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5 Best French Press Brands to Buy for Perfect Brews in 2022

Dave Carter

January 3, 2022

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The French press is a simple yet effective way to make coffee. With the best French press, you will be able to create coffee with rich flavor and aroma without having to buy an expensive espresso machine or spend hours making pour-overs. The French press has been around for decades, and it is still one of the best ways to make a cup of joe. You can choose from a variety of styles that will help you get the most out of your java experience, whether you are looking for speed or quality.

It is also very durable and can last for years if properly cared for always. Many people consider the French press the best way to make a cup of joe because it doesn't require a paper filter which means more natural tasting coffee. With the use of this simple, reliable tool, you can easily make coffee in your home without investing too much money. 

It is ideal for preparing coffee for more than one person at once, and it is also possible to use it to brew teas and infusions, just like any other infusion device. Some models of French press can stay warm for some hours, so they are perfect for making several cups during the day or for preparing coffee for friends and family. Therefore, if you are looking for the top brands of French presses to buy, then the reviews in this article will help you make an informed decision with your purchases. Read on!

The Best French Press Product Reviews

The French press is also known as a coffee press or coffee plunger. This device will make you enjoy fresh pressed coffee. It is made of three essential parts. The first part is the beaker or carafe, most often made of heat-resistant glass or clear-acrylic plastic but made out of stainless steel. This part is also known as the press pot because it is where you place the ground coffee and hot water for steeping. 

The second part is the filter mesh plunger or press disk or piston, which is pushed down to separate grounds from brewed coffee. The third part is the lid. The lid can be made of stainless steel or plastic, and it has a hole in the center to keep the mesh plunger in place as you press it down. In recent years, this brewing method has been favored by professionals and amateurs alike for making quality artisan coffees. 

With the right techniques, it is possible to make superior cups at home with no difficulty. If you are searching for the best French press coffee makers, then this article is for you. We shall review some of the top French press brands in the market today.

Below is a Ranking table for our 5 best products:


Espro Copper


Espro Copper
  • 100% copper
  • Safety lock
  • Dual filter system


Le Creuset


Le Creuset
  • Easy pouring
  • Triple-layer bottom
  • Enameled cast iron


Zwilling JA Henckels Sorrento Plus Double-Wall 27 oz


Zwilling J.A. Henckels Sorrento Plus Double -Wall 27 OZ
  • Made of durable porcelain
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Double-walled design

Easy Handling

Chantal Ceramic with Stainless Steel Plunger and Lid


Chantal Ceramic with Stainless Steel Plunger and Lid
  • Durable ceramic
  • Stainless steel mesh filter
  • Heat-resistant glass carafe

Lowest Price

Bodum Chambord Copper 8 Cup


Bodum Chambord Copper 8 Cup
  • Borosilicate glass beaker
  • Classic design
  • Ergonomic handle

*Stars in table belong to our personal rating, not related to Amazon!

Let us now review each of these top brands.

1. Espro Copper​

Espro is a company that genuinely understands the art of coffee. They are constantly searching for new methods of brewing, which gives you more options to choose from. The Espro French press won the two most prestigious awards in Canada and USA for perfect coffee output! 

This French press is made of high-quality materials and has a steep design, ensuring that your coffee stays hot for hours. The exterior metal body with an attractive copper finish prevents it from getting too warm during longer brewing sessions so that you won't have any issues drinking more than one cup at a time! 

The carafe is made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass so that it won't break. The double screen filter will keep the coffee grounds out of your cup and prevent any clogging or sticking inside the French press itself, thus making it easier to clean. Espro Copper is said to brew a more aromatic coffee with a great flavor and a very nice crema. 

This French press will be perfect if you are not really into the whole traditional brew process because it makes your life easier by doing all the work for you. It doesn't let any grounds through, which means you won't struggle to clean them up afterward! 

The manufacturer also backs this model with a 1-year warranty. You can test it out to see if it will meet your preferences!


  • The Espro Copper french press is made of 100% copper, not just the inside like other presses; thus, the copper finish will never fade or tarnish over time.
  • This product features a safety lock to prevent accidental spills or burns.
  • It also has a dual filter system that ensures you get the best tasting coffee possible from your top french press.
  • It features an insulated stainless steel carafe that keeps your coffee hot for hours.


  • Its sleek design looks great on any kitchen countertop and is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.
  • It includes an extra stainless steel filter, so you can use it more than once without buying new filters every week!
  • Espro is the only company to use a patented filter-less design.
  • You can choose from 3 different sizes, depending on how many cups of coffee you want at once - the regular size holds up to 8 cups of coffee, while the smaller model can make 4 cups at once, and the most significant size makes 12 cups at once!

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2. Le Creuset​

This is the perfect gift for any coffee lover, especially those passionate about top French Presses. Le Creuset makes one of their designs with high-quality materials that will last longer than the average kitchen implement! It has a smooth pour spout, a non-slip handle, and even a lid. 

If you find yourself making multiple cups of coffee in one sitting, this French Press is going to be your new best friend! Le Creuset also has another version with a slightly smaller carafe, which comes in the color red. It features the same design with a few less ounces. 

The exterior metal body with an attractive copper finish prevents it from getting too warm during longer brewing sessions so that you won't have any issues drinking more than one cup at a time! Most top French presses are made with glass, but Le Creuset went with a metal exterior design to prevent getting too hot when in use! 

This 34 oz French Press is big enough to make 4 cups of coffee in one go! Therefore, if you are looking for the perfect gift that will be used every day or want to treat yourself, pick up this French press!


  • Le Creuset top French press is made from a durable, enameled cast iron which includes stainless steel plunger and mesh filter for ease of use.
  • The lid design allows for easy pouring and tea leaf removal.
  • It has a triple-layer bottom that retains heat to keep your hot coffee longer.
  • The handle is designed with a thumb notch so you can easily grip it while pouring.


  • It is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup after use!
  • It has a heat-resistant handle and knob to avoid burns when pouring the coffee.
  • A stainless steel filter ensures that no grounds get into your cup of coffee.
  • Its double-walled design keeps your beverage hot longer than other presses.
  • Available in four colors - blueberry, cherry, cranberry red, and black thus can fit with any kitchen decor.

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3. Zwilling J.A. Henckels Sorrento Plus Double -Wall 27 OZ​

This 27-ounce French press from ZWILLING J.A. Henckels is perfect for pouring yourself a delicious cup of coffee in the morning! This French press has a highly polished interior surface to prevent coffee grounds from sticking to the sides during brewing. 

It has a patented safety lid that prevents the press from opening until you are ready for it, allowing you to focus on other activities while your coffee is brewing inside. The handle of this French press features silicone that makes it comfortable and easy to use, even when hot water is inside. 

It features the famous triple seal, which guarantees freshness, taste, and aroma. This French press is made of durable and lightweight stainless steel. It also features a conical press design which enhances extraction and flavor. Cleaning this French press is easy, just disassemble and clean in warm water, making sure to scrub the plunger with a soft brush.


  • The ZWILLING J.A Henckels Sorrento Plus Double-Wall 27 OZ is a beautifully designed coffee cup that is made of durable porcelain.
  • It features an ergonomic handle for easy gripping and comfortable use.
  • The double-walled design of the carafe will keep your coffee warmer for longer.
  • This product contains silicone on the bottom to protect your furniture from scratches while being set down on it.


  • This product comes in three different colors - white, black, and blue to match any kitchen decor.
  • The steel mesh filter is designed to make it easy to remove any grounds from your coffee.
  • A special coating on the inside of the carafe makes cleaning a breeze.
  • The two stainless steel plunger rods are durable and resistant to corrosion over time.

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4. Chantal Ceramic with Stainless Steel Plunger and Lid

The Chantal French Press is a set and pour-style coffee maker with an automatic plunger perfect for those who love drinking their morning joe in just one big gulp. The stylish stainless steel design will complement any kitchen décor, as well as its easy cleaning features! 

Whether you need something basic or if your tastes range from casual to cuppa Joe JAMmin', this beautiful appliance has got you covered! Chantal French press also features a unique hinged lid that doubles as a resting stand for the press. 

As they say, you can never go wrong with this French press as it has everything you need and more! It is also available in three models, thus catering to France's coffee drinking and press pushing population. This is also a perfect gift idea for the coffee connoisseur or French-pressed coffee addict in your life.


  • Chantal Ceramic with Stainless Steel Plunger French press is made of durable ceramic for longer life.
  • It features a stainless steel mesh filter to ensure no grounds get into your coffee.
  • It also features a durable and heat-resistant glass carafe for hot drinks.
  • With its ergonomic handle, pouring is made easier and more comfortable.
  • It has two stainless steel plunger rods that are durable and resistant to corrosion over time.


  • The design is sleek and stylish - it will make an excellent addition to any kitchen countertop or dining table!
  • It is easy to use, just pour in the water and ground coffee beans, wait 3 minutes for brewing, then push down on the plunger handle.
  • This French Press is dishwasher safe and comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • This machine’s brewing method allows for a fuller body of flavor than other methods like drip, espresso, or cold brew.

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5. Bodum Chambord Copper 8 Cup

Bodum Chambord Copper 8 Cup French Press is an excellent option for any coffee drinker. It has got an automatic shut-off function, so you don't have to worry about burning your house down or spilling hot liquid all over yourself! 

The ergonomic handle provides leverage when pressing the plunger down, which helps reduce stress on wrist joints while also ensuring no accidents at home because these presses can close without warning. This French press also offers coffee lovers a sleek and stylish way to enjoy their favorite coffee. 

The high-quality stainless steel construction ensures durability while the wide mouth makes pouring easy, so you can get exactly how much brewing time each cup requires without any guesswork involved! You can use it to brew coffee or even make tea. 

The Bodum Chambord Copper 8 Cup French Press has a fine mesh plunger that will ensure no coffee grounds touch your lips for a smooth and rich taste! If you want a uniquely designed french press without getting anything too bulky, this is the perfect option for you!


  • The Bodum Chambord Copper 8 Cup French press is made of durable stainless steel with a borosilicate glass beaker for durability and heat resistance.
  • This copper-colored model has a classic design and an easy-to-use plunger mechanism.
  • The carafe has an ergonomic handle for easy pouring, and the lid locks in place to prevent spills.
  • This french Press features a classic, timeless design that will fit in with any kitchen or with other things in your office.


  • The dishwasher-safe parts include the plunger, beaker, lid, filter holder, and base.
  • With the push of a lever, you can brew your favorite hot beverage in minutes.
  • You can also make tea with this French Press as well because it comes with an infuser basket so you can steep loose-leaf tea leaves while steeping your favorite flavors in hot water.
  • With this French press coffee maker, you will be able to brew up to 4 cups of coffee at once!

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Stainless Steel French Press

What is a French Press and Reviews of it

Everyone loves coffee, but the hassle of making it can drive you nuts. Imagine how convenient it would be if you could find a way to make your favorite beverage at home without having to worry about spending all that time in the morning just watching the pot boil.

The solution is to buy a French press - an easy and quick way to get your morning cup of Joe, but the question remains: which one should you get? With dozens upon dozens of best French presses out there, it takes some time to discover the best. Fortunately for you, we shall discuss some important factors to look out for when buying a stainless steel French press.

  • Construction material

The construction material that the press is made from will not only affect its strength and durability but also its price. First off, you will want to consider between a stainless steel French press or a glass one. While glass presses can retain heat better than their metal counterparts, they also make it easier for the unit to break when dropped.

On the other hand, metal presses are much more durable and much stronger in impact resistance. A cheaper press may be made from aluminum or chromed steel, but stainless steel is the way to go if you want a long-lasting, quality product.

  • Size

The size of your French press is a big factor in the amount of coffee you will be able to make with it. The more cups you want to make, obviously, the bigger it's going to be - and since they tend to sit on top of your mug as you brew, you need to make sure that its size is proportional to what you intend on using it for.

  • Carafe style

There are two types of French press carafes - the piston and the hourglass. The hourglass-shaped carafes are easier to clean than their piston counterparts but retain stains for longer periods. You also will find that they take up more space in your cupboard. On the other hand, piston presses are harder to get clean, but drinkers find that they pour better.

  • Filters

Coffee naturally contains oils, which build up during the brewing process and stick to the filter. This affects both how good your coffee tastes and how long you'll be able to use your filter before having to throw it out. Metal filters are better than paper filters because they retain more coffee oils, allowing your coffee to have a richer taste.

  • Price

Last but not least is the price of the press. We all love good deals, so look for one that has a high-quality build within your budget's range. The best French presses can seem like a bit of an investment at first, but the convenience it provides will quickly provide enough value to your morning routine for it to be well worth it in the long run!

  • Add Ons

Most top French presses will come with extras that may or may not be what you're looking for. Items such as lids are nice for keeping excess heat away from your beverage, so it doesn't get cold too soon, but they also take up more space, so if you find that you don't need it, then don't add it to your cart. Note that other extras may include an extra coaster or two, so you always have one on hand.

How to get the Best Coffee from a Stainless Steel French Press

Different Benefits of the Stainless Steel French Press

Brewing coffee in a French press is one of the easiest methods for making your morning cup. It's also much less expensive than machines that grind beans and heat water simultaneously. 

Plus, it provides much more control over the brewing process, allowing you to make the exact flavor and strength you prefer. Even if you use a coffee machine at home, having a French press on hand can be very convenient. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your stainless steel French Press.

Use whole beans

Ground coffee is better suited to drip machines; the paper filters trap much of the flavor. If you grind beans, do not grind them too finely. This will produce more of the bitter TDS (total dissolved solids) in the Press. The finer you grind, the more this is true.

Brew at the right temperature

Different types of Coffee require different temperatures for brewing; French pressed Coffee should be brewed around 200 degrees Fahrenheit (just under boiling). The only way to know the temperature is to use a thermometer. If you heat cold water in a kettle, allow it to rest for about 30 seconds after reaching its boiling point.

Pour at an even pace

You should pour all of your hot water into the French Press as soon as possible after brewing to help preserve the flavor. Many people recommend a ratio of 1:15 (beans to water) for a good cup.

Use a coarse grind

If you grind too finely, you will end up with sediment at the bottom of your mug and have longer steeping times which can cause bitterness and other negative flavors from over extraction. Also, try not to "bloom" your Coffee. This is when you pour just enough hot water over the grounds to wet them and then let them sit for a minute or two before continuing. It is said that allowing this process can make the Coffee taste bitter, which defeats the purpose of using French Press in the first place.

Is it safe to Use a Glass French Press?

Tips for Safe Handling of Glass French Presses

Yes, it is! If you are a coffee-lover, then it is almost impossible not to have heard of the Glass French Press. It is a very popular type of coffee press available in many different stores and online shops. The glass carafe allows you to see the beautiful colors of your favorite roasted beans while they brew.

It also allows you to fully experience the pure, delicious flavors that come out of your beans once they are brewed. The glass used is specially made tempered glass, which is quite durable and will not break easily. Also, the glass carafe is designed to be easily removed from the metal base of the press. Thus, it makes it very easy for you to serve your freshly brewed coffee into your favorite cups without damaging your glass carafe!

But then what is the problem? Many people think that using a Glass French Press will end up causing their machine to break after a few uses. This is far from the truth. A Glass French Press is quite durable, and you can use it for several years without any problems at all! They are very easy to clean, too, so they will be ready for your next brew in no time. If you have issues with them breaking down soon after purchase, then the chances are high that you might have done something wrong during the process. If you are using them correctly, there should be no problems at all! But what do you need to know about these beautiful machines?

Below are some tips for safe handling glass French presses:

  • Do not expose them to extreme conditions. Exposing your French Press to very high or very low temperatures will cause the glass carafe to break faster, so it is best you don't do that. Also, never place them in the fridge for storage, but make sure they are stored at room temperature instead.
  • When serving your coffee, be careful with the glass. The last thing you want to do is break it! Using a potholder or dish towel when serving will help protect the press from breaking while serving due to the pot's heat.
  • Do not use a Glass French Press if you have poor hand-eye coordination. If you are prone to clumsiness, you should use another method of coffee making instead. This is purely for the safety of your machine.
  • Never adjust or tamper with any components on your press. You might end up breaking them that way!
  • Make sure you read the manual. This will help you learn how to use your French Press correctly and prevent accidents in the process.

With such a nice design, you can make your french press coffee directly in front of your friends. With high quality parts, this press will serve you an fantastic brew!

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We hope this article has helped you learn about the best French Press coffee makers on the market. If you want to buy a new one, we recommend considering our top five brands based on quality and price. Always keep in mind that French press coffee is delicious! It will give your morning cup of joe that extra kick you need to get up and go, so make sure it stays with you for years to come by making sure you clean it properly and use it carefully. Enjoy your new French press!

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