. With all those options that you will find in the market, how will you know that it is the right one? What are the different factors that you should consider when looking for the best automatic espresso maker? These questions will haunt you as you search. Fortunately, we have gathered the top products when it comes to making espresso automatically. This list will give you some options for the machines that you can check out as you shop for your new super automatic coffee machine.

What is a Fully Automated Espresso Machine?​

What is a Fully Automated Espresso Machine

Fully automatic espresso machines are a product that features built-in coffee grinders so anyone can make his or her favorite coffee drink using a single button. With this machine, the coffee will be grounded fresh, tamped perfectly, brewed, and then it will be dispensed after a few seconds. If you are using a fully automatic espresso machine, you can easily choose your way when it comes to the coffee strength, temperature, drink volume, and so much more.

What is a super-automatic espresso machine?

Super automatic espresso machines are machines that you can use in making a barista-quality coffee drink without leaving the comfort of your house. With this type of coffee maker, you will not only be limited with a shot or two of espresso, but you can also have your favorite latte, cappuccino, or macchiato whenever you like.

Are super automatic espresso machines worth it?​

If you are tired of your daily trips to a local coffee shop, then the answer is YES! Buying a super automatic espresso machine will give you the freedom to make your coffee at house, without leaving the barista-quality behind.

Buying the Best Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

Because of technology, people can now get quality espressos and similar drinks with a mere press of a button in the convenience of their homes. Plus, the advent of automatic espresso machines has given coffee lovers a choice, allowing them to not only find the best fully automatic espresso machine in the paper—and the best one for yourself.

Since you're buying an espresso machine, you're likely a fan of espresso-based drinks, such as the classic cafe latte and creamy cappuccino. That means you'll need milk foam to top off these delicious brews, and the good news is, you can do it yourself with the help of built-in steam wands. Usually, only the best fully automatic espresso machines have this as they're a great indicator of the overall quality of the brewer. That's why the best ones give users better control, more steam holes alongside a decent range of motion.

Besides that, milk frothers are crucial in espresso machines as they're a part of nearly every step in specialty coffee drinks. Not every fully automatic espresso machine has a built-in frother, but if you have the budget and kitchen space for it, those with built-in frothers are ideal even if you pay a higher price. The next thing to look for when buying fully automatic espresso machines is the portafilter. Lower end variations are smaller than standards in commercial settings.

That's why if you're looking to replicate that, choose portafilters that can hold up to 16 to 22 grams of ground coffee. It's crucial since it virtually affects the size of the shot you pull, affecting your espresso shot or drink quality. To ensure users only enjoy fresh brews every day, the best fully automatic espresso machines come with built-in grinders. Although you can fill up the water reservoir and settle for ground coffee, that won't leave you an espresso drink made with such resentment.

Regardless, if you're considering buying an automatic espresso machine or upgrading your existing one, the best choice is fully automated. After all, if you're spending a bit more than your average coffee machine, why not go all out and splurge for the best quality brews.

Characteristic of the Best Auto Espresso Machine

Characteristic of the Best Auto Espresso Machine

Although coffee makers have their distinct differences, especially when it comes to various brands, even the best auto espresso machine models have their similarities.

The following are characteristics that only the best automatic espresso machines have.

  • Pressurization Method
    The main characteristic that every coffee lover needs to look out for is the espresso machine's pressurization method. There are two main types available, including steam-powered and pump-powered espresso makers. Steam-powered espresso machines are low cost, they don't produce quality espressos all the time. That's why the best automatic espresso machines are pump-powered, as they ensure quality, consistency, and better overall control. So, it's better to splurge.
  • Steam Wand
    When coffee lovers invest in an expensive auto espresso machine, they're likely looking to whip a coupe of espresso-based drinks along the way, like lattes and cappuccinos, not just straight-up espresso. The lower-end machines tend to have steam wands with black plastic endings, ruining your chances of making quality and creamy milk foam. That's why the highest quality automatic espresso machines have steam wands that let you control it manually, have at least 2 to 4 small steam holes for the best result possible, and swivel around for the best angle for steaming.
  • Plumbing or Water Reservoir
    Although connecting an espresso machine to a water line may be convenient, it can be very space-consuming. That's because these brewers would be larger than usual, and you need to find room for the pipes or tubings to connect it to the waterline—and not everyone has this access to large spaces. The best automatic espresso machines often come with water reservoirs, allowing users to move them around with ease without taking up too much space.
  • Portafilter Size
    When it comes to brewing specialty coffee like lattes and cappuccinos, most baristas use a double shot of espresso instead of the standard single shot. Most coffee shops use 16 to 22 grams of ground coffee to make approximately 30 to 40 grams of espresso ground. That's why the best auto espresso coffee makers have larger than average group heads to fit the portafilters for making these. Plus, they ensure the best quality brews even at home.

There are other automatic espresso machine characteristics you need to look out for—but those mentioned are the significant ones you need to keep an eye on for the best quality brews possible.

What is the Best Automatic Cappuccino Machine

Investing in a super-automatic espresso coffee maker or cappuccino machine is one of the best ways you can spend your money, especially if you love indulging in a great cup of coffee. Plus, it's one of the fastest and most convenient ways of making espresso-based drinks like cappuccinos and lattes. If you like the convenience of standard coffee makers and love an excellent creamy cup of cappuccino, prepare to be blown away by the quality of brews you can make when investing in the highest quality and overall best automatic cappuccino machine in the market. Although these may cost more than your average coffee maker, it's worth every penny.

We've established that some of the best espresso makers, and in turn, cappuccino machines are ones from coffee giants Jura and Delonghi, but how do you find the best cappuccino brewer for you? You can find the perfect brewer for you by looking for the factors mentioned.

  • Detachable Milk Carafe
    A crucial factor you need to consider when choosing the best cappuccino machine for you is if it has a dedicated carafe. It's an excellent option for individuals looking to have a low-maintenance machine.
  • Multiple Brews in One Session
    Cappuccino machines like the Jura Giga 6 and other commercial-grade models are fantastic for high-volume work environments where people want to make a foamy cup of cappuccinos with ease. The Giga 6 from Jura can brew up to cappuccinos per session without any waiting time.
  • Advanced Programmability
    Since you'll be investing in the best cappuccino machine possible, it's best if you consider how advanced the device is to help you elevate your brewing experience at home. There are several features to look out for, but the main ones should be in-app operations or Bluetooth connection. These functions enable you to whip up quality cups of cappuccinos without even having to leave your bed in the morning. All you need to do is program various settings through its app, like the amount of milk you want, milk foam, and the coffee's strength.

These are just some of the many features that come with the best of the best cappuccino machines, helping you narrow down your choices by seeing which functions can help you get the most out of the brewer.

Getting the Most Out of Automatic Espresso Machine Reviews

Getting the Most Out of Automatic Espresso Machine Reviews

Since automatic espresso machines are relatively expensive, you need to consider several factors before buying one to reduce your risk of making the wrong choice and wasting a massive amount of money. So, out of all, the automatic espresso machine reviews mentioned earlier, how do you find the best one for you?

Here are some things to look out for when choosing the best automatic espresso machine for your specific needs.


Programmability dictates how much control you get to have over the brewing process. Although automatic espresso machines technically work for you, most of them allow users to pick from an array of settings or pre-programmed choices. However, for automatic espresso makers, choose one that enables you to program grind sizes, temperature, and shot strength to your preferences. But some automatic espresso machines let users adjust nearly every detail possible, while others only run on standard programs or have limited personalization capabilities.

So, if you're the type of home barista that likes more in-depth customization, choose an automatic espresso machine with high levels of programmability to ensure convenient and hassle-free brewing.

Automatic Frothing or Manual?

Many automatic espresso machines have automatic functions for steaming and frothing milk to make specialty drinks such as lattes, cappuccinos, and other specialty drinks. However, some of them don't, requiring you to use conventional steam wands instead. If you're considering buying a brewer for brews on the go, choose one with the built-in automatic frothing option. But if you're sprucing up your skills, go for manual frothing.

Water Reservoir And Bean Hopper Capacity

Automatic espresso machines significantly vary when it comes to their capacity, including the water tank's size, milk carafe's size, and bean hoppers—impacting how much espresso they can whip out without the need to get refilled. When choosing a brewer, make sure to go for one based on your needs. If it's just for personal enjoyment, compact models are ideal. However, if you're thinking of brewing for your family or office, go for something with enough capacity.

Some automatic espresso machines may only handle a couple of shots per brewing session, while others can make dozens of espresso shots in a row.

Built-In Brew Group or Not

An espresso machine's brew group is one of the most crucial parts of an espresso machine as it's where the brewing process occurs. It's the mechanism in front of the brewer carrying hot pressurized water into the filter basket. Some espresso machines have detachable or removable brew groups for easy inspection in case something goes wrong. Meanwhile, other devices have fixed brew groups, which come along with self-cleaning options.

If you like a hands-on approach to caring for and maintaining the espresso machine, go for one with detachable brew groups. However, if you're only concerned about getting brews as fast as you can, built-in brew groups are ideal.

There are many things automatic espresso machines have in common, such as ease of use and consistent brews. However, the best automatic espresso machine should be highly programmable, sturdy, and well-designed. Depending on your preferred style of drinking coffee, consider the factors mentioned to find an option best suited for you.

The Best High-End Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Automatic espresso machines dominate the market right now, and that's because they've become the ultimate coffee-making machine. Of course, that's reflected in the price, doing all the work for you, ensuring you get the best quality brews possible. However, the best high-end super-automatic espresso machine models tend to come at a higher price because of the functionality, appeal, and overall excellent brewing skills. Some of the best ones are those from the coffee giant Jura, famous for high-end coffee machines—giving you the most out of your time.

Some of the best high-end models you can get from Jura are the Giga 6, WE8 Professional, and ENA Micro 1. Although every brand and model are different, the best ones have similar characteristics. For instance, the bar pressure of quality espresso makers ranges between 15-bar pressure to 19. Meanwhile, it's no secret that espresso machines use boilers or coils to heat water for espresso shots and other similar drinks. A single boiler means the brewer uses a single boiler to make espressos and to power the steam wand. High-end coffee machines usually come with giving a dedicated boiler for each.

Plus, since you'll be getting high-end espresso machines, you're likely going to make espresso-based drinks like lattes and cappuccinos—making milk a crucial aspect in the process. That's why expensive espresso machines come with built-in steam wands or milk frothers and a dedicated milk reservoir. Generally, if you like downing espresso shots or enjoying creamy espresso-based drinks, investing in a quality and high-end espresso machine is an excellent choice. Since it's easier to manage, less fuss involved, and have fun.

Remember that coffee is volatile, meaning even the most expensive machines can have trouble operating real household appliances. That's why it's best not to over-exceed the expectations expensive coffee brewers emit, allowing you to have fun in the process.

What is the best home espresso machine to buy?​

There are many home espresso machines that you can choose from, and most of the time, you will feel overwhelmed with your choices. But if you want to know which one is the best to buy, it will depend on your needs and budget. You have to determine these two things first before you start shopping for your new espresso machine at home.

One Step Further: The Best Automatic Latte Machine for Home

List of The Best Automatic Latte Machine for Home

If you're the type of person that can't function well without their morning coffee, the best thing you can do is investing in the best automatic latte machine for home, like the ones we mentioned, including the Jura Giga 5 and Delonghi Dinamica. Buying a latte machine can swiftly eliminate any pre-caffeine stress you may have, making your days more tolerable. However, though premium price tags and numerous features are common in quality latte coffee makers, there are several things to consider to find the best one for you.

After all, specialty coffee machines like a latte maker can be a considerable investment. That's why it's best if you think it through carefully. With that in mind, below are some of the most significant factors you need to consider.

  • Boilers
    The point of buying a latter machine is to make delicious brews convenient, and anytime you want. A crucial factor you need to consider to find the best one for you is its boilers. There are dual boilers and double boilers—with the latter ensuring the latte coffee maker can steam milk while extracting espresso simultaneously.
  • Portafilter Brewing Method
    The portafilter is a part of an espresso or latte machine during extraction. Depending on the machine's models, some need to manually move from the grouphead, where the espresso gets extracted, or the grinder spout automatically dispensing espresso grounds. Once the espresso is ground and tamped inside the portafilter, you need to manually physically move it from the grinder spout back to its grouphead.
  • Milk Frothing
    Since specialty espresso-based drinks latte or cappuccino need a milk foam layer to top them off, you need to ensure the latte machine has a built-in milk frothing system for maximum convenience. The best option for this is for the brew to have a detachable milk carafe. They're often the best since the milk automatically dispenses inside up through the spout. However, if you're looking for a bit of a challenge to test your brewing skills, those that come with steam wands are a better choice.

Keep in mind that automatic latte machines provide a convenient and streamlined process of delivering quality espressos. Sometimes, some makers use custom settings—while others offer you presets coming with limited brewing settings. Besides convenience, when searching for the best latte machine, make sure to look out for the factors mentioned.

Comparing Jura vs. Delonghi

Jura and Delonghi are both well-known and staple brands to espresso lovers globally as they've been in the business of manufacturing coffee machines for years, boasting great traditions behind them alongside reliable and quality products. Overall, both brands generally guarantee you quality and flavorful espresso every time. However, they do have their differences. To find the best one for you out of the two, here's a quick comparison between Jura vs. Delonghi.

  • Delonghi
    Delonghi is a staple amongst Italian homes, originating from the heart of Italy, and has become well-known worldwide for its quality espresso machines. The company was established in 1902, always striving to stay ahead with innovation, and you can rely on their espresso machines to provide quality espresso every time. Their brewers are famous for being compact and easy to operate.
  • Jura
    Jura is all about Swiss quality, providing elegance, luxury, and excellent brewing capabilities in one package. It's a Swiss-based manufacturer in the household appliance industry since 1931, releasing its first automatic espresso maker in 1980—and has become one of the best and famous brands in the highly-competitive sector. Their espresso machines are renowned for brewing some of the best espressos one can make at home.

The main difference between the two is that Jura espresso machines tend to be sleeker and durable, only using the best quality materials possible alongside the latest technology, compared to Delonghi, which boasts quality on its own but at a modest pace. Next is that most Jura espresso coffee makers have built-in, conical grinders, allowing you to make fresh brews every time, never missing a beat, and practicing great consistency. In contrast, though some Delonghi espresso machine models have built-in grinders, not each one has it.

Meanwhile, both machines are exceptional for speed and can help you brew a fresh shot of espresso or a cup of your favorite espresso-based drink in about 1 to 2 minutes and 5 minutes, respectively. Different models come with varying capacities when it comes to water reservoirs, regardless of Jura or Delonghi. However, both brands use large enough water reservoirs. Finally, both brands enable you to adjust the distance under its spout to fit under smaller or taller cups.

Overall, if you're looking to get the most out of your money, Jura is a better option. Meanwhile, when on a budget, Delonghi is the one.


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Conclusion: What is the best super automatic espresso machine?​

At the end of this review, we can clearly say that Jura Giga 6 wins as the best super automatic espresso machine. With all the functions and features that it can offer, you will never go wrong with this product.

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