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5 Best French Press Coffee Maker of 2021

Dave Carter

January 6, 2021

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If you haven't tasted a French press coffee, well, it's rich, smooth, and very indulgent. In other words, it's very French! If you are going to pair it with a delicious croissant or crepes, you'll feel like in paradise. You can have it every day. You should! You can make it even better now because the best French press coffee maker is very much available today. Just choose one that suits your preferences, and you can make your flavorful brew.

A lot would agree that there is no other coffee brewing process that works the same as the French press. That's the reason why most coffee enthusiasts make this as their favorite. You can master the method in such no time without the need to learn a lot of skills. First, make sure to get the best French press coffee maker so you can create a high-end java, just like those you tasted from well-known cafes.

Unlike high-end coffee makers, the French press fits in any coffee enthusiast's budget. If you are planning about buying your first ever French press or just looking for an alternative upgrade on your current coffee brewer, you have to read everything below so you can decide better.

Best French Press Products:​

For some, the French press looks just the same, but actually, they are different in a lot of ways. The materials used may vary, the insulation process, the pour spouts, handles, filters, and plungers. The list below is the best French press tested and reviewed, so you will know exactly the one that suits you well. They are from the top-rated brands that are trusted by many and made with different materials such as glass, stainless steel, and ceramic. Here is the topnotch French press you can buy in 2021:

1. Espro Copper French Press​

You will love this French revolutionary press that provides a rich flavor without the grit. The reason behind that is the micro dual filters that are 9 to 12 times finer compared to the classic and traditional coffee makers. This machine delivers grit-free and clean brew in every cup.

The goal of this kind of French press is to hold extraction the moment you press the plunger to ensure the taste is perfect. What keeps the coffee hot is the insulated lid and the German borosilicate glass, making your java ready for a sip. In general, this French press has an innovative design and features to make a better brew. It is very durable and safe to use than any other coffee makers out there.


  • It has a double and patented micro-filters that provides full French press coffee flavor without any grit
  • The press' revolutionary system consists of 2 filters: the first one is nine times finer and the second system is 12 times more excellent, greater than the other French presses
  • The extraction is perfectly even because the grind fully immerses it while in the brewing coffee process
  • Once you press the plunger, the ground extraction stops right away, so every brew tastes much better
  • The German borosilicate glass is 40 percent thicker than other French presses, that makes the coffee still hot even in a longer time


  • The safety lock avoids the glass vessel in getting loose while you are pouring it
  • It's a dishwasher safe brewer for easy and fast cleaning
  • You can quickly and easily create a more complex flavor of your brew using optional filters
  • The French press can also make other beverages like loose leaf tea

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2. Le Creuset French Press​

It's a given fact that only the French press brewing coffee method can extract more complex flavor from your favorite beans. This machine has it all for you, from the ease of use to creating an intensely aromatic and flavorful coffee cup. It's a classic coffee maker that has a comfortable handle so you can quickly pour your brew. There are more colors available for this type of press.


  • Available in different colors to match your desire shade
  • It has enamel non-porous finish to resist odors, stains, and cracks
  • It's an incredibly dense appliance to keep it away from scratches
  • It's a dishwasher safe brewer for easy and fast cleaning
  • It retains heat longer to keep your coffee drink hot for a longer time


  • It extracted more coffee flavors
  • The machine is easy to use
  • You will get an intense aroma from the java you created every time
  • It requires easy pouring because of the comfortable handle

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3. Zwilling J.A. Henckels Sorrento Plus Double-Wall French Press, 27 oz.​

It consists of a filter press made in Germany and an Italian-design carafe glass that provides a delightful coffee drink. The French press has a double-wall, and high-quality borosilicate glass helps to keep your brew hot from your sip to the last. You can serve it right away at the table, especially if you are a skilled and talented artisan. Unlike other coffee makers that use filters made from paper to extract and absorbs coffee beans flavor, this kind of French press intensely steeps the seeds to get the complex taste. It's easy to use and quick to perform. You will become a fan after the first sip from this coffee maker.


  • It meets the German-engineered time-tested criteria
  • It consists of a durable and double-wall borosilicate carafe glass mouth-blown and handmade by talented artisans
  • The machine is heat-resistant with double-wall glass to keep your brew hot while remaining the handle cool
  • Once you press the plunger, the ground extraction stops right away, so every brew tastes a lot better
  • It has an 18/10 stainless steel filter, lid and knobs


  • The machine is fast and easy to utilize for cold and hot press coffee
  • It's a dishwasher safe brewer for easy and fast cleaning
  • The essential oils from coffee beans retain to create a perfect and complex blend
  • It holds your coffee beverage at the desired temperature for an extended period than other glass presses.

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4. Chantal Ceramic French Press with Stainless Steel Plunger and Lid​

The design of this coffee maker is a perfect complement to your kitchen decoration. It keeps your brew drinks at the desired temperature for an extended period than those glass presses. There is a fill line that will tell you how much the exact water needed to put in the carafe. The mesh screen located in the plunger will keep the coffee grounds and tea sediments from escaping. It resulted in maximum flavor extraction. It has a stainless steel plunger with a more excellent mesh screen too. You will love the unique handle, which makes it easy for the user to pour the brew without spilling the liquid.


  • The thumb handle helps in easy pouring when the brew is ready for serving
  • It has a stainless steel plunger with a more excellent mesh screen to avoid the tea or coffee sediments from escaping
  • It has a ceramic body to ensure that your drink is warm or cold, whatever you prefer as long as it holds the right temperature you want from it
  • It has a capacity of 28 oz for a 3.5 usable cup of coffee
  • It's a dishwasher safe brewer for easy and fast cleaning


  • You can brew your best version of brew or tea because of its uniquely designed and feature
  • It retains heat longer to keep your coffee hot for a longer time
  • It's an eye-catching appliance in your kitchen that you can be proud of
  • You can enjoy the full taste of your favorite coffee beans or leaf teas
  • It keeps your brew beverage at the desired temperature for a longer period than those glass presses.

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5. Bodum Chambord Copper French Press, 8 Cup​

Upgrade your morning routine using this exceptional French press that has a striking personality. It features a copper accent that is truly amazing in creating great-tasting brew. It is famous in brewing aromatic brew with rich and full flavor. It consists of 3 parts of the stainless steel filter fine mesh. It's the favorite coffee maker for a lot of people, especially for home and cafe use. What you need to do is add the coarsely ground coffee beans, add water, steep everything, and plunge it. The machine's filter will press the coffee grounds up to the bottom of your brew's container. It's dishwasher safe also, especially the filter, plunger, and beaker.


  • The carafe features a comfortable handle, so you can quickly pour your brew into the cup
  • It has heat-resistant borosilicate glass where the construction of carafe came from
  • It consists of 3 parts of the stainless steel filter fine mesh
  • The copper steel frame secures the carafe which can be easily removed too for easy cleaning
  • It has a comfortable handle to grip while you are pouring the liquid safely
  • No special tools required so the machine can work


  • It's dishwasher safe, especially the filter, plunger, and beaker. On the other hand, the steel frame and lid must be hand washed with a sponge
  • It gives maximum and great flavor because the machine can provide finely extracted coffee with the right amount of acids and essential oils from the coffee beans
  • A lot of coffee enthusiasts love the preferred method of brewing with this brewer

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What is a French Press?​

It is a small batch of the coffee brewer known in creating well-rounded and healthy java. Coffee enthusiasts love to use this machine because it requires a gentle brewing process that does not ruin the beans. Instead, it lets you create a maximum extraction for a great-tasting brew.

Though you can use kitchen scales, thermometers, and coffee grinders for a more specific brew experience, the method is quite straightforward with the French press coffee makers. You just have to add the coffee grounds into the hot water in the carafe, steep it for 4 minutes, strain the coffee grounds, and then pour it to your coffee cup.

Nothing will beat the use of French press coffee makers if you only want a fast and straightforward coffee brewing. The process doesn't require a lot of time. In just 4 minutes, you can have the best-tasting brew already. It is an ideal choice for people who wants to save more time from their morning routine. A French press coffee maker has a compact design, which makes it an excellent choice for coffee enthusiasts who doesn't have a good deal for counter space.

The pressed coffee produced by the machine is more textured and full-bodied compared to the other brews. It is muddier and thicker because the appliance's mesh screen is much porous than the filter paper. A lot of people love the oily and robust flavor of pressed coffee.

What is the best brand of the French press?​

Before you can tell that it is the best one, there are lots of evaluations and tests to perform first. The performance and ease of use are a few factors to consider. There must be a comparison also of each brew produced from different French presses in the market. It's to check how well-flavorful the drink tastes in each machine while using coffee grounds and other tea sediments. There is a need to consider the ease of setting it up, the pouring method, the plunging, and the cleaning option in evaluating the presses.

The proper authority needs to measure how the carafe maintains the temperature after the brewing process and 30 minutes later after you pour it in a cup. How the filter performs must be given special attention too.

Generally speaking, the best French press coffee maker is easy to set up, wash, and plunge. It delivers a good tasting brew while leaving a little or no sediments at all.

So, before you get that new brewer you've seen in the market, here are the things to consider first:

  • The Material

There are varieties of materials used for French presses. It includes ceramic, stainless steel, and glass. Plastic and glass presses tend to be more affordable but are great for seeing your brewed coffee. On the other hand, stainless steel french presses and ceramic types are popular in retaining the heat and keep your brew warmer for longer, especially if it has a double wall carafe.

  • The Filter

It's an integral part of any brewer. The filter must be a three-layer stainless steel fine mesh. It is to make sure that the ground coffee does not get into the final brew products.

  • The Size

There are a variety of sizes for French presses. There are 12 ounces for the solo drinker and 34 ounces, which is enough to create 4 cups of coffee.

  • The Portability

Since this brewer method combines java, hot water, and the filter, it makes an ideal choice if you don't have all the things you need from a full kitchen. If you are finding the right French press to bring with you on the road, you must also pay attention to its bulk, durability, and weight at the same time.

  • The Durability

Not always are you on the road and want to bring your French press with you. But you ever wanted to have a coffee brewer that lasts a decade and more. Many users avoid the use of glass carafes because it can easily break during cleaning or when unnecessary incidents happen. So make sure that choosing a brewer of this kind must be from durable materials like stainless steel or ceramic. The stainless steel French presses are the most popular choice because of its useful carafe. They tend to keep the heat better, and it doesn't require another steel frame. Others will recommend the use of glass because it will provide an untainted and real caffeine experience.

  • The Style

You should know by now that the French press is a traditional and classic coffee brewer. A lot of manufacturers chose to stick with the conventional ideas and design behind French press features. Others added a few more options to blend out in modern society. It may or may not work well for you, so you have to be very observant about it. If you have a specific brand in mind, do not jump in right away in purchasing the product. Make sure that besides the style, it is capable of creating delicious coffee you deserve as well. You can be stowed right away, but you have to ensure your satisfaction too. It will be good if a French press satisfies your needs for a coffee maker and must be handy enough without needing a more complicated technique.

What makes a good French press?​

There are many coffee brewing methods, the cold brew, pour-over, classic espresso, and a lot more. Today, the most popular way is the French press. It allows your ground coffee swirl in the boiling hot water for the brewing process. After that, you need to push the plunger, and then the brewed coffee will pour down right into your cup. Yes, you will find a wide selection of French press coffee makers in the market, but all these are not created equal.

Before choosing the best one, you must get into the essential details first, the things you should consider in getting your French press, and how this particular coffee brewer works.

  • Glass French Press

What makes glass French presses carafe special is that you can watch the gorgeous creation of your brewed coffee while in the machine. You can see it with your two eyes how the ground coffee goes down while you're plunging it. But glass is a fragile material, so make sure to get the one that has borosilicate glass feature to avoid it from breakage. But most French press glass today have metal or plastic braces for protection. It's vital also to have a stable and sturdy carafe base.

  • Stainless Steel French Press

Most French presses have a double wall stainless steel design. It is what you need to look for because the two walls will retain the heat to make a better brew. You must check the quality of the steel as well. It is recommended to have an 18/8 chromium and 18/10 nickel ratios. If your carafe is made of stainless steel, you can guarantee that it is more durable, but of course, you will miss out on the excitement on the visual element the French press glass can do.

  • Handle and Plunger Design

It is the plunger's responsibility to keep the coffee grounds out of your java cup. While the handle helps the carafe stay steady and stable while you are pushing down the plunger, it is also the best way to pour coffee in your favorite mug or cup. Today, some plungers have a lot of metal screens to make sure that the grounds keep out of your coffee. There must be a finer mesh screen and large steel screen to catch tiny sediments. Make sure that the handle of your French press is durable, heat resistant, sturdy, and not easy to break.

  • Coffee Capacity

It will depend if how many brews you want to create. Since French presses have different sizes, you will have a lot of choices. But the best French press is the one that can make 1 liter or more coffee. But again, it will depend on your caffeine needs. But it's always better to get a more significant press because even if you want to create one cup, you can still fill the big carafe with just less water. But if you have a smaller carafe, there will be a limit to what you can do.

Is Bodum French press good?​

Many would agree that the Bodum is one of the best French presses today, especially for casual coffee drinkers. It has an elegant-looking design and can press so quickly. The ease of use is what makes it accessible to coffee enthusiasts. You don't have to worry about cleaning it as well because it won't take so much of your time. This coffee brewer can create a vibrant and balanced brew with a little muddiness. It produces a consistent and clear-flavored brew that most coffee lovers will like the most.

Advantages of a stainless steel french press​

The main benefit of the stainless steel press is that it's much durable compared to a variety of glass presses. Because of its durability, it is easier for the user to clean it and bring it on the road or travel. The price is much higher than the other units, but it can last longer than other glass presses so you can consider the cost over time.

The French press with stainless steel element tends to stay the heat until you are ready to take a sip of your brew. Most commercial companies like cafes or cafetiere use this kind of French press since their customers or clients won't be able to see how their coffee is being brewed. But coffee lovers who want to see how their java is created visually will miss that fun with a stainless steel French press.

Here are the few advantages of choosing stainless steel French Press

  • It's very durable - It can last longer up to decades because of the stainless steel materials that do not easily break. Even if you drop it on hard surfaces or floor, it won't breakdown. So basically, this is best for clumsy individuals or people who are always on the go.
  • It's portable - This means that you can bring it anywhere, on quick road trips, traveling and hiking. It can be put in any rugged situations and conditions.

Why you need a large French Press​

It takes so much effort to prepare coffee in small batches, especially if you have a crowd you need to serve coffee with. If you want to consume more than 1 cup of coffee a day, then you have to create for your next batches. So you will put so much effort doing it all over again with a small French press. That being said, the large French press can be handy to save you from all these works.

The large capacity single-serve press coffee brewer will give you a 51 oz of caffeine. But it's always better to have more. So it wouldn't hurt to have 64 oz of brew, right?

If you mostly crave coffee all the time or you have a big crowd with you and visitors are keep coming in your place most of the time, it is just reasonable to get an extra generous pot so you can serve them all.

Well, that is a significant volume of coffee. But then, if you have a travel mug that can keep 20 ounces, a full pot of carafe from a vast French press will give you two mugs and another cup or mug for the household. With a large French press, it's easy to enjoy 2 or 3 cups of coffee with your partner on lazy mornings. Thanks to the French press's stainless steel because it makes the coffee warmer for long hours while you are slowly enjoying it.

Generally, a large French press makes great brewed coffee too. For an experienced coffee enthusiast or brewer, the French press can help create a delicious coffee you will ever have. It's a good thing that there are no complicated methods that require extensive practice or training to create this perfect brew.

Do not be afraid to own a large French press because it's worth it. It just makes sense for a large household who are mostly coffee lovers to possess this kind of appliance. It is also recommended for people who love to entertain a big crowd. Besides that, you can bring it while on camping trips and let your co-campers have a coffee cup.

The Classic Glass French Press​

If you are going to picture out a kind of French press, you probably see glass French presses with carafe and metal scaffolding too. Yes, it's precisely the standard type of a French press. That's why it is mostly available in the market and often least expensive too. It also makes the French press a reliable option for newbies or to someone who is in a tight budget and does not want to spend so much money on the coffee brewer.

The only downside is the glass can easily break, but if you buy from excellent and generous brands like Bodum, they sell French press with a replacement carafe, so in case the first one breaks, there is a replacement. But good thing the glass dishwasher safe and easy to clean. And you will love the variety of colors available for this French press. You can choose the right shade, perfect for your preference.

Durability with a Metal French Press​

It's called the most durable powerhouse. Most busy cafes chose French metal presses because it reduces the risk of smashing down things altogether, and it doesn't create so many messes.

Coffee shops mostly used it because customers don't need to see the brewing method. What's important is for them to see the final cup delivered to their tables. But of course, you will miss the fun of visually seeing the brewing process of pressed coffee.

The French metal press is also called the buy-it-for-life coffee maker. They will serve you for decades, but it won't be helping you in maximum condition, just how it is the first time you used it.

The elegance of a Ceramic French Press​

From the winking copper pull to funky and geometric handle, this kind of French press is the most adorable of them all. The body which is made of ceramic can keep your coffee hot and the water temperature throughout the brewing method. It will keep your coffee hot and warm after it is created. So if you have your guests with you, make sure to brew the ground first. Do not worry if it gets cold while you are setting up the rest because you can always preheat it. What is included is a straightforward and informative guide to brew process and get the best tasting coffee you wanted. On the other hand, if you're not a coffee enthusiast, the machine is still useful in brewing hot tea or iced coffee.

In general, the ceramic is a very neutral element. For flavor-wise, the ceramic French press is an ideal choice. It neither imparts nor absorbs flavors, which leaves the brew to taste the way it should be.


With such a nice design, you can make your french press coffee directly in front of your friends. With high quality parts, this press will serve you an fantastic brew!

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In less than 5 minutes, you can make a fresh cup of coffee with a French press. It's the way to go to make sure that you are tasting the best coffee flavor there is. It doesn't require a lot of skills to make it. Plus, it's very affordable too. This kind of coffee brewer lasts for decades if you take it properly. It may earn a lot of reputation from the industry it belongs to.

If you want a flavorful and robust cup of brew, the French press is the easiest and the best way probably to get the work done even in the comfort of your own home.

Espro Copper French Press is one of the best French press coffee makers for the best recommendation today. It is an ideal choice for a good reason, of course. This press is an excellent representation of the classic and traditional glass presses in the market.

The world now is full of coffee makers, and with a wide selection, it's probably hard to say what's the best one that suits you well. They are available as pour-overs, percolators, and automated drip machines. But make sure to consider the French press as well. Many coffee lovers will agree that it's hard to beat the fun and great-tasting coffee made from the best French press coffee maker. It's like getting a barista-worthy brew and with satisfying, flavorful taste.

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