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5 Best Coffee Maker Cleaner of 2021 That Are Safe Hygienic

Dave Carter

January 6, 2021

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One of the things that affect the coffee flavor and aroma of your favorite java comes from the brewing machine. While a flavorless or foul-tasting coffee ruins your mood, there are ways to prevent it. These in-depth best coffee maker cleaner reviews will shed light on the culprit and provide you with quick fixes without compromising convenience and quality from your brewer.

Descaling solutions are a must if you have a coffee brewing machine. Regardless of which manufacturing brand your coffee maker is, these top quality and effective cleaning solutions will surely return the high-end efficacy of your appliance.

Remember that your brewing machine deals with coffee oils and unwanted elements that can affect its efficiency and productivity. Proper cleaning and maintenance are required to get rid of oil and grime that may have built up inside it. We've also included helpful tips and advice on how to clean a coffee maker without a sweat! Read along, and trust that these five best cleaning solutions will do the trick!

Best Coffee Maker Cleaner Products​

1. Jura Cleaning Tablets Jar of 25​

This brand provides precision and efficiency when it comes to producing premium quality brewing machines and cleaning solutions. This cleaning tablet is strategically created to help get rid of any element build-up that affects your brewing device's efficiency.

The coffee oil build-up and other element build-ups can affect the quality of coffee being brewed by your coffee maker. Using a cleaning solution with descaling power also protects and cleans your device thoroughly with a simple process on your end.

This tablet is a complete life-saver not just for your Jura coffee maker but also promises the user convenience. They make sure that there is no need to do manual cleaning or descaling. The 2-phase requires no effort on your end. Just place the tablet and press a button, and you're can already get rid of oil, dirt, grime and other particles inside your appliance.


  • Recommended for Jura Super-Automatic Brewing Machines
  • New Two-Phase Versions Protects And Cleans Better
  • Seals And Protects Brewing Chamber From Oil Residue
  • 30-Day Guaranteed Product Satisfaction
  • Ease Of Use With Simple Cleaning Instructions
  • Affordable And Convenient
  • Provides High-End Coffee Experience
  • Guaranteed Highly Efficient

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2. Jura Milk System Cleaner 1000 ml​

When it comes to a cost-effective but highly efficient cleaning solution ideal for your automatic brewing device, this product is an excellent choice. This cleaner dissolves all milk build-up while keeping your device in great condition to provide satisfaction whenever you prepare your coffee.

This simple to use cleaner solution is highly effective and ideal to maintain the quality of your coffee brewing machine.


  • Ideal For Jura Automatic Coffee Machines
  • Dissolves Milk Build-Up
  • Liquid Cleaner
  • Ease Of Use And Guaranteed Highly Effective
  • Versatile And Cost-effective Cleaning Solution
  • Robust Solution With Safe Container

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3. JURA 2-Phase Cleaning Tablets​

When it comes to cleaning your brewing device, you have to invest in the right products. Cleaning solutions that are strategically designed and integrated to work effectively with any coffee brewing devices.

With Jura 2-phase cleansing solutions, it removes coffee oil build-ups while protecting your coffee maker. That way, it will continue to provide high-quality coffee. Constant cleaning and descaling also prolong the lifespan and efficiency of your device.


  • 2-Phase Cleansing and Descaling Tablet
  • Instantly Removes Oils From Coffee Brewing
  • Automatic and Integrated Cleaning Process
  • Guaranteed Highly Effective
  • Safe And Easy To Use
  • Cost-Effective     Cleaning
  • Machine Self-Cleaning Solution
  • Protects Coffee Maker

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4. Gourmesso Cleaning Capsules - 10x pods​

It's vital to find a reliable and trusted brand that understands how to clean a coffee maker when it comes to maintaining the quality of your brewer. This cleaning solution in capsule format provides the perfect descaling and thorough cleaning of your device needs.

It removes all the coffee oil build-ups and residue that greatly affect the taste of your brewed coffee. It cleans the machine's nozzle, exit spout, and importantly, the brew chamber. The solution also extends the machine's efficiency and lifespan by keeping it always clean and in great condition.

With complete ease of use, it's cost-effective and safeguards the quality of your devices with little to no manual effort. Now you don't need to worry about bitter or flavorless coffee but enjoy a rich-aroma filled and great-tasting coffee experience like never before.


  • Removes and Cleans Bitter Oil Residue
  • Cleaning Coffee Machines Nozzle, Exit Spouts, and Brew Chamber
  • Protects And Prolongs Machines Efficiency And Lifespan
  • Enables Your To Savor Best Tasting Coffee
  • Conveniently Ease Of Use Format In Capsule
  • Ideal To Use For Nespresso Original Brewing Machines Only
  • Cost-Effective And Guaranteed Efficiency

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5. 9 Jura Descaling Tablets​

When it comes to descaling your brewing device, you have to select the best solutions with certified hygienic and cleanliness standards passed. That way, you can safeguard the quality and lifespan of your favorite brewing device. This product provides an effective way to remove limescale build-up effortlessly and keep the water clean and tasting fresh all the time.

This descaling solution is internationally tested and certified to provide a hygienic solution in cleaning your devices with a precise formulation that is not harmful to your device nor the environment.

With complete ease of use and safety, it gives you peace of mind knowing you are extending your brewer's quality for a rich and flavorful coffee experience. Plus, having a clean appliance is ideal for anything that touches water and food. Sanitation and proper hygiene are a must when preparing food and beverages.


  • Easy To Use
  • Descale and removes Limescale Build Ups
  • Prolongs And Protects Coffee Maker Lifespan
  • Extremely Hygienic And Safe
  • Precisely Formulated For Effectivity
  • TUV-Certified     And Guarantees Cleanliness
  • Cost-Efficient
  • Provides Better Coffee Taste Without Foul Flavor

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Best Coffee Maker Cleaner Buying Guide​

Tips Before Buying Coffee Maker Cleaner

You'll surely agree with us that drinking coffee is just a simple routine that you do in the morning. It's a lifestyle that sets you into a good mood to be productive. Nothing could ruin a lovely encounter with your favorite drink unless you forgot to clean your coffee maker.

Uncleaned brewing devices can cause bitter, unflavored, or foul-tasting coffee, which is enough to be frustrated. Save yourself from worrying and trying to clean or descale your machines manually. You might end up spoiling it by making it better.

Coffee maker cleaning solutions are life-savers. There are three types you can select. You can go for a tablet or capsule, powder, or liquid solutions. With efficiency and hygienic features, it's easier to find one that is compatible with your brewer.

Cleaning solutions and descalers help extend the lifespan of your machines. Most manufacturers and popular brands of coffee makers have particular recommendations and compatible solutions that come handy with cleaning their machines.

For optimum coffee maker performance, you need to clean or descale your devices regularly. And this review will help you schedule the next thorough cleaning if you haven't tried that yet. Then it's about time.

Benefits Of Cleaning Your Coffee Maker​

  • It protects and extends the life of your brewing device.
  • It provides a better coffee tasting experience for years.
  • It prevents any possible expensive repairs.
  • It saves you time and money from buying new machines.
  • It helps your brewing machine's optimum performance.
  • You won't need to worry about foul or bitter taste cups of coffee.
  • Most brewing machines have their self-cleaning features. You just need to invest in affordable cleaning solutions.

Difference Between Descaling And Cleaning Coffee Machines​

Coffee machines are truly a remarkable innovation that sets a new standard and high-end coffee experience sitting at your kitchen countertops. There are two important methods that you need to consider with your favorite brewing device carefully.

While most people think that descaling and cleaning brewing devices are the same, they are not. The first thing that you have to know is the difference between these two processes when wondering how to clean coffee makers. The two processes prolong and provide the right maintenance needed by your espresso machines and coffee makers.

For you to enjoy your cup of java, you need to clean your coffee maker regularly. That way, you can prevent any coffee residue and build up that affects the taste of your coffee. Cleaning your coffee makers entails knowing which part of the brewer needs careful attention.

  • Burr grinders
  • Portafilter baskets
  • Brew chambers
  • Carafes

Looking for reliable cleaning solutions and regularly cleaning these parts is important. There are various demands for every coffee maker. You can opt to use a cleaner or any solutions that are strategically engineered to safely and quickly clean your coffee makers with non-toxic and odorless components.

How do you clean a clogged coffee machine?​

A clogged coffee machine probably means that the scales have formed inside the valve or spout. This is usually due to the use of hard water. Scales form when dissolved minerals in hard water cling or attach to the metal spout or tube. Descaling means you are removing all the mineral deposits that pass through the coffee maker. Hard water can be a threat to the performance of your brewer, and descaling is an essential process that you shouldn't miss to get rid of mineral deposits. Some people use a descaling solution to make sure the build-up does not affect the taste of coffee and espresso.

Disadvantages of not descaling your coffee maker include:

  • The limescale build-up can clog the device and can cause breakage.
  • The coffee extraction process cannot be attained and results in dull coffee flavor.
  • You won't have hot coffee.
  • It will cause you to spend more money on repair or replacement of a new device.

Coffee Descaler​

Descalers are your coffee maker's life-saver and enable your device to breathe properly after a month (or you cannot remember when was the last time?) of working hard to please your meticulous taste buds. If you're using hard water when brewing, you'll need a descaler. This is because of the accumulated limescale that blocks your machine's inner workings, pumps, tubes, and brew chamber.

If you've missed or have never descaled your brewing device regularly or as needed, it won't be performing optimally. Over time, it will not function properly. Plus, this will affect the taste of your coffee.

With regular descaling (that is approximately 3 to 6 months), you can improve the performance of your device and make it look like it’s the first time you've used it. With the proper descaling solution and the right maker coffee maker cleaner, you are not just doing yourself a favor, but you are also extending the life of your device.

This means you also save money by investing in something that boosts your brewer's performance.

Facts About Descalers​

Descalers are types of cleaning solutions or chemical agents that are dedicated to removing limescale build-up, calcium deposits, and insoluble sediments accumulated from your coffee brewers' inner workings and metal surfaces that come in contact with the brewing process and hot water.

Descalers, when dissolved, release hydrogen ions that eat or remove deposited minerals and timescales. They are used to hygienically clean and descale brewing machines like espresso machines and coffee machines, water heaters, heat exchangers, kettles, septic tanks, and boilers.

Checking for descaling solutions that have certified hygienic and safe for your coffee brewing machine is essential. There are plenty of options to begin with.

Best Coffee Pot Cleaner​

Regularly cleaning your coffee pot is essential to optimize its effectiveness and helps you enjoy your cup of java every single time. There are different ways on how you can conveniently clean your coffee pot. Either using non-toxic cleaning solutions or try doing some at-home remedies to preserve the good working performance of your brewing device.

How do I clean a coffee maker with white vinegar?​

Here's a quick trick, you can use vinegar to clean your machine too.

For a single-cup brewing machine, you can follow these easy steps.

  1. Empty your brewing machine. Check if there is no pod inside the machine.
  2. Add water and vinegar. Fill your coffee pot with 1 cup of water and a half cup of vinegar. Pour this mixture into the water tank.
  3. Keep your coffee machine pod area clean and empty.
  4. Turn on your coffee brewer and let it run. Once the process is complete, turn off the coffee machine and let the solution sit there for approximately 15 minutes.
  5. Brew two cycles of water-only. This will help remove any vinegar taste and residue. Shut the power off every 15 minutes in between the brewing cycle.

For drip machines:

  1. Empty the pot and remove all leftover coffee residue from the coffee pot. Empty your coffee filter.
  2. Add water and vinegar.
  3. Fill your coffee pot with 6 cups of cold water and 3 cups of white vinegar.
  4. Pour this mixture into the water tank.
  5. Turn the coffee maker on and brew. Shut off the machine once the cycle is finished. Allow 15 minutes for the solution to stay and sit in.
  6. Brew two cycles of water-only to remove vinegar taste into the machine.
  7. Shut off the machine between brewing cycles for about 15 minutes.

As we learned in this article, cleaning your coffee machine is a must! Get it done in a perfect and easy way with the JURA cleaning tabs.

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Our verdict for the best coffee maker cleaner is Jura Cleaning Tablets Jar of 25. This cleaning solution is strategically designed to provide optimum cleaning solutions that are both effective and safe. It's simple and straightforward use allows you to maintain the optimum performance of your coffee machine. With its 2-phase cleaning process, it cleans and protects your machine while providing a hygienic and non-toxic effective cleaning solution you can rely on.

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