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10 Best Small Coffee Maker to Check Out in 2021

Dave Carter

March 17, 2021

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Many coffee lovers are now turning to the best small coffee maker for home use instead of the traditional coffee maker that brews a pot of coffee. Unless there is a large group that will be drinking the coffee, the pot of coffee usually goes to waste. Coffee lovers are now buying the best coffee maker for their morning cup of joe.

While a pot of coffee on the warmer tray will stay hot for many hours, the coffee does not taste fresh anymore. For this reason, coffee makers are emerging to be the favorites for home use. Where one- or two-persons drink coffee in the morning, coffee for machines is the way to go if you want to drink fresh coffee each time.

This time, we will reveal the list of the ten best coffee makers that you can have at home. Whether you want to use it indoors, or you want to bring it outdoors, these coffee makers are ready to go.

Best Small Coffee Maker Products:

Here is the list of best coffee makers that are getting popular today:

1. Breville Precision Brewer Thermal​

Breville Precision Brewer Thermal is one of the feature-rich coffee makers that is designed to go with the changing desires of every coffee lover around the world. This coffee maker features six different modes as well as pour-over capability so it can offer a balanced cup every time, regardless of your mood.

Through the My Brew feature, you will be allowed to optimize various coffees and flavor profiles depending on the origin and roast, bean age, water temperature, customizing such elements as bloom, flow rate, and brew time.


  • It offers six brewing methods, including Gold Cup (SCAA certified), Strong Brew, Fast, Ice Coffee, My Brew, and Cold Brew.
  • With the water carafe that is stainless-steel insulated, you can keep your coffee hot a little longer.
  • It has thermo-coil heating as well as a pump system featuring Precise and Adjustable (PID) digital water temperature control that will allow you to automatically adjust between 187 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit, which follows the SCAA guidelines.
  • With the Small Cup Detection, including the “Steep and Release” valve, you can control the contact time of water and coffee while you brew a single-serve or make cold brew.
  • This product can accommodate con-style filter baskets and a flat bottom.
  • You can use this coffee maker with some popular pour-over drippers like Kalita Wave or Hario V6.


  • Enjoy your glass of coffee according to your mood through its six brewing methods.
  • Care and maintenance can be done through hand wash, which makes it a convenient coffee maker.
  • You can keep your coffee hot longer with the thermal insulated, stainless-steel water carafe.
  • Satisfy your cravings for a glass of coffee without depending on the bells and whistles.
  • Very easy to assemble and disassemble if you want to bring it during your outdoor activities.

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2. Coffee Maker with Glass Carafe​

Making your glass of coffee in the morning has never been this easy, thanks to Coffee Maker with Glass Water Carafe. This small coffeemaker can offer up to 5 glasses of coffee at the same time – perfect for those days that you have your friends or family inside the house.

This coffeemaker is a great choice for home, work area, apartment, or form room since it comes with a space-saving compact size. The small footprint of Coffee Maker with Glass Carafe will also occupy very minimal space on the counter.


  • Brew up to 5 cups of coffee at a time.
  • It comes with a removable filter basket as well as a reusable filter. This means you don’t need a paper filter when using this coffeemaker.
  • The carafe must only be hand washed. This is not dishwasher safe.


  • The compact design is perfect for rooms with limited space.
  • Share a glass of coffee with your family and friends with a single-serve brew.
  • A perfect partner for your outdoor camping or any road trip because it can be carried easily.

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3. Cuisinart 14-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker​

This is the best time to turn up your coffee’s flavor and temperature with the help of Cuisinart 14-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker. A product that uses cutting-edge coffee technology, it can give you a hotter glass of coffee without leaving the taste behind.

You can choose to have the bold or regular flavor profile; then, you can set the brewing time up to 24 hours ahead, so your coffee is ready when you are. This coffeemaker also features an easy to use and easy to read backlit LCD, an indicator light that will tell when it is time to decalcify, and a ready tone that can be turned on or off.


  • It makes use of expert coffeemaking technology that will guarantee you a hotter coffee temperature without leaving the quality or flavor behind.
  • With the product’s Brew Strength, you can select between Regular or Bold coffee flavor.
  • This is a fully automatic coffeemaker that features 24-hour programmability, 1 to 4-cup setting, easy to clean, auto-off, and optional ready alert tone.
  • It comes with a glass carafe with a decorative stainless-steel handle and 14 cups capacity.
  • Through the Easy-to-View Water Window that is effective for accurately filling the Brew Pause feature, you can enjoy your favorite cup of drink any time of the day, even before the brewing cycle has been done.
  • Charcoal Water Reservoir Filter and Gold-Tone Filter.


  • With its 14-cup Glass Carafe, you can enjoy a cup of drink with your family and friends at any time of the day.
  • Coffee is best when it’s hot, and this coffeemaker can even offer a drink with hotter temperature while keeping the flavor and quality at its best.
  • This Cuisinart coffeemaker is fully automatic that you can set almost everything!
  • Get the freedom to choose whether you will have the Regular or Bold coffee flavor.
  • You can take advantage of the optional ready alert tone so you can be notified when your drink is ready.

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4. Wolf Gourmet 10-Cup Coffee Maker​

This coffeemaker is brewing a superior-tasting cup of coffee with the help of optimal temperature, extraction method, and time. Through the product’s integrated grounds scale, you will accurately know the needed amount of coffee to achieve your desired strength, which means you can experiment with your desired cup of coffee over time.

Some users may not be aware of the internal upgrades that the company has done with this Wolf Gourmet coffee maker, such as a fine-tuned heating element or the shower head that is designed in meeting strict extraction standards, they will notice the big difference with the taste.


  • This Wolf Gourmet coffeemaker is using the optimal extraction method, brewing temperature, as well as time to achieve a superior-tasting drink.
  • You can ensure the ideal ratio of coffee to water reservoir with the help of the product’s built-in scale that is weighing grounds while you are adding them into the brew basket.
  • The programmable settings will allow you to brew on Manual modes or Accu-Brew. Enjoy a customizable experience with the brew strength that can be easily adjusted from mild to bold.
  • Loading grounds has never been this easy because of the smooth-glide and front-load brew basket. You can fill the detachable side-access reservoir directly in the sink.


  • Reward yourself with a superior-tasting drink in less than 7 minutes.
  • Since this coffeemaker can brew a single-serve or 10 cups of coffee at the same time, it is the perfect product for home and office settings.
  • Keep your drink fresh and hot with the carafe’s double-wall construction.
  • Achieve your desired strength by adding the exact amount of coffee.
  • You can experiment with your favorite cup of coffee using the unique Accu-Brew Mode.

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5. Capresso 10-Cup Rapid Brew Coffee Maker with Stainless Steel Thermal Carafe​

Quickly make a delicious and rich cup of coffee with this Capresso 10-cup rapid brew Coffeemaker. This product can help you achieve a richer drink with less bitterness for just 7 minutes.

Capresso 10-cup rapid brew is one of the coffee makers that feature an extra-large showerhead that is saturating grounds inside the brew chamber to achieve a full-flavored extraction, while the Mt90 features a reusable gold-tone filter as well as stainless-steel vacuum thermal container. This is the coffeemaker that will boost the modern style of your countertop.


  • Brew single-serve or 10 cups of hottest drink in less than 7 minutes though the stainless-steel heating element.
  • Keep your drink fresh and hot with the double-walled stainless-steel thermal container.
  • Forget about the messy paper filters with the coffeemaker’s gold-tone filter.
  • You can set this coffeemaker to automatically brew at your preferred time.
  • The removable water reservoir makes the filling very easy.
  • The charcoal water filtration is effective in removing up to 82 percent of chlorine.


  • You don’t have to worry about how to keep your drink hot and fresh because the double-walled carafe will help you with this.
  • This coffeemaker eliminates the idea of messy paper filters.
  • A fully automatic machine that will make your life extra easier.
  • Enjoy a single server of 10 cups of hottest drink within 7 minutes.

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6. Cuisinart Grind & Brew 10-Cup Coffeemaker with Thermal Carafe​

It’s time to let go of your alarm clock and start waking up to the rich aroma of the freshly ground and brewed drink using this Cuisinart Grind & Brew Automatic Coffeemaker.

You get the best of Cuisinart’s expert coffeemaking technology with this deluxe 10-cup model, delivering unsurpassed ease of use, including the rich, full-bodied flavor. This coffeemaker is a beautiful addition to any kitchen, especially with its streamlined thermal container.


  • This 10-cup automatic coffeemaker features a built-in automatic bean grinder.
  • It is a fully-programmable machine that includes auto shut-off, grind-off option for pre-ground coffee, and 1 to the 4-cup setting.
  • Keep your drink hot as well as fresh with the double-walled thermal stainless-steel carafe.
  • It comes with a permanent gold-tone filter and charcoal water tank filter to ensure the freshest =flavor all the time.
  • Other features are measuring scoop and instruction booklet so you can effectively use the product anywhere.


  • This 10-cup automatic coffeemaker is perfect for any modern kitchen.
  • Wake up to the aroma of your favorite drink with this 24-hour fully programmable product.
  • Use the brew-pause function n so you can easily sneak a cup of coffee even before the brewing cycle ends.
  • Adding beans and removing used grounds is very easy with the help of sperate grinding assembly as well as filter chamber.
  • With the 1- to 4-cup setting, you can brew smaller amounts of coffee without losing the best flavor.

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7. Melitta Aroma Enhance Coffeemaker with Glass Carafe, 10 cup ​

This Melitta Aroma Enhance is one of the popular filter coffee makers that use optimal brewing temperature that is perfect for flavor and a hot drink. You can enjoy a freshly brewed drink at the exact time you set.


  • The optimal brewing temperature is perfect in achieving the best flavor and hot drink.
  • True Aroma selector to set the desired strength.
  • Take advantage of the coffeemaker’s programmable time featuring an LCD.
  • You will find a descaling indicator, including the program, so you can easily make you ten glasses of coffees.
  • Integrated cord storage will keep your product safe and in good condition all the time.


  • The filter basket and glass carafe of this coffeemaker is dishwasher safe.
  • Compact design that is not only perfect for any modern style kitchen, but it can also be the best pair for outdoor camping.
  • Enjoy 10 cups of coffee at the same time and share it with your guests.

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8. Cuisinart Pourover Coffee Brewer with Thermal Carafe​

With this Cuisinart Pourover Coffee Brewer, you can start kicking up your premium coffeemaking experience every day. One of the coffee makers that can offer gourmet, coffee-bar quality flavor! Through the accuracy brewing technique, you can achieve excellent flavor extraction. Cuisinart Pourover CoffeeMaker will help you and your friends enjoy the excellent taste of the drink that is made by manual brewers, with no work at all!


  • This coffeemaker is SCAA certified, which means it meets the SCAA rigorous technical requirements.
  • It comes in three flavor strength control which is mild, medium, and bold.
  • You can easily control the temperature, whether to have the hot or extra hot.
  • It is one of the coffee makers that is 24-hour programmable, with extra features like auto on, self-clean, and adjustable auto-off.
  • It has a carafe that can brew up to 8 cups at a time.


  • Choose between Glass Carafe or Thermal Container, so you can achieve your desired temperature for your Mr. coffee.
  • Maximize your exceptional Mr. Coffee experience with the product’s unique laser-etched stainless-steel filter.
  • Customize every cup of coffee by adjusting the temperature and strength.
  • Enjoy up to 3 years warranty for the coffeemaker.
  • You can get a drip-free coffee even before the cycle is completed.

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9. Smeg Drip Filter Coffee Machine, 10 cups​

This Smeg Drip Filter CoffeeMaker is the latest innovation of SMEG Company for its unique brand of home appliances. Choosing this coffeemaker will give you the chance to enjoy a complete with an array of functions as well as features that aim to meet the satisfaction of every consumer. This Smeg Drip Filter CoffeeMaker also comes with some useful upgrades versus the original model, DCF01.


  • The auto-start mode will make you like it easier when you brew your favorite Mr. Coffee flavor.
  • Take advantage of the 12 or 24-hour clock option so you can wake up to the beautiful smell of your Mr. Coffee.
  • This coffeemaker also features an adjustable water hardness.
  • A Digital LED display is very easy to read, as well as the clock.
  • With the descaling alarm light indicator, you will know when your drink is ready.


  • Take advantage of the 4 cup Brew Mode to make the best drink for you.
  • The 60-minute warm mode will let you enjoy your drink for an hour.
  • Few more upgrades from the original model so you can guarantee a better brewing experience.
  • Boost the beauty of your kitchen with its signature design of the retro-style machine.
  • The compact size is very convenient for any outdoor activity.

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10. Melitta Aroma Fresh Grind & Brew 10-Cup Coffee Maker​

This is one of the filter coffee makers that features an integrated grinder. With Melitta Aroma Fresh Grind, you can make tasty filter coffee using the freshly ground coffee beans, while meeting your taste. Since you can choose to turn off the grinder, you also have the option to make your coffee from pre-ground beans.


  • Grind control that can be adjusted easily as well as the =strength.
  • The programmable timer features an LCD for better use.
  • It has a detachable grind head and bean container.
  • The filter basket can be removed, and it also comes with a Pause and Serve system.
  • It comes with a trial pack of Melitta #4 Filter Paper.


  • An easy to clean coffeemaker, thanks to the detachable grind head and bean container.
  • You can adjust the warm time anytime you want.
  • Tasty drink in a few minutes without working too hard.
  • A small coffeemaker that you can bring anywhere so you can enjoy your favorite cup of coffee.
  • This space-saving product will boost the look of your countertop.

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Best Programmable Coffee Maker Thermal Carafe

The best programmable coffee maker thermal carafe can help you maintain fresh brews at their optimal temperature for a longer time, allowing you to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee every time. However, to find the best one suited for you, you need to consider the following factors:

● Settings
Programmable thermal carafe coffee makers, just like electric coffee machines, are flexible, fully equipped with various settings to make the coffee brewing experience as convenient and smooth as possible. Some of the most common features that thermal carafe coffee makers have are 24-hour programmability, strength options, and an option to let you produce coffee by the cups or mugs and for the entire day. Decide how automated you want your coffee brewer because if you prefer to have more control over each brew, it's best to have a fully automated machine.

● Cleaning
When shopping for thermal carafe coffee machines, keep in mind that they're more challenging to clean than glass. That's because most of them have small openings that make it hard to fit most people's hands to scrub, and since stainless steel can get scratched, you need to avoid using cleaning items such as a steel wool brush. Luckily, there are dishwasher-safe options.

● Size
Although thermal carafe coffee machines seem similar to their glass-based counterpart, the glass version is bulkier. That means there are many compact options available in stainless steel coffee machines—making it the perfect choice for those with limited counter space.

● Capacity
The coffee machine's capacity depends on how much coffee you're looking to make and enjoy during the day and if you invite guests often. If you have a family at home that adores coffee, thermal carafe brewers with at least 10 cups for serving are ideal. Meanwhile, if you live solo, the single-cup version is the best choice.

Best Gourmet Coffee Maker

The best gourmet coffee maker is considered a necessity for most individuals nowadays, especially those who can't go by without having their daily fix of freshly brewed coffee during busy mornings. Some of the best gourmet and compact coffee makers you can come across in the market are featured on our list, and the best brands providing them are Breville, Capresso, Cuisinart, and Melitta.

Here are some of the most notable advantages gourmet coffee makers have to offer:

● Convenience
With a press of a button on these gourmet coffee machines, users can enjoy a fresh cup of joe without having to do it manually, freeing them from scooping and blending coffee grounds, sugar, and cream. Plus, it can save you time and effort, providing an overall convenient experience.

● Portable
Coffee lovers that often travel and love coffee usually buy their fix from coffee shops or use the conveniently provided coffee makers in most hotels. However, if the one you're stating doesn't have one, having a portable coffee maker helps ensure you get quality brews every time. A compact gourmet coffee maker like those we mentioned is one of the most compact ones available.

● Saves Money
If you love coffee and often buy your fix from local coffee shops, you'll see how much you pay for your drinks, easily costing you hundreds of dollars every month. You'd be surprised at how much you can save by brewing your coffee at home, and gourmet coffee makers can do as much.

● Great for Your Health
As a coffee lover, you should know that coffee has its fair share of health benefits, and having a coffee maker lets you indulge more in quality coffee with ease. Plus, you can double-check the ingredients you use for your cup of coffee, which most coffee shops load with unnecessary ingredients, such as excess sugar and syrup.

Best Single Cup SCAA Certified Coffee Maker

The Specialty Coffee Association of America, famously known as the SCAA, is a commercial organization in the specialty coffee niche. This group is well-known and widely accepted worldwide, setting stringent standards for coffee processing, including the roasting procedure, amount of coffee used, cup sizes, type of water used to brew coffee, and the overall brewing time. So, how does the best single cup SCAA certified coffee maker get its approval? For coffee makers to get the SCAA standard certification, the coffee machine needs to meet stringent requirements.

These include the final brew's taste, the overall brewing time, its ability to maintain the ideal water temperature, and its capability of keeping the coffee warm for an extended period. Generally, the organization makes the processing and enjoyment of coffee-making professional. So, what exactly makes SCAA certified coffee makers top-tier?

The best SCAA accredited coffee makers ensure quality coffee taste, the fastest brewing time possible, easy to use and are convenient, uses a robust motor, and provides uniform brews. Plus, these coffee ible functions. With the stringent SCAA certification standards, you can guarantee that the best single cup SCAA certified brewers are some of the best in the market, allowing you to whip up quality brews in the shortest time possible while providing delicious coffee that'll last for a lifetime.

Plus, most SCAA certified coffee makers have outstanding features that make coffee-making convenient and professional. Some of the most popular brands offering SCAA certified coffee brewers are featured on our list, includmakers consider the details thoroughly, ensuring you get the perfect water temperature every time, keep fresh coffee at the ideal temperature for a long time, boast durability, and offer other flexing Cuisinart and Breville. Both give you a convenient brewing experience thanks to their automatic settings, quality build, and delicious results, allowing you to indulge in the best coffees every time.

Best Features of the Melitta Thermal Carafe

The next time you think of getting freshly brewed coffee, think twice about rushing to the next coffeehouse and make some at home! Creating the perfect cup of coffee has never been easier with the Melitta thermal carafe coffee maker, allowing you to whip up fresh cups on the go, keeping brews at the ideal temperatures for hours. Besides making quality coffee, Melitta aims to provide an indulging and memorable brewing experience, something that evokes the sentiment of an authentic cafe.

That's the promise of Melitta coffee makers, boasting intelligent designs, detailed manufacturing, full-bodied brews, and a sensual experience every time—and here are some of their best features.

● Thumb-Activated Thermal Carafe
This vacuum-sealed thermal carafe coffee maker comes with convenient thumb-activated pouring, allowing it to serve the brew automatically without needing to twist its lid.

● Diverse Brewing Strength Options
The Melitta coffee maker comes with regular, bold, and strong brewing strengths, allowing you to diversify your brews every day. Plus, it makes the decision easier for you.

● Cone-Shaped Filter
The Melitta coffee maker with thermal carafe brews using a drip machine that brews into a cone-shaped filter, providing better extraction and more control over the coffee's strength.

● Programmable Coffee Maker
The brewer has a function that lets you set up the coffee machine the night before, brewing you a fresh cup of coffee automatically in the morning. It also comes with a "Pause & Serve" feature that lets you get coffee in its prime before it's even finished brewing.

The Melitta coffee maker knows how to make the most out of everyone's favorite coffee, offering the chance to wake up to freshly brewed coffee every morning. Melitta brings centuries of European culture, refined craftsmanship, and decadent indulgence right into your cup. If you dedicate yourself to creating great-tasting coffee, go for Melitta coffee makers with a thermal carafe to let the brews last longer, allowing you to enjoy freshly brewed coffee from morning till afternoon.

Advantages of the Melitta Dual Travel Mug Coffee Maker

With the Melitta dual travel mug coffee maker, you can now bring your morning brew with you. Brew your favorite coffee straight into your travel mug with this compact brewer, allowing users to brew their drinks straight into twin 14-ounce travel mugs. It's the perfect companion to have you if you often have to push through busy mornings, allowing you to make coffee instantly and bring them on the go.

With that said, here are some of the most notable advantages of the Melitta travel mug brewer.

● Compact Size
When you go through hectic mornings, dealing with scorching brews can be dangerous. Luckily, the Melitta coffee maker's compact size allows you to set up the machine in the most convenient places, helping you avoid spills and burns. You can also set the brewer the night before and simply push the button when you need to whip a serving of freshly brewed coffee—and reach out and grab as you go on with your day.

● Designed for the Active Lifestyle
The Melitta dual coffee maker is designed for the mobile lifestyle, directly brewing into one to two 14-ounce travel mugs with rubber grips that can fit in most standard car cup holders, allowing users to enjoy freshly brewed coffee on the go.

● Easy to Clean Up
Besides being compact and made from quality stainless steel that's relatively easy to clean, even its internal components allow you to clean them hassle-free. That's because this dual coffee maker comes with a removable filter liner and a double spout that detaches, ensuring easy cleanup.

● Eco-Friendly
Melitta coffee makers have built-in automatic shut-off features that automatically turn off the machine after brewing or after a set time, allowing you to save money and prevent it from overheating.

Overall, the Melitta dual coffee maker is an excellent choice for individuals who constantly need fresh brews on the go, giving you fresh coffee with a single press of a button.


Coffee makers don`t need to be that expensive! Save money and taste awesome beans with this simple and easy to use small coffee machine which has a space in your kitchen for sure.

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After learning these top 10 best coffee machines, the winner for this list is Breville Precision Brewer Thermal because of the various functions and features that it can offer to the consumers.

The best small coffee maker ranges from a single-cup coffeemaker to a 5-cup coffeemaker. Your choice of the coffeemaker shall be determined by the number of coffee cups you consume each morning, the number of people you drink coffee with, and your budget for a Nespresso machine. You can choose an expensive single-serve coffeemaker that uses coffee pods or a drip coffeemaker with a small brewing capacity, whichever coffeemaker is best for you.

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