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Choosing the Best Coffee Grinder for French Press in 2021

Dave Carter

January 6, 2021

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Are you a French Press coffee lover? Then you might be interested in grinding your own coffee beans for that perfect, less-residue brew. French Press users know for a fact that the right coarseness is crucial in getting a better brew. Investing in the best coffee grinder for French Press will help you achieve the perfect coarseness for your brewing pleasure.

The coffee industry is teeming with various equipment and small appliances to make preparation and brewing more convenient than ever. If you are looking for the best grinder for French Press, check at our reviews and buying guide. We have scoured the market to find the top picks from coffee grinders for French Press users from all over the world.

Whether you’re searching for the best coffee burr grinders for your French press, or you prefer to use a manual coffee grinder  or if you just want to know the best budget pick for French Press grinder, you’ll be able to find them here.

Best Coffee Grinder for French Press Products:​

1. OXO BREW Conical Burr Coffee Grinder​

The OXO Brew Conical Burr Grinder is one of the best coffee grinders for French Press and other brewing methods. It is an all-around coffee grinder that comes at a great price. Many users are impressed with its essential features which helps produce great tasting coffee whatever brewing method is used.

This coffee grinder for French Press comes with a 40 mm stainless steel burr that guarantees uniform grounds for optimal extraction of flavors. Coarse grind is the best ground size if you are using a coffee press because it will not easily pass through the mesh.

The OXO Brew grinder features 15 settings, thus you can adjust the grinder for whatever size you need for your coffee grounds. Whether you need it for a percolator, an aeropress or a moka pot, you can easily adjust the settings for your personal preferences. The controls are easy to understand plus it comes with a one touch start timer.

Likewise, this product also has a huge bean hopper that can accommodate up to 12oz. You can grind a big batch of coffee for your coffee maker in a single run. If you have several consumers at home or at the office, this is a perfect addition to your kitchen.

As to aesthetic appeal, the OXO brew grinder is a bit on the heavy side. It has a stainless steel body combined with a matte black plastic body making it an excellent statement piece in the kitchen or in your pantry. More so, it also grinds quietly, a feature that most users really love about it. It almost runs like a manual coffee grinder for French Press.

It is also easy to clean, assemble and store. Having this piece of instrument around will ensure that you get consistently great coffee grounds for your French Press. For many, this brand is the best grinder for French Press coffee making.


  • One-touch start timer
  • It has a 15 setting adjustment
  • Features 40 mm burr for uniform grounds
  • Quiet operation than other grinders


  • Aesthetic stainless steel and matte black design
  • Huge 12 oz bean hopper
  • Easy to clean and operate

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2. Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill​

Looking at the Cuisinart DBM - 8 Supreme Grind Burr grinder will give you an impression that it is an expensive piece of appliance. It has sleek and elegant construction, but it also promises to be durable enough to withstand daily use at home or at the office.

It has a stainless steel exterior with black accents making it an ideal addition to any kitchen. It also features a heavy duty motor with 18 types of grind settings. You can have extra fine grind for your percolator or have the perfect coarseness for your French Press coffee maker. It also comes with an 8oz bean hopper as well as a sliding dial which can make ground for up to 18 cups of coffee.

With the Cuisinart Supreme Grind Burr grinder, you can make grounds for several people in just one minute. On the other hand, the grinder is a bit loud, though, it will only take a few moments to finish off with the perfect grind size.

It also has a removable, dishwasher-safe grind chamber and hopper. The package comes with a measuring scoop and cleaning brush for quick daily cleaning.


  • Sleek and elegant design
  • Heavy-duty motor with 18 grind settings
  • Has a large 8oz bean hopper
  • Comes with combination scoop and cleaning brush


  • Can make grounds for 18 cups of coffee
  • Quick grind operation
  • Consistent grind results

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3. Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Electric Coffee Grinder​

If you are looking for no-frills burr coffee grinders, Mr Coffee 12 Cup electric grinder could be your choice It has settings to yield coarse, medium or fine grounds. It features a spacious opening for easy press and pouring of grounds. The machine itself is designed to be compact and occupy only a small space in your kitchen counter. You’ll also love the LED display that allows you to pick the appropriate level of grind and your cup size.

With Mr Coffee electric coffee grinder, you can grind coffee beans enough to make 12 cups of coffee in one go. It automatically shuts off to ensure that the grounds are perfectly attuned to the settings you’ve set. Your grounds will not be too fine or too coarse for your needs.

The machine runs on 220V and while the initial cord appears quite short, there is a cord tucked in the bottom portion of the grinder. You can conveniently adjust the length according to your preference.

An impressive feature of this coffee burr grinder is the Chamber Maid cleaning system. It sweeps off leftover ground from the walls of the chamber. It is also easy to remove and can be washed in the dishwasher.


  • Three grind settings for coarse, fine or medium
  • Has an 8oz bean hopper
  • Runs on 220 volts with extra length cord
  • Has a Chamber Maid cleaning system


  • Affordable coffee grinder
  • Gets the job done easily
  • Dishwasher safe parts

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4. Mueller Austria HyperGrind Precision Electric Spice/Coffee Grinder Mill​

Another top performing coffee burr grinder in the market is the Mueller Austria HyperGrind. This machine produces consistent and precise grind all the time. It is the perfect partner for your Chemex, Pour Over, Cold Brew, Percolator, Espresso and French Press coffee maker.

It features a compact, yet stylish modern Eurocentric design. You can put it on display in your kitchen counter, but it is also compact enough for easy storage in one of your drawers. It is one of the best coffee grinders in the market today.

Mueller is a company that puts quality and excellence above anything else. You can expect this precision electric coffee grinder to carry the same traditional quality of German precision machinery. It is tested by three professional quality control inspections to make sure that it is durable and performs better than others in the market today.

This French press coffee grinder comes with long lasting burr blades crafted from durable and robust stainless steel. It will grind any type of coffee bean you like into a coarseness that you need. It runs efficiently and smoothly with minimal noise.

The company offers a 100% money-back guarantee, so you are assured of its quality.


  • German precision machinery quality
  • Consistent and precise grinds for all types of coffee maker
  • Elegantly designed to suit your kitchen decor
  • Grinding blades are made from stainless steel material


  • Quality tested by three professional inspections
  • Minimal grinding noise
  • 100% money back guarantee

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5. Sboly Conical Burr Coffee Grinder​

The Sboly Conical Burr Coffee Grinders is another great option if you want something simple, but efficient performing machine in your kitchens. It features a one-button operation and can produce enough grinds to prepare a 12 cup brew. You will always have the best grind size and the exact amount that you prefer once the auto-shut down bottom is complete.

This machine has a professional grade conical stainless steel burr grinder design that will keep your coffee oils intact throughout the grinding process. You’ll have the richest coffee flavors and aroma once you prepare your fresh ground beans.

You can explore its 19 grind settings and customize it according to the texture that you need. Whether you’re preparing grounds for a pour over, chemex, Moka Pot, espresso machine or French press, you’re bound to have all the right grind.

Using the Sboly also allows you more freedom to decide how much you’d like to grind depending on your needs. It can make grinds enough to fix 12 cups of coffee. It also has a dust-proof lid that keeps the beans fresher longer.

The machine is made elegantly compact for ease of use and convenient storage. It also has a modern fashionable appearance with stainless steel accents.

And though it is on the cheaper side, the machine has certificates from the FDA and ETL. It is sturdy, durable and is equipped with a strong motor. Other features include blue light completion and safety lock.


  • One-button operation
  • Produces grinds for 12 cups of coffee
  • Has 19 speed settings
  • Made durable and sturdy


  • Modern and elegant design
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Several grinding settings to choose from

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6. SHARDOR Coffee Grinder Electric​

If you are after convenience and high-quality electric coffee grinder, then Shardor Coffee Grinder is the best choice for you. It has some unique features that makes it better than other products in the market. It has a removable cup that many coffee lovers are impressed with.

Choosing a grinder if you are a French Press user can be a challenge. There are many things to consider especially when it comes to the grinding features that a product offers. Shardor is a piece of appliance that is really worth buying as it offers genuine value for your money.

Being an electric coffee grinder, it costs less than burr grinders. But what difference does that make? This product comes with blade grinders that effectively chop up the coffee beans until it reaches your desired coarseness. On the other hand, burr grinders only crush the beans.

Shardor Electric Coffee grinder is a practical choice when it comes to small countertop grinding machines. It does not only work for coffee beans, it can also be used as a grain mill, pepper grinder and more. To achieve the best coarseness for your French Press, it may only take 10-15 seconds.

It comes with an easy to clean steel cup that is also dishwasher safe, 2-in-one spoon and brush. The company offers a 2-year warranty and has a friendly customer service team.


  • Coarse or Fine grinding options according to your needs
  • Quick grinding operation
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Multipurpose grinder


  • Removable cup with blades
  • Collectable cord for easy storage under the appliance
  • Safe locking mechanism and nice seal ring

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7. VEVOK CHEF Manual Burr Coffee Grinder​

There are six precise coarse grades for you to adjust the coarseness of your coffee grinds. You can set it to fine for your espresso, pour over, drip, or chemex. A medium grind is best for Moka pots and the coarse levels are for French Press and Cold brew. If you use a manual coffee grinder, make sure that it is a burr grinder.Some manual coffee grinder have blades that chops up the beans.

Because this is compact and small, it can be a portable, easy to carry travel coffee grinder that you can take with you on your trips. It is also lightweight and portable. You use it by removing the handle to add the beans into the hopper. When disassembled, it is easily packable for backpacking, hiking and camping.

Grinding coffee using manual grinders has never been this easy or convenient. Now you can brew a great tasting up with this quiet hand coffee mill. It is smooth and effective in grinding coffee but it is also quieter than electric ones, so you will not bother others.

Its innovative design, elegant wrapping and exquisite stainless steel burr make this manual grinders an ideal gift to coffee-loving friends. The company also offers 100% satisfaction guarantee for 1 year.


  • Conical stainless steel grinding burr
  • Manual operation with adjustable grinding core
  • Has six precise levels
  • Handy and convenient for travels


  • Easy to clean and disassemble
  • Packable for hikes, travel, outdoor adventure
  • Quiet grinding operation
  • Comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Why Choose a coarse coffee grinder?​

French Press coffee produces a strong, full-bodied brew. It is essential for you to use the perfect ground size if you are using this method for your coffee preparation. Too bad there is no French press with grinder.

But why do you need a specific grinder for this? Can’t you just brew ground coffee available at the grocery store? Are they not good enough? Which would you choose between manual grinders and electric coffee grinders for French Press?

The perfect French Pressed coffee has the right ground size before brewing. It should also be perfectly timed otherwise, it will lose the natural oils and aroma that gives coffee that wonderful flavor.

To achieve this, the beans need to be ground a bit larger than those you’d need to prepare an espresso coffee. Ideally, you can use a medium or coarse grind for your French Press. And not all grinders can give you a good consistency for this level of coarseness.

Using fine grind coffee for the French Press run the risk of having the grinds slipping through the mesh filter. It will leave your coffee feeling gritty with sediments. On the other hand, too coarse grounds will not extract the best flavors from the beans, and give you a coffee with a weak taste.

So, for you to have the best French Press coffee every time, it is ideal to invest in a coffee grinder that will serve your coffee preparation right. Buy only the best coffee grinder for French Press.

What is the Correct Grind for French Press Coffee?​

Ideally, French Press coffee uses a coarse and even grind. Finer grounds tend to get through the mesh and mix with your coffee. Using coarser grinds will also affect the extraction of flavors and give you a weak brew. The correct grind size is typically determined by the type of mesh material you use in your press. Check and adjust your burr grinder accordingly to get the perfect ground size.

Can I use finely ground coffee in a French press?​

If you’re a French Press user, you want your beans to be coarser than the norm. Most people can use ground coffee from grocery stores to use with their automatic drip coffee maker. But for French Press, the exact coarse grind grade will be determined by the filter you have. Metal filters call for coarser grounds than when you use a smaller mesh or nylon grind.

In most cases, the best grind size is when you achieve a texture akin to potting soil. This is the optimal grind size for steeping in a French Press coffee maker.

The Best Burr Grinder for French Press​

There are several things that affect the taste and flavors of your coffee. For French Press users, you have to find the best grinder for you to have the perfect coarseness. Here are some factors that you need to tick off when choosing coffee grinders.

Consistent Grind - French Press coffee is best brewed when you have a medium to coarse grade coffee grounds. Your grinder should be consistent in producing the perfect grind size for you to get the best brews every time. You can use a manual coffee grinder or a burr grinder for this purpose.

Static - a common issue users find with an electric burr grinder is that it can sometimes produce static which affects grind uniformity. It can cause an imperfect flavor extraction when brewing, and give you a substandard brew.

Grind Grade Adjustability - for you to get the correct grind for your French Press coffee, your machine should allow you total control and flexibility. Ideally, choose a grinder with several setting options rather than just a few. With more settings, it will be easier for you to find the precise grade of coarseness for the best French Press coffee.

Additionally, a coffee grinder should also be easy to clean as a dirty grinder can significantly affect the quality of your brew. After every use, be sure to clean it out according to instructions. There should be no residue on the hopper or the burr . Residual grounds can become stale and affect the flavor of your next batch.

How Do I Grind Coffee for a French Press?​

For you to achieve the perfect coffee grind grade for your French Press, you have to learn how to manipulate your grinder first. The technique also relies on whether you have a burr or blade grinder.

Blade grinders are more affordable, but they can be loud and noisy. These appliances also produce inconsistent grind. It can lead to incomplete extraction.

When using blade grinders, always remember to grind the beans in short bursts. The coffee can overheat if you will grind for a long time. Make sure to shake the grinder after every burst. This should redistribute the grounds so you can achieve a more consistent grind. It can take several bursts of 8 to 10 seconds to have the perfect coarseness for your French press.

On the other hand, burr grinders are more expensive. But they are preferred by more coffee lovers. Burr grinders turn your beans into consistently-sized particles. Most brands offer users flexibility and better control with easy to adjust grind settings. You can experiment until you find the perfect grind size that suits your French Press and your tastes. Burr grinders also work slower than grinders, thus they produce less heat and do not overheat your coffee beans.


Get a strong grinded coffee from this electrical, high quality grinder for your french press coffee.

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The world of coffee making and preparation is really an enticing world once you get to know more about how it works. Coffee lovers have their own taste, preference and methods of brewing. One of the most popular one is using the French Press. It produces a strong, bold and full-bodied brew. But to succeed in consistently making great tasting brews, you should use the best coffee grinder for French press coffee makers. Unlike other machines or methods, this one requires coarse, uniform grind. If you brew your coffee this way, then you should invest in a high-quality grinder like the ones we have on this list. Our top choice fo the best coffee grinder for French Press is the OXO Brew Conical Burr Grinder for electric grinder, while the Vevok Chef Manual coffee grinder. Hope you find the best coffee grinders to help you achieve the coarse grind level that suits your preference.

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