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The Unique Flavor of Almond Milk in Coffee Drinks

Dave Carter

March 15, 2021

How do you take your favorite energy-boosting drink in the morning? Do you take it black, or with milk and sugar, or just milk or sugar? Have you tried Almond Milk in Coffee? The coffee and milk variants started because coffee lovers wanted a non-dairy alternative that tastes great and healthy. They clamored for an alternative high in protein but are very low in carbohydrates and, if possible, low in gluten and vegan friendly. If it is easy to prepare with a steam wand, it will tick all the boxes for the next coffee trend.

Almond milk used as a creamer alternative in coffee is another preference for people looking to solve their lactose intolerance. Almond milk is for people who want to enjoy milk in their coffee without suffering a sore gut afterward. It is also an excellent alternative for those looking for a healthier variant better tasting than soy milk.

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A Milk Alternative: Almond Milk in Coffee​

Almond milk is made from almond nuts ground up to get a plant-based non-dairy alternative to what we add in our coffee. It is an excellent alternative for vegans and those who can not tolerate lactose in milk, as well as for to those who are just looking for a healthier alternative to animal milk. The unsweetened version of almond milk will provide lower carbohydrates, which is very suitable for those aiming to bring down the carbs in each meal and elevate their protein intake. Each 240ml of almond milk contains 1 gram of protein, 39 grams of calories, 3.5 grams of carbs, 0.5 grams of fiber, and at least a quarter of your daily dietary requirement in calcium. It also has potassium and vitamins A, D, and E. To top it all off, it only has 3 grams of fat, which is far less from the 149 grams of calories in 240ml of regular milk.

What is Almond Coffee​

Though almond milk is a great tasting, healthier alternative to dairy, there are potential downsides that come with it. Getting processed almond milk from your regular grocery may contain additives that will enhance its texture and consistency. Emulsifiers like gum, lecithin, and carrageenan are safe to consume unless used in very high concentrations. These store bought almond milk may also contain sugar or sweeteners, salt, and other flavorings.

Making almond milk at home is easy, and it assures you that it will not have the preservatives or additives that the store-bought ones will have. Another advantage is the cost-effectiveness of each cup of milk since you can decide what goes into your milk minus the sugar and other alternatives. To make a liter of almond milk, all you need is four cups of almond soaked in four cups of water for four to 6 hours. After soaking, drain the almonds and make sure to rinse them thoroughly. Put the almonds in the blender with four cups of fresh filtered water (yes, discard the water used in soaking), strain the milk through a cheesecloth, and squeeze the liquid. Make sure to store the milk in an airtight container in the fridge, and it can be stored up to four days. You may keep the pulp for other recipes, and if the milk is frozen, you can keep it for months.

Now we have our milk, can you make coffee without a coffee maker to get that perfect cup from a barista? Yes, there are many ways to make cafe-quality coffee without leaving the comforts of your own home.

Can You Froth Almond Milk​

You can froth almond milk, and there are several ways to go about it, and there are also several things you need to consider before frothing.

First, the things to consider: Foaming almond milk the right way to get that perfect froth on top of your coffee has some science behind it to get to the silkiness you desire. We need to check first the macronutrients in the milk and the amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fat. It is not the fat or the carbs that determine the milk's frothiness, but the protein. The next influence in our almond foam is the quality of almonds used to make the milk. Simply put, good quality almonds make better frothy milk. Last is the temperature, even though it does not have lactose which is adversely affected by heat and high temperature, almond milk still reacts negatively to very high temperature. Make sure to aim for at least 150 degrees Fahrenheit or 60 degrees celsius for the best results.

Now on to the frothing methods. The conventional way to froth is through a steam wand that is attached to an espresso machine. These machines are most commonly seen in coffee shops, and they have a slim metal tube protruding on the side. Be careful with these because they spurt pressurized hot air into the milk to create the foam. If you go for this method, make sure you also know how to clean the Cuisinart coffee maker. The second option to froth your almond milk is to go for the handheld, battery-operated compact wand frother. It is the more economical approach to frothing if you wish to froth your almond milk regularly. With a little heat from the stove, this small device can give you a gentle foam in 30 seconds or less. Way to create froth is by sheer will power, just kidding. If you’re trying out frothing at home and still can not decide which method you want, you can create your foamy milk with some elbow grease. Put the milk in an airtight jar, shake it until it bubbles, and then chuck it in the microwave to be heated. Voila! You have your frothy milk.

How to Froth Almond Milk​

To froth your milk, you can put the steam wand either right below the milk surface or near the bottom. Gradually increase the steam wand's intensity, especially if you are using low-fat milk to avoid spillage and make a whole lot of mess. Once the noise stops, you can check if you have reached the consistency of milk. If not, let the milk rest a little bit and then repeat the whole process.

If you know how to make coffee in a french press and have a coffee press at home, you can also use this method in frothing your almond milk.

Can You Heat Almond Milk​

Even though the sources are different between milk from cows and milk from almonds, they are fundamentally prepared the same way. You may heat almond milk, but you need to keep a watchful eye on it while it sits on the stove or in the microwave as almond milk quickly boils and burns. The process changes the taste and makes it very bitter. One way of cooking it is by a double boiler on your stovetop. All you have to do is put one larger pan on the stove, fill it halfway with water, and place a smaller empty container inside. Turn on the heat to medium or low, and gradually add the almond milk in the empty pan. Stir while heating the milk, and make sure to stop and turn off the heat once you have reached the right temperature. Make sure to warm just the right amount of milk as to how much coffee grounds per cup; this will ensure that there is no wasted milk.

Common Almond Milk Drinks​

You can enjoy almond milk in a lot of ways, aside from having it with your coffee. It can be enjoyed as a smoothie where there are tons of exciting recipes, like the apple pie smoothie with frozen banana and cinnamon. There are also a lot of methods to enjoy it as a relaxing tea with turmeric and honey, but to me, almond milk with coffee is still the best, especially one made from Technivorm coffee maker.

Iced Coffee With Almond Milk Recipe​

I like my coffee very dark and very strong, with a little bit of sweetness and nuttiness. I particularly like iced coffee with almond milk on hot days, where it brings rejuvenation and added energy to finish the day. I make it with one cup of freshly brewed espresso and almond milk that is frothed with milk frother wand. Once I have reached the right frothiness, I add the espresso. Then I pour the milky coffee mix into a glass full of ice. I give more time in the frothing process to provide me with that coffee milkshake thickness that I would need to drink my coffee with a straw. Ah, perfect for a hot sunny afternoon.

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Conclusion: Enjoying Almond Milk in Coffee​

Almond milk in coffee is an excellent alternative to your coffee and is always worth a try. It brings a mild sweetness without the need for sugar, along with a nutty, earthy taste. It is shallow in calories, low in cholesterol (which is always good), rich in macronutrients, and a great dairy substitute. Almond milk is also very easy to make at home and even easier to froth and foam. This little change in your daily routine will make you look like an expert barista, but it will also give you a healthy and great tasting coffee in the morning.


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