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A Definitive Guide to the Best Coffee Canister of 2021

Dave Carter

January 6, 2021

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For coffee connoisseurs, coffee should always be fresh to fully enjoy its great flavors. Beans that have gone stale are like wasting precious consumables. But there are many things that affect the quality of your coffee beans. The most common reason for beans going stale and a bitter brew is an improper coffee storage container. If you love your coffee, you should find the best coffee canister to keep them away from exposure to light, air, heat, and moisture. 

Canisters made to keep the whole bean fresh longer, and the flavors are kept fuller. It keeps the beans fresher and protected from oxidation. Fresh beans will give you better tasting brews that tickle your senses. There are many types of coffee storage container and canisters in the market, but you have to find products that have specifications that can preserve your beans at its optimum condition. Here's our list of our recommended coffee canisters to keep your beans away from the elements.

Best Coffee Canister Products​

1. Coffee Gator Stainless Steel Coffee Container​

Air, moisture, light, and heat are the four elements of the coffee apocalypse. When your beans are exposed to these factors, you can expect to have a stale and bitter-tasting brew. Fortunately, Gator Canisters helps keep your coffee away from these four elements. It has a valve that lets out carbon dioxide and air when you close it. You can also lock the lid down so that you arrive at the tightest seal possible in a canister. All the air can be forced out of the container, like vacuuming it out. Because of this control in air exposure, you can preserve your beans longer and enjoy better brews with the help of this perfect storage canister.


  • Carbon Dioxide valve lets air out
  • Stainless Steel construction protects beans from moisture, light, and air
  • Comes with a date wheel on the lid for freshness tracking


  • Keeps beans fresher longer
  • Locks down lid for tightest seal possible
  • An attractive set with travel canister and scoop

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2. Coffee Gator Stainless Steel Canister​

Another top pick for a coffee canister is the Coffee Gator Stainless Steel Canister. It has an airtight seal, which makes it an excellent storing container for ground coffee. It also comes with a Carbon Dioxide valve, which protects ground coffee from de-gassing while keeping oxygen out. It also has a date wheel on the top lid for you to know when it was stored. It also comes with a steel measuring scoop for consistent, delicious brews. There are also four replacement valves you can use for the upcoming months or years. The canisters come in three sizes and several colors to suit your needs.


  • Wicovalve with Carbon Dioxide release valve
  • Surgical grade stainless steel material
  • Date wheel on the lid


  • Comes with a magnetic measuring scoop
  • The quick-release lid and easy seal clasp
  • Available in several sizes and colors

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3. MOICO Coffee Stainless Steel Container​

Another contender for the best coffee canisters is the Moico coffee container. It features airtight vacuum seal and is carefully crafted food-grade stainless-steel material. You are guaranteed to have premium quality ground or whole bean coffee when you store them inside these containers. Moico BPA-free coffee canisters have a one-way valve that releases carbon dioxide while keeping out oxygen. It also keeps your coffee fresher longer as it protects from light and moisture. The set comes with a scoop that can attach to the jar and a smaller travel jar so you can take fresh coffee grounds or beans anywhere you go.


  • BPA-Free Canister with one-way valve for CO2 release
  • Airtight vacuum sealed coffee canister
  • Comes with a scoop and smaller travel canister


  • Premium food-grade stainless-steel material
  • Date wheel for freshness tracking
  • The company offers refunds for free change for a 24-month period

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4. Airtight Fresher Beans and Grounds​

The Airtight Fresher Beans and Grounds coffee canister features a slow-release carbon dioxide for fresh ground coffee. Beans release CO2 four to seven days after roasting, and the build-up of this gas can affect brewing. To ensure that coffee's peak flavor and aroma are preserved, there should be a slow release of carbon dioxide in your storage canister. This brand knows that it is essential to keep coffee fresh for a long time. Thus, the canister is sealed with a one-way valve to slowly release CO2. They also offer a 24 months refund or return of product in case you are not satisfied with the canister.


  • Built-in CO2 gas valve to preserve freshness
  • Made from high-quality stainless-steel
  • Quick-release and easy-seal clasp


  • Engraved month and date tracker
  • Comes with steel scoop
  • Comes with 6 pcs BPA-free silicone rubber seal for the lid

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5. Star Coffee Container Airtight Coffee Storage​

The Star Coffee is an airtight coffee container that will guarantee freshness and preservation of your favorite grounds or beans. It is made from premium quality airtight canister with a built-in CO2 vent valve. It keeps coffee safely away from harmful elements that can affect the quality of your brew. Even if your coffee is stored for years, you'll be surprised to taste and smell its full aroma. The material is a rustproof, lightproof, steel with fingerprint-resistant coating. So it features a crystal clear look for a show-stopping kitchen display. The jar also features a measurement scale, a date wheel on the lid, and a steel scoop. It also comes with a free ebook for coffee lovers.


  • Premium high-quality stainless steel material
  • A CO2 release valve for optimum coffee freshness
  • Built-in calendar for life-saving freshness


  • Fingerprint-resistant coating for crystal clear look
  • Built-in measurement scale
  • Lifetime guarantee

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What to Look For In A Coffee Container?​

Best Features to Look For In A Coffee Container

Now that you understand the importance of proper coffee storage, you might be wondering about the features that you need to look for in a coffee container. Ideally, it should keep away light, air, moisture, and heat from your coffee to preserve its freshness and aroma. The top two features that you need to look for are the following:


Despite the sophisticated features that some canisters offer, the most important thing to look out for in a coffee container is still its air-tightness. You don't need lots of complications in storing your coffee. All you need is something that will protect it from moisture, air, light, and heat.

Keeping the moisture off - a coffee canister that will keep your beans or grounds dry will preserve it well. It will also keep it safe from light and heat.

If you are searching for a coffee container that will work for your needs, these two factors should be your topmost priority.

Dry Coffee Storage​

Although you want to have your coffee handy, always remember to store them in a cool, dry place away from direct heat and sunlight. If you want to keep it fresh and flavorful, keep them in your pantry or cabinet where it is cool, dry, and dark.

Do not try to put your coffee in the freezer or refrigerator. It can cause moisture to seep into the packaging and damage your beans or grounds. Likewise, warm areas such as kitchen cabinets near the refrigerator or oven can get hot due to cooking and humidity in the kitchen. If you have an airtight and opaque coffee container, and it is away from any heat source, then you can have your coffee in your kitchen counter.

What is the best storage container to store coffee? ​

Coffee starts losing its freshness once you open a vacuum-seal packaging. Thus, it is best to transfer its contents to a suitable coffee container as soon as possible.

The best container to ensure that your coffee stays fresher longer, are those opaque glass, non-reactive metal, or ceramic containers. It should also be airtight with a gasket seal to prevent air from affecting the beans or grounds.

Can coffee be stored in plastic containers?​

Plastic and glass containers may also be used but they are not the best coffee canisters. If you store your coffee using plastic containers, make sure that it is has an airtight seal, BPA-free, and non-reactive. Likewise, it should be stored away from light, heat, and moisture.

Why shouldn't you put coffee in the fridge?​

Every day, coffee drinkers should ensure that the grounds or beans are stored properly and in the right place. Ideally, you can place it in an airtight canister in your kitchen counter or in the pantry. Coffee should not be stored in the refrigerator or freezer.

While it is necessary to keep your coffee somewhere cool, the refrigerator will only create too much moisture in the package. It can soon turn your beans bad and dull the taste of your brew. Not only are fridge moisture haven for coffee, but it can also create a humid environment with temperature fluctuations. Excessive moisture from keeping food in your fridge can lead to a flavorless or bitter-tasting brew.

Tips for Choosing a Coffee Jar​

Best Tips for Choosing a Coffee Jar

Choosing the perfect coffee canister is a lot more complicated than you think. Who would have thought that all these common factors can affect the freshness, flavor, and aroma of your coffee? Here are a few tips to help you find the right coffee canister that suits you.

Choose a Solid Color Container​

A crystal clear glass jar seems like a good choice for storing coffee beans or grounds. But transparent containers will not protect your coffee from light, and UV rays from the sun will go through the glass. It can make coffee stale sooner than necessary. So choose a canister that is an opaque or solid color. There are other sources of UV rays and it is necessary to keep the container away from direct sunlight.

Keep Storage Cool​

Coffee should always be kept in a cool, dry place. Avoid leaving your canisters on the counter where they are prone to moisture, heat, light, and humidity. Ideally, the pantry is a good place to keep them, but if you are a daily drinker, you should get a container that offers temperature control or vacuum sealing features.

Don't Worry About Freshness Guarantee​

Coffee beans generally take some time to go stale. But of course, if you leave them out too long, they can become dull and bitter-tasting. Most coffee canisters promise a year of fresh coffee beans but it is just a time frame when they can assure you of a great brew. So don't wait for a year before brewing, coffee is best enjoyed while they are fresh.

Why Should You Get a Large Coffee Container for the Home?

Because coffee is a staple product, you can buy beans and grounds in bulk from the grocery store. You will need a large coffee container to store them in your pantry while you take out portions to keep in your kitchen counter. On the other hand, you may also buy small pouches exotic single-origin coffee from your preferred roaster. Thus, there is no general rule on the size of the container that you should have. It will still depend on the frequency and the number of coffee drinkers at home.

The options available for you are one pound, 16 oz, 32 oz, and others. If you buy small packs of coffee, choose a smaller canister to ensure that there is no air inside the container, which may cause oxidation.

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Conclusion: What is the best airtight coffee canister?​

For the freshest coffee beans or ground, choose the best coffee canister that features valve seals such as the Coffee Gator Stainless Steel Coffee Container. These types of containers are better than vacuum sealed packaging to keep coffee fresh longer. Typically, vacuum-sealed coffee packs contain aged beans because they release gas, which can cause the bag to expand. Once you open a pack of coffee, it should be transferred immediately to a valve-sealed canister to let the gas escape while keeping air out. Additionally, it will be your responsibility to keep your coffee stored in a cool, dry, and dark place.

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