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5 Best Colombian Coffee Brands that Every Barista would Love!

Dave Carter

January 3, 2022

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Are you a coffee lover? If you are, then we know that you would love Colombian coffee. You can expect a very smooth yet strong taste from drinking any type of Colombian coffee. The caffeine levels are pretty high, so it's perfect if you have a busy day ahead and need an extra energy boost. But how does it feel to consume this type of coffee? Well, the caffeine level is much higher than other brands, such as Arabica, which makes it perfect for those who want to wake up early or stay awake at night without having too many side effects like tremors or anxiety. 

The good news is that there are a lot of Colombian coffee products in the market today. However, it can be really confusing to choose which is great and which one offers low-quality products. That is why we have prepared a list of what we consider the best in the market today. This will help you to choose the best Colombian coffee and not be fooled by low-quality products. If you are looking for something good and quality, then we suggest that you read this article!

The Best Colombian Coffee Product Reviews

Every coffee drinker has their own preferences, but Colombian coffee is one of the most popular ways to enjoy a cup. The taste and aroma are enough for many people to choose this type of brew, but other factors may sway your decision. You may prefer Colombian coffee because of the rich history of growing this plant, or you might like it simply because you can get it at your local grocery store. Regardless of why you choose to drink this type of brew, the fact remains that the flavor is what matters. 

If you are tired of drinking tasteless coffee that all tastes about the same, you should switch to Colombian coffee. It is the perfect blend of flavor and strength that will have you wanting more with every sip. Therefore, if you are looking to buy the best Colombian coffee or if you want more information about it before making a purchase, then this is the place to be! We have reviews for some of our favorite brands, so you can make sure that you are getting an excellent cup every time!

Here is our Ranking Table for our top 5 best products:


Folgers 100% Colombian Medium Roast Ground Coffee


Folgers 100% Colombian Medium Roast Ground Coffee​
  • 100% pure coffee beans
  • Full-bodied flavor and aroma
  • One box contains six individually sealed packs

Great Reviews

Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC Colombian Supremo Coffee


Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC Colombian Supremo Coffee​
  • Excellent flavor profile and aroma
  • 100% Arabica
  • Colombia's finest regions

High Ratings

Signature 100% Colombian Coffee Supremo Bean Dark Roast-Fine Grind


Signature 100% Colombian Coffee Supremo Bean Dark Roast-Fine Grind​
  • Finest beans
  • Smooth and rich flavour
  • Elegant package 


Kirkland Signature 100% Colombian Supremo Coffee


Kirkland Signature 100% Colombian Supremo Coffee​
  • Roasted to perfection
  • Rich flavor with a smooth finish
  • Processed by hand to ensure quality


Colombian Dark Roast Coffee Single Origin Whole Bean Coffee by Coffeeland


Colombian Dark Roast Coffee Single Origin Whole Bean Coffee by Coffeeland​
  • 100% Colombian Arabica beans
  • Single-origin coffees
  • Roasted with low heat 

*Stars in table belong to our personal rating, not related to Amazon!

Let us delve further into the reviews of these products.

1. Folgers 100% Colombian Medium Roast Ground Coffee

It is hard to find a better cup of coffee than the one found in this bag. With origins from Colombia, it has an intense flavor that will make your morning or afternoon more enjoyable with each sip! This bold and powerful ground coffee is a true indica. 

It's 100% Colombian, meaning it has been grown in the country for at least five years before harvest - making sure that all those delicate flavors you love about your morning cup o' joe were lovingly crafted with care by experts who know how to make each bean amazing! Therefore, if you're looking for a cup of coffee to wake and bake with, this is the one. 

This cup will ease your mind and body without making it impossible to function! It is very potent and packs quite a punch into just one cup, so we recommend using it in moderation until you know how it affects your body! Another thing to note about these Colombian medium roast beans is that they are decaffeinated. 

They only have approximately 2% caffeine in part with a lighter roast that results in a smooth cup. What's more is that they have been triply sorted, which means the beans are being checked for weight, color, and density to ensure consistency throughout!


  • 100% pure coffee beans - not made from ground bits and pieces of coffee leftover after brewing other brands of coffee.
  • Folgers 100% Colombian Medium Roast Ground Coffee features rich, full-bodied flavor and aroma that will satisfy any palate.
  • One box contains six individually sealed packs of 24 oz each to ensure freshness and quality.


  • This medium roast ground coffee is perfect for brewing at home or in a restaurant.
  • It is easy to make your favorite cup of coffee with this one-pound bag of ground coffee!
  • This medium roast ground coffee has a smooth, rich flavor with hints of cocoa and caramel.

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2. Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC Colombian Supremo Coffee

Buying a bag of freshly roasted coffee beans from an independent roaster is the best way to enjoy the pure freshness. You can feel confident knowing that there are no additives or preservatives in this product, making it safe for anyone who wants their caffeine fix while staying true to its origins with all-natural ingredients! The smell alone will make your day better. 

Not only does it smell wonderful but also gives off such chocolaty notes, too, which really gets you excited about brewing up some java using an exquisite Supremo medium roast whole bean 5 pound packet for a perfect espresso at home every morning! These best coffee beans are roasted fresh and delivered to your door and their strong, hearty nature will provide an exceptional flavor that will keep you coming back for more! 

Take note because these caffeine-infused beans can provide what many consider the best kick that the morning ritual should have. The beans contain antioxidants and minerals from volcanica soil conditions, like magnesium, potassium, zinc, and iron making them a natural energy booster. If you want to be healthier with your coffee, then this is the way to go!


  • This is a great choice for people looking for a medium roast with an excellent flavor profile and aroma but not too strong or bitter tasting.
  • For the best taste experience possible, you should grind your beans just before brewing to release more natural oils and flavors.
  • All of these beans are 100% Arabica and sourced from Colombia's finest regions for a rich flavor and bold taste that will keep you coming back for more!


  • This coffee is shipped within 24 hours of roasting, so it's always fresh when you get it!
  • Kosher - this means it meets all kosher dietary laws, including no pork gelatin or animal fat.
  • This coffee will keep your energy up throughout the day without any of the jitters associated with other caffeinated beverages.

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3. Signature 100% Colombian Coffee Supremo Bean Dark Roast-Fine Grind

A cup of coffee is a much-needed caffeine fix for many people. The Signature 100% Colombian Supremo Dark Roast Fine Grind provides an intense and bold taste that can be enjoyed any time day or night, with its rich flavor lasting in your system long after you have drunk it down! 

Nothing beats the joy of just getting a fresh shipment of gourmet coffee from Colombia! This medium roast is perfect for any occasion and will stay hot for hours in the mug. The 100% Colombian Supremo also comes in a decaf version, a regular strength and lots of other varieties. This is the perfect coffee for whenever you need to kickstart your day or just enjoy after dinner! 

One of the most notable features about these beans is how organically grown they are, and what this means for your cup is that you'll taste all of the pure flavors in each sip! Not only will it help you maintain a healthy lifestyle but also, your body will thank you because of the nutritional value!


  • It is crafted from the finest beans in the world.
  • These coffee grounds have a smooth and rich flavour with a perfectly balanced acidity level.
  • Presented in an elegant package that is sure to impress anyone who sees it on your countertop or desk.


  • It is the perfect coffee for your morning or afternoon pick-me-up.
  • This is a perfect gift idea for any coffee lover!
  • They are very affordable, you don't have to break the bank to have one in your kitchen!

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4. Kirkland Signature 100% Colombian Supremo Coffee

A good cup of coffee is like having a friend join you for the day, and this 48-ounce bag from Kirkland Signature will make your favorite time with caffeine even better. The 100% Colombian Supremo beans are perfect because they are rich in flavor without being too strong so as not to overpower those around them, plus, it comes roasted right at an affordable price! 

Therefore, if you are looking for a delicious coffee that will wake up your taste buds, then look no further! Kirkland Signature 100% Colombian Supremo Coffee is perfect. The rich flavor derived from this high-quality bean has been roasted to perfection and guarantees an exciting cup every time with its complex notes of vanilla or chocolate aftertaste, which are sure to satisfy any palate. 

Whether it be espresso-based drinks like lattes; Americanos; macchiatos; or even flat whites! At fair trade, there is something for everyone, even those who prefer early morning jitters before starting their day's activities.


  • Roasted coffee beans are roasted to perfection and then ground for brewing convenience.
  • It has a rich flavor with a smooth finish - the perfect cup of coffee every time.
  • Roasted coffee beans are processed by hand to ensure quality and flavor


  • The packaging features an elegant design that will fit in any kitchen decor.
  • It comes with its reusable bag for easy storage and transportation
  • You will get the right Gourmet quality at an affordable price!

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5. Colombia Dark Roast Coffee Single Origin Whole Bean Coffee, by Coffeeland

The taste of freshly brewed dark roast coffee is enough to give any person instant jitters. We love the way that Coffeeland single origins are darker than most, which means you can really feel your tongue tingle as it goes down! 

The aroma isn't too strong either; this Colombian flavored bean smells like warm chocolate cake in an oven-fresh with goodness, perfect for those who need a break from heavily roasted flavors or acidic tonics on occasion but aren't ready just yet. Coffee Colombia is a well-known staple in many homes around the world. The rich, dark tastes are now available for purchase as whole bean coffees from Coffeeland! 

When cracking open your package, the first thing you will notice about this product is its beautiful presentation box, making it feel like a meaningful gift-giving occasion every time someone sees what's inside. Inside that nice little toastie sits one single-origin "Colombian Dark Roast" Blend Whole Bean Coffee. 

This particular blend is 98% Arabica beans that have been meticulously chosen for their vast range of flavors, textures, aromas, and body to create this delicious good coffee. Coffee lovers are sure to love the way it tastes in the morning when they drink it black or add a splash of flavor with creamers.


  • This is made from 100% Colombian Arabica beans grown at altitudes of 1,500 to 2,000 meters above sea level.
  • These beans are roasted with low heat for 15 minutes to lock in the natural flavors that make this particular blend so rich and smooth.
  • They specialize in single-origin coffees from around the world.
  • Their Colombia Dark Roast Coffee is dark and bold with hints of cocoa, cherry, and tobacco flavors.


  • This coffee will provide you with a caffeine boost without leaving your stomach upset or your hands shaking.
  • This top Colombian coffee brand can be purchased as whole beans or ground for your convenience.
  • The package comes with an airtight seal to preserve freshness.

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Colombian Coffee Brands: Are they Really Good?

Difference of Colombian Coffee Beans

Coffee from Colombia is famous for its unique flavor and smooth taste. But what about the quality? The country has a long history of producing high-quality beans that have made them one of the earth's most sought-after coffees.

But does this mean their products also offer great value, or should we be wary when shopping around because some brands may not live up to our expectations just yet? It is well known that the people in charge of these delicious drinks know how important having an exceptional product is for their brand. Hence, they work tirelessly every day, striving towards perfection while making sure you can find anything your heart desires at competitive rates without sacrificing any standards! Small producers or farmers undertake the production of top Colombian coffee.

That is why their prices are not as high as other major top coffee-producing countries, but they have excellent quality. The top Colombian coffee brands have common characteristics and come in several categories this means there is something perfect for everyone!

Below are the three main colombian coffee brands characteristics:

  1. They generally have a good taste, but sometimes are a little bit acidic.
  2. These coffee’s have a high level of caffeine content.
  3. Well-balanced body and aroma.

The top colombian coffee brands are divided into the following categories:

  • Supremo: It has a uniform granulation and a dark brown color. This type of coffee is excellent for espresso.
  • Specialty: It is a high-quality coffee, with flavor and aroma these characteristics resemble the Supremo type.
  • Good Commercial: This one is mainly used in automatic coffee machines such as vending machines or by soft drink producers.
  • Café de Colombia: It is flat and round shaped, has a red color, and is perfect for Nicaraguan-type of best coffees.
  • Café Tostado: It is a dark roasted coffee and one of the best Colombian brands of coffee, which have an intense aroma and rich flavor.
  • Café Descafeinado: This is a decaffeinated coffee that has an interesting blend of flavors with hints of chocolate, nutty notes, and sweetness that make for a unique taste experience!
  • Café Colombiano: They are typically dark roast, with just enough acidity to balance out that bitterness like those of a peaberry without making them taste sour or burnt like espresso but less intense.

What are the Benefits of Taking Colombian Coffee?

Colombian coffee brands have taken the world by storm due to their great taste and strength. The most commonly used process for preparing the majority of these coffee brands is the "Aceitera" or "Aceitunera," which crushes the seeds with two stones to get all their flavor. The ground is then cooked with water and placed on the fire until it starts boiling. Once they boil, they are filtered to remove any additional impurities so that you can enjoy your Colombian coffee brands!

According to Juan Valdez, Colombian coffee brands are considered the best globally due to their higher caffeine content, which provides a significant energy boost. That's why we highly recommend this type of coffee if you want to improve your lifestyle or need an extra boost for studying or working. Below are some of the benefits that top coffee lovers get to enjoy from taking these best coffees.

  • Energy Boost

The caffeine content in Colombian coffee is higher than any other type of coffee. That's why it is perfect if you need an extra power boost for studying or working.

  • Digestive

The roasting process brings out a natural sweetness and flavor that stimulates your digestion and helps your system absorb iron, which is essential for proper blood circulation.

  • Cardiovascular system

Colombian coffee has high antioxidants like polyphenols and Vitamin E that help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as strokes and hypertension.

  • Weight loss

Some studies show how people from South America tend to have less body fat than those from North America, even if they have a similar caloric intake because their metabolism is stimulated by drinking Colombian coffee.

  • Eliminates toxins

If you consume Colombian coffee every day, it will help you eliminate any harmful toxins such as mercury and arsenic in your body.

All the above benefits are just some of the many these Colombian coffee brands can provide for your health, so why wait for more to enjoy one of life's little pleasures?

Does Starbucks sell Colombian coffee?

Starbucks does sell Colombian coffee. Starbucks is the largest coffeehouse chain globally, so it makes sense that they would have this type of coffee available. The brand of Columbian coffee they offer is called Veranda Blend, and it is a mild blend with low acidity and notes of toffee and vanilla.
The two sizes you can purchase are grande whole bean or ground tall whole bean. You can choose from entire beans in a bag, ground for use in an automatic drip coffeemaker, or ready-to-drink bottled beverages such as lattes and cappuccinos.

If you wish to make your own starbucks colombian coffee from the comfort of your home, you can follow the below steps:

  1. Add one (1) heaping tablespoon of ground Colombian coffee per 6 fl oz cup of water.
  2. Mix thoroughly, or put in a paper filter for an automatic drip coffee maker.
  3. Let simmer on low heat for about 4-5 minutes. Avoid cooking it too long as it may change the taste.
  4. Enjoy!

The trick to making good Colombian coffee is to make sure you use good quality beans and grind them yourself just before brewing. Another tip is to avoid cooking the beans too much as that might alter their taste, defeating the purpose of drinking this type of coffee brand. Many other brands are available than Starbucks, so if you are not into their store, feel free to try any nearby store that sells Colombia coffee like Gloria Jean's Coffees.

Which Coffee is Better, Colombian Coffee or Arabica?

Both Arabica and Colombian coffee brands are known to be the best in the world. But which one is better than the other? We have to separate Arabica from Colombian because they both have their unique texture, flavor, and benefits to answer this question.

Arabica: Arabica beans come from a shrub native to the mountainous region located at high altitude areas of about 1,000 meters in Africa and Asia. The beans usually contain less caffeine, but it has a lighter, more complex taste, perfect for blending or adding milk and sugar. This type of coffee tends to produce a more balanced cup with lower acidity levels.

Colombian: On the other hand, Colombian coffee comes from one single country called Colombia. This type of coffee is usually more acidic and has a stronger flavor, making it perfect for those who prefer a dark roast profile or drink their coffee black. It has about twice as much caffeine per cup as Arabica but still provides the balanced taste with deep flavors that you would expect from this brand.

Colombian Dark Roast Coffee: Beans Like No Other!

The Best Colombian Roast Coffee

This coffee is considered the world's strongest and is produced from a unique blend of the best Colombian coffees. It is known as the 'authentic' coffee due to its characteristic dark roasted flavor, which can not be found in any other commercial product. Colombian Dark Roast Coffee has high caffeine content, but this does not affect its favorable taste. 

If you like strong coffee, this one will pleasantly surprise you with its rich aroma and unmatched taste. The first thing that will surprise you upon opening up a pack of Colombian Dark Roast Coffee is its dark color - traditional specialty coffees are usually light brown or dark blonde in color. The second thing that strikes you is the overwhelming smell of burning wood. This means that the coffee you are about to taste is very dark roasted. The scent of burning wood will subside as the whole pack heats up inside your microwave oven. 

Once it's hot, the smell of Colombian Dark Roast Coffee is unique as it will smell exactly like the real thing - the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee better than that of citrus fruits. If you are not a fan of traditional Colombian-style coffee, this one might become your favorite instant coffee soon! This exclusive product is only available via the Internet so try it now to enjoy its taste without delay!

Why is Kirkland Coffee Brand Loved by Most Coffee Lovers?

Most people love this brand because they offer excellent quality at an affordable price. The reason why this company has become so popular among people all over America could boil down to how much value you get for your money when purchasing goods from them- whether its beans or cups, there will always be something suitable available no matter what kind of taste preference someone might have which means even if someone doesn't care too much about buying high-end equipment but still needs some sort low-cost coffee, this product might be perfect for them! The variety of flavors that can be found in their product line are sure to make any drinker happy!

Get the best 100% colombian coffee to your home. Taste the perfect beans, close your eyes and feel like standing in middle of colombian coffee fields.

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The Colombian coffee market is growing, and the demand for high-quality, sustainable products continues to grow. This article has everything you need to know about what makes the best Colombian coffee a great product, so that you can make an informed decision. We hope these reviews will be of help!

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