Cultivating Convergent

Brewing coffee is an art and science that takes previously roasted coffee beans and transforms them into something unique and completely new. (Read: we are basically geniuses).

Unlike traditionally hot brewed coffee, our cold brews retain the flavor profile of the bean while simultaneously taking on a whole new consistency, creating a new coffee experience.

Canning our brews with nitrogen keeps them fresh, reduces bitterness and allows you to have a flat or heady pour, depending on how you serve it.

The Convergent Story

Convergent founders, Mike Woitach and Terry Darcy, have been friends for years, united by their shared loved of good food and great coffee.

Having worked with a large consulting firm and an online grocery retailer, Mike brings the vision, business acumen, and hustle to the business . Without him, Convergent is just an idea.

On the other hand, Terry’s background in Neuroscience and Biochemistry informs his knowledge of coffee’s impact on the brain as well as our rigorous experimentation to develop the perfect brewing methods and recipes. Convergent tastes great because of him.

Like our name implies, two very different things can often convene to create great things.