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10 Best Coffee Filters Reviews for all Coffee lovers

Dave Carter

January 3, 2022

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Coffee is the most consumed drink in the world, but for some strange reason, coffee makers are not one of the most popular kitchen appliances. This is why many people don't think about the best coffee filters until it is too late. With so many types of coffee filters on the market, it can be hard to figure out which one is the right choice for you. If you are like us, your morning starts with a hot cup of joe to get you going, and these days it is hard to find good quality coffee filters that make coffee taste great. 

We have all tried those little packets of paper filters, and they do an alright job at filtering out grinds, but they don't give us any flavor. The paper filters aren't reusable, and they seem to wear out pretty quickly. So we needed a better solution for filtering our coffee ground, without adding more waste. For this reason we went out to research the top coffee filters available in the market. Therefore, in this article, we shall detail some of the most popular brands and give you our opinion on what we believe to be the best option for your needs!

The Best Coffee Filters Product Reviews

List of the Best Coffee Filters Products

Gone are the days of using a coffee filter that has been worn down and ineffective. When looking for a coffee filter, most people are only concerned with getting rid of the oils that come from the coffee beans. However, some better-made filters will enhance your coffee flavor. These are called "gold" or "gold tone" filters, and they work by filtering out very small amounts of the debris before they get to your drink. 

The difference in taste is noticeable, and it is well worth the money to buy a higher quality filter. You'll wind up saving money after you figure out that you won't need to buy coffee filters as often, anyway. The reviews in this article will help you find the best coffee filters on the market for your needs from those who have tried them before. This is an essential guide for anyone trying to buy a new product or replace their current ones.

Below is our Ranking Table for our 10 best products:


Melitta #4 Cone Coffee Filters


Melitta Cone Filters
  • Anti-drip lip
  • Built-in filter
  • High-quality paper

High Rating

Barista Warrior Compatible with Hario V60 Pour Over Coffee Filters


Barista Warrior Pour Over Filter
  • Built-in coffee scoop
  • Anti-slip silicone base
  • Double-walled mesh


Perfect Pod EZ Cup Disposable Paper Filters


Perfect Pod EZ - Cup Disposable Paper Filters
  • Made from natural fibers
  • Come in a variety of flavors
  • Can be used with any type of ground coffee


Chemex Bonded Filter Natural Squares 100 ct


Chemex Bonded Filter, Natural Squares - 100 ct
  • Unique bonded construction
  • Unique bonded construction
  • Natural square filters feature

Lowest Price

Hario V60 Paper Coffee Filters Size 02
Hario V60 Paper Filters
  • Come in two different shapes
  • Filters are durable
  • Natural and renewable resources

High-quality paper

BUNN 12-Cup Commercial Coffee Filters 1000 count
BUNN 12-Cup Commercial Filters
  • Patented cone design
  • Easy installation process
  • Provide excellent filtration

perfect filters

Kalita Wave Paper Coffee Filters Larger Size 185
Kalita Wave Paper Filters
  • Dual-layer construction
  • Made from natural materials
  • Produce a clean, rich cup of coffee


Capmesso Disposable Coffee Paper Filters Replacement Kerig Filter Compatible
Paper Filters for Reusable Coffee Pods
  • Chlorine-free natural cellulose fibers
  • Great alternative to plastic mesh filters
  • Design ensures maximum extraction

convenient brewing

Hario 02 100-Count Coffee Natural Paper Filters 2-Pack Value Set
Hario 02 100-Count Coffee Natural Paper Filters
  • Compatible with all types of coffee makers
  • Designed with two layers
  • Biodegradable and compostable


If You Care food, 100 Count Pack of 1
If You Care food, 100 Count
  • Three different colors
  • Advanced perforation system
  • Sustainable ingredients

*Stars in table belong to our personal rating, not related to Amazon!

Let us now delve into the reviews of each of these brands.

1. Melitta Cone Filters

Melitta Cone filters are a great way to make your coffee as delicious and smooth as possible. They are made from 100% recyclable, borosilicate glass that has been specially designed for use with brewing methods such as Chemex or French Press so that you can enjoy the best taste every time! 

Be sure not just to brew alone – have fun while doing it too by adding refined sugars into cups before pouring hot water over them to create something called "Latte Art." It has become increasingly popular in recent years, but there is no excuse to fall behind since it is just as easy as it looks. Melitta Cone understands the importance of having high-quality filters for their espresso machines. 

They strive to produce only top-notch products that will provide you with good coffee every time! They feature cartridges that are compatible with their line of espresso machines. These cartridges have been designed to ensure efficient filtration so you can enjoy your espresso without any coffee residue remaining in your cup no matter the beans used.


  • The filters have a patented design with an anti-drip lip to prevent any overflow from happening as it brews.
  • They also feature a built-in filter which allows you to enjoy all the flavor without any grounds or sediment getting into your cup.
  • Melitta cone coffee filters are made of durable, high-quality paper that is unbleached and chlorine-free.
  • The filters are available in three different sizes - 4 cones per pack (for small cups), 10 cones per pack (for medium mugs), and 20 cones per pack (for large pots).
  • Melitta Cone Coffee Filters can be used in all types of coffeemakers, including drip, pour-over, French press, and more.


  • This product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied!
  • The filters offer an odor-free way to make your favorite morning beverage.
  • They come in a variety of colors, so you can choose what best matches your kitchen decor!
  • You can buy these filters at any grocery store or online retailer like Amazon.

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2. Barista Warrior Pour Over Filter

The Barista Warrior Pour Over Filter is perfect for crafting an amazing cup of coffee. The unit is made with 100% BPA-free plastic. It has a built-in stainless steel mesh funnel that allows you to pour hot water directly onto ground beans. It would help to let it steep before the brewing process without shaving cream slid off the top due to its lack of oil immersion heating element found on most modern espresso machines today. 

With the Barista Warrior Pour Over Filter, you can now create your unique lattes. The patented design is designed for optimal paper contact to extract every bit of flavor to bring out bolder flavors than ever before while using less water or no amount at all! It features a non-slip handle to keep your hands free from injury while using the product. It also features a silicone band that wraps around the bottom of the base, which helps give it an extra sturdy grip. 

This coffee filter was designed with portability in mind, so it fits almost any cup or mug found at the home, office, dorm room, work, picnic, BBQ party. It is also perfect for camping and travel since it does not require electricity to use. To clean the unit after use, simply rinse with water or any other method that suits you.


  • The Barista Warrior Pour Over Filter is made of 100% stainless steel, which means it is durable.
  • It has a built-in coffee scoop that makes measuring out the right amount of ground coffee simple.
  • The filter system is designed to allow for even extraction and water flow so you can brew your favorite cup of Joe just how you like it.
  • This one features an anti-slip silicone base, unlike other pour-over filters, so nothing will ever slip through your fingers again!
  • Thanks to these pour-over filters ' adjustable settings, you will never have any more trouble trying to find the perfect grind size.
  • It features a double-walled mesh to keep grounds from leaking out and an anti-drip design for convenience.


  • This pour-over filter comes with its stand, making it easy to store away when not in use or take on the go with you!
  • There are three different sizes available - 12 oz., 16 oz., and 20 oz.- giving you plenty of options for brewing your perfect cup o' Joe!
  • The filter can be used with paper filters or cloth filters for brewing coffee.
  • 100% recyclable materials are used in the manufacturing process.
  • This product is available at retailers nationwide, including Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, Bed Bath & Beyond, Staples, and more!
  • The Barista Warrior Pour Over Filter is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and comes in three colors: black, red, and silver.

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3. Perfect Pod EZ - Cup Disposable Paper Filters

The perfect solution for busy coffee shops! These disposable paper filters are easy to use and maintain. Just pop one in the wash with your dishwasher soap, rinse it off when you are done brewing - all without any hassle or messes on your part so that people can enjoy their beverages quickly. 

The New Perfect Pod EZ-Cup Disposable Paper Filter will make serving customers' drinks easier than ever before because there is no need for heavy metal pots or boiling water anymore. Simply buy one pod per day or week! Load up just like how someone would prepare brewed coffee into milk foam cups. 

These paper filters are also an easy way to keep your coffee fresh. They are made from high quality, 100% recycled material and come with a built-in primer that enables you to get bolder flavors than ever before! They also feature a superior mesh than any other paper filter on the market. Similar to an AeroPress, these filters are sturdy enough to last through multiple brewings without tearing!


  • Paper filters are made from natural fibers and can be composted; thus, they are environmentally friendly than traditional coffee paper filters.
  • Replacement packs come in a variety of flavors, including decaf, regular, and flavored coffees.
  • The filters can be used with any type of ground coffee - regular, decaf, flavored, or dark roast.
  • The filters come in three sizes-small, medium, and large - depending on how strong you want your brew to be.


  • Cups provide the same great taste as regular paper filters without the mess - no grounds spilling out onto your countertop or table!
  • The cup doesn't require any electricity, so it's perfect for camping trips or other off-grid locations where power sources may not be available.
  • There is no need to buy expensive K-cup pods or messy ground coffee beans that get stuck in the filter basket.
  • Cups come in a variety of colors to match your kitchen or office decor.

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4. Chemex Bonded Filter, Natural Squares - 100 ct

Chemex has a new filter that keeps coffee tasting fresh and reduces clean-up time for you. The Chemex Bonded Filters work by trapping small particles to keep your brew from getting clogged up with grounds, making it easier on both taste buds as well as convenience! 

Chemex Bonded Filter, Natural Squares - 100 ct are made of natural coffee grounds and do not contain any metal. Unlike some other types of reusable coffee filters that can damage your machine if they clog up with paper residue over time or become dirty while brewing because the metal will rust against them, causing permanent damage! 

These filters are also completely chlorine-free, bleached with ozone instead of chlorine gas or other chemicals, better for the environment, and good for your health. Put the Chemex Bonded Filter to work in your Chemex brewer today!


  • It features a unique bonded construction that removes sediment and oils from the coffee before brewing.
  • The filter is made from unbleached, chlorine-free paper.
  • Chemex Bonded Filters are a natural way to make your coffee taste better.
  • These filters are designed for use with 6 cup Chemex Coffee Makers only.
  • The natural square filters feature a gold band around the center to prevent tearing or splitting.


  • The package includes 12 filters per box, making it great for individual use or gifting someone who loves their morning joe!
  • It comes with an exclusive recipe card, so you can try out some new recipes at home!
  • These filters allow for the full flavor of the beans to come out in your cup.
  • These filters can also be composted after use in your garden or yard to fertilize plants!

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5. Hario V60 Paper Filters

The Hario V60 paper filters are great for brewing at home or office. These handy, round cones have been gradually replacing more traditional brew systems in recent years because they are cheaper and easier to store than their predecessors while still retaining most features that brewers look for when making a cup of coffee! 

The Hario V60 paper filters are a must-have for any brewer who wants to make their drink as fresh and pure tasting as possible. These innovative, high-quality products will keep your brew free from unwanted substances like sediment or dried up coffee bean pieces! These filters feature Hario's signature, patented "Wave" design that creates a more efficient brew with better flavor retention and fewer fines for a better cup of iced coffee. This makes the paper filters suitable for any iced-coffee maker too! 

It also has a larger diameter and more raised edge than other brands' filters, making it easier to scoop out all those tasty, rich coffee grounds. What is even better is that each package comes with 100 paper filters, so you will be set for months! Refill your stock whenever you need to, and your next cup of coffee will be as delicious as the first!


  • Hario V60 Paper Filters come in two different shapes - cone-shaped for small cups and flat bottomed for large mugs.
  • The filters are durable, inexpensive, and easy to use.
  • Hario V60 Paper Filters are made from natural and renewable resources.
  • This best coffee filter is also used for both cold brew coffee and hot drip coffee.
  • You can buy Hario V60 Paper Filters individually or by the box set that contains 100 filters per pack.


  • They can be used with any type of coffee machines or manual pour-over devices.
  • When using Hario V60 paper filters, you will end up with less waste than when using metal mesh or cloth filters that need to be replaced often.
  • Hario V60 Paper Filters are easy to use, requiring no special equipment.
  • Hario V60 Paper Filters make a clean cup of coffee without any bitterness or sediment.

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6. BUNN 12-Cup Commercial Filters​

The BUNN 12-Cup Commercial Filters are specifically designed with your office coffee machine in mind. These filters have been created to reduce chlorine and oils that can affect those with sensitive skin issues like acne and eczema! The all-new line is made of high-quality materials - ensuring durability while still hypoallergenic on the contact surface. 

These filters feature a reduced permeability! This allows for the optimum coffee flavor to fill the air with rich, full-bodied aromas. A significant problem in most commercial filters is that they absorb too much oil or moisture, which then result in an unpleasant taste or aftertaste. 

The BUNN 12-Cup Commercial Filters are not only strong enough to protect your machine, but because it is designed with reduced permeability, you will never have that bitter or metallic taste again! It is the best of both worlds. You can also feel good about using these filters, knowing that they are made from 100% natural products.


  • The BUNN 12-Cup Commercial Filters feature a patented cone design made of durable, long-lasting filter paper.
  • Its features include an easy installation process and a wide variety of colors to choose from all day.
  • These filters provide excellent filtration while still retaining essential oils and aroma compounds for whole flavored coffee.
  • This filter provides the perfect extraction for coffee brewing and ensures maximum flavor in every cup.


  • These filters will provide your customers with delicious tasting coffee every time you brew it!
  • The filters can be used in both commercial and home coffee brewers to reduce sediment in the coffee.
  • BUNN 12-Cup Commercial Filters are dishwasher safe and fit most standard carafes.
  • This product is also available in bulk packaging with 100 filters per box at an affordable price point.

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7. Kalita Wave Paper Filters

Imagine the perfect cup of coffee. The beans undergo a long and complex process before they are ground up, then blended with water that has been heated just right for the optimal taste to make your morning brew as smooth or strong (or both!) by using one type: Kalita wave paper filters! The Kalita Wave filter range is an excellent option for coffee connoisseurs. 

Made from high-quality materials, these paper filters are designed to produce the best cup possible without compromising taste or hygiene! These innovative products made out of bamboo charcoal provide an exceptionally clean brew wherever you are, be it at home or on camping trips - but most likely while sitting down enjoying some delicious espresso far away from one thing resembling civilization!

The paper filters were designed with three key elements: efficiency, ease of use, and hygiene. Each wave has three small holes on either side of the center, which ensure even extraction for an optimal cup of coffee. This is a unique feature that differentiates these filters from others. The paper itself is thick and flavorless, so it does not affect your coffee's taste.


  • The Kalita Wave features a patented spiral design that is made from durable stainless steel.
  • The dual-layer construction ensures maximum flavor extraction by evenly distributing the water over the ground beans.
  • Kalita Wave paper filters are made from natural materials.
  • These filters are designed to produce a clean, rich cup of coffee.
  • The filter is folded in half and inserted into the brewer like any other pour-over cone filter.


  • This filter has been designed to provide a quick and easy way of brewing coffee, tea, or any other hot beverage.
  • These filters can be used with all types of coffeemakers, including drip makers, pour-over devices, and French presses.
  • With this filter, you will never have to worry about paper filters breaking, tearing, or getting stuck in your brewer again.
  • The filter is also designed to be easily cleanable and reusable.

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8. Paper Filters for Reusable Coffee Pods​

The availability of reusable coffee pods just got a whole lot better! Using paper filters to create your home or office's perfect cup has never been easier. The ease and convenience you get from using one pod for hours on end are hard to beat, but there were always some drawbacks, namely, that they weren't excellent at retaining the flavor qualities found within single-serve packs like Nespresso machines can do so well. 

Paper filters for reusable coffee pods feature the same cotton-like texture you are used to from your paper towels and bathroom tissue, only ground finer, so it does a great job of retaining the full flavors and oils found in coffee. They hold at least 12 pods while still allowing water to flow freely through them! 

Being able to enjoy single-serve packs multiple times is excellent for anyone who has found the savings of using their coffee’s sweetness with these machines, but it also plays well into our desire to "go green" and cut down on waste.


  • The paper filter is made of unbleached, chlorine-free natural cellulose fibers that can be used repeatedly.
  • Paper filters are a great alternative to plastic mesh filters because they are compostable and biodegradable.
  • Paper filters for reusable coffee pods offer a variety of features to meet your needs, including size and strength.
  • The design ensures maximum extraction of flavor without any mess on your hands or countertop.


  • You'll get a better flavor because there is no metal mesh in your coffee beans.
  • They are also cheaper than the disposable ones.
  • The paper filters for the reusable coffee pods come in packs of 100 so that you never run out!
  • Paper filters for reusable coffee pods are great because they can be used with any brand or type of coffee pod.

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9. Hario 02 100-Count Coffee Natural Paper Filters​

The Hario 02 100-Count Coffee Natural Paper Filters are made of high-quality natural paper with an innovative design to keep the coffee flavor pure and fresh. The filter sits in your mug, separating grounds from precious liquid so you can enjoy every last drop with no bitterness or off-tastes whatsoever! 

These natural paper filters are perfect for use in conjunction with porcelain or metal drippers. They have a higher surface area contact rate which absorbs more oils than traditional cotton ones. They are made from materials that are eco-friendly and biodegradable, so you can feel good about using them on your precious morning brew! These filters are made to fit the Hario V60 dripper, and a one hundred count box is enough to keep you going for a while.


  • Hario 02 100-count Coffee Natural Paper Filters are compatible with all types of coffee makers, including drip machines and espresso machines.
  • The filter is also designed with two layers to hold more ground coffee than other brands.
  • The paper filters are biodegradable and compostable.
  • The filter is designed to produce a clean, crisp brew with less bitterness and sediment.


  • These filters fit any size cup or mug - you don't have to worry about finding the right one.
  • Hario 02 100-Count Coffee Natural Paper Filters can be reused up to five times before needing replacement.
  • The paper is thick enough that it won't tear easily but thin enough that it will not affect the taste of your coffee.
  • The filters give a fuller-bodied flavor as they allow more oils to pass through the filter than metal or plastic filters always do.

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10. If You Care food, 100 Count​​

If You Care about coffee, 100 Count coffee filters are a great way to keep your kitchen clean and fresh without any hassle. The specially designed filter will reduce the need for paper or cloth in most kitchens because it is made with synthetic polyester that is easy to use and washed by hand when needed! 

This product also comes equipped with its storage bag, so all you have left to worry about after purchasing them are how many people might want some too. We know that the average household might go through some coffee filters, especially if they love drinking their daily cup of Joe or tea! This filter features 16 by 20-inch dimensions, which means that it can hold most standard coffee mugs or teacups. 

If You Care coffee filters are also made with materials high in quality and low in environmental impact. These reusable filters feature a triple-ply design with one micro-thin ply to prevent residue from building up. This product is vegan-friendly because it does not include any animal fibers!


  • If You Care Food, 100 Count coffee filters are made with natural unbleached paper.
  • They come in three different colors - brown (for dark roast), red (for medium-dark roast), and blue (for light roast).
  • The filters have been designed with an advanced perforation system that ensures they won't tear in the middle when you use them.
  • The products are made with sustainable ingredients to reduce environmental impact.


  • These filters are perfect for those who want to enjoy their morning cup of Joe without any hassle or fuss!
  • The filter is designed to fit most standard pots, so it should work for everyone!
  • This product is perfect for anyone who wants to save money by buying less expensive products while still enjoying great tasting coffee!
  • They also have an odor-absorbing design to help your coffee smell better.

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Are Conical Coffee Filters the Best?

Benefits of Using a Conical Coffee Filters

Coffee filters are one of the most common staples in every coffee lover's kitchen. To many, this ordinary household item is something they may never consider to be a necessary component of their beloved morning drink. 

What does it do? It holds the ground beans together so that all the good stuff doesn't just pour out into your cup. Below are some of the benefits of using a conical coffee filter.

  • Enhances coffee flavor

Cone-shaped coffee filters have smaller holes than regular flat-bottom filters. This enables them to extract more flavor from your favorite ground beans. More of the good stuff makes its way into your cup, while less ends up in the trash or compost heap.

  • Reusable

While most cone-shaped filters are "disposable," they are made from thicker paper than traditional, flat-bottom filters. The material can be used more than once because it is sturdier and less prone to tearing. We use the same filter for a couple of rounds of coffee before discarding it.

  • Environmentally friendly

The amount of natural resources we waste on little individual cups of coffee is absurd. Coffee filters are typically discarded after only one use, meaning that the filter and lid if made of plastic become waste after every cup of java you brew. But not with paper cone filters! They can last for months if cared for properly. Plus, they decompose more quickly than plastic, so they aren't in the landfill as long.

  • No more breaking

Cone filters come in various shapes and sizes, and some even have perforations around the rim to ensure that your filter doesn't tear while you are placing it into the cone holder. Regular flat-bottom filters can only be folded once or twice before they rip down the middle, leaving no choice but to toss them in the recycling bin and grab a new one.

  • Cleaner coffee

Flat-bottom filters can be difficult to clean if you are brewing more than just one cup of coffee because the ground beans get pushed through all aspects of the filter. This can cause excess sediment and debris to make their way into your cup. Cone filters, however, collect the ground beans at their base, so your coffee is always clean and doesn't get dirty until you are ready to drink it.

  • No more guesswork

Some cone-shaped filters can come with a stainless steel lining that helps prevent over-extraction and bitterness in your coffee. The lining also ensures that the coffee you are drinking is smooth and delicious with every cup.

We hope that this has enlightened some people who have always wondered why they should use a cone-shaped coffee filter instead of regular flat-bottom filters when brewing their morning cup of joe.

Types of Coffee Filters

Types of Coffee Filters you will find in the market today

When you are looking for a new coffee filter, it is important that the one you choose doesn't just get the job done. It should be easy to use and easy to dispose of when you are finished with it. 

Many people aren't aware that there are paper filters, metal filters, and natural coffee filters available at home supply stores.

 Below are some of the types of coffee filters you will find in the market today.

Paper coffee filters

These filters come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they are typically small squares or rounds that fit into a larger plastic or metal holder for easier disposal. Basket-type coffee makers use a filter basket to hold the paper filter after it has been filled with ground coffee beans. They are disposable and designed to be simply thrown away when the brewing is finished. These coffee filters are designed to fit inside of an automatic drip coffee maker, but you can also use them in a French press or vacuum pot by simply folding the filter in half and placing it on top of your mug or carafe.

Paperless coffee filters

These filters do not have paper mesh inside when they are unfolded for use. Instead, a mechanical mechanism is used to separate the coffee grounds from the brewed coffee. Often, they are designed to fit specific types of coffee makers and work best with automatic drip brewers. However, some people have been known to use them in a French press or vacuum pot by folding the filter into a cone shape that fits into the metal rod of their press.

Metal coffee filters

These are typically made from stainless steel, gold tone metal or a mesh-type material made of nickel or chrome. They are reusable and work best with automatic drip coffee makers or percolators, so they won't fit inside the basket of a French press or as part of a vacuum pot. You can also use some metal filters in a cone-style coffee maker, although some people claim they can taste a metallic flavor in the coffee brewed this way.

Cloth paper coffee filters

Cloth filters are typically made of unbleached cotton, although they sometimes include materials to improve the filtration process. They are reusable and can be used inside any type of coffee maker, whether it is manual or automatic. Some people only use these types of filters because you can use them many times before disposing of them.

Commercial coffee filters

These filters are affordable and produce a great cup of brewed coffee. In most cases, they can eliminate the need for expensive paper coffee filters. Since they come in large quantities, you may even save money over time by using commercial coffee filters instead of disposable ones. You can find them in any general merchandise or department store that carries home supplies.

Natural coffee filters

Many people don't know that they can buy natural coffee filters as well. These filters are made from the husks of coffee beans and allow for better water flow through the ground coffee, producing a better cup of brew. They also retain a lot more oils than paper filters, so the flavor is usually richer with a natural filter.


Strainers are typically made of stainless steel, bamboo or plastic. They are often used in the kitchen to drain cooked foods after cooking, but many people have started using them to brew coffee. Since they don't contain any paper filters, you can use your favorite type of coffee grinds inside of a strainer placed over top of your mug. The only drawback is that the coffee has to be filtered twice, meaning it takes a little more time to brew your java.

Melitta Cone filters are a great way to make your coffee as delicious and smooth as possible.

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The best way to get that great cup of coffee begins with buying the best coffee filters. If you are after sheer quality and taste, there are plenty out on store shelves right now. But have no fear because these days, everyone has been going green. Our top ten list of coffee filter brands will surely meet your filter needs without denting your pockets. Try them out today!

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